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Hello. I have a problem connecting to Diablo 3.
I just downloaded the game and when i try to connect i get the following error:

Cannot establish a connection with service. Please check the server status page and ensure you are currently connected to the internet.

My internet connection is fine.

Please help. Thank you.
Same here. No problem yesterday. This error just occured today.

I got the same error when connecting to America Server.
There was no problem with other server (Europe and Asia)

Please help.
Hi trying to access US servers from Australia, same thing.. keep me posted! no currently available work arounds seem to be helping..
I've been playing from Turkey on to the server in america. error 3003 occured. please correct the error wich occurred recently. ı need help.
Same problem here. I played it earlier today without any problems. Have tied all the suggested fixes and no luck. Fix it please Blizz!

There is maintenance happening today on the US region, and some other maintenance which may affect login to non EU regions.

This is ongoing at the moment, please try again shortly.

If you cannot log into the EU region and receive Error #37 or #3003, you may have a US account, which will be affected by the maintenance during this time.
when is it finished? error 3003 EU region
Second day my buddy got this game, good job Blizzard.

the packets start dropping at some point
Im having the same problem!
Im from the Philippines and I get the same problem
Im from the Philippines and Im connecting to the Americas.
Is there an issue here why Im getting an error?
Is Maintenance done yet ?
You can keep up with the US maintenance by following @BlizzardCS on Twitter. =)
I'm getting the same thing here in New Zealand. Connection is fine but can't log in to play the game.
I'm getting a 3003 error at the moment. I've tried all regions. Any suggestions?
EU here. Still getting this 3003 error only for EU.. I can log in to the US servers.. Can you guys give us information about something like this? tyvm
getting same error logging on from Norway(EU)
was actually in the mood for playing D3 for the first time in quite a while...and now this...

funny thing is that the server status page shows that everything is online and you kinda start to wonder if blizz is even keeping that site updated or not
I was logged on but was get DC - now I cant log on Again, error 3003 - if I look at the server status site, it say EU servers is running.

What happen?

EU here.Game server up but ERROR 3003!!
WTF chaps!!

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