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Hello there !

I bought D3 on Xbox and I, who play very randomly with the headset / micro, miss a serious feature in the game : being able to communicate quickly with my teammates without using a microphone !

It was a feature originally design in diablo 2 (remember the 0-6 number key and theirs messages : item, help, thanks, goodbye ...). No one really used it ? For sure, we were using a keyboard !

Yet on a gamepad thing are very differents, and the communication's possibilities are mainly missing (except the microphone) as the gameplay is enhanced, on the other side.
Actually, to send any message without the mic', u need to :
- push xbox guide button, and wait ...
- select friends, and wait ...
- select the right friend on the list
- select "send a message"
- select "add text"
- write it down letter by letter
- agree your text
- agree to send the message
- quit the profile, and get back to the game

It is very disapointing and i think that it represent the main and only issue of this game.

What do we really need ?

Some key messages (audio AND text), grouped by categories (fight, items, misc, ...) for example :

Combat :
- Here is my target !
- I need help !
- This way, follow me !
- There !
- Yahaaa !

Items :
- Get it, it's free !
- Item on the ground !
- Need some XXX
- I'm selling YYY...

Misc :
-good bye
-i don't have a microphone !

Each message would be pronounced by our caracter (as they were in Diablo 2) and also written on the bottom left side of the screen, a bit as the messages are displayed on D3 on computer, so we won't missed it and know the "speaking player".

How to use it from the game ?

Simple ! As messages were used in some old Unreal Tournament Game if you remember. And this fit perfectly with the D3 gameplay as this were using the left button of the gamepad's cross stick.

Left button -> Quick messages menu
Then the main themes (combat, misc, items, ...)
then the appropriate message, and that's all !

You can at least quickly answer to someone using a microphone even if you don't have one, otherwise it's really spoiling/breaking the game rhythm and action.

Please Blizzard think about it !

thanks for reading
Not a bad idea, ur not alone in thinking this would be useful, it crossed my mind too.

Perhaps the left button remains unused for something like this to be implemented later.
Look even a typing feature would be useful as a number of people have keyboards for their PS3 and a number of games allow in game text communication
I bought D3 on Xbox and I, who play very randomly with the headset / micro, miss a serious feature in the game : being able to communicate quickly with my teammates without using a microphone !

I can tell you that we are exploring options to make this possible, but I do not yet know how or when such a feature will work. Sorry for the lack of specifics, but we just wanted you to know that we totally hear you and everyone else who feel they need some sort of microphone-free quick messaging system :-)
hello i just re-installed diablo 3 my i cant see my old character its asking me to make new one XD anyone can suggest what to do since support dont have a option to send them these kind of message.... how can i retrieve my old charcter? anyone? suggest please? thank you
Anotheer concern would be more national parties and matchmaking. Not everybody in europe speaks fluent english, some better some worse. Even if you can you sometimes just don't want to talk in a foreign language, especially in the evening when you want to relax from real life. When Blizzard respected the multitude of languages outside of USA there could exist a better multiplayer! Then you would actually use the microphone, and if that's too much, do

just the idea mentioned in this thread :)

Also in Starcraft 2! There is ingame voice, but it's not ever used in my 2on2 games.
Might I suggest you research a game called Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. I cant remember specifics but using the controller you had access to a typing chat interface and I believe could "save" chat messages that could be sent quickly using shortcuts.

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