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Provide an option to place a bet (in game gold) on a pvp encounter. Both the gladiators and the outsiders would be able to place their bets and win or lose gold according to the match outcome. Would be nice!

+ provide a list of about-to-begin pvp encounters and allow "watch this event" mode.
yea or items and such. but im pretty sure this will be off site underground establishments because of RMAH gold is equavalent to real money and i think that it is illegal in some countries to gamble below a certain age and well u catch my drift.

but i am have some plans for some kinda competitions/ league knockouts for monetary gains. u pay a a mil to join. something like each player gives 1mil , 16 players (16 mil) divided in 4 groups of 4 players. FFA until last man standing and the last man of each group can go FFA with the other groups last man or 1 vs 1 and knock each other out until the finals and winner takes 80%(12.8 mil) and loser takes 20%. (3.2mil). and well the more u rake up wins the more ur char is worth and u join higher leagues with more higher payouts and buy ins. ofcourse there will be dps range and class competitions according to stats (similar to weight groups in boxing).

blizzard will make it easier if they allow a system for this but i guess we are smart enough to coordinate something ourselves. ofcourse there should be some rules and such but i havent gone round to think about it yet.
yes, and provide also the way to bribes between players and bidders to work smoothly.
Lets do some calculations;
W players bet on W(c), where W(c) is a combatant, and they bet W(g), where W(g) is gold bet on W(c). The same goes for X, Y and Z.

The return to a gambler would have to be W(g) + ((W(g) / W(gt)) * ((X(gt) + Y(gt) + Z(gt)) / 2))
Where W(gt) = total gold bet on W(c)

This would leave half the total remaining gold lost by the other gamblers to be given to the winning combatant, or perhaps 50% (1/4 of the gold lost) to go to the winner and 50% (1/4 of the gold lost) to into a gold sink.

I would suggest that to make this more enjoyable that the match be a death match! And that the money wagered on each combatant be viewable to the gambler.

I would also include a feature that disallows gear swapping once entered into a match up (gear veiwable to gambler). The combatants will be allowed to view opponents proposed gear before committing to match up - obviously the proposed gear will be unswappable once agreed.

I'd love to wager on the deaths of others! :D

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