Ubers mp 10

I'm wondering what i should replace to be able to do ubers on mp 10 solo, and also what stats are needed: how much unbuffed dps and ehp to be able to do them.
I currently have around 100 mil for upgrades and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Link to my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nohowo-1447/hero/7901756

Thanks in advice.
Moriaty's sudgestion is a bit high imo. I managed to solo mp10 ubers the other day with the gear my barb is wearing atm, except for the hellfire ring, went with a stone of jordan with 6% cold dmg and 25% dmg against elites instead, died once at magda and king. Of course, the better gear the easier it will be, but 180-200k unbuffed dps is not neccesery. I have about 110k unbuffed dps on my barb(that is 100% unbuffed, without passives) and was still able to manage fine. Yes it tok some time but I managed all 3 of them within 30m. I think I used about 15-20 min with the one death at magda and king (died after the king was dead of a newbie mistake). I would also sudgest DW instead of skorn, because it is so hard to keep wrath up at kulle and siegebreaker with skorn. And in the new patch, kulle's slow bubble does not affect you when you are in wrath, dunno if its a bug or a fix.

Used the following build:

Some numbers:

fully buffed (with enchantress, passives, active skills):
lowest alress: 627
Armor: 7268
Paper dps: 220k
Crit chance: 65%
Crit dmg: 476%
HP: 45k
LS: 5.4%
APS: 2.39 (on slowest weapon)

No buffs at all (No follower, no passives, no active skills)

Lowest alress: 522
Armor: 5815
Paper dps: 101k dps
Crit chance: 37%
Crit dmg: 426%
hp: 45k
LS: 5.4%
APS: 2.01 (on slowest weapon)

My quote from a simmilar thread the other day, looks like you have enough dps, but you should try to get some more armor and allress. Also more lifesteal. Note that I used a butchers axe with lifesteal, crit c and socket instead of that EF, also an other build that is showing at my profile atm.
Thanks for answer,
Trying to find a decent oh with lifesteal although they are very expensive. Done mp 8 so far quite easily, soon to try 9 or 10. Anyone got an idea what to upgrade next, besides my off hand?
I'd start with the pants. Get similar specced but with 100 strength more my default. Should be around 20m.

Then your left ring. It's not that good. Look for one with crit damage added, or more strength (check for sockets as well).

When you get an off hand with life steal, you might then play around with swapping belts for a witching hour, or cheap upgrade and look at inna's fervor with high strength roll.

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