Building up a CoB Witch Doctor with 1.5 bil.

Witch Doctor
Hello guys, After a long time being away from my WD the newest patch wanted me to get him going again, i gathered up some gold and now i need some help to get started.

What gear is required to run the build on MP8-10 efficiently?

What gear sets work the best?

2h or 1h + OH?

What Skills do i use?

I know next to nothing about WD's so any help is appriciated.

Also the gear i have now will basically be sold, The Skorn i use isnt even an INT one so don't critizise it. :>
@Chas wow u could not wait a couple of hours to recieve free advice? Damn dude .... dont panic!

Anyway here is some feedback

1h+mojo vs 2H is pretty much the same: u need higher res and armour when using 1H to avoid instakilling yourself vs relfect packs. Easier for you is to start with Life steal Skorn!

The gear you need can be anything, because bats are not consuming a lot of mana, so you dont need zuni set. Basically u have no limitation in gearing. Just you need soj:

- with reduced cost to zombie charger (it might come in handy)
- bats reduction: basically not mandatory
- with locus swarm dmg not mandatory as well

Definitely craft all possible pieces: gloves, bracers,shoulders and amulet

Skills to use are also up to your preference, just try to keep the following once always in your build:

- grave injustice
- gruesome feast
- spirit walk - any rune u like (most likely jaunt is a suitable start)
- Soul hartvest: vengeful spirit (other runes are not that good)
- Paranoia: mc or BBV: slam

Rest are optional, depending on your style. Get mroe info in this thread:

U can start with very simple build like:!cTY!acacYb

Till u get used to using bats lone, you can include zombie bears in your build:!cTY!ccZcYb

When gearing, make sure to have 1 item with pick up radius.

gl and be more patient ;)
If you aim for CoB only you can use some AS items but remember not to overdose because channeling CoB costs 66 mana per second... yes but at 1.0 aps :) At 2.0 aps it's already 132 mana per second - no problem with white trash hordes (globes, Zuni mpk set bonus) but against elites you can run dry quite fast
Often overlooked max mana stat can be very useful with CoB as CoB builds require you to reposition and recast Batz quite often (especially against elites) - without a decent manapool you can run dry fast and the first cast is 220 mana so watch out
I would use the last build hANNO provided - the only thing I don't like (but used to love) is MC-P - With CoB it's not THAT great as it makes the mobs stop coming at you
That kind of works both ways in my experience. If theres only one mob, sometimes it runs to another pack. If you use it on a pack of mobs that would normally flee, sometimes they stay put much longer and hit eachother.
go for skorn with life steal, get some parts with attack speed, its pure faceroll. RD is like... nothing, when you have some decent stats ofc.
skill-wise, somehow i found Hex-Jinx better than MC/BBV, but thats matter of taste i belive

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