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Welcome to the Diablo III Ask the Devs global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting your questions regarding itemization, having the community vote for their favorites, and then posting the answers we receive from the developers approximately one week later.

LOCKED. Tallying votes and seeking answers.

The topic for this month is itemization.

To view our latest update on itemization in Diablo III, click here. We also encourage you to check out recent posts made designers Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day for more information.

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Hi Blizzard, Will the itemization steer away from increased attack speed and critical hit damage along with critical hit chance or will the new itemization add to all of those stats ? if so would that mean that you would need to make the game more challenging so players do not 1 shot everything in 4 player public games on inferno difficulty?

Thank you for your time :)
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As a casual player i solo allot, lucky i got the companion. Will you be making legendary items specific for mercs, making them a little stronger or them being able to give us some extra buffs?
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Could you add the option for the blacksmith and jeweller to upgrade and enhance items?
Will there be new craft-able items added in the future? I'm thinking weapons and/or legendary items...
Issue: Damage disproportion between physical and elemental type weapons.

Why did you design physical (black) damage weapons to be superior damage-wise to elemental damage weapons?

I´m asking about your thought process behind the fact that black damage on weapons:
1. gets the bonus from the "+x% damage" affix and elemental damage does not;
2. is used to calculate the "adds x% to elemental damage" affix while elemental damage on the weapon is not taken into account;
3. is bugged - the MinMaxDamage affix adds min damage first and then checks if the new minimum weapon damage is higher than base maximum damage; if it is higher, the game uses the new minimum +1 as the new base maximum and adds max damage to this value, resulting in higher overall black weapon damage compared to elemental weapons.

It makes no sense that there´s damage differences when there´s no additional elemental damage effects (beside cold snare) in the game and monsters have no resists. This damage difference limits our gearing options as comparably rolled physical weapons will always outperform elemental ones. Here´s two suggestions on how to fix this issue
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Issue: Legendary drop chance.

What is the chance for a legendary item to drop from a monster (without magic find) and does it differ between monster types?

This is not about general probabilities of gear drops that we know vary between monsters, I´m wondering about the nominal chance that a gear drop is legendary and whether it´s different for normal monsters and elite packs. The reason I´m asking is because hiding this sort of information from the players makes them doubt the process of item drops and item creation. We should know that the process has a certain automated mechanics and doesn´t simply change on a whim, whenever the developers feel like the drop rate is too high/too low without telling us (don´t take it personally).
Issue: Affix roll probability design.

How often do you revise and change the affix weight distribution - the probability of affixes to be rolled on an item?

I´m asking because for example single resistance on armor slots rolls on 70-90% on the new crafted items (depending on the slot), making it by far the most rolled affix of all. I´d like to know what your thought process behind the affix weight system was and whether you revise and change it periodically, depending on new design decisions and plans like improvement of certain useless affixes like thorns and obsolete ones like ignores durability loss and reduced level requirement.

That being said, as a suggestion, it would be cool if you listed any changes in affix distribution in future patch notes.
Issue: Confusing display of affix rolls.

Why did you design the game to display +minimum, +maximum and +min-max affixes in a way that is confusing for the majority of players and do you plan to change it?

For example amulets may currently roll +minimum damage and/or +maximum damage and/or +min-max (e.g. +30-60) damage, which means none, one, two or all 3 may roll. If the former two (one or both) roll on an amulet, they are listed separately but if the third one rolls they´re put together and the game only displays them as +min-max damage and it´s impossible to figure out what values actually rolled. The same applies to attributes, each affix roll should be displayed separately, for example +180 str +145 vit would be displayed as +140 strength, +90 vitality, +40 strength & +55 vitality. There´s enough room for that.

So my question is what was your thought process behind making the game display certain affixes (minmax damage and attributes) the way it does and why did you change how the listing of physical damage (minmax) works in the first place 9 months ago?

Not knowing, what rolls you actually got, makes it more difficult to compare items. Simplifying things for the player should be one of your priorities as there´s way too much important information hidden from us.
Issue: Auction House affecting item creation.

How exactly does the Auction House affect item drops in the game, if at all?

Quite some time ago there were blue posts about the game being designed with the AH in mind so I´d like to see some clarification about this issue. If the AH directly affects item drops (something like number of items on the AH limiting the drop rate of that item the game) or whether what you meant back then is that drop rates and affix distribution had to be designed in a way that higher tier items/affixes would roll much less in general, because it´s easy to buy them from the AH. It would be nice to have a clear answer once and for all so that people with bad luck aren´t tempted to be paranoid about something shady going on.
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You once said, that in the developement process you pulled out "add sockets to items" because it felt mandantory. As it now stands in the game, its's like no choice neither, as far as it concerns weapons (you know, the typical crit damage AND socket type). They roll with a socket, or they are next to worthless.

So my question: can you please reconsider your stance to "add socket to item"?

I found quite a few weapons with good stats, but without a socket they are not competitive in damage by a long shot.
hi there Blizzard.

when is d3 going out of beta ? meaning not that much downtimes, and full functions.
i have been playing alot of mmo games for the past 10 years, but never seen and been
on a game with so many errors, downtimes and lack of functions.
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Have you consideret using the "White" and "gray" items as part of the crafting system? I think it could make the system better, if you had to find white or gray item, and then upgrading it through crafting. So if you wanted to craft a chest armor, you would have to find a chest armor with a corresponding item level, as the item you want to craft :)
Dear Diablo 3 Developers,

In the most recent Developer Blog, Mr. Travis Day mentioned a bit about improving legendary stat ranges.

We plan to allow legendary items to also roll their base stats (weapon DPS and armor value) at the level of the monster that dropped them...

I have a question in regards to the application of this principle in reference to crafted legendary and set items.

For Ex. As can be seem from the Diablo 3 game guide:

There are currently 31 different types of craftable Legendaries and 9 Sets with a total of 36 Set items.

Overall totaling 67 craftable items of set or legendary quality.


Most if not all of these craftable legendary and sets are hardly ever used because of their limited stat ranges and a fix affix range limited to item level 62 at best while the best items in the game are dropped by monsters with item level 63.

Due to this issue, most people do not feel that craftable legendaries/sets are not to par with the current legendaries that drop from monsters.

Your idea to increase the legendary pool by making it so that lower level legendaries can drop from higher monster levels and have affix ranges that are of the same monster level range is a great a start, however this only makes current craftable legendaries and sets even less compelling to use.


Are you going to address craftable legendaries and sets item with the same philosophy of having them be able to roll at variable item level ranges?

Forseeable Problems

I know there are complexities regarding this issue since craftable legendaries and sets are rolled at fixed item levels.

Solution to Forseeable Problems

I suggest a solution to this problem by allowing the player to choose the item level in which they can roll this item via crafting.

The cost of such crafting such an item would be proportional to the item level to be crafted. The reason I suggest this is that even though the majority of players will only craft items which are item level 63, I do not want to completely alienate lower level crafting for those that wish to attempt it.
Q: Will there be a way to change special item procs so that they increase with the overall DPS and have a much higher impact to character builds? Right now most of them are "proc on attack" and have a low damage.
Issue In game ilegal spam

Question Are dev. team working in solutions against ilegal gold/item pages?

All the times I enter in Diablo 3 meet almost one friend request of gold seller pages, with awesome prices blizzard can't compete against. The courious thing is the pages are knowed by the company because they put his own direction in the game logs.
I like to know if Blizzard or have some kind of intention for end this anti-economy ilegal services of the game. What are they or if you are doing nothing against.
A lot of players believe the company or some workers can stay taking benefit of this ilegal market, this happens before in other game tittles of Blizzard, and is not absurd thinking.

I dont care the judicial works I'm asking in game develop for fight against.
A lot of thanks and sorry for my poor english.
Hello Blizzard!

My Question is:

Do you intend to make existing crappy items (or add new ones ) powerful enough to compete easily with the ones that everybody is using ? And i don't mean just adding something, but really making it powerfull enough in terms of dps, resistence etc. and that done not by simply increasing stats or adding crit chance or crti damage, but with some new way of improving them - magic skills, a combination of affixes, new affixes etc ?
Simple but important question:
Are you going to at least try to devaluate the Critical Damage to be less affecting overall player damage?

Right now it's just absurdly high compared to normal "white" damage. Every build is centered around these two stats really (IAS is just addiction to make the bigger yellow numbers come more often). This means there is no really build diversity when 95% of players want the same gear, while other "could be interesting" affixes are omitted. Sorry for bad English :<

Did in itemization update will be taken crafting improvement?
I like playing hardcore and so i have to make many new characters.
Regrettably there is not much craftable items for low level characters.

Just wanted to know if in the coming itemization updates can expect some more new obtainable or default crafting recipes for low level characters?
Do you have any plans to make item icons bigger(like in D2 or bigger) to make itemization more appealing?

For instance as a Barb, i enjoy swinging my weap in all it's epicness if i can visualize it.
Same for armor :)

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