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Got the problem right now, it says something about license to the account ?
WTF... Now i have this bug AGAIN!!!!
I got this problem now as well. None of the solutions posted on first page is working for me either... Just what is going on?
Same error here :S
I have this problem aswell :(...

lol lame, it shows wow avatar XD
same to me, was talking to a m8 where i dced by standing still for some time.

error 3006 with something about license not being able to retrieve.
Same here.
works again ;)
Hello everyone,

We've just seen Diablo III lose a lot of connections in the EU.

We're looking into this at the moment and we'll update you as soon as we have more on this.

Sorry about this everyone.
its ok mr blizzard employee, please fix asap and make us all happy geeks :)
Thank you :)
While your at it sort this out as not everyone use same ISP so it is your end
You do that....Sanctuary is in grave danger without it's heroes.....:D
I just been enabled to connect
Thank you for response Lurdlespor, makes things clear.
thanks for the news blizz!
Great, thanks for the info!
That has to be ONE BIG ISP that we all have this problem :-)
thnx for fixxing it cause i bought it yesterday en today i already cant login ghe ghe but thanks
I was talking with Game Master live chat and they are trying to fix this quickly as possible!

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