Auction House problem - Error 3006

Technical Support
Hi, i got problem with my Auction house...
I sold 1 item about week ago in about 500k gold, and when I want to transfer this gold to my stash game is thinking a few minutes and appears a information: Claiming 'Voodo Mitu' failed. Error code 3006.

What to do with that?....

Hi. missing items in my auction list in AH. Can´t send tiems from AH to my stash- Error code. 3006.

Regards. SP
It started around 16 hours ago and AH is still broken.
Same here, they should fix this soon, been going on for hours now..
Do you mean "they really should fix this soon", or do you mean, "they'll be fixing this soon"

I assume the former but if you know anything about Blizzard acknowledging the problem, let us know. Even the status page says everything's working, and there's no posts from Blizzard to the contrary.

Of course, a simply phone call to their technical support to tell them of the problem would quickly inform them that something's wrong so they could dispatch their senior tech support guys to look into it. Perhaps someone could give them a call. Sorry, I would but I literally have no phone (haven't paid mobile phone bill... ahem)

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