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Only took 6 attempts, pretty decent 1.
15/02/2013 18:03Posted by Vaskes
crafted like 50 amulets last night all crap spend like 25/30m for nothing... anyway if u got trifectas not easy to roll better...

C`mon dude i have crafted 100 gloves and nothing. What are you expect, to make high end amu after 10 craft's or what ?!

why not? everyone on this treath seems to find an upgrade every 5 crafts lol...
maybe ill try shoulders and gloves later, gotta hv time to farm the essences and its hard when u hv a fulltime job.
Made my amulet in my 9th craft, pretty happy with it, was a 16k damage boost.

Made some gloves with AS, Crit and Crit damage too.

Very happy with it so far.

By the way, what shoulders are people making? Read that vit ones should be the best to make, as you can get 200+ primary stat, when you can't get 200+ vit normally.
In comparison with my old amulet (which I paid 220M)
After 17 atemps

Gave 14+ dps and 7.5k HP
Crafted amu, gloves and shouldes for my hardcore monk. Feels good so far. I don't think it'll be easy to craft better hc shoulders than these so I'l focus on gloves/amus for now.
~5-6 attempts for amu
~30 for gloves
~10 for shoulders
crafted 507 amulets so far but none better than my current one. the shoulders are pretty nice tho, crafted just 65.
Impi - Those gloves are INSANE!!!

Nice job on those.. lucky bastard
If it doesn't beat the one you are using, then its useless, coz you can't sell it on AH.

Did more than 20 tries, nothing surpassed the amulet i'm using. And its not even a trifecta.
he booted , mp10 nightmare , for days and nights . thats the only possible explanation .

14/02/2013 01:46Posted by Bastion
Just wondering, how is the OP Paragon 41 with no Inferno progression?
My efforts so far:

Quadfecta with max Fire Resist:

Nice All Resist & Fire Resist / high LOH / CC / CD:
Amulet first try :) then after about 10 crafts just crap.
hands around 55 crafts, stilll need better :) no shoulders crafted yet, all my wrist has been crap
I've made a bunch of upgrades, but I don't realy like this gambling type of crafting. Though I like it, I'd much more appreciate a tier based crafting system in a future patch (the more you farm, the better item you could craft = upgrade).
Seems crafting will only be for thoes with plenty of money, or people who avoid the AH completely.

Can't see why I should risk like 150k gold, when I can barely have 5 million gold total at most times.
15/02/2013 17:05Posted by Nevinyrral83
crafted like 50 amulets last night all crap spend like 25/30m for nothing... anyway if u got trifectas not easy to roll better...

LIAR... crafting 100x ammy's costs 19mil... LOL..

i myself crafted 100x.. got an upgrade @ some 25th or something.. but well.. just kept crafting.. ended up with the first upgrade i found :D haha

and while i was farming the essences i got from like paragon lvl 31 to 38.. so .. pretty nice. :P also found some tons of recipes and other stuff/legendarys to pay for the crafting.. so it's a WIN/WIN :P

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