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Ill just keep on bumping it till they see it :) lol
All major changes will prolly be done in the new expansion (2014?).
Expansion = money $$$ (€€€) (***). More crap will be done because they have to, people payed for it.
I am unfortunately not able to comment on on any of these suggestions in particular, but I would like you guys to know that we really appreciate that you take the time to think these up and post them :-)

I feel it important to mention that although we always like to see good suggestions from the community, we cannot make any promises that any of them will make it into the game, be it through the next patch, or a future patch, or even in the expansion. That being said though, good suggestions always serve as great feedback for the developers, and even if they might not be feasible, they can still serve as inspiration for other ideas or alternative suggestions.

In short, please keep posting your ideas and suggestions. Know that we read them and value them, even if they may not make it into the game. :-)
Please don't listen to OP, no more BOA, Build diversity along with items diversity (different build - different items) is the best you can do, with great possibility to find them from farming.
More random levels, as now I recognize areas and directions very often.

Nephalem Valor: I kinda like leveling a new toon and being able to switch skills all the time. Not sure if it's not just a fun killer after all the difficulty changes. Obviously it should not turn out that we pick different skills for every blue man group we encounter depending on their skills.
Nice idea Syph0r.

Got a small suggestion myself.

-Ingame currency(other then gold)-
Something similar to the demonic essence, dropped from various monsters.

This currency:
- Can only be used with npc vendor
- Is not tradeable

With the currency you should be able to buy some smaller improvements like
gem's, reagents for crafting and whatelse?
Legendaries and ilvl 63 rares should not be purchaseable, since this would make players farm the currency rather then the geardrops.

A bit "wow-like" but hell, couldn't this work?
Guiding Light: Remove / Redesign it.
Combination Strike: Remove / Totally but totally redesign it. Worthless.

those 2 are excellent passives. combination strike is great once you're using more than one primary skill, and guiding light works really good in team play. you should definitely try them more.

other ideas are really good, especially option to disable "are you sure?" popup boxes; those are really irritating.


Buff Display
Extend buff display: the full line above HUD should serve this feature so all buffs could be visible. Debuff display is replaced above buffs and displayed on the left side too. I understand that Blizzard doesn't wants to UI to became "WoW-ish" series of effect display, but the current version we have now is not the solution and in fact is worse than the other - which still wouldn't be bad IMO.

All skills with buff-side effects (Deadly Reach's armor or damage increase for example, or Fists of Thunder dodge chance increase... my apologies for making examples with Monk only, but it's my main character I know the most about) MUST have a visible buff duration icon among other buffs.

Alternative: customizable buff display. Add a huge list to options where we can select which buffs we want to see. Personally I'm sick of my mantra always taking a buff display slot when I can clearly see the giant spinning lightning rune on the ground around me in the middle of the screen. This would also gave us the option to have a clean UI or a more detailed one - or something between, customizable for each person's taste. The goat is fed and we still have the cabbage.

Class specific and 2 handed weapon improvements
2h Axes, Hammers, Spears should be worth using. Not even the best rolls are worth to use over any combination of mid-tier 1h weapons.

Supporting Alt. Characters
Since Paragon System got relased playing Alts always feels like something I get punished for, in terms of invested time / rewards. This is even bigger problem than monster density in my opinion and must be fixed ASAP. Why can't I have another character from the same class but from the other gender? There is no difference between them, except the looks and voice. Why does Blizzard forces me to start building up paragon levels from absolute zero again? Is it suprising that I feel punished for playing any other character instead of the highest paragon lv. one?

absolutely agree.
Add monster to Act1, Act2, Act4.
Add realms with out AH / RMAH, so i can start new klass from level 1, and trade like we did in Diablo2.
Add more randoms maps so i get varaiton when i playing.
Add colors to all gems, so my eyes get varation when items dropps =)
How about adding some sort of special collectible runes that would let us combine two rune effects? I could imagine some spells having two rune effects at once, some other combinations could be tweaked, but it would give people some sort of customisation and more stuff to grind.
Please but PLEASE add invisible or stealth button for your current status. We all have "some" friends in our list who are bugging us for farm/ubers ..Sometimes i just want to be in game - alone.

Everyone in this game had this situation 100000%
Best thing Blizzard could do is to allow players to chose their primary attribute on every class.

I want to play as a strenght melle wizard, or int based throw barbarian.

Every class would be much more fun and deverse to play.

I think that's an awesome idea, I've read that Path of Exile has something similar but most skills in that game are universal so I don't know how that would translate to Diablo 3, but blizzard makes games for a living I'm sure they can imagine up something from their imagination box so we can see much more unique characters.
delete all the loot in game

and bring back diablo2 loot with runes etc

i want to put on my enigma armor / and a tal set that is worth having

thank you
SaltyDaveIV pretty much summed up the Monk problems. The developers should really look at that.
I would be very happy if they did add a ladder in next patch with an option to start a new character with: "AH on" or "AH off".

If no ladder, then just add this option upon creating new character. So it would be upon us to decide if we want the AH or not. Of course a character created with "AH off" could join only "AH off" games.

I would be happy to start playing again with my friends, sharing the loot and keeping useful stuff for each other when playing alone. I remember how fun it was to present your friend an item he was looking for back in d2 days, the item might not be the best of it's kind, but still without having 20+ pages to pick from like in d3 ah, this single item made the day. As well the game would become challenging but still not that unforgivable as hardcore. And the social part! Person to person trading !!
A couple of things annoy me, a couple are already discusses here so thats good (especially the buff /debuff part...sooooo annoying not able 2 see what buffs or debuffs i got but also for my friends who have a hard time believing i am letting them do more dps).

Secondly, remove MF, make it scale per MP level or something, (like demonic essence?)

Thirdly, more playerspace in a friendly game NOT public.

Fourthly, has nothing to do with D3 itself but make a beter hero webpage (look at wow) i want 2 see more details basically.

All major changes will prolly be done in the new expansion (2014?).
Expansion = money $$$ (€€€) (***). More crap will be done because they have to, people payed for it.
ofc big changes will be in a new expansion? they had it spot on when they released D3, records where broken, a record for many copys sold and a record for most quiters in a month time, it is the perfect business model ever designed, nothing wrong with that right?
I'm going to adress new content only since we all know itemization, etc. will be fixed eventually

- Endless dungeon or survival mode, same with real pvp modes like capture the flag and stuff like that
- New gems; minimum 2 new gem types, skulls and sapphires.
- Keep level cap 60 but Paragon can raise up to level 999 although it does not grant stats pass lvl 100 (bragging rights)
- Improved crafting; option to reroll 1 afix on gear for a semi expensive price, but only once, to reroll again one would have to reset the item to the original stats.
05/04/2013 13:56Posted by Kallizk
Endless dungeon or survival mode

This so much, and surely it can't be difficult to implement. I mean just do what Torchlight did and simply get to the "exit" in each dungeon and go to another one. So you start in a crypt, then go to one of the vault levels from act then to ice caves, then keeps. What ever to be honest as I only want to continue smashing through large groups of mobs instead of doing keeps then quit and start again to get my own "endless dungeon" with a boss at the end.

I know the randomness of the maps isn't that fantastic but they are a few variations of each one and if you link them all up together from the whole game you should have enough to be occupied more than normal.

PVP... not really my thing but I'd probably try/play it if it was
a) easy to hop in and out
b) varied enough that its not just free for all (teams, ctf, attack/defend etc).
05/04/2013 13:02Posted by Tooly
I would be very happy if they did add a ladder

Good you mention the ladder!
I liked it in D2.
- same start and chances for everyone
- leveling and gearing up process is fun, the game shouldn't start at max lvl like WoW
- after my char is geared up, I play it a lot less and am bored of it
- might need leveling improvements e.g. better low lvl crafting
I made 2 similar topics on the US and EU forums but they were both pretty much ignored. Pfff... Oh well. Here's the list I had anyway:

- The total Potion bonus should be shown on their tooltip.

- Have an option to show Numerical Values of Life and Resources on top or above the globes to better monitor their usage or state.

- Class specific items should first roll the primary for the class, and THEN have a chance to roll other primary stats (if at all). Or at least give the class primary a higher chance to roll. That way these items have more potential to be useful.

- Fix the Aura of Unique monsters; I mistake them for Rare elites and I tend to get annoyed by that since they're pushovers and they don't even grant Nephalem Valor. I personally want the devs to buff them and make them stronger than Rares, with unique affixes only available to them. And their aura could be made orange to match the color of Legendaries as well.

- Fix the color of Set items. Their ground glow, item background and legendary light pillar should be green, not orange. This would also help me (and others obviously) spot them more quickly in our stash and inventory.

- The weapon bonus for Amethysts feels pretty weak. I think it could use a buff here.

- The Topaz weapon bonus is also pretty bad at the moment for obvious reasons. I believe they said that they want to make thorns more attractive so maybe they'll do something about this in the future.

- Bring back the low-level Legendary crafting material. (and maybe the Common ones as well) At least this way, all Legendaries can be salvaged into special material and not just iLvl 60+ items.

~ Shen in Act I is on the other side of New Tristram and I always feel lazy using his services in that Act. I doubt that they can really move him easily but it'd be nice if he was closer to our stash and portal point.
05/04/2013 14:17Posted by Axel
~ Shen in Act I is on the other side of New Tristram and I always feel lazy using his services in that Act. I doubt that they can really move him easily but it'd be nice if he was closer to our stash and portal point.

I totally agree with this, patch 1.0.8 is to improve multi-player functions. ID all is to help players stay with the group during a run. Therefore if running act 1 and have to use the JW you have the same problem that IDing items had.

He need to be moved closer in act 1

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