Diablo 3 as a First Person Shooter ?

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Hi all, I was thinking that if they managed to turn this game into a first person shooter. Do you think it would work? I think it would with a few tweaks here and there.

It would be good to play as a wizard and use your spells from that viewpoint, It would also cool to see the level design from that viewpoint as well.

What are your thoughts on this ?
Just imagine WW spec in first person view, awesome! Just better not play when drunk, you might find yourself covered in vomit pretty quickly.
Call of Diablo: Modern Auctionfare.

The idea has already been done
if they turned D3 into an fps game the closest similarity then would be doom imo, damn i hope doom 4 comes out this year:)
Diablo series never was, is, and hopefully will be intended to be an FPS game. I am quite certain the people who have played the Diablo since the first games, would agree. This would be like turning the back to the industry.

You have plenty of FPS games, as well as FPS games with the same theme. You can get one of those and play it.
16/04/2013 20:43Posted by f00n
Call of Diablo: Modern Auctionfare.

this ^
Not sure it would ever be possible to turn Diablo into a First Person Shooter, not without a total conversion and redesign at least. The thought of Diablo as a shooter is an amusing one though :-)

If we follow this amusing train of thought, and hypothetically speak of turning Diablo III into a shooter, wouldn't the game be better suited as a third person shooter rather than a first person one?

16/04/2013 20:07Posted by anxiety
Just imagine WW spec in first person view, awesome!

Yup, that would be a rather messy experience from a first person perspective indeed, but maybe it would not be so bad from a third person perspective :-)
Archon would be so awesome from a first person perspective :o
u'd need sun glasses for most builds due to the flashy graphics. meanwhile ww builds will be fine as they rarely look at the screen anyways ;)
Make the horadrim playable with the aid of Tyrael while searching for the 3 prime evils in the early days.. Every member could have specials. Except for Zultun Kulle, he wouldn't be a playable character but could drive the game further -or- even be the storyteller..

Would be cool first person shooter. And it should be first person, not third.
first person barbarian whirlwind :-))) ok ok sounds interesting ...
17/04/2013 11:02Posted by Vaneras
third person

only if the camera is like wow and the lame cameras on other third person shooters where 1/4-1/3 of the screen is your character's back.
Hellgate did basically the same thing. All be it with a different setting, lore, etc. Third person RPG for the win!
Well if you did want to make it a shooter, make it for the xbox 360 and ps3 since those have the shooter crowds.
If...it can parallel the fight scenes in God of War, If it can't, forget about it. :D
Just take a DH and go shoot stuff.
I think Hexen is the closest game that I can think of, very old game but you can pick one of a few classes and fight from as first person. Castlevania Arcade is more recent and in the same sort of genre, the spellcaster in that game being the little witch/sorceress (wish they would release it on console or PC!)
Hellgate: London was quite successful in its merger of action RPG and third/first person shooter. Every class could be played third person, but some classes were first person by default, and all classes could play first person if they equipped a ranged weapon. Pure melee classes could only play third person with melee weapons.

It has been done before, and it did work. Diablo 3 would probably be a little more interesting with that aspect as an option...
Hexen was cool..

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