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will pc players that have gamepads be able to play d3 on a pc with the controller? Sorry if this have already been answered but I couldn't find anything confirmed.
We currently have no plans to support controllers for the PC version, which was designed with mouse and keyboard in mind. The same logic applies to the console: The PS3 & Xbox 360 version of Diablo III was specifically tailored to be played with a controller and does not support mouse and keyboard controls.
thanks for the reply, although one could argue that people having controllers on the pc are way greater than console players having mouse/keyboard (if any).

controllers usage could add a bit of skill to this heavy gear depended title, with manual dodge/block it could turn more to an action game than it is now.

there were 2 h&s released some time ago for the console Dungeon Siege 3 and Dungeon Hunter Alliance, both have some serious design flaws, but if you compare just the gameplay the DS3 had way better implementation of controllers usage, with manual dodge/block it became a challenge to play on higher difficultly levels while DHA gets boring after couple of hours.

Your fist UI looked like something you could operate with the mouse but the one the game was released with (skills) looked exactly like a console port, granted you would have to change the other parts of it (inventory/etc.).

its just a shame that the game that have it roots in PC is turning to be better for consoles :/
I have my PC hooked up to my 40" TV at a desk in the front of my lounge. I play a lot of games on Steam with my XBOX Controller sitting on my couch, flawlessly I might add.
It's a very comfortable and awesome way to game some of my best PC games. Best thing I ever did was buy the Xbox controller for PC.

Very sad to hear D3 will never support a XBOX Controller natively.

Funny thing is, there are a lot of third party Key Binding mods that apparently do this. Maybe I should give one of them a go.
I play D3 on my plasma using Xbox controller and software called Xpadder, simple to set up and plays well. Only downside is you can't use chat functions really as your not on a keyboard.
of course it doesnt, just like it doesnt support local coop, which will be supportet on the ps4.....blizzard needs to sell a few more millions to people who just dont play games with a keyboard and mouse.....

some people were on the moon and blizzard cant support microsoft controllers as well as keyboard on a pc running microsoft windows ...i wonder why ...yea its hard and cant be doone

im just interested to see, after a few months when sales for the consoles decline, if they will all out of the blue make gamepad support for pc...you know, for their fans, because they were asking for it
i dont see why they cant just implement the gamepad support if its already built for consoles...
I think they COULD make a option in the pc version, where you can choose if you want to play with mouse and keyboard or controller. They got the interface and so on. Enable playing with a controller, reload the game and use your controller.

It's going to take time, but it would be awesome.
do you know anything about coding? do you know anything about implimenting such things that seem like it should be second hand nature? adding a controller would need coding not for "what button does what" but for the game and internal code to recognize that a stick is now controlling a character instead of a mouse pointing it out, these codes have to be written to work together with non controller users at the ame time, if something is already made to take in a code to control one way you cant just have another one set up, they need to be written together to work as one being "controls" not 2 as in "key/mouse" and "controller". they dont have this as a primary concern for a reason sir.
I never comment on these things but I had to log in just to call you a moron. Do YOU know anything about coding? I'm gonna play my douche bag card and brag about my credentials; I'm actually very close (3/4 of the way) to achieving a bachelor's in game and sim programming, now... without me actually even explaining to you how this can be done, I'll just throw you a few examples of every other online game: Battlefield 3, FarCry 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, Tomb Raider, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, hell even The Witcher, people use different gamepads, joysticks, and even a 360 controllers while they're playing and they can switch back and forth seamlessly without adjusting any settings. This is also true with consoles, people can use a keyboard and mouse with the proper adapter. You're just sending signals from the user to tell the program what to do, and all of it can be "copied" to work with another piece of hardware and it can be done in a small update from blizzard. A user created mod would easily be able to do it, hell I bet even you can do it! But you know how Blizzard feels about mods. The only thing they would have to change within the game is the user interface, or the "HUD," which again, isn't that difficult.
Iv got to say, YES d1 and d2 was designed for keyboard and mouse (because you were able to do movement with the keyboard), BUT d3 IS NOT. D3 is a mouse game. Tell me what do you use the keyboard for? its to press 5 buttons (1234,q) thats it. for that reason its not a keyboard and mouse game, its more of a CONTROLLER/MOUSE GAME.

Now because of that, Blizz please release a UI update with full "xbox 360" controller support. And dont tell me it cant be done. The UI is already done, just copy and paste it to the pc :D.
Agreed, i'm not going to put more money into their pockets by purchasing the console version but if they put native controller support for the pc version i might actually come back for ros.
I might actually try this game again if they added controller support, I reckon they would suit me much better.
+1 for adding x360 controller support.
It looks so obvious to play D3 w/gamepad, when a console version is ready.
+1 here also for x360 controller support. This should become an official petition forum.

I haven't played this game in months but I thought with the console release they would add the option to play with a 360 controller.... a little update later I find out I was a foolish foolish man.... But you guys should really add that option I'm sure it would earn you a few more bucks even skyrim had partial supports. It's really nice to play a PC game with cranked up graphics settings on a really nice TV. I hope maybe you add that in your upcoming expansion and when that expansion comes I will use Google again and it will lead to a forum such as this where I will see a shiny blue post proclaiming that you now support controller, until then farewell old friend.
We currently have no plans to support controllers for the PC version, which was designed with mouse and keyboard in mind. The same logic applies to the console: The PS3 & Xbox 360 version of Diablo III was specifically tailored to be played with a controller and does not support mouse and keyboard controls.

Well, you better MAKE some plans. :)

Seriously, there's no reason a gamepad can't be supported. Character movement can easily be done by allowing directional movement rather than click-on-location. Just as other MMO's support both styles. Even if you kludge it so moving the stick down really performs a "click to move" just south of your character's current position.

All other actions are already fit into nice neat action bars, and simply have to be remapped to the appropriate controller buttons. You already have the control scheme for the PS3/xbox, so it's not that hard to support direct X's direct input mechanism for any supported controllers.

You guys want the game to be a continued success, right? I'm sure you would prefer we all go out and buy console copies too... and that's fair. But after six months has gone by and the main purchase curve has started to slope back down, please spend the day or two it takes to add controller support for the PC as well. We'll wait. It might even get some of us playing again. :)
+1 for x360 controller support

It's just too awesome.
Or just buy the console version...

+1 for x360 controller support

Come on Blizzard, you can do it! :-)
i know the pc version isn't tailored for a gamepad, but there is this great invention for PC games it is called "Patch" where you can add new feature or correct bugs

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