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Many things have changed since I've wrote my original "Budget barb Shopping list", as this post was named. Patches, crafting and economy shifts influenced whole game drastically, legendaries became incredibly cheap (just one example, believe it or not cheapest, most crappy IK's chest back then were 20M. Now it's 400K) but also gold got much cheaper, and chances of farming something proper diminished. As result many barbs gear for few billions from day one. This guide will adapt to new reality, it's still great resource for new players with minimal budget, but now suited to advanced gearing as well.

Hello my fellow Barbs.

Since I love to stick on forums and answering lot of questions I keep finding myself in writing same responses again and again. That's why I decided to sum most important things up in one informative post, keeping things as short as possible not to scare you off by wall of text - yes, there is more to it but this basic guidelines should help you make generally usable character. This guide will help you gear your barb properly, you will also find in here: minimal stats you need, how to search/use AH, abbreviations and their meaning, tips and tricks, link to post where nice guys offer free gear to newcomers, YT link to mostly used barb build (still ww), how to gear your barb extremely cheap etc.

TIPS AND TRICKS SECTION____________________________________________

STR, VIT - strength, vitality - your primary stats
AR - all resist
BiS - best in slot, best possible
IAS cc chd - attack speed, critical hit chance, critical hit damage
LoH, LS - Life on hit, Life Steal
PuR, MS - Pickup radius, movement speed
IK's - Immortal King's legendary set
EHP - effective health pool - in short you health value combined with your other defenses as Armor and AR
ww, HotA - two most popular barb builds, both love high cc but ww needs IAS as well
dw, 2H - dual wield (usually EF and rare), two hander (usually skorn)
"black weapon" weapon with no elemental damage (dps value is written in common black, no elaborate effects)
Gz, Grz - congratulations
GG, GL, HF - good game, good luck, have fun

TIP - when searching AH don't use round numbers (STR 100, VIT 50) because most ppl do exactly the same. Breaking up round numbers could do wonders on item price and availability(like: AR 48, STR 142, VIT 66), play with parameters, often just a little change can result massive changes results and prices.

RARES - stick to rares if you are on tight budget. They are incredibly cheap and abundant. Your first upgrade from good rare will cost 5 x more, and will bring you 10% of upgrade, if you're lucky.

Amu's, Rings - although cc is still your most important parameter, don't disregard added damage (search for +23 at least or more) it's equally important dps-wise as chd or IAS. Cc is fuel for all barb builds so combine it with either good primary stats, chd or IAS, don't look for all good stats in one item because price of those skyrockets high. Minimum cc I accept on amu is 8.5, on ring more the better.

SET ITEMS - getting 2 of some set may be very good idea because some sets like IK (Immortal King's) or Blackthorne offer good bonuses even with only 2 items - IK's gets you +60% AR and BT gets you +100 VIT. Getting full set is often more trouble then it's worth.

GEMS - don't overdo in quality of armor gems - basic star or flawless star is most you'll ever need. If your budget is good you could go with perfect stars. Radiant stars are only if you want to show off. In helm is slightly more important - but in weapons get as best gem you can find or make - it matters much more there. Making gems yourself is (usually) cheaper then buying them on AH.

PRIMARY STATS- Combining primary stats is important, many of gear you want will have STR and VIT combined. Here is how I do the math, firstly enter VIT blank, then assign minimal STR (like 180) then see what best vit can you get with given str (VIT as search parameter, empty value, arrange by VIT first). Repeat with 170STR, 160STR, 150 STR etc. Memorize combined values of STR+VIT (150/225, 160/212, 170/188 ...) and you'll quickly realize pattern when it becomes inefficient to buy more STR. Most of times, you will get better overall results if you choose lower STR, but for you as barb STR is also slightly more important so you need to balance it out. Most of items I get have STR/VIT combined (helm, belt, boots...etc) so that I can choose most offensive weapons (never pick VIT there, unless perhaps with skorn) jewelry, gloves....

BUDGET RATIOS - Leave 30-40% of budget for weapons. Divide rest by eleven, that is your per piece budget. Save some gold on items you plan to craft (usually shoulders, amu, bracers, gloves) and get basic cheaper versions.

BUILDS - Most popular builds are ww and HotA (and their variations) It would be smart to know what build do you prefer before gearing yourself up, possibly spending hard earned gold. For now let's only mention that ww build needs speed primarily, if you're gearing for ww, get IAS on as many items you can. Also, if you plan to play HotA with skorn, or use ww-rend IAS is recommended (not mandatory though). Otherwise pick ChD rather, because it'll get you better dps for cheaper, still you need sturdy cc to utilize it (over 50% recommended). Ww build is usually done with dw weapons (although there is ww-skorn sub-build which kills with rend skill) and HotA is good with dw or skorn, skorn being naturally most suited but easier permazerking and fast attack speed attract many HotA users as well.

COMPROMISES (PuR and MS) Pickup radius and Movement speed will force you to do some compromises with your barb. In short - you would have better stats and fare cheaper if not for these two. In general you need one item with PR (I prefer 7 but 5 will do as well) because it's pain playing without one and it hurts your farming speed. Plan that purchase ahead and remember then PR items cost 3 - 5 x more then comparable non PR items. Minimum MS bonus to have is 12%. Some people consider that enough, others (like me) don't. If you want another MS item (cap is at 25% btw) you will need to get it either on Lacuni bracers, Inna pants or even Tyriel's chest. First two are best and to find quality versions you'll need 20M gold at least, just to know. For starters 12% is enough.

DEFENSE FIRST - Defense is key to your success as any barb class. Do not chase high DPS without building solid foundation. I would say that 40K health is minimum as a rule of thumb. On high MP or ubers close to 50K health is very nice to have. AR is recommended at 500+ and Armor at least 5K. For survivability LS/LoH is important too. Some stats in this will help you get killed far less.

GEAR SECTION______________________________________________

Mempo is still nr. 1 choice for barbs, it fits well in ww build, very sturdy offensive and defensive stats. STR versions are very cheap (budget gearing) otherwise combine STR and VIT if you can afford it. Pick IAS 9% if you can, it's pretty important. Don't consider cc version if your budget is not above 4B btw ;) Alternative is IK's helm which has comparable stats but trades IAS damage for cc damage which is more suited for HotA build. Still it doesn't roll ar naturally, so if you want ar version it wil cost you considerably more. Andariel helms actually rolls IAS and cc, weaker on defense but can be great beginners offensive helmet /pick one with as little of "added fire damage" as possible (8% or less) . You can choose between double STR roll (str 250+) AR roll, socket roll, up to you.

CHEST (can be crafted)
Nr 1. pick for almost every barb (except lucky bast ... guys with excellent crafted chest :) is still IK's chest, set bonuses there are hard to pass by. Generally you want 120-170 STR (or more), depending on budget and as more VIT as you can afford. Armor if stat difference is not too high (you usually lose some VIT because of armor, they can have close to 800 or above 600 as is on standard issue) Blackthorne is cheaper, more tanky set alternative with similar stats as rares(BT has nice pants which can fit with budget tanky - ww builds nicely) - and good rare chest is still fit for budget builds. You can get chest like 50-80 STR, 200+ VIT, 60 AR, 200 Armor and three sockets very, very cheaply.

If you have somewhat better budget and plan ahead you can get famous witching hour belt here. It's especially suited for ww build but it will raise dps of any build. Still losing set bonus possibly and LS point is not small price to pay. Do it only if you have sturdily build and good EHP barb. Alternatively, IK's belt with 190-250 STR + VIT (if you can afford it) is good choice because of IK's set bonus I've mentioned. Budget version is AR Lamentation. Don't forget - LS on belt is a must for a Barb. If you need EHP/Health get some Rare belt with AR, LS and good primary stats, they can have more STR/VIT then legendary belts at lower price. Belt can be good place to get PuR (you can get it on boots, shoulders, even gloves and pants).

(continues in second post...)
(part two)

Inna pants are popular choice, especially for ww barbs but they will give IAS=dps boost and MS point to all. You need to plan ahead because this item type usually comes without AR. You want VIT version (better primary stat then STR in same price range), as high as you can afford but search for 9% IAS, it's very important (usually found at page two if you arrange by VIT) For budget gearing - Rare with similar stats as chest - medium STR (50-80), high VIT (often over 200), Armor (optional but recommended), 60+ all resist and 2 sockets. Cheaper set alternative would be decent Blackthorne pants. You can get those for 1M + - all resist, 90 STR, 90 VIT +% to life, LoH. If you go without AR (not recommended unless you are already above 500 of AR) you can snipe VIT and STR as high as 300.

WW users which pick lacuni and inna pants usually can get nice primary stat Ice climbers here (STR/VIT great stats, DPS boost, AR, even socket :). And climbers are great spot to get PuR as well. Hota users usually craft their bracers so climbers would cut their MS to one item (usually inna pants) so it's up to you - stats or speed (yes climbers can roll MS but then they are very expensive and generally have worse primary stats). Zuni boots are interesting alternative - black weapons (non elemental damage) get direct DPS boost from those boots but you lose AR spot. Budget alternative could be Fire walkers, decent primary stats, possible AR, or just common rare with 12% MS, 48%+AR, STR, some VIT if possible and PuR if you need it. IK's set is cheap choice here too if you need second IK's item for set bonus - some overall stas, MS, AR.

SHOULDERS (can be crafted)
You should generally try to craft shoulders, btw VIT version can actually have better primary stat roll then STR version. In meantime rare with -220+ STR, 100+ VIT have become dirt cheap because of crafting. Alternatively Vile wards of similar stats.

GLOVES (can be crafted)
You should generally try to craft gloves (up to 300 STR, 200 VIT, 80 AR, 9% IAS, 50 chd, 10 chc) but ww users could need IK gloves as second piece of IK's set. Also, even if you have IK's helm, IK gloves are viable choice, pretty much BIS legendary for barb and they can get you underestimated but very useful melee reduction bonus and melee reduction set bonus. WW users will want STR/IAS versions here and HotA users could go either way, IAS or chd (little difference dps wise, quite uncommonly). Budget alternative, or "until you craft" alternative can be rare with as high STR and cc as you can get. IAS(ww) or chd(HotA), you can try searching for trifecta (cc/CHD/IAS) too - they got very cheap nowdays, you can get AR here if necessary too /but then you'll get worse dps, ofc.

BRACERS (can be crafted)
You should generally try to craft bracers (up to 300 STR, 200 VIT, 6 chc and 80 AR) especially if you plan to play pure HotA build. Lacuni are still best suited for ww users, still only bracers in game that roll IAS and MS. You usually want good chc there (4-6%) and STR, VIT too if it's viable in given price range. Pick up ones with 9% IAS if possible. AR is possible here as well but then you usually lose some dps stats. Budget alternative are Strongarm bracers - very good and very cheap. Get STR and VIT combination, AR if you can afford it. Only STR version is dirt cheap - for ultrabudget Barbs. You can get AR there too, check it out.

AMULETS, RINGS(amulets can be crafted)
As I've previously mentioned, search for added damage (18, 23, 25 and up) and for cc, then apply chd and/or IAS(usually lower dps but ww need this) filters. Get primary stats if possible too (80+ STR or vitality if you need it) . Don't bother with AR unless absolutely necessary. Good budget legen. ring you should get is added damage Unity. Best buy DPS ring on AH, hands down. Search for 150 STR and as more of added damage you can find /afford. It can roll VIT and AR as well - 1M and up are usable ones but could be found even cheaper. Other great ring I like is added damage Litany, same as unity but natural (and high) AR, slightly more expensive though. Added (and chd) damage rings are great/better for HotA btw. If you have more gold both versions can come with chd and IAS, unity retains added damage too, litany does not. They are usually better then similarly priced rare rings but you should always check out both options. Jewelry is thing you should search /snipe mostly. Many of your DPS stats will depend on those.

Now weapons will depend on your selected build. Most of guys play ww, so you will need two weapons here, high damage mainhand and faster LS offhand. Sockets are definitely preferable. EF (echoing furry) is very popular for reason although it has nasty habit of sending mobs away from you in fear /btw you can solve that (well, mostly) by picking more expensive rare with good damage range for MH and keep EF in offhand. With dw this is the usual path I take: Mainhand: 150+STR/socket Echoing Furry (arrange by DPS top, in given price range, pick one with 0.23+ APS and as less fear as possible, 12-13% or less) and some STR 80+ /chd 40-50 /LS 2,4+ /socketed weapon, again arrange by dps in given price range and check best dps gains. Play with search parameters, more str, no str, lower CHD, higher CHD. LS above 2.5 is preferable but search for DPS first. Weapon speed is not that important fot HotA, for ww pick sword or even dagger. Ofc you are free to experiment with other types of weapons (like str/chd/socket EF) but these usually net best results. If low on funds, socketless EF with STR/CHD can be a good alternative.

Remember - chd stat is worth like 4 mainstat value (ie. 60 chd equals 240 STR!) and STR value just add up to weapon DMG to get DMG without STR (ie. mace with 850 DPS and 150 STR does roughly same damage as 1000 DPS mace)

CRAFT - Items that are marked can be crafted with STR versions from latest 1.07 Patch - If you decide you want to try your luck you might get very nice items there for reasonably low gold and effort (Still, you need too have some gold before you even try) So it would be prudent to get cheaper /basic versions there and try to make some of your own. Luckily it also means that they got very cheap so those "basic" versions won't be so bad at all


That's all folks, I hope I've been helpful, I will possibly add more material if needed. If you want me to help you directly ingame try to add me:
And if I'm not busy killing ubers or playing with my crew I'll try to help you with few tips on gear and often on build too.


Additional Stuff

Do not post "help me with my gear" posts in here please, or we will be flooded in post numbers very soon. There are already threads for that, or just make new one. Read whole guide, if you find something that you need additional information about, add me ingame and I'll explain it to you personally. My only demand is that you actually read guide before asking questions (if you're noob especially) because I don't like repeating myself ^^ Let's keep this "on topic", ie. useful for all readers.

When you ask my help in game, good thing to know is that you can take screenshot of our conversation with your "printscreen" button (screenshot location: C:\Users\your name\Documents\Diablo III\Screenshots) and that you can roll text back with pg up/down. Prepare pen and paper if we are to shop for something. I'ts very frustrating to throw numbers and stats to a noob only to find out he didn't remember any of it on the end, If you want someone's help at least be ready to receive it properly.

I will not do full gearing requests above 100M for free any more. You will always get advises what to get and how to improve, it's never a problem but full guided gearing It is exhausting and time consuming process (can last for hours ;) and by full I mean I do whole shopping for you, sending you link in game to check stats, deciding what to get and for how much, piece by piece, taking into account your gaming wishes and build requirements. My price is 5% of your budget. It's not much - I will justify my cost both in DPS and EHP gains for far more then that I assure you, it's best possible investment in your barb efficiency you can make. Still, if you have some AH basics and if you are not total noob, I suggest to try to do it yourself - here in this thread you'll find many ppl that I've geared, so you can try to emulate it and learn thing or two in a process - I can always help you with a tip or two as well. Honestly, I love to help ppl out (getting some tip on occasion) but I'm flooded with various requests and gearing's so much lately that I barely play any more - it's not good :)


If you are totally new, ww build would be probably good way to start. Good YT video explaining the basics of ww build, sometimes it's easier to watch how it's done then to read:
The Definitive Diablo 3 Budget Whirlwind Barbarian Guide (YT)

If you're fresh new at level 60 and broke there are good folks that will help you start farming yourself by absolutely free and pretty decent gear:
Still free barb giveaways to someone just turned 60

This is my attempt in making MP1 capable farmer for a little gold as possible, 0,75M and 65K of DPS, experiment successful ^^ - If you are on ultrabudget.
WW gear challenge: how cheap can it go?
Nice thread for the beginners :)

I hope people notice this and the help finds the ones who need it.

Also, there is a thread OioxFûl made, he is donating free starter lvl stuff for barbs who just got to 60. Check it out:
Good guide 10/10.

I made fast check and you cant craft Rings. What go for HellFire rings... you need already very good barbarian. Litany ring with attack speed or crit damage is superB.

New accound bound items are:

Shoulders (very good)
Amulets (very good)
Gloves (very good)
ChestArmor (very good)
Bracers (very good)

But crafting isent free. I used 10million and crafting materials (5million) for my amulet. Its hard say if crafting is good for newcomers.
Great guide.. and awesome guy helped me loads in-game with my build and where I was going wrong... even took the time to show me how to use my build most effectively..

nice to see there are still helpful people around since in-game chat you just get flamed


Thanks for the help :)
A very helpfull guide.
I got some very helkfull tips in game when i asked it boosted my DMG and survivability alot =)
Im glad D3 still has helpfull and nice persons like you.'
Thank you :)
well done mate, very nice tips, thanks for the great contribution.
however, can you please check out my barb, and give me some personal tip to where my next upgrade should be? (my goal is to 250k dps)
Ditch the sword. Its got elemental dmg, and your zuni boots 8% wont work on that elemental dmg. If it was non-elemental all the way, zunis would increase your dps more.

Also more CC (not cheap, yeah) but get it on mempo and amulet.

Oh, and +0.25APS EF would do wonders :O
0.21 is the worst possible, get a better one! (You know, its applied on BOTH weapons, so it really matter much how much EF gives??)

EDIT: I imported your stats to http://www.d3rawr.com/e and changed your EF to have 0.25 and sword to have only non-elemental dmg, and you would get allmost 40k more DPS :)
Well Aeolus, you know that upgrading toon of your stats is no mere task and every upgrade is payed in gold, almost in real one. Barok has already done splendid job in research, EF caught my eye too, although combining low fear and high APS with some reasonably cheap snipe is not easy, maces like yours cost 30-50M minimally.

Finding black sword of that damage and stats will be very difficult but if DPS gain is truly that substantial it might be well worth it.

You could snipe 190 STR 190 DEX Depth diggers from 30M and up (I even see one with 23M but they'll probably go soon) - good upgrade to that rare pants. Not that major but still.

Keep crafting shoulders yours are very decent but you can gain over 300 STR with some luck - check mine.

Did you notice how cheap helmet like yours (or mine) got? 3-4M and 190STR mempo is here. It's still very good defensive helmet. You could probably squeeze some DPS from high STR (low fire dmg) andy's helm but as I can see your AR resistance is already streched (and you lose socket) so I guess it's too much of a compromise. That amu is excellent but it could get almost twice of cc it has, cc is fuel for every barb build, so keep crafting - but at least you're in no hurry now : )
CHANGE CAPS TO lower case, or thread may be deleted...

+1 for the thread

Sticky Requested.
Ouch. Thnx for warning.
Very helpful and informative, I think this deserves a sticky :)
Ty Takralus. I honestly wasn't expecting this but I'll try my best to keep the guide updated and will probably add slightly more info //but not too much, because I planed this as short concise guide - and I don't want to scare people off by a (even bigger) wall of text : )
Hey just want to say that using the in game stat calc to determine dps is next to useless. Even more so for WW barbs. Because of how items scale, the relative value of CHC CHD and STR will vary wildly. Also the breakpoints for ASI are not very intuitive and these sites help (because your in game sheet doesn't do breakpoints because auto attack has none)

The long and the short, Use websites like d3up or d3rawr, (when blizzard fixes the API issues from 1.07) never ever use the in game damage suggestions.

Seriously NEVER USE THEM, they are not a good baseline they are always wrong.
TIP - if you want to check AH item ingame, just sent item off in chat msg (via shift +click) to some friend or in general chat adding "test" or "ignore"after. Then enter in game and check up what it does to your stats.

You can just shift +click end send it to no one, receive an error messare (that will stay in your chat as any conversation) containing the name of the item. Then enter in game and check up what it does to your stats.

Thans for this nice liste :) It will be really help full for a lot of players. I'm happy to see that i seek quite the same that what you wrotte.

Nice comprehensive guide. I hope it's ok that I post here. I need a little help with my barb, I recently started playing my barbarian again and I've had some problems when it comes to gearing.

Could anyone check the barb in my profile and give me some tips on where to go next? I bought a Skorn the other day to boost my damage. I've used it for a couple of uber-runs and it worked fine with the HOTA/Rend build but I feel very slow. :) WirlWind build does not work as well as I would like.

I also have a EF with 993 dmg, 0,25 APS and 163 str and sock as offhand I have a sunkeeper with 89 crit damage and 860 dps.

I would like to increase my damage so I don't feel obligated to use the Skorn because of the dps. I would also like to be able use WW to farm.

Could anyone help me? I found or crafted most of my gear, I can spend a maximum of 40m on craftin or AH. If I can get to somewhere between 150k-200k dmg and nice survivability I would be a really happy Barbapapa. :)

PS. Sorry for any spelling errors, English is not my native languge,
19/02/2013 16:28Posted by Takralus
Very helpful and informative, I think this deserves a sticky :)

Nice for a blue to do this here on EU - has been a while. restores the faith somewhat.

It's commendable that you play with self-found or crafted gear but you should already know that it's not a way you will get 200K dps. Your funds are way to low for more serious upgrades.

And forget about scorn and paper DPS - ww build is usually done with 2 weapons, it's more ....smoother that way.

All your jewelry is holding you back somewhat, from HF ring to Amu. Your overall equipment is somewhat mediocre, no VIT on chest, low STR /no VIT on belt, mediocre shoulders, low primary stats on bracers .... everywhere I look I see 2-3M worth items, I mean they are not bad items, for low-mid MP farming you're more then OK but almost every one is potential upgrade. Items like those are swapped with items which cost 20M per piece (20M x 13 slots) and and 50% upgrade is most you could expect on the end. Realistically.

And guys, I don't mind helping out or giving advice to anyone but if we keep posting "help me with my gear" requests in here we will be flooded in post number limit in matter of week, if not days. There are already plenty threads for that and if not just create new one. Ad me an I'll help you in game if you need it but let's keep this post on topic, meaning helpful for -everyone- reading, not just for yourself. Please.
Great guide. Maybe it's because of this guide, but the prices of the items listed with those filters are insanely higher than quoted. I have a barb who just hit 60, and I'm hoping to spend around 26m on him, but I'm not sure I could stay under that budget with the stats listed here.
I've just helped guy find some items on AH right now - we found 85STR 190VIT 60AR some armor and 2 sockets chest for 500K - he was on ultra budget. Most of others of similar stats are 2M and up. Then we found pants with almost same stats also for 500K.

Thing is in those search filters. Shuffle them around a bit. Often only small change in search parameters can provide 3 x cheaper item. For example instead of 190 vit, search for 100 vit and + % to life. Or turn off armor. Or reduce stats by little. Play around, AH is full of ppl desperately want to sell their stuff : ) Little searching, playing, waiting and sniping can net you item of much higher value then you actually payed.

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