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Hi guys, game is downloading something and I dont know how big it is. Anyone knows?
Damn, what is that big?
its basically downloading ros if you decide to buy it and also patch 2.1.
Well, I'm getting the message 'downloading data for an upcoming patch' but it's not actually doing anything.

It's been like that for the last few days.

I've not pre-ordered RoS (mainly due ot the state of the servers recently).
Not downloading anything for me.
It is downloading with like 100kb only so it might seem it dont and if you dont set it it will take forever.
mine is pretty big!
08/02/2014 00:33Posted by manso
mine is pretty big!

It says that it's downloading something, but it doesn't. Even with unlimited speed in options.

Oh it's finished now. :D Yeah, check the unlimited speed options.
5-6 gigs
Mine stated the size of the download as 14GB.
Might be one of the reasons for server/connection instability/lag/dc.
imagine 1 mill people downloading 14GB each - lot of bandwith required.

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