When I Overclock My Cpu Diablo Works So diffrent

Technical Support
Hey Guys

Whenever I tried to overclock my cpu everything works fine But when i login diablo i move so fast and rubberbanding all the time

My Cpu : Amd fx6 3.20ghz
omg, EXPLOITER!!!!
its not exploit its rubberbanding all the time so doesnt matter how fast you move
they dident test diablo 3 on high end systems properly i also have this issue, not much can be done tbh :/
hmm this is a big issue i think and i overclocked only to 4.0ghz
I'm sorry but under no circumstances can we support running the game on non-standard clock speeds.

Of course you're welcome to tweak your hardware however you like, but our games may not run successfully on tweaked systems.

If you experience issues, we can only recommend going back to stock speeds.

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