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What is he talking about?

Well after much debating with myself I decided to try and do a DoT build, I tried all sorts of silly ideas and ways of making the build work, ultimately it came down to remembering how I played the WD at launch (once at 60 and in inferno), this allowed me to then dive into the creation of this build with a little more insight than usual.

Now there will be more than one build here and the reason is because not everyone uses the same item builds and certain ways of running this build are better with different skills / items depending on the players skill level and items.

Now if I'm running it MP10 solo I can take several hits and my kiting skills are pretty decent for those moments when I need to move, if you are the same then this is the build.


The build changes depending on how much you struggle, first things first, if you are bad at kiting you will want some pets in there, this doesn't mean remove GotD it means remove Mass Confusion and pop in Dogs with Life Link, if that's not enough drop GI for BM as almost every bit of damage you do is poison.

If somehow you are still struggling but your mana is perfectly fine to spam Bats then drop BR for JF as well, this way you will be running -20% attack damage from enemies, -15% incoming damage from JF -10% from your dogs plus whatever your armour and all resists give you.

Do not remove SH and GF these 2 are fantastic damage boosters for your build and will allow you to dump a high hitting DoT on enemies when you have 5 of each (or as much as you can safely get).

Plague Bats are insane, I don't know if they were intended to be how they are (though if they buffed them I'd love Blizzard) I can not for the life in me actually work out the damage they are dealing, it is not as much as ZBs so don't expect it too, what you can expect it to do is allow you to kite and stack other damage while still dealing damage, the AoE is good and the range is ok.

The general play style is to get SH stacks then LS them, use GotD drop MC (if it's elites) and start spamming Bats, keep an eye on GotD because it will let you know when you need to restack LS and GotD again. Over the 8 seconds you aren't dealing the 270% damage per attack from Bats (which is APS dependent so 2handers hit for bigger numbers but don't stack as much) the damage shows per tick which like life regen is twice per second (I think) and it's hard to track the damage with 3 DoTs on them.

Anyway 270% plus the 360% and 320% from LS and GotD adds up quite well, the build works on lower MP levels for fast farming however GotD can be swapped out for Slow Burn or AC, I prefer Slow Burn due to the damage it deals.

This really isn't one for the faint hearted guys if you can't take a few hits you will struggle with it.

Anyway best of luck and hope this gives some amusement.
very nice looking build :)

you should make a vid!
Awww man I sometimes lag when I record... I'll try make a video for you later in the week ok?
If you are using this build on high MP, I would suggest consideration of the Death is Life rune for Grasp.
This will create an occasional dog but more importantly it will create health globes for GF when you kill in or around the Grasp area.
Skywalker it's an interesting idea, the GotD is there to litterally act as crowd control so the 80% slow is very important.

I will try it however.
I understand, the extra slow but it doesn't always work on elites, esp. in high MP.

Another thought, use the Devouring Swarm rune on Locust Swarm. This is a great mana generator as well as a so-so damage dealer, and it is great for burst mana from groups of monsters. I used this with a lot of success to fuel my bear build with PtV.

I'm just throwing out a few suggestions, don't mean to imply they are better choices, just different choices.
Don't need mana I have 105 mana regen I did say the build wasn't for the faint hearted. Pestilence is used for it's speed and spreading.

If someone struggled with Mana it would be a good choice, although with this build there shouldn't be a shortage of mana unless you get to do some PB spamming (which I do) however even then I don't have mana issues :D
Just some thoughts, I'm much too faint hearted for this build, but it is a nice alternative for those looking for a scaleable bat build.

I'll post it up in my next update.
It did surprise me how well it worked if I'm honest I mean I did the numbers and it came out alright, however I still expected to do little damage. I was wrong.
OFF TOPIC im gonna try my bat reduction soj and a 12bat visage when i get home. with bats costing only 98 and reduction gears, it might mean you can stack ias like mad and deal INSANE damage, esp if they choose to buff bats in the next patch, which i think is likely.
Yea house I believe it is coming, APS DOES effect the damage from Bats, I repeat IAS with bats is a bonus, also the mana cost reduction items are quite cheap really and I also have a pure PB build I think you'd like house it works on Crowd Control while allowing you to perma spam the PB and since they stack multiple WDs can use PB on the same mobs to just melt them.

I could show you the build I have in mind for this later if you'd like?
ye would be awesome. lemme find a 6cc 12bat visage first :D

i tried PB in pvp and insane damage! (if nano stands still for me to stack lolol)
Lol daft git, my helm is an old one from a long long time ago when Direbat kiting was used :P
Hello Fean!

i recently made a WD (Americas) and played around with a heap of skills, read heaps of guides, then just now stumbled onto this.

through my playtesting, i eventually settled on plague of bats, gotd, and locusts - before even seeing your guide!


i'm using pets to tank though, and even with my ias, i can perm-channel bats. the amount of fetish sycophants i have at any one time is ridiculous. these with my pets are holding the mobs occupied while i blast bats

if i take out Spiritual attunement, i can ALMOST perm channel.

thoughts and suggestions welcome!!
I like builds like this because they are fun MrMojo, I really like your build, I would change the dogs to life link personally just for pretection.

I can not deny it, I love your build like I said though without a lot of patience and such it gets very difficult at higher MP levels although in the sticky at the top there is a video of me killing an elite pack on MP10 when I only had 47k dps.

I would love a buff to bats and I keep feeling like one is coming but it never happens, also the fetishes with some love could be awesome.

The only other skill change might be to humongoid on the gaug as it's a nice DPS boost when using bats, or I found it was.
Have you experimented using acid rain to any extent?
thanks Fean!

i'm thinking of dropping the astral presence for gruesome feast, and use the gotd rune that gives dogs or health globes for extra globes.

i'm trying to fit soul harvest in, and i think i might have to drop the garg for it??
24/03/2013 12:12Posted by ibex
Have you experimented using acid rain to any extent?

Lots, in this build Slow Burn works better unless you are running proc effects like freeze on hit or LoH etc...

If you are fine without the gaug then do it, I like Nigel and if I can I always take him with me, I'm a Necro at heart you see ;)

MP 1-3 Speed runs are insane with this build especially if you modify it a little to fit your own build and play style.
is it an eficent farming build for mp10 or is it just a build for WDs with abit lower dps that have easier with this kind of build other then bears ?

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