D3 on PS3 / Battlenet account

will it be possible to use the current battlenet account with the PS3 version of this game or do i need to make a new account just for that??
Think of console D3 as a completely new game. You don't need to make an account on PS3, you use your Playstation online account for it, like all other PS3 games.

Your PS3 characters will not be able to communicate or touch your PC characters at all, nor will any other players be able to touch yours or their own... They are in different universes with no ways of interacting.
i mean, will one have to use a battlenet account to play D3 on PS3,, like in Dragon Age you need a Origins account.

and if a battlenet account is needed can a already existing account be used in the same manor as Origins accounts??

or do i have to make a new account??
Learn how to read..

You cant use your PC D3 characters on the console.
Learn how to read..

You cant use your PC D3 characters on the console.

for real?? this has nothing to do with characters!!!

it is a question about whether or not i have to make a new battlenet account or if i can use an existing one.. how can i explain it more clearly??
No you will not need to make a new battle.net account.

Instead you will use the account that you use on your PS3 to play online, just like all other PS3 games.
The correct answer was already given here, but it’s always good to hear it from a blue ;)

A Battle.net account is not required to play Diablo III on a console. The Diablo III console version is a separate game, so you won’t be able to play the characters that you’ve created previously on your PC. You can use the PlayStation Network to play or chat with your friends online!
i wish they could loved that so i dont have to find my gear again XD

but nice to know this hope this game will be fun on the xbox 360!:D
Yap m8 you dont have any account you do use the PSN one only
Can anyone tell me if its possible to put my Diablo 3 character from my Ps3 version onto my account here?
ADD ME! Robin.ivars.safholm@gmail.com
Once again, the packaged instructions and the on screen instructions on how to claim my legendary item for my purchase of the PS3 version of Diablo 3 do not agree, nor do they make sense. Please post instructions on where to do from here.

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