Wizard of DH?

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Hi guys, just wanted to gather a few opinions on the board before setting out and levelling one of these two classes.

In your guys experiences, which of the mentioned two classes would you say is most fun/better to grind with at 60?
this question is not well formulated.
It all depends on the person who is gonna answer, is like a poll with who plays DH and who plays wizz.

After playing a little bit with both, my opinion is that it is more fun to play as DH, but way more effective with wizz. A little boring actually. Yet, if you wanna farm effectively, no question about it, wizz.
01/07/2013 13:21Posted by Dassem
more fun to play as DH, but way more effective with wizz
I play both.dh, cm wiz and archon wiz..dh is cool.fun to play..but u need godly gears to play on mp10.i play mine to mp7 max..archon can melt things veryfast and very efficient up to mp8.again need good balanced and high dps gears for mp10..cm,very good and efficient on mp10.very nice making party's life easy especially on ubers..so u need to decide based on your budget,what mp to play etc..i still love my cm wiz.i can play any mp,any type of farming and ubers.. Gl :)
For me DH is more fun, maybe for you it's the other way around.

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