CM Build


Is it possible to use a CM Build with my Skorn setup ?


Energy Twister
Slow Time
Diamond skin
Explosive blast
Frost Nova
Energy Armour

Critical mass, Cold blooded, glass cannon
2H's arent for CM. Not enough APS.
15/02/2013 16:14Posted by Claffe
2H's arent for CM. Not enough APS

Correct, you need MIN of 2.51, ideally 2.74 and for mp10 ubers it helps to have 3.01, though 2.74 APS is plenty with cold snap and evocation and 53+% CC...

Read this link for LOTS of great info.
I think it's cool that your trying out skills that most people have passed, but as others have mentioned, two hands are not viable because you need 18-20 arcane power on crit. Other criteria are 43% CC, 2.75 attack speed, and minimum 4000 armor/600 all resist. For the ultimate guide on CM build, see

You can more easily transition to an archon build with the build that you have. I've seen archon builds with skorn as viable.

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