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02/02/2013 20:09Posted by Azazel
Im Batman!

Lol fu Robin. And stop using my dungeon PC or I'll have Alfred lock the door.
Banker/Consultant ...Approve or Decline Bonds
Freelance Graphic Designer
Wine maker.... Hic!
Internet LAN Technician
Welder, but haven't done it as a fulltime job for years. Currently "mr-do-it-all" at Finnish mining company.
04/02/2013 15:42Posted by Juhazzz
Welder, but haven't done it as a fulltime job for years. Currently "mr-do-it-all" at Finnish mining company.

Can only imagine the problems presented to you each and every day with that type of job, fair play to you and I so hope your mine is a profitable one :)
Customer service for a net provider.

We dont have work in this country only slavery, work for free so no thx.
Student 4th year Civil Engineering...or if I should troll like the rest: Drunken Guru adored by women.
Medical translator (Spanish to English translation of clinical trials, legal docs and other medically related documents) and editor.
Mother of 7, House wife, Grandmother to 12 wonderful grandchildren. Also retired after 30yrs with Ford.
Master (MA) in Literature-science:

In normal words, I read to much ;-P

Job title: Editor for a book company.

Ironic ;P

shut up you judgmental moron, better not work than work crappy job like yours
yet I''ve made 3x the money people from my country do per month, look around yourself.. you wont get anywhere with a job like this, it's 21 century, be smart and use your PC...

And for all those in the UK who habitually scrounge off the state with no intention of actually earning an honest wage... your time has nigh! Hopefully the Conservatives will continue to cut benefits driving you to the brink of poverty! Bring on the cuts! Bring on the austerity! If you refuse to contribute to society, you deserve none of it's rewards - no free schooling, no free healthcare, no government benefits, no council utilities (water / electricity / Internet service / rubbish disposal...).

I would rather you rot to death, than to leech off the hard working!
I would have you castrated so you could not increase this countries burden even more! I would give you just one choice, work or death! Either is fine with me.
Engine Manager.

I do resource management and tech support for locomotives.
Software Developer

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