"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Will you add just a simple scoreboard that will count kills for players in duel arena? Most people really want that, it adds to the fun factor and should be easy to implement (no goals / achievements - just a simple scoreboard that will show kill counter for each player in arena).
Rend "on hit" and "on crit" procs.

Why does Rend regenerate health from Life on Hit only on the initial tick and never triggers the fury generating on crit effect of Into the Fray despite having a proc coefficient higher than 0.000?

Reasoning: Rend doesn´t triggger on crit effects. It procs on hit effects only on the initial tick. The Wizard skill Blizzard which is a damage over time skill similar to Rend is being fixed in 1.0.7, what about Rend (and other DoT skills)?

•Bug Fixes •Blizzard Critical Hits now correctly have a chance to proc Arcane Power on Crit
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Are you going to fix in this patch that you can right-click an item and "move" it around in your inventory or stash while being on the auctionhouse?

Thanks. /Enkeria
Question on behalf of the community: Diablo 3 PvP Sweden
TLDR: Why didn't you let us play TDM, and still work on something else for pvp? Why didn't you introduce some kind of pvp_balance_debuff/buff,that we've all known about for a while existed?

My view:
So your thoughts behind postponing the pvp feature were that it seemed that TDM would get boring really fast, what makes you think dueling would be any different? If all you would like is to make a pvp feature that is worth and I am sure a lot of people agree and have the patiance for that, what stops you from releasing TDM to serve the purpose dueling has right now? I am sure that 4v4 would be way better than 4 FFA. I guess TDM had some sort of a search system, that put you in matches so it is kind of complex, but isn't there some way you can implement it like you did with dueling? Talk to NPC, teleport to a random TDM map, and join other four players? Were your concerns that if you implemented TDM the way it was with match making queues, you would bring unwanted server loads for something that wasn't considered final?

P.S Sorry if I kind of answered my question by myself, but I am really curious if there is a way you could've done that. I know that it is too complex putting up 4 players, against other 4 without changing public game creation etc.
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Since Nephalem Valor stacks will now persist through Acts, will you consider to allow players to teleport to any act using waypoint system just like in Diablo 2?

Are skills with 0.000 proc coefficients intended to never trigger the life gain effect of Juggernaut or do you plan to revise and change the mechanics of this skill in 1.0.7?

For clarity, I´m talking specifically about the following CC skills with a 0.000 proc coefficient:
Barbarian: Threatening Shout - Terrify (Fear)
Demon Hunter: Caltrops - Torturous Ground (Immobilize) and Vault - Rattling Roll (Stun)
Witch Doctor: Horrify - all runes (Fear) and Mass Confusion - all runes (Charm, Mass Hysteria also Stun)
Monk: Blinding Flash - Blinded and Confused (Charm), Breath of Heaven - Penitent Flame (Fear) and Mantra of Retribution - Indignation (Stun).
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Will this patch include a toggle on/off "show grey and/or white and/or blue item drops" when it's released?

Thanks. /Enkeria
Question on behalf of the community: Diablo 3 PvP Sweden
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Do you plan to redesign and improve those legendaries that are considered useless (aka "brimstone on the drop"), in this patch, or in the future, for more diversity? [ http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7415515028 for reference]
My question is:

are all repair costs going to be higher, or just the equipment with the new gems?


Why did you not add/ change to more offensive passive skills for the monk?
Like weapon master or a straight dmg buff, as other clases have.
There will be problem to find public game for duels, because you must invite anybody to duel from forum or chat. Will you change this gameplay-login system?
Are you planning to add any additional dmg reduction, increased cooldowns on "immortal" and cc skills only when players are in duel arena, when the patch will go live? Most players on PTR said that battles end up too quickly, will you further combat the "one shot, one kill" rule?
With introducing BoA items, that will make crafting more exciting, will you consider making additional improvements to non BoA, tradeable items crafting (for example lowering crafting cost)?
My question is about itemization.

Do you take into consideration for 1.07 (or later) an horizontal development of the game instead of a vertical one?

By vertical development I understand rising the maximum stats for high end items (eg. the new crafted BOA gear)

By horizontal development I understand more unique (and playable!) features. (eg. those two legendary sword that spawned an angel or a demon to fight by your side; the skeleton summoning on that ring set; the "rest in pieces" feature on Sever etc - I am sorry, I don't remember the names of all the items I mentioned).

I thank you in advance for your response.
Since melee players in duels have melee dmg reduction by standard (inherited from PvE), yet almost every barb throws axes, and monks teleports to enemy player instantly, will you consider to boost somehow the ranged classes as well?
Hello team,

Do you think that a rework of elemental items and damage modifiers on weapons and armour could be a competition for Crit hit damage. Crit is is the main damage multiplier on items right now, I hope to see another in the (near) future.
What is your thought on BoA Items? Seeing as you keep introducing more and more of those Items im a little bit curious since it goes against your proposed Item-Flow Philosophy which you guys presented us at the last Blizzcon.

Any Chance you might make them not Auctionable but still free for trade?
Hello to blizzard

Have some of the things in patch 1.0.7 been taking from Diablo 2, if yes then which ?

Will the Diablo 3 be compared with diablo 2 in the future to get the Diablo 2 fans back to Diablo 3

Sorry that i had 2 questions
Just curious.
Can you make in HC duels death means real death,
and dead heroes , have x% chances to drop 1 equipped item to the ground?

Imagine excitement in 4man battle :)

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