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This weapon damage fix is designed to fix the 'black' damage problem and create item and therefore build diversity while eliminating the basic and dull item competition and replacing it with a more intriguing way of picking the 'right' gear.

This is a concept as a whole and all points must be applied, there are no options, even as it may seem so sometimes.

  • Improve the basic attack (without a skill) to 'deals 150% weapon damage as ranged' and to 'deals 200% weapon damage as melee'
  • The old basic attack is back 8D! I bet a lot of new builds will arise and the sadly redundant but nicely done primary attack animation will be seen again

  • Remove the +% damage affix from weapons
  • This will fix a few unbalanced high DPS weapon problems

  • Add +8% - +25% physical skill damage, holy skill damage, fire skill damage, cold skill damage, lightning skill damage, poison skill damage or arcane skill damage as a possible roll to weapons
  • This will replace the old +% damage affix and helps to create item and build diversity

  • 'White' weapons, meaning all weapons without additional damage (not counting +% skill damage) deal universal damage and can be used by all classes
  • This allows very special builds and allows all classes to profit from them

  • Extra damage changes the damage type for the whole weapon
    + min-max physical damage turns a weapon to a 'black' weapon with flat physical damage (weapon total)
    + min-max fire damage turns a weapon to a 'fire' weapon with flat fire damage (weapon total)
    + min-max cold damage turns a weapon to a 'cold' weapon with flat cold damage (weapon total)
    + min-max lightning damage turns a weapon to a 'lightning' weapon with flat lightning damage (weapon total) ... and so forth
  • This will result in a wide diversity of new weapons, each specifically valuable for different classes and builds

  • Barbarian skills profit only (*) from physical and fire damage weapons
    Demon Hunter skills profit only (*) from physical, fire and poison damage weapons
    Monk skills profit only (*) from physical, lightning and holy damage weapons
    Witch Doctor skills profit only (*) from fire and poison damage weapons
    Wizard skills profit only (*) from fire, cold, lightning and arcane damage weapons

    (*) if a skill changes the damage type, weapons of the same damage type are also unlocked, even if they do not usually apply to that character class
  • One of the core of the changes, which might look constricting, but truly offers more then it actually takes from the game

  • Attributes enhance weapon damage as before, but instead of being dependent of character class they are now dependent on weapon type
    Strength enhances all 'white', 'black', 'fire' and 'holy' damage types by 1% per point
    Dexterity enhances all 'white', 'black', 'lightning' and 'holy' damage types by 1% per point
    Intelligence enhances all 'white', 'fire', 'cold', 'lightning', 'poison' and 'arcane' damage types by 1%
  • The main core change that will overhaul the whole 'damage from weapon' mush and makes up for some of the removed +% damage from weapons

  • Add +% 'type' skill damage to amulets (+4% - +8%), rings (+3% - +5%), gloves (+3% - +5%) and character specific armor types (+5% - +10%) as a possible roll
  • Adds more item diversity and fortifies skill choices

  • All extra damage enhanced by its attribute multiplier is always dealt as extra damage regardless of of the manner of the offensive action/attack (see here ** and ***)
  • Example

  • #1 'White' Weapon
    255-278 damage
    1.0 attacks per second
    + 25% fire skill damage
  • Every class can use this weapon and all stat points will increase its damage. A barbarian with 2500 strength, 500 dexterity and 350 intelligence will have:
    Base damage: 8797.5-9591
    Base Attack: 17955-19182
    Whirlwind: 12759.4-13907
    WW Volcanic Eruption: 20674.1-22538.9

  • #2 'Black' Weapon
    255-278 damage
    +320 minimal damage
    +320 maximal damage
    1.0 attacks per second
    + 25% physical skill damage
  • Only Barbarians, Monks and Demon Hunters profit directly and in general from the use of this weapon, no matter the rest of the stats. Exceptions are for example Witch Doctors using the Corpse Spider skill without a rune or with the runes for Leaping Spiders, Widowmakers and Medusa Spiders as well as Wizards using the skill Diamond Skin with the rune Diamond Shards.
    (**) As an addition, this weapon will always deal 320*[1+(strength+dexterity)/100] extra damage with each attack (since the additional damage is not skill related, the physical +% skill damage will not apply)

  • #3 'Lightning' Weapon
    255-278 damage
    +220-600 lightning damage
    1.0 attacks per second
  • All Monks and Wizards are able to use this weapon as well as any class that uses a 'lightning' skill.
    As an addition, this weapon will deal 220-600 *[1+(dexterity+intelligence)/100] extra damage with each attack
    A Wizard with 1800 Intelligence and 600 dexterity will deal with the basic attack 23750-43900 damage and additional making a basic attack melee build valid (17812.5-32925 with a basic ranged built)
    (***) A Barbarian with 2200 Intelligence and 800 Dexterity (Uhhh, stacking Intelligence on a Barbarian, built diversity anyone) deals with this weapon 6820-18600 lightning damage extra, no matter which attack is used

    All classes no longer share the same type looking only for highest DPS, but must choose between type, extra skill damage and skill appliances. A lot of diversity for new class and skill related item choices are created next to a way to create very powerful 'cold' or 'holy' or other specialized builds relying on one damage type and collecting +% skill damage gear making the hunt for items much more interesting. This way also a lot of weaker 'looking' items will be valid as well as a lot of unused skills and 'basic attack' builds.
    As an addition players that stack a specific +% skill damage gear will be more faithful to actually stick to their skill choices, since changing them might interfere with their gear choices. The other way around, players that prefer a certain, often sometimes 'weaker' skill set will be able to push these to compete with more powerful 'easier' or 'stronger' skill choices.

    To implement this fix, a bigger patch is necessary and once applied only new weapons will drop, with the old ones still available. After a certain amount of time (probably a month) to enable all players to replace their old weapons a second patch will patch all old items to the new standard, only +% damage will be removed, which will be compensated by the additional stat influence. In game, only the weapon type will change though a weapon might become less valuable for the player that owns it, will still be valuable for other players and other builds. Nobody should actually loose wealth through this.


    I hope this will find common approval and will be read by someone, that can actually do something about this. Thx
    Some of the things you are writing here have been part of D3 during development, and were removed in the beta phase (I guess this is where RMAH was being integrated into the game).

    30/01/2013 16:39Posted by Ferisam
    This way also a lot of weaker 'looking' items will be valid as well

    This is where you buried yourself. Creating item diversity means less "gear check" to progress. Less gear check means less money from RMAH.
    Not really, it means you have too look for more specific items , not less items in general, and more need creates more demand and furthers the ah action.

    There is always the need to improve, just because some stats or basics changed, that doesn't mean you get only one item and are done. People will still hunt and try this over that, because then it is not really clear, which item truly is more efficient; more diversity, more tests, more tinkering ... more AH traffic.
    And if i understand correctly this will also bring back the use of 2h.

    Amazing suggestions.
    I kind of hope so.

    It goes hand in hand with this thread: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6533733310
    Great dude. Another good suggestion.

    Your patch thing is awesome.

    I just have a feeling this is too creative for this game. Sounds like a different games' weapon workings in the future haha

    And one more up, in case some might prefer a post like this over 'flipped item for 1 billion', 'got paragon 98 monk, evade still doesn't give 20% dodge, fix' or 'Barb OP, I quit' °°

    another dislike from me. it's funny because you don't even understand the current weapon damage formula.
    @ reddragonjak: I just clicked on your log file by accident and curiously read other responses and had to laugh so hard and loud, (no really, not just troll LOL, still giggling) thank you

    Otherwise there is nothing anyone could say to you to raise your perception, attentiveness or intellect even by a micron. One has to accept, that some people just can't grasp content or context of anything that is said. And they cover it up with saying just something, and the most common is to bluntly attack the integrity of the adversary with superficial, lame and unfounded accusations trying to push him into the defensive.

    "There is no point in arguing with a dumb or ignorant person, because it inevitably will drag one down to its level, where it will defeat you with its 'experience' "

    Another mischievous troll attempt like this and I will report You
    30/01/2013 16:56Posted by Ferisam
    Not really, it means you have too look for more specific items , not less items in general, and more need creates more demand and furthers the ah action.

    It is not about demand or need.

    It is about availability.

    You have more items available to choose from to create a viable build.

    Right now you have not so much.

    So basically this new patch would drive down prices of BiS items.

    BiS items is the only thing that sells on RMAH and is the only thing why gold is bought.
    Fixes even more issues, then just gameplay related ones then. Get rid of gold farmers and RMAH exploiters.

    But actually, I don't think so. The market value is always based on need and availability the possible max amount of 250$ will always be used, just balanced out differently.

    Lets say you got a 'Platinum' item, which might be worth 5000$ and would sell on ebay or somewhere else. Max buyout would be 250$ on the RMAH. After the changes the value due, to need and availability fluctuations, would be 1500$ and the max buyout at the RMAH would still be 250$ - no change for Blizzard.
    And compared to that item others (99.9%) are worth about 0.25$. After implementing the fix, these will be reevaluated due to higher demand and probably range between 10-20$ or higher. Win for the RMAH and Blizzard.
    The only way Blizzard would loose, would be, that the e-peen swingers would rage-quit, because they got circumcised by a tenth millimeter. But I believe that number would be infinitely small compared to the one measuring the satisfied players that would return and bring new friends with them.

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