Loot 2.0/RoS WD items?

Witch Doctor

After a small break it seems I returned right in time for the 2.0/RoS hype :-)
I scavenged the internet for new items but I cannot seem to find new WD items like ceremonial knives and mojos? Can you point me in the right direction?
I saw the Tasker and Theo gloves which benefits pet builds but other than that I have not seen anything else new for the WD...

Also, and I might get burned (firebombed? ;-) for this but I do not understand the Paragon 2.0 mechanism yet. I know about the cumulative experience but how about those paragon points?

For example let's say I have 40 paragon points and 2 characters. Can I spend 40 points on each character or do I have to divide the 40 points between the 2 characters?

Thanks in advance.


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