input limit reached? Help please

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Hi everytime i play i get an error saying "input limit reached" reached after a while. Then i cant write anything in chat, i cant access AH or change class. All i can do is resume game.

This only happen on my computer, not my laptop so it cant med the network. I have uninstalled/reinstalled D3 twice but still have the same problems...

What can i do? :)
Hi there,

Usually this'd be related to some form of network instability. Can you please check the computer you're playing on's network connection, just to ensure it's fully optimised:

Then see if this still happens in-game?
Thank you, i tried it. Just need to run the repairtool so i can start the game again. unless i do that or restart my computer the game wont get past authentication. :)
That's odd.

Restart your computer, then do as described in these articles;

  • It would also be worth right-clicking on Diablo III Launcher.exe, opening the Compatibility tab and ticking the box beside Run this program as an administrator, then clicking Apply.
    The fix suggested by Lurdlespor didnt work, unfornutately. So i am currenty trying the things you suggested, Doomsinger :)
    Good stuff. :)
    had the same glitch but it seems deleting the cache folder works

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