Does anyone know how blizzard is selecting people?

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Foremost I want to say this is not a thread like 'I want beta key pl0x' or anything. This is a serious question that struck my curiousity.

Like I have seen some streamers & YouTubers getting keys which is normal for me seeing as they are most likely popular and bring popularity to the game.

But I've also seen posts about people who were suprised they got a key.

Now the question that is on my mind is like what does Blizzard use to determine who gets a key.

Again I would like to point out this is not a thread of me asking for a key. If Blizzard wants to give me one then that's there choice, I am patient to wait untill it's release or open Beta or whatever.

So what do you guys think Blizzard uses to select people who'll get the key, random or?
The random number generator used for loot, spews out the lucky players.

No. Only the ones executing the selection know.
21/11/2013 12:24Posted by Ootaki
random or?

21/11/2013 12:39Posted by Darlynn
Only the ones executing the selection know.

Actually, only the nose knows what the ear hears : - )
Nobody knows but looks pretty random to me. Here's my history:

1. Got Cataclysm beta invite among the first. All friends and guildies got one later.
2. Got Wings of Liberty beta invite in the later waves, right before OBT, some friends didn't get one.
3. Never got DIII invite, friends who got DIII for 12-month WoW subscription got one right away.
4. Never got MoP invite. Same for all friends. EDIT: Welp, memory failed me. Checked my mail to be sure and apparently I got one.
5. Never got HoTS invite. Same for all friends.
6. Half of my friends and me got Heartstone invite on Oct. 23rd, another half still hasn't got one.

Of course I own all of the above, some collector's editions included. From what I see (disclaimer: I may be wrong. Personal opinion, etc.), once Blizzard sees that you're already hooked on their games, your chances of getting invite become quite low since it's pretty much guaranteed that you're buying their next game. Hearthstone doesn't count since it's free and you're likely to spend some money on it (and yeah, I did).

I'm more concerned about RoS getting the same support quality as D3. D3 got a lot of updates and balance changes at first, then intervals between patches became longer then it just became: "We'll fix it in RoS, it'll be so superawesome, don't forget to buy." Sadly, I'm expecting something similar after RoS release minus "we'll fix it in ***" part.
Hmm I see Bernkastel.

I also had a Pandaria Beta invite but that's all. Some of my friends who played WoW / Diablo etc had been given keys earlier, or in case of Diablo, they got it, I didn't.

So it does seem pretty random. I'm curious if a blizzard employee would say otherwise, other than that it seems random.
I read somewhere that this first round of testing is kind of 'family and friends' thing. People who are somewhat affiliated with blizzard received a key. Next round(s) is/are supposed to be randomly generated.

Not sure though, just heard it.
there is no random selection.

You are

1) known game reviewer
2) journalist
3) media streamer

forget the bull!@#$ with the most active.
21/11/2013 13:52Posted by Armorpiercer
forget the bull!@#$ with the most active.

I don't think "active" refers to the hours of playtime. Active, like participating in forums, blogs, interviews, streaming, media, PR, many facebook friends, etc. All the things related to public relations, and increased publicity/exposure for the expansion.

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