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i have a problem diablo 3I type in my login info, it gives me the three green checks, the screen dims then after about 30 seconds it gives me the Error Message "There was an error loading your hero, please try again. (ERROR_395002)".....any solution? please fix it
now i try to login again and tell me ''error 3002'' what happened today again with Blizzard server ? All problems
Anyone technician here from to the Blizzard to respond to this problem ? We pay all and buying to this game and not play god damn ...problems all the time
same here 3002,3006,395002
Same 395002
yesterday almost 10 hours downtime (what are you doing? writing backups per hand on some sheets of paper????)... next morning this error....

it's one of those weeks again...
Same 395002
Same here 395002
Blizzard support sleeping another time.....''Blizzard we have a problem''
i just tried to log in and it just said what you'd expect with this page error 395002
Has blizzard said anything official yet?
21/11/2013 06:59Posted by Anbasnipez
Has blizzard said anything official yet?

U mad bro?
same here....hmm...
same here
Me to I just wanted to log in now and ERROR 395002 loading hero or switching hero it says. FIX IT BLIZZARD PLZZZZ
Please see here regarding today's issue:

Let me know how I'm doing!

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