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Well. I thought ANY chest in ANY place can spawn as cursed chest but it looks like they have fixed loactions where they can spawn. This is not super cool in my opinion and should be expanded to be completly random.
Ive found one before the butcher and failed with 107/150 monsters killed as barbarian (same as someone mentioned above - fury generation is too low on barb right now). The loot was one yellow belt and gold and a fortune shrine - nothing really special to be honest as for such rare event.
I already farmed something like 30 chests and didnt get anything worth.
they are awesome. i found one so far in the Caverns of Araneae. had to kill 150 monsters in the given time but i only killed 144 so my loot was meh because of that i guess :D

can't wait to find more.

i think it's nice that they are very rare. so they keep their charm :)
I completed the event very good and I got 2 blue items once.
Then another time 4 blue items not even a rare. Lol. From 2 radiant chests.
I like them alot =). Make more of them in if the areas have low denstiy of monster. ..
Cursed chests are awesome, i killed the 150 mobs in time and other chest is beside the one that was there already, that was cool, awesome reward for doing the side quest from the event(or main, idk)
i found 2 radiant :) it's funny as hell! got 1 legendary from that with very good stats. I am waiting for this patch :) Did this patch come this year?
First of all the gameplay is so cooool :D i found some cursed chest but do not dropped nothing special ,i made some ingame screenshots. sorry for my poor english.
also when i add movement speed via paragon points i am still capped at 25% pretty sure this is a bug to add.

ps does having 1000+ hours mean nothing to blizzard because most people who put huge amount of time it the game don't get a beta key. and some people who are on paragon 70 do. unless this is a marketing move.
Vaneras, i found a cursed chest event on PTR not on ROS, u implemented some features of ROS in the PTR?
I found 2 cursed chests for now.First one i have to kill 150 mobs second one 4 waves of mobs wich i think is bugged only 1 wave appeared.And nothing good dropped.
Sorry for my bad english
Why do they look special?
I thought they'd look exactly like normal ones and upon opening there's the possibility that you start an event. This would give us a reason to check out all chests, now the normal ones will just be skipped as usual?

(Oops opened a Thread didnt check whether there is one already ^^)
13/12/2013 15:21Posted by Vaneras
my first chest =)

Did you find anything cool in your Cursed Chest?

Also, it could be cool to read more feedback on Cursed Chests, so please feel free to share your experiences opening them. You are of course also welcome to post if you just want to share your thoughts on them :-)

I found Cursed chest and Cursed Shrines on PTR, the waves is nice but reward not so, comparatively to challenge. Master level is pretty easy too to major of players who played with AH, i think we need to try Torment challenges!
I found a cursed chest in Act 3 after some hours testing various things in the PTR over the weekend. To be honest I didn't get very far into the waves, didn't even complete the first one! But I do like the idea, maybe adding a few more monsters per wave and making the waves last a bit longer would make it more outstanding. They could also drop a higher level gem as a special reward.
started two barbs in normal, found a cursed chest with both in act 1. fun event :)
16/12/2013 06:50Posted by antisocial
Vaneras, i found a cursed chest event on PTR not on ROS, u implemented some features of ROS in the PTR?

Cursed chests should appear both on the PTR and in the RoS beta.
The challenge is nice, I've tried 2-3 Cursed Events in solo games, and could not complete it in time.

I did not change my build, maybe a different build than the one you are farming with would have better results. Now that I think about it, Archon maybe the best choice for Cursed Chest, since the more enemies you kill, the more damage bonus you get, with no cap. You just have to time it right so that you keep up Archon until the end of the Event's timer.
I have played cursed chest maney times, and i love it!! =) I have only PTR so but its very fun event blizzard.

De best places to find them is - Halls of Agony level 2, The Lecym Northerend higlands, Cavens of spiders.
Reaper of Souls Beta - Cursed Chests + Items I got

Cursed Chest events so far:

1x "Kill this champion pack before time runs out". - Open area, no shrine, just chest.

2x "Kill this group of white monsters before time runs out". - Small area, no shrine, just chest.

2x "Kill these 3 waves of monster attached to this quest". - Medium area, no shrine, chest + event jar

3x "Kill as many waves you can before time runs out, each wave being harder" - Medium area, shrine, chest.

Cursed Chest items what I've found in my tests: 2 blue, 2 white, materials. No super reward, no upgrade (fresh level 70 character with bad gear).

Amount of legendaries from champions / elites guarding the chest: 0
Amount of legendaries from normal chests: 2
one chest event in the southern higlands (5 waves) is bugged. you can only open the additional chest :/

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