Main hand vs off hand (noob barb)

Hi barbs.

Once I get my WD to para 100, I'm rollin' with barb.

Can someone please explain to me which weapons need to be in which hand?

I have 2 swords:-

1. 1202 DPS (currently on barb)
9% ias
58% cd

2. 1149 DPS (currently on WD)
56% cd
2.9% life steal.

Which of these need to go in which hand and why?

Many thanks.
Put 1 offhand and get a axe/mace 600-1200 damage shown under dps damage, vit, critical hit damage/ life steal socket.

You are low on life and all resist, try to get some belt with vit, mainhand and amulet.On gloves look for critical hit damage, attack speed/ critical chance to have 2 rolls.
I've only been gearing my barb with drops and snipes at the moment. Have put no thought into it.

How important is the IK set bonuses vs crafted items (gloves mainly) is the 5-set bonus that good? Or is it just better to pass on the set bonuses and just gear up my barb any which way?

The reason I ask is that on a WD, the 4-piece Zuni bonus is pretty much a necessity yet I see barbs with set items on and I see barbs with no set items on (witching hour, Mempho, crafted gloves, innas etc.)

I can always pinch the witching hour, innas, an sword off my WD if the set bonus isn't that necessary?
Most barbs take 2 pieces of IK's because of first set bonus, full set bonus is nice but not necessary. Full set is limiting dps wise or (if good) just too expensive (end still limiting).

You should probably read sticky I wrote for barb gearing, you will learn lot how should you equip your barb from there;
...::: Budget Barb Shopping List by TK :::...
Hi there ,
Depend what kill of barbie you want to play honestly, 5 set ik only one reason to put on which you're thrist of fury,5sets will limited the dps output unless you got ton of gold to spend on 5sets,otherwise ,5 sets for barb are not the important once you hit the primary stat,I will suggest 2 sets to get 60AR for free!

Primary stats,

Enough cc for fury generation
Enough ias to keep you fury up
Enough life steal , life hit to keep you alive

If you do a lot of small damage like ww will go for life on hit , life steal as well if necessary
If you doing big cri damage like Hota will go for life steal to keep your health pool full at all time,

Once you get into barbie , you will realise is all matter of fury generate an fury spend,

Once you hit your p 100 on your wd , you are welcome here to go for further discussion ,you will find out we are very helpful at some points, they do the same thing to me when I'm a noob, I'll return a big favour (whatever i knew about barba) to all barb just for benefit all fellow barbie,
Hope to see you soon!
Ps: you may take a view on Kell's sticky tips very helpful for new barbie too! Great thread.

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