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(Doesn't the CEO look like a treasure goblin? :D)

Yes, but not just any treasure goblin. A one that always escapes into the portal leaving you disappointed...
Why do Blizzard haters always have to kick back at anything after having enjoyed so much time in their games, I have no clue...

Are you all that insecure you need confirmation about decisions being made?

I stated that I'd played WoW for almost five years.
I loved vanilla (we were Molten Core raiders, we had no life, etc)
I loved TBC (we were not prepared)
I loved WotLK (we finally got to kick Arthas' behind)
I didn't like Cataclysm (didn't even bother levelling all of my four 80s to 85)
I stopped my subscription around a month after Cataclysm.

I truly don't see how that makes me a hater. I loved the game for five years, then they did something to the game I didn't enjoy, so I stopped playing it.

I did a similar thing with Rift. I played that for around 18 months but once I started to get bored with it I stopped playing it.

I'm currently doing the same thing with Diablo III, i.e. I'm playing it until I get bored, or something else shiny, new and more tempting comes along. That doesn't mean that I can't see the flaws that are in the game, or that I shouldn't point them out or voice my opinion upon them.

This doesn't make me a hater, it just means I'm not a masochist that wants to continue playing games that I'm not enjoying whilst doing so.
I guess today delivering subpar quality means making more money :(
And since they expect to continue, we will get more subpar quality :)

Yeah they still thrive on the name they made with actual good games. And they suckered us in with that thought. Now they make millions because all the fans knew the games were good and they proposed it to their friends.

Same goes with the COD games, because everybody buys them over and over again to see if they are finally better, so the developers think they make blockbusters every time.

Just stop buying the games!
(Doesn't the CEO look like a treasure goblin? :D)

Yes, but not just any treasure goblin. A one that always escapes into the portal leaving you disappointed...

Yeah its a Shielding, Extra HP, Knock-back Goblin with a very quick portal timer.

I can already hear him say wheeee when he jumps out the window with the bag of money. For his sake I hope he's not on the tenth floor.
08/02/2013 11:27Posted by marsovac
record-shattering Diablo 3 success

Too bad the game s@cks :((
Who says D3 sux? People who payed for game and still enjoy it certainly not. If you waited for this game to progress with time and not bought it blindly and now are frustrated, you would be trolling some other forums instead. Jito advised some of you people what not to do in these forums and i agree with him. Quotes are now only for taking out some things out of the context and use it against that person who posted a response. Same with 12 mil sold copies thread- Who cares how much they make? This is their job for peek sake same as (some of) you that work for some companies you would like to see them have good business and you have a steady job. Whats wrong with that? It's terrible that nowadays people rely on trolls and not people that try to explain something and help with the issues. This is a game and it's meant to satisfy the customer which was i believe, introduced with purchased product. If you didn't know that this game will not be to your liking you SHOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT THIS GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE and YOU SHOULD HAVE WAITED! And for the the end of the topic, i always found it funny how people ignore that HUGE exclamation mark at bottom of the page.Nobody said that there can be no funny posts, but insults to another person are just wrong and should be dealt with, including me or anybody else for that matter. Jito was only kind to some of you, i can't say the same for myself...



rebellious kid

So now your calling me kid?How did you make that assumption?And still no comment from you from my original post in this thread.You only see what you want Jito.If you check Benboskes posts,you can see hes calling ppl idiots.But no warning from you to him.
08/02/2013 13:22Posted by BenBoske
Diablo 3 post patch 1.07 is a GOOD game.

No, and stop saying "period" you cliche prick.
09/02/2013 12:03Posted by Pinchy
Diablo 3 post patch 1.07 is a GOOD game.

No, and stop saying "period" you cliche prick.

I find it a good game.

09/02/2013 13:09Posted by BenBoske

No, and stop saying "period" you cliche prick.

I find it a good game.


Its a good game but it could be better.
Is it me, or are the SAME players saying the SAME thing over and over again?

I won't mention names however I can predict what some contributors are going to say BEFORE I read their post!

LOl, at least we're consistent!

Just a shame that so many minds are closed to explore other's opinions and even go as far as aggressive reporting of each others posts.

I think I'll avoid these forums in future. I'd like to say it's been fun...
I've been reading through the comments....BenBoske you are such a fail dude...what are u smoking anyway? And really stop saying period, it makes me think of something else...

My thoughts, I find the OP to have same ideas as me, I +1 some of the comments.
Yes Diablo 3 is closer to MMO rather than RPG. It should have been an ARPG H&S, it turned out a MMO H&S (brainless, where the Massive part are bots). Anyway I am not even playing the game for some long time now, and I keep visiting this forum because I hope the game will change one day into what it is supposed to be. I support the OP, and I really hope the "core problems" will get some fixed.

They could learn something from PoE or Diablo 1,2....
09/02/2013 13:09Posted by BenBoske
I find it a good game.

You have already demonstrated on many occasions that your expectations are very low in the first place. If you like this game, you are easily pleased. You have also not played any of the direct competition (despite being positive they are inferioir - LOL), so you don't know any better. This much is obvious, you do not need to keep reminding us.
The CEO does look like a treasure goblin, I bet this Ben character looks a bit like one too, so I reckon trying to make sense with such... persons is... non sense at all.

Try to bash them instead, I mean real hard, bash them good n' proper... in the head, no they won't make sense still, but they may drop some gold, even an item or two, who knows, maybe one can get real lucky and get the perfect roll in a rare weapon...
You are on your

08/02/2013 13:22Posted by BenBoske
This guy. BenBoske. Dumbest mother!@#$er on planet. Telling us that 4m play this %^-* lololollolool.
Are you out of your mind, !@#$face ? 12m sold!!! Kulle story, brah. Atleast 6m are botters. Please show us those Xfire statistics or some other %^-*. Tell us how this game isnt RPG. I just want to melt your face right now cause you are that dumb, obviously. What a waste of !@#$% you are. :(
BenBoske, I followed up with the argument you just had with the few of those guys. I found out that all this is a matter of PERSONALITY.

For example, you say Bently is a good car than the rest. But I say Mercedes Maybach is a much better car. Both cars are two good luxury car. It's a matter of personality, that Mercedes Maybach is indeed a better car.

I'm not comparing Diablo 3 with anything else but I'm just showing the picture.

Back to topic, if you say that the present Diablo 3 is a really good game to you, while the rest of us say it's not, then our personality is higher than you, so to speak. Because our mindset and judgement level is discreet.

Remember, numbers does not define a good product, but quality does.
I dont understand why all this hate, the game is better and better with every patch

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