mp10 not tanking

Demon Hunter
Call it whatever you want, I'm not tanking, I'm not a glasscannon and I don't like either SoJ or "Snapshots".

I choose these encounters because their abilities/bosstypes makes them harder to kite, which is more interesting to watch. I don't think anyone would like to see a DH kite a !@#$ty Skeleton champ pack with crap abilities, neither would it be interesting to show ranged bosspacks since they obviously don't do %^-* except shoot at you.

I'm not gonna talk about how tanking is better or how much better other classes are or the issues with ranged dh is, everyone knows about it already.
Wow man great vid! Took my breath away :D

Now I want to do that too!
caltrops power :D
Now that's my kind of DH, good job man. My micro is getting not too shabby and one of the builds I am experimenting with is very similar to yours. If Blizzard do ever take steps to reward players who actually exhibit a little skill and put a bit of effort into build theory and unit control then that will be fantastic.
Tank here, but you got even me inspired. Very good indeed.
Hey Buttran, glad you posted your vid in the end.

Some good kiting skills you have. Kind of hybrid Kiting and tanky when you need. With that HP you dont have problems taking a few hits too. You mentioned before about playing ranged not taking skill, kinda disagree with you man. Maybe you have skill and you dont know it. :P Your not staying ranged all the time, but it takes some effort to keep them at bay when you do.

Anyway, glad there's more ranged players emerging.

BTW, have you tried Caltrops - Torturous ground? I find it better for the elites since the slow doesnt effect them that much even at 80% :/
13/06/2013 00:03Posted by D3MON
Your not staying ranged all the time, but it takes some effort to keep them at bay when you do.

It's pretty much why I picked these fights, I just did 3-4 runs and when I saw a "hard" pack I loaded up fraps and recorded it. Many packs are really "unkitable" if you aim to never get hit realistically like Burrowing Leapers (who tend to burrow and leap), any teleporting pack blabla etc...

I prefer the 80% slow even if it diminishes vs Fast packs. I prefer reliability and I'm tough enough to take a few swings so it felt stupid to not take advantage of my EHP.
Since it's nonstop kiting affair most of the affixes are no problem imo.
Molten, plagued, desecrator, arcane, electrified, chains, even frozen - they all fall behind you and expire.
The only annoying will be waller, jailer and mebbe vortex/teleport cos it will ask for more Vault and will restrict the movement/positioning.

Seems fun and requires good skills.

Cons IMO:
Low dmg over time hence you'll need high dps.
Not easy if you lack open space.
Got to be carefull not to gather the whole map at once :)
I can't do it with only 30 disc :))))))))))))))

Generally it falls under "have fun" category - not wery good for work/farming purposes :)
It's good that you have fun cos this farming frenzy is transforming us into zombies and is pushing the game to the background.
Great vid Buttran! I like the play style! but as D3MON suggested Caltrops TG - came into my mind as well as I was watching the vid, it would benefit EB very much keeping the mobs still.
GL and HF :)
Nice video... but man....those many did you make to end up with those?
13/06/2013 11:07Posted by SancticuS
Nice video... but man....those many did you make to end up with those?

About 60...sorry :(
Ye, those gloves are pretty much one of the best crafts ive seen. Im about 800 gloves crafted and none as good as those :P

About 60...sorry :(

Yeaqh, you should be sorry ......... you lucky .............

I made 200 and nothing like this
So lucky, I need those gloves :) 500 so far, nothing good, same with bracers - those are great as well Buttran!
personally i was kinda expecting stuff like vile deceivers/betrayed/phase beasts/demonic tremor/oppressors/corrupted angels ;)- but great job none-the-less ^^
i may be wrong but i love how he is mobile most of the time... but i would love to see more dinamycs in the dh movement like vaulting and all
but still...amazing kiting skills and i feel that dh playing was meant to be similar to this

and buttran i salute you for staying away from the mainstream (boots and manti gems)
Nice going indeed.
Just sad that I tested with the same pack (same affix) it took me 30sec to slay the pack with one button down :(

I remember choosing DH to be ranged (and sure it can be) but I think most of us have fallen into this tankish sh*t (cause it's the easiest way to go)
I thought I posted here already.

GJ man. looks a lot better than those boring RF vids :D

they better "fix" those RF mechanics or else ill be running your same specs hehe

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