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Update 8:
You have chosen for BirthdayGirl to battle the Skeleton King using "Two, One Handed Crossbows"! :-O

Through her long battle against the demons of the Seven Hells she has overcome this arduous task. Here is a quick screenshot to commemorate that victory! http://i.imgur.com/CMLMIES.jpg

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you all in the world of Sanctuary.

Update 7:
You have decided upon getting BirthdayGirl to fight her way through the entirety of the crypts in order to purge all demons and gather loot! How will she fare?

Update 6:
BirthdayGirl the Demon Hunter has managed to reach the crypts fending off all foes she encounters, but what do you want her to do next? http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7427364956

Update 5:
It seems that Hungering Arrow + Rapid Fire has come out on top! It's time to pierce our enemies flesh with Hungering Arrow and turn them into a pincushion with Rapid Fire.

Update 4:
Our BirthdayGirl is progressing nicely, and we got our first skills now - Which skill combo should we use for now?

Update 3:
Blade wings won

Update 2:
Which set of wings should we use?

Update 1:
And the vote is in :-)
Here she is - a Female Demon Hunter Monster Power Level 10

Original post:
Diablo III launched one year ago today, and to celebrate this first birthday of the game, we thought it could be fun to play a game of Diablo III in a way that has never been done before – a game that is controlled by one of us in the Community Team, but played by all of you in the Community!

This game is something of a fun little experiment; so we have no idea how it will end, but that is part of the fun – The community as a whole will create and play a single hardcore character until the character dies or the Skeleton King is slain!

The rules are simple: We control the character, and you decide what happens to it via screenshots and various types of votes on what to do next. All 7 European Diablo III forum communities will play this together, but each language forum will be given the same vote options, so the majority vote always rules.

To begin this game, we first need to decide on what class to play: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7426844868
Sounds like fun to me! I'm keeping checks on this
Update 1:
And the vote is in :-)
Here she is - a Female Demon Hunter Monster Power Level 10

RESULT! i'm happy
Pretty much all language communities agreed on a female MP10 character, but It was a close call between the Witch Doctor and the Deamon Hunter. After tallying up all the votes, it was the Demon Hunter who won... The Russian forums were especially voting for the Demon Hunter :-)

Anyways, here she is - our BirthdayGirl the Demon Hunter on MP10:

She will start her adventures now - keep an eye on this thread throughout the day, because you guys will be the guides to her fate :-)
15/05/2013 11:19Posted by D3MON
RESULT! i'm happy

I'm happy too :)
We have a choice of wings actually:

Angelic Wings:

or Blade Wings:

Which set of wings should we use? Post below what you would prefer (or up-vote if your preference is already posted) :-)
Blade Wings!
blade wings
Blade wings, give them to me too xD
Blade Wings!
Blade Wings, they suit Demon Hunters
15/05/2013 11:41Posted by Narull
Blade Wings, they suit Demon Hunters

That is quite true actually, but I must say I personally like the Angelic wings as well... not that my vote counts ;-)
Blade wings
No poll for each question?

Blades is nice, fits the DEMON in the hunter.

She is no longer a Hunter that hunts Demons, but a Demon that's a Hunter.
Angelic Wings:
15/05/2013 12:02Posted by IRONMAN
No poll for each question?

No, we are not going to set up a poll for each question, but we will for some of them :-)

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