Is the SMS issue fixed or not!!!

Technical Support
Each time I talk in the live chat they are clueless on the issue, everyone gives me a different response...

Can someone competent please answer me..does Blizzard have an issue with SMS or should I contact my provider?

I simply can't get the SMS for verification or RMAH verification or to even add and remove the function in my account settings.

I'm sick and tired of the runaround
I'm facing the exact problem as you. Please provide country and your mobile phone service provider

Country: Bahrain
Provider: VIVA Bahrain

There are currently no issues with SMS protect on our side.

If you're experiencing issues, please contact your service provider.

You can also try to register the service using a different phone number to see if that works.
With Sprint, I finally found that the short code was being blocked for some reason. The short code that Blizzard sends out is : 732873

Check to make sure that short code hasn't some how become blocked.

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