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Hi i'm a CM Wizard with a budget of 500 mill, would anyone be able to help me build a decent mp10 set for that budget?
i don't think this is the right place to ask. try the wz forums...
u dont need that much my build is for 120mil and its made couple months ago

u need 50cc and 2.74 aspeed for it to work

everything else is more dps
i can perma freeze mp10 e's but too low dps to kill em

from what i see u need zuni with aspeed and ammy with aspeed to reach breakpoint
or try getting ice climbers and rare ring with aspeed and 4.5cc atleast
Check out this great guide for CM spec:

Get 2.73+ attacks per second (This helps you greatly in keeping mobs frozen)
Get 45-50% crit chance
Get around 700 life on hit
Get 6-800 all resistance
Get around 40k hp (or more)
Get +armor on pieces where you can't afford all resistance
Get 24% movement speed

Key items:
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 150+ int, 240+ vit, 400+ life on hit for around 5 mill. Get more int and vit if you can afford it of course. The more the better!

Storm Crow: 4% crit, 400+ life on hit, 400+ total armor, +4% dmg to elites. Will cost 2-4 mill. You can also get up to 6% crit, but the price will increase as well.

Chantodo's Force: 285+ Average damage, 10% crit, 9% ias, 180+ int. 20-40 mill. If you can't find anyone, lower crit to 9 or 9.5%.

Chantodo's Will: Socket, +0.24 or +0.25 attacks per second. As high dps as you think you can afford. 1080-1100 dps with these stats seems to be around 100-150 mill. But you can get lucky and get a far better price.

The Witching Hour: 9% attack speed, 45% critical hit damage, 60+ all resist. 10-30 mill. Pay more if you find one with other nice stats at +% life, vit or something.

Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit: 170+ int, 170+ vit, 9% attack speed: 2-5 mill. Be ready to pay a lot more if you want all res or more int/vit.

Zunimassa's Pox: int, 9% ias, 33-34% crit dmg, socket. 25 mill.

Zunimassa's Trial: 170+ int, 60+ all res. Around 10 mill.

Lacuni Prowlers: 90+ int, 4%+ crit, 9% ias. 5 mill. If you can afford it, go for all res or +armor as well.

Shoulders: with lots of int, vit and all res. And +armor is a bonus.
Gloves: High int, 8%+ Crit, 8-9% ias, 30%+ ias. Other stats will be a bonus.

Spend a good chunk of gold on a good amulet and 2nd ring.

Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell
Frost Nova - Deep Freeze for farming legendaries/pl -- Bone Chill for ubers
Explosive Blast - Chain Reaction
Storm Armor - Shocking Aspect for farming legendaries/pl -- Energy Armor - Pinpoint Barrier for ubers
Energy Twister - Wicked Wind
Teleport - Wormhole for farming legendaries/pl -- Slow Time - Stretch Time for ubers

Critical Mass
Cold Blooded
Unstable Anamoly for farming legendaries/ubers -- Evocation for ubers

Hope this helps :)

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