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in my eyes THESE BOA items which can craft Best in Slot is losing BLIZZARD $$$ £££ since the AMULETS wont sell in GOLD Auction House and $$£££ As much, blizzard lost somthing there anyway, i'm looking forward to the new patch

Us = Happy
Bllzzard = lose $$ ££ in end i think (no selling amulets on ££ $$ as much since BOA ones can roll best !)

I realy hope blizzard to open the eyes fast as possible ,and make something about that :D
Demonic essences should be tradeble as brimstones are.
Im not interested of crafting ,and i will collect tons of these essences,or just leave it on the ground.
This is absurd AH prices for specific items and especially mats went sky high and those prices start to rise like 5-6days ago but now is ridiculous >< economy now is worst ever.

The preliminary patch notes for 1.0.7 have been available for weeks, which means you've had weeks to either purchase the supplies or salvage lots of rares / blues.

For around a week after the patch notes came out, I actually did some runs in which I picked up every single yellow and blue drop and salvaged them, rather than leaving the blues on the ground and cherry-picking which rares to pick up. That has left me with 33 Fiery Brimstones, 1719 Iridescent Tears and 4067 Exquisite Essences so if I want to I can make a fair amount of the new craftables.

For the people that didn't bother to farm or buy any materials over the past few weeks, then they'll naturally pay a premium in terms of elevated prices for mats on the AH. They have only themselves to blame for that.
i cannot login, i did the patch and everytime i enter game when login game restarts for patching again, can someone plz help me?
Too late for you. Now you have to wait for EU to release 1.0.7 or to redownload the game through EU client.
12/02/2013 16:19Posted by Ervilha1986
i cannot login, i did the patch and everytime i enter game when login game restarts for patching again, can someone plz help me?

The server is still down you need to wait... For me it says: A new patch for Diablo 3 arrived. Click "OK" for ending the game to download the patch and play.

I clicked OK, the game closed and it restarted but i couldn't download anything, it said initalising, the game is in the latest version...
troll troll troll
well , i downloaded the files , i entered the game main screen . It says 1.0.7.bla bla . Because the servers are down i am not able to play. let's wait and see
They still patching this game? wtf
Us members go to your own forum!
i have the patch 1.0.7 installed !!! but i cannot log in in my account to play [EU].
Ah, so that sucked...

ever since i installed and started testing PTR, my main game client always says "Americas" when i first sign in, then actually connects to EU when i authenticate.

so of course, it just installed the 1.0.7 patch.

note to self. don't test PTR for 1.0.8
is diablo stilla active i only see 500 online in public games
yes its still active, only 500 in public games because server just came up
This patch will kill the AH :(
Client decided to log on to Americas. Installed 1.0.7 and now it just loops..

12/02/2013 22:55Posted by Blackshadow
This patch will kill the AH :(

Really really hope so!
Pros: Easy Farming
Cons: Pointless PvP
Overall: Better to have a pointless PvP than to have none at all I suppose.

Now remake the game so that Cain doesn't die.
Updated game, played 2 hours, quit.
I guess I'll play 2 more hours in patch 1.0.8 then.

Give us ladder and no auction house game mode with better itemization already!
First impressions:

Coop finally viable
Gold price is a joke
Game is still fun
Major fail as usual as these guys are not able to release a patch without testing it properly..

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