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Spamming and bumping is not allowed according to the first sticky in the trading forum. Still 4 hours after a thread is made it is on second page and 75 % of those above my thread just bumped their thread for the 10th time in a couple of days.

The trading forum is pointless as it works now, i suggest removing it completely, clean it up, or make it official that it is a bumping contest.

How hard is it to ban everyone spamming from the forum for lets say a week?
i got banned months ago for 3 days , for bumping .i got reported on my third bump in 3 days , and i got the ban hammer instant . however , everyone is bumping the threads nowadays . u could try and bump ure post as a price update , or ask for someone in ure friendlsit to make u an offer on that thread ;) !
Yeah i made a thread there and some hours later it was on 2nd page. I dont bump my thread, instead I edit my existing post. Others are constantly bumping theirs. It's not fair for the people that actually follow the rules.
While I do agree with you, about users using a forum in a way as it was intended for (discussion, not just ventilating an opinion, asking for things you want or advertising something) you kind of ran your own argument into a wall by creating this thread.
Just think about it: You moan over others creating useless threads and bumps, and in reaction to that you make your own moaning thread, arguing about how others should not create or bump threads like that.

That Wargen023, I believe is kind of ironic. :P

Also, with having a trade forum, advertisement of one's goods is bound to happen at some point imho.
I dont think its pointless to start a thread with the intention to make this forum better and more useful, and to make the rules relevant or changed adapted to the current situation.

If you read the first sticky in the trading forum you will see that i complain about people NOT using the forum as intended. Advertizing is posting a thread and let people respond, spamming is something different. Other parts of the forum is of course different regarding trolling, spamming and what ever, i have big tolerances and can find it amusing, but trading forum is different.

Since those who read the first sticky and follows the rules get a disadvantage in the trading forum, this thread is an attempt at being constructive more than a moaning thread. I wanted to see if im the only one bothered and this was a good way to find out.

But thanks for your opinion AustrAlien ;-)
27/08/2013 13:11Posted by Wargen023
How hard is it to ban everyone spamming from the forum for lets say a week?

The moderators will take action if these posts are reported.

Having someone manually check each post for bumps is very time consuming—trust me, I made it my personal project for a while. Now I'll pop into the forum once a week or so and tackle the first couple of pages, but I can't justify spending too much time on it. So, just to emphasise: Please report bumped posts to ensure the moderators see them and take the appropriate action.

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