[PS3] No loot from elite packs


I play inferno on medium atm (need to complete inferno) and a lot of time i get gold only from elitepacks. This is as intended? Thats how the master I tilll V is working or is it just bugged?

Thx in advantage.
same thing happens pretty often to me since nightmare (normal). I'm actually a3 hell (normal)
happens often for me at master 1 inferno
Elite never had a 100% chance of dropping anything.
08/09/2013 14:17Posted by Akaino
Elite never had a 100% chance of dropping anything.

Then this must be your first hours in D3. With max neph stacks elite Always drop at least 1 yellow (pc). Otherwise they drop blues not just only gold. Do your homework before responding.
I was getting this today in act 3 and act 1 master 2 inferno..killing elite packs and it was dropping "tomb of secrets" and gold nothing else sometimes just gold. This is with full stack neph valor.
Having the Same problem.... For me there was also something Else.. I had a legendary drop which i looted but it didn't appear in bags, when i rebooted dia it was there...
Atm having elite packs that only drop gold...
im on the xbox, ive killed over 15 elites in a row, no legendaries nor yellow. just white items, sometimes blue
funny thing is when i was at the lower lvl, and playing on inferno normal, elites was dropping legendaries left and right. now at hell and hard, i got one legendary and that was at act 1. i am on act 3 now and still nothing.
I'm sure this is intended due to the way loot works now in the console, we have a much higher chance over all from any mob to get decent or usable loot from rare to legendary quality, so there is no need to have guaranteed drops off certain mobs.

my guess is the best thing to do is simply get your 3 stacks and then just find as many dense clusters of mobs as you can burn through and then gun down the nearest rare mob when your stacks are running low.

i think only act bosses are guaranteed to drop rare loot, but that may be a first kill only scenario, yet to test it.
Bosses drop nothing good from what i've farmed on master1 and 2 only bosses that drop stuff good is when you do infernal machine uber bosses. They only drop good on the first drop the bosses.
Same issue here. It startet when I hit lvl 50 and entered hell mode.
iu have bad luck i already on hell and i got around 30 legendary items almost all my equipment is from legendarys :P
I think that console version sometimes automatically drops gold instead of white items. i am not sure if this applies to blue items as well.
I also thought this was a bug at first , but then I remembered them saying Less but Better loot and if champion and rare packs dropped 1 yellow everytime then that would ruin the less loot.

We get alot of good loot from white chests and Weapon/Armor racks too so I think this is good.
@ deadpharma : I had the same thing happen twice today: leg drop, but it doesn't show up in my inventory. I do however see a star on the corresponding item slot, indicating there is a new item. When I go into my stash, I can see it and identify it. This sometimes happens. Strange behaviour which doesn't increase my confidence in the savefile solodity, reading various reports about savefiles getting corrupt..

What would be the easiest way backupping them on pc from xbox, anyone tips?
Even in the PC version its probably better to slaughter 20 white enemies than deal with the elite packs.... other than to stack neph valor

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