The misunderstood adventures of the Treasure Goblin

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The misunderstood adventures of the Treasure Goblin
PDF print A4 print. 2-4 players.
Version 2.0 Made by me:
with approved artwork by Blazan:


Great idea! Will try to convince my friends to give it a try :).
Yeah. I will improve the boardgame whenever I get more ideas and such. Already have plans and are currently working on 2.0

Edit: The file will also be a PDF.
Version 2.0 done, I refreshed the first post.
Version 1.0 have been erased.
So yeah, checking after 1 month. Did someone download and print it? Did somebody test it? If yes, was something very annoying, good, bad?

Looking for feedback.

deeleted by user
Well done Enkeria. I want this game for christmas :)
Thank you.

Just download and play man.. Be sure to print out those goblins!
WOW. Awesome :)))) Seems really funny. Gonna play it with my family soon haha :D

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