What's that?


At about 0.35 you see the mighty barbarian do what appears to be an epic arreat fatroll.

Has this footage been prepared in the consecrated tradition of the siegebreaker bitting the player's head off or is it some new movement/dodge animation for the console version?
It's the evasion mechanic introduced in the console version.
Thanks for the reply. I googled some info from fan sites, but there doesn't seem to be anything on the official webs.
Here's a link talking about a few changes:

17/06/2013 10:03Posted by NucarnSeas
It's the evasion mechanic introduced in the console version.

Yep, it is - and by the way, it will be available to all classes in the console version. The mechanic allows you to dodge incoming attacks with a flick of your thumb. The console game plays quite differently since you control your character directly, and being able to get out of the way quickly helps to balance against what players on the PC can do with mouse and keyboard in terms of tactical movement.
Thanks for the replies. This might sound like a mean question, but I'm really curious :D

On the pc version, if I run past a zombie I will take the damage from its attack even if the animation ends when I'm out of its reach; this is, as far as I know, working as intended. On the console version however, if I will perform such an evasion maneuver, it won't count in right?

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