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Greetings EU brethren:

I live in the US but play on both the US and EU servers. I see there are some threads here in the EU General forum about self-found. There is definitely a desire for self-found within the US player community. The players in the US and EU communities who would like self found support added to D3 need to support each other. Both communities need to discuss and share ideas in regard to a self-found implementation as a single unified group. Please be aware that there are a few hecklers, trouble-makers, and forum trolls in the US general forum who are narrow minded and are against having a self-found implementation.

A self-found proposal thread was started in the US general forum by a player named SirRight. SirRight's thread can be found here:

Many players, myself included, have posted positive ideas about a self-found implementation in SirRight's thread. A US forum MVP named MissCheetah, posted some very good ideas for a self-found implementation as well as ideas for adding ladders to D3. Please post your ideas and thoughts in regard to self-found in SirRight's thread. I will be encouraging the US self-found supporters to join the self-found discussions here in the EU forum. Below is a little background info. about me and the self-found rule set I would like to see implemented. Feel free to agree or disagree.

----[ Background Info ]----
I play softcore NON-self-found on the US and EU servers. I started out playing on US and then EU during the maintenance. My favorite class is the Wizard (Sorceress and Necromancer were my favorites in D2-LoD). I played D2-LoD for many years completely off-line because I could not stand the spam chatter in the public chat channels, and the immature players were ruining the game for me. Currently I have all 10 character slots in use on the US and EU servers (some are my son's characters). With the current state of my accounts there is no way for me to play self-found.

----[ Self-found Definition ]----
Self-found is about playing, progressing, and beating the game with one's own steam. Special recognition is not needed. Self-found is NOT about bragging rights, e-peen stroking, the true way to play, or the only way to play. Playing self-found only does not make one supperior to others, and respect between self-found and non-self-found players must be maintained.

I can be considered a purist. When playing self-found one can NOT mix self-found characters with NON-self-found characters. There can be no trading, donating, player carrying, and zero auction house activity. Mixing gold, gear, gems, plans, etc. between self-found and non-self-found sources pollutes self-found and is a violation of self-found. If one finds a GG item (ex: a 6% critical hit chance Mempo) in a self-found only in environment there should be no way sell or trade it outside of the self-found account.

----[ My self-found rule set ]----
- I would like new self-found only servers added to the US, EU, and Asia regions
- Self-found is at the account level so all characters are self-found (no mixing self-found and non-self-found characters)
- Each self-found server should support soft core self-found and hard core self-found (not everyone is comfortable with hardcore's permanent death rule)
- No Gold or Real Money auction house (auction houses are disabled)
- Player to player trading is completely disabled
- One can NOT pickup another players loot/drops (server restriction is required to prevent human error)
- All gold, gear, gems, loot, drops, etc. are account bound
- partying is fully enabled
- 3x the current max stash size to support self-found
- hard and soft core will have separate shared stashes like the current have now
- One must level their blacksmith and jeweler with plans found on their own
- gear can be shared between characters within a self-found only account
- each account starts with a fresh reset stash, blacksmith, and jeweler
- One must buy their stash tabs and blocks the same way they are currently purchased
- each account on the self-found server has a separate friend list from the current live servers (prevents gold spammers from abusing the friend list)
- donations of gear, gold, gems, crafting materials, etc. from NON-self-found characters is a violation of self-found (trading is disabled already)
- One must farm their own gold, gear, gems, crafting materials, crafting plans, etc.
- no power leveling options
- no getting carried in key runs and Uber runs
- Buying blues from in-game vendors and crafting amount to gambling (in D2) and is allowed (this is NOT a violation)

The only justification for 3x stash size is that a self found player will need much more space for crafting materials, crafted items, and items picked up.

Assuming Blizzard wanted to implement new self-found only servers right now, they do NOT need to devote developers to the effort. The server admins can enable/disable the following right now on the live D3 servers:
A - both auction houses (was done during the 1.0.8 gold dupe fiasco)
B - player trade window (was done during the 1.0.8 gold dupe fiasco)
C - I suspect all drops can be made account bound on-drop (not just on-pickup)

I'm basing my suspicion on item C from the fact that items in rolled back accounts become account bound.

In summary:
- no gold spammers (gold is account bound)
- buying, selling, trading is disabled (all gear, gems, plans, items, etc. are account bound)
- no AH flippers, d2jsp proxies, entrepreneurs (gear/gold is account bound)
- no auction houses (this is self-found)
I draw ideas from the Single Player Untwinked Magic Find thread at Diablo Inc Gamers. Have a look for yourself -->
Uhm.. no

Not gonna happen friend.. dev's words.

Now go back to the US forums where you probably got bashed into oblivion before the same fate will reign down upon your head here as well.
Dev's play self-found internally. A community manager on the US side linked part of the developer interview where the devs admitted to playing self found and discussing self found.

Here is CM Lylirra's post -->
Yeah thanks m8 i know the interview, i've listenened to it and if you actually read (hard i know) you'd see they don't want to support or create a separate mode for every single whim a player feels like having.

You can play self-found now, best you'll get is a recognition tag that you played SF, nothing else.

Now shoo off these forums.
I play self-found from day 1, just came back in 1.08 - good points, I play exactly like that. The only problem is I would have to put away all my effort and start again, thats really bad :)

I think devs will come with idea just to mark self-found players and give them some kind of boost to legend/set found. Problem is that they will mark those who have self-found gear on them -> but it didnt mean that they farm it by pay2win chars.

But its always something, also there would have to be "self-found" search option for auto-join (if they wont bring back custom game names).
This is not an every player whim scenario. I know you are probably going to attempt to make it seem like one.

When Blizzard deploys a self-found implementation, you will have others to party with. You don't have to play solo.
This is not an every player whim scenario. I know you are probably going to attempt to make it seem like one.

When Blizzard deploys a self-found implementation, you will have others to party with. You don't have to play solo.

Why do you even talk about things you have no clue about?

At least i got a self-found char (my barb named after the mode).

All you have is AH chars and crappy ones at that which means you failed at both the AH chars and SF ones. So .. shoo again.
I think the following quotes need to be shared here. The quotes come from -->

Currently, friends lists are only separate on different regional servers.
From the user perspective, it shouldn't make much difference, but you shouldn't get too caught up in engineering.

This is exactly my point. Separate server means separate friends list. This is complete separation. Complete separation provides the simplicity needed to keep developer effort out of the equation. Bringing up a new server with differing rule set is a server admin team job not a developer job. It removes the current abuse of the friends list by gold-spammers. My block list is full, I report each and every spam incident, but I still get between 3 and 10 spam friend reqs. per day. A separate server with no means of trade/exchange of gold/items removes any monetary incentive for gold spammers, flippers, d2jsp peeps to be there. They KNOW they would be WASTING their time.
More quotes come from -->

Incidentally, you talk about separate servers, but I'm not sure that's necessary. It's quite possible that self-found will run on the same servers as the auction house games. They'll just have a different set of rules for the self-found games, much as various monster powers on Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno can co-exist (softcore and hardcore may share servers too). From the user perspective, it shouldn't make much difference, but you shouldn't get too caught up in engineering. Let Blizzard engineer the system. You would be better off focusing on game mechanics that matter.

From the user's perspective it makes what ever difference the developers intended it should, by having users log out of one region/server and log into another. A separate self-found server may have a great side-effect:
shorter maintenance cycle (no auction houses)!

I'm absolutely capable of getting into the engineering and developer aspects. A degree in computer science, more than 10 years working in IT shops as a sys admin./engineer, more than 10 years working as a software developer, many years as team leader/trainer/manager/management consultant/IT Strategist. I'm basically spoon-feeding Blizzard a near turn-key solution that makes the customer happy and they can generate revenue. Win-Win!
Wow, so now you're quoting yourself from US forums?

LOL are you 10 or something? ..

*slowly walks out of this thread*
More quotes come from -->

Why? You can't trade them. If all you can do with items is vendor them, salvage them, or use them, then why would you need to store them? Your character will store those in current use. If you sell the item, you need no space for it. If you salvage the item, it's crafting materials. Crafting materials don't take up that much room.

With self-found we are removing the efficiency that the auction houses and player to player trading provide. One is going to need more space because crafting will be much more important to progression, thus way more crafting mats being amassed. One might save several crafts as they might not be usable at the time of craft but when combined with other future upgrades the crafted items becomes usable and may enable specific builds.

For example, one crafts some level 60 Wiz hats that spawn -5 Disintegrate cost, -5 Arcane Torrent cost, or +4% Ray of Frost crit. SAVE THOSE HATS. A week later the player finds a SoJ with -4 Disintegrate cost. Yay time to try out melting stuff with the death ray. Two days later a Skull Grasp drops with 6% Ray of Frost crit.
Yay its DESPICABLE ME time!
Black Ice Baby... too cold.. too cold!
<insert Govenator voice> I now command all elites, zombies, and things that like to run around really fast to CHILLLL!
Freeze Ray! Freeze Ray! Freeze Ray!
<insert Govenator voice> Fun-Fun? Yes Nikolai, Fun-Fun!

For those on the EU that don't know The Govenator is Arnold Schwarzenegger the 38th Governor of the state of California. Famous for his role as the T-101 Terminator in the Terminator movie series.

Now if you want to argue that stack sizes (the number of items that can fit in a single slot) should be bigger, then I'm with you. Make them bigger for all of Diablo III.

Make them bigger for all of Diablo III. Yes please.

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