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On the US forum there is a new topic that I find very interesting.


General Manager in an IT company.

Guys please keep it civilized. This thread is not for bragging, it's for fun.
For the kids that don't really know the meaning of the words: "work" and "job" and think "troll, king, escort for ladies, etc." are professions please open a new thread :)

Also no need for company name and how many yachts you own... just your profession :)
I teach physics and maths at a distance learning university.
..... gamer ...XD
Jobless. No luck with interviews...
Redacted because this info could be used to prettext hack. I'm a televangelist.
Cowboy Astronaut Millionaire.
2h paladin. I try get 2.000.000 ehp


still long way

valid thread steal?
Used to do IT work. But still do PC repairs and Web design though I have given up on web design since its a pipe dream. Too much competition from people willing to do the same job for a fraction of what you would charge.

Have switched to Farming and Security and also bought a car to work illegal taxi in Trinidad. Those surprisingly have a lot more money and nothing to worry about. Pretty much stress free jobs.
Alien hunter.
Sound Engineer
and part-time After Effects specialist
Scroll button tester
Electrical Engineer
Nuclear chemist... working in the national academy of sciences
Butcher in sweden. killing cows and lamm and its good pay to :)

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