R.I.P Hands.

Hello dudes!

As a CM wizard, most of us know that your hands gets pretty much !@#$ed up by the hundreds of click per min.

So I was wondering, is there a possible fix for this, so it makes the clicking just abit easier?!.. Is there some way to hotkey 3spells into one click?

Thanks in advance!
I dont use the CM SNS build but I saw posted somewhere that many keyboards have an autorepeat option on individual or groups of keys. Meaning you dont have to key bashing the keys but simply hold them down.

If I recall the post in question the wizard in question found 2-3-4 on his keyboard would auto repeat so assigned the key sns spells to those and then just used his left and right mouse buttons for the remainder.

By the way having one click do more than one thing would mean you run the risk of a ban. It's be stated in a few posts that Blizz is fine with one click or key press doing one thing but not with one click or key press doing multiple things

I hope that helps
I dont see any repeat buttons or anything on my keyboard sadly :/

But what I dont understand is why can I hold down 1 and 2 (Diamond skin and frost nova) and it just auto casts, but I cant hold down mouse buttons for the primary attacks to go into auto mode? seems weird.
The hold 1-2+LMB, spam 3 doesn't work on my keyboards for some reason.

As to the repeating keyboards, macros that do multiple actions per keypress, software that does keypresses for you etc, all against ToS and can lead to you getting banned. At the moment only allowed thing is to press button once and it does 1 action, everything else is against ToS. I've made a post on the PTR feedback forums about this to try and raise the attention of Blizzard against the possible health problems that the ToS is causing us. Feel free to comment on the matter at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8568989414?page=1 . Perhaps Blizzard will act if enough people voice their opinion on the matter.
buy a keyboard with customizable hotkeys
there's many types of macros.

but very simple autohotkey or similar software macro for keyhold is UNDETECTABLE.
here's why:
AutoHotKey or these kind of programs in simple "press key x" DO NOT interact with any diablo gamefiles or executables or any diablo dll-s that are in memory directly.
they interact directly with the keyboard driver.
so if scritp says press key "1", it sends info directly to the keyboard driver and diablo executable take this a info as the keyboard driver sent it info about pressed key, not the script. today almost all of keyboards do 100% same thing at the keypress, they send digidal info to keyboard driver that forwards it to the application.
consider script as a non-physical keyboard, like onscreen keyboard.
the same thing is with scripting 1 keypress for 3 actions. diablo3 sees this as someone pressed 3 keys at the same time, not single key (again, info comes from the keyboard driver, and not AHK sending info to the d3 executable).
this is absolutely undetectable.
actually, if you're really paranoid: to have single key press for multiple action: you can do it physically. take apart your keyboard, short your FN,EB,DS key's circuit board (most keyboards have film based circuit boards) with some sort of lead pencil or something that passes electricity and screw it back together. now, if you press one of these 3 keys, keyboard will physicall press all 3 buttons (and send digital info to the driver). now tell me it's bannable :) how the hell can they detect it :D

the ones that are one step "farther": are timed pressed. what i mean, is that at the certain time or interval, script presses the key. for example, very typical cmwiz macro script is that if you press key X, it presses 1-2-3, but not at the same time, but for example in sequential order and may send them with little intervals. think about it like, you press key X, and this actually does send "key 1", "interval" (like 0,2sec), "key 2", "interval 0,1" sec, "key 3", "0,1 interval". Again, as the script does not actually interact with diablo files any way (it interacts with keyboard driver and system time), it is 100% undetectable. the only thing is that wardens may guess, that these intervals are very similar for very long time and can raise suspicions. this can be overcome with random interval delay. so when you press key X, script actually does press "key 1", random delay, "key 2", random delay, "key 3". and you can take it further to randomise keypresses, so not 1-2-3, but in any order.
but in reality simple "hold all keys" and interval-sequential macros perform the same way and step further actually does not give any advantages. in fact, if you're too generous with interval times, you can actually lose dps or freezing ability, because, if you hold keys, it activates the skill as soon as cooldown is down (affected only by game and system latency), but with intervals you can actually be little late. so hold all keys actually has the biggest performance.

now: anything further requires already intercting directly with dialbo3 game and this is detectable already. do not go this far or use at your own risk.
for example, if you really want to time cooldowns to perfection and do not like to hear "not enough AP" or "skill not ready" stuff, then you can make script read info about cooldowns. AFAIK, there is no easy direct read from memory way, but instead you need screen X,Y coordinates and reading specific colors. and script knows, if at coordinates x,y, screen color is RGB xxx,xxx,xxx (cooldown colors), then it will not send any keypress info, but if color at these coordinates changes to EGB yyy,yyy,yyy (skill ready), then it sends the keypress.

i do not encourage to use any of the ways, but just for your info.
Just buy a razer or any gaming mouse and program all your spam keys in 1 button. I use it.makes life easier. ;)
i have played mostly as a 0dogs witch doctor. i am now turning to a cm wiz.

as a doc i was spamming my dogs millions of time every hour, 1,2,1,2,1,2, etc

i read up on forums and realised that i could go to keybindings and use the mouse roller.

that changed my life. i have worn out one mouse and the index finger of my right hand is getting harder....but it really works.

i am trying to set up my cm in the same way. any comments on +/-
28/04/2013 07:27Posted by grezel
Just buy a razer or any gaming mouse and program all your spam keys in 1 button. I use it.makes life easier. ;)

I got a razer taipan.. And I know how easy it is to make a 321 213 131 macro etc...So yeah, rather have the odds of being banned, then getting a hand injury I guess.

The past 4-5 days I've been playing cm wizard my hands have gotten worse and worse, i swear my thumb and ring finger was completely messed up lol.
No Need for RAZOR or any other fancy keyboard my Friend

just look up a software called AUTO HOT KEY

its free and the CM wiz pre-settings are found online (:

Just hold one button and thats it

Saved my hands alot of work

PM me if you need any help finding or using it
We allowed to use auto hot keys? won't get ban?
29/04/2013 18:20Posted by SwSw
We allowed to use auto hot keys? won't get ban?

As far as I understand, you are not allowed to use any 3rd party program to play the game, even though 8 lines OR LESS code could save your fingers from getting seriously damaged for life. It's ridiculous.

Which would you rather risk? A serious health condition you have to deal with the rest of your life, or a ban from a game, that, in theory, should never happen, because there's little to no way of tracking these sorts of scripts, if done right?

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