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I bought the game a long time ago, at realese and played it a lot at first, but then I quit for some time. And now when I try to log on, it says that I have violated some rules or something and that I have been suspended (error 53). When I try to get help trough your horrible support, I can't even get in contact with you. An account authenticator, which I didn't have before, had been put on my account.
If you are not completely stupid you have probably guessed that I have been hacked. I want my account back, and if I don't get it, I will not buy another copy of your bullsh*t.

If anyone working for Blizzard can see this, please answer, and please fix your support page, it is freaking horrible.
Getting angry will solve nothing
Your account was last accessed on the 4th of December 2012.
If this is roughly the time you stopped playing then your account has just been locked.
Its possible that someone saw your inactivity and tried to hack your account, this would probably cause the lock to happen.
Open a ticket, use internet chat or phone them to get your account back again.
Hope you get something sorted...

I'm sorry but we cannot investigate account related issues over the forum.

Please see this article for further details:

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