Blizzard - Fix the damn FPS drops on NVIDIA GCards!

Technical Support
I have had this game since it came out. I love this game a ton. But it drives me insane how a new computer with 8 gigs of RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (one of the newer graphics cards out there) and decent processor can not play this game at 60 Fps like people who have lower cards!

I've had it with this from you on ignoring over 50% of your player base who desperately want to play this game.

It's not like we hate you. WE JUST WANT TO PLAY YOUR GAME!

Quit ignoring us.

Quit talking of new patches on multiplayer when your single player is still s#it!

Quit avoiding the issue and help us out.

I've should have to spend several hours looking online for problems to this issue just to find out they still don't work for me.

As a fan PLEASE help us out.

I am afraid that this thread will be locked as it is in breach of our forum guidelines and code of conduct (

Please feel free to ask for assistance either through a support ticket or in this forum, but I would appreciate it if you could ensure it is in line with our posting rules.


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