[CLOSED] "A Unique Collection" + "Haunted" Master List

Quests and Achievements
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Chiltara killed
Khatun killed!
Unique collection completed!
Sammash killed - thx to Invincible.
Blarg the Imp down! Thanks to Noctua!
Sammash down! Thanks to Invincible!
UPDATE: All reported kills processed.

CoRviN has completed his Unique Collection!

Added Onskarvar.

Addded st0ne.

Added ArchMage.
Mage Lord Flaydren killed - thx to RZR!
Mage Lord Flaydren is killed thanks to RZR :-)
Killed Red Rock with Knazi, HolyPetr and TRS
Thanks Thordar ;-)
UPDATE: Processed all reported kills.

Added Larzack.
Hi guys,
my battletag is dydyp#2502 and i'm looking for

Red Rock
Lorzak the Powerful
Captain Cage
Rathlin the Widowmaker
Gart the Mad
Mage Lord Skomara
Mage Lord Caustus
Direclaw the Demonflyer
Pyres the Damned

Thanks a lot :)
Added cesriz (dydyp).
Reporting kills:

John Gorham Coffin - thanks to DenJaman
Haxxor - thanks to Knazi
reporting a kill
High Cultist Murdos - killed thx to Feiling
Arveragus MrT#1308 here... I'm going down my hit list..

The first one is still outstanding and its been two nights in the caverns...

Act 1 :
Unique - Zhelobb the Venomous, Broodspawn of the Queen - Caverns of Araneae

Act 2 :
Unique - Bloodfeather, Winged Desert Predator - Desolate Sands
Champion - Deathly Haunt, - Mysterious Cave -Dalghur Oasis
Rare - Dust Imp, - Storm Halls, The Unknown Depths
Unique - Hazzor the Viper, The Sibilant - Sewers of Caldeum
Unique - Hellscream, The Render - The Unknown Depths
Unique - Mage Lord Caustus, Guardian Lord of Poison - The Storm Halls
Unique - Mage Lord Flaydren, Guardian Lord of Lightning - The Storm Halls
Unique - Razormouth, Terror of the Sand - Black Canyon Mines
Rare - Sand Dweller, - Desolate Sands
Unique - Gart the Mad, Maniacal Fallen Master - Howling Plateau
Unique - Saha the Slasher, Infected Terrifying Claws - Howling Plateau

Act 3:
Unique - Captain Dale, Former Guard Captain - The Keep Depths Level 1
Unique - Gormungandr, Serpent of Arreat - Arreat Crater Level 1
Unique - Growlfang, Bite Much Worse Than Bark - Arreat 1
Rare - Maniacal Golgor, - The Core of Arreat
Champion - Plague Swarm, - Fortified Barracks, Cryder's Outpost
Unique - Riplash, Thief of Souls - Tower of the Damned Level 2
Unique - Severclaw, Fiery Crawler - Arreat Crater Level 1
Champion - Skeletal Marauder, - The Keep Depths Level 1, 2, and 3, and The Breach
Champion - Skull Cleaver,- Battlefield Stores dungeon or The Keep Depths level 1 and 2.
Rare - Skull Sword, - The Keep Depths Level 2
Unique - The Crusher, Just Passin' By - Tower of the Damned Level 2
Unique - Lummock the Brute, Enraged Bone Breaker - Rakkis Crossing

Act 4:
Rare - Armaddon, - Gardens of Hope, Silver Spire Level 1 & 2
Unique - Haures, Hand of Ruin - Silver Spire Level 2
Unique - Khatun, Sky Terror - Gardens of Hope 1st tier
Rare - Mallet Lord,- The Silver Spire Level 1 & 2
Champion - Subjugator, - Gardens of Hope 1st and 2nd Tier, Hell Rift, and The Silver Spire
Unique - Grimnight the Soulless, Shadow of Death - Silver Spire Level 2
Unique - Kysindra the Wretched, Lust's Forlorn - Silver Spire Level 1
Unique - Rhau'Kye, The Eye of Flame - Silver Spire Level 2
UPDATE: Processed reported kills.

Removed two entries for ryn.

Added MrT.

Changed "Ebenezer Samuel, Deceased Scribe" to "Ebenezer Samuel/Deceased Scribe" and so for every entry to make more room.
Nice list, I wanted to make one like this myself, back in the days, but for it to be more usefull, I would add the battle tag, not just name, and how much is everybody paying.
As you said yourself, Gart the mad is probably the rarest unique in the game, and I'm willing to pay more than others.

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