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finally seems to work again (although for some weird reason even normal mobs are killing me quite fast and i struggle to get somewhere, which i didnt experience before)
Thankfully at least the US servers are up & running so I just use my US account, although I had to start again... But alas as Europe Servers are unable to keep up with demand, it looks as if US servers are going to keep getting my gameplay
Came back to D3 after 1.5 years or so, server stability seems even worse than at launch. No hardcore for me, again, I guess. I keep getting kicked off and random lag spikes as well as the issue with login.
Now it cannot even connect to server. the server shows online for europe but when trying to connect to diablo3 the "check server status appears"
why can i not log in :(
Blizzard fix error or not yet? I wonna play this game when come from work! So Blizzard wrk harder. And give players Offline mode please. Damm!
cantt login!

they should allow heroes copy from europe to asia or america...
error 34200 now
Error 3006 again!!!!
And here we go again.
Seems like servers can only hold up for a few hours at a time before kicking you to logon screen with random error 1-4000.

"There was an error during game account logon. (Error 3006)."
Same !@#$, different day :|
This is unbelievable..
I think uninstall is the only soultion guys.
Error 3006 in the EU.

I guess i'm not part of the 'mostly working'...
3006 x bull!@#$.. again
34200 and 3 again...

Offline option for this game is a must!
To any game!
So...for the last weeks I've been able to login and play Diablo 3 approximately 50% of the time. That's pretty good, right? Since I only play single player, I think it's very reasonable that Blizzards servers should dictate when I can play.

Overall, I am very pleased with Blizzards decision to tie everything to It has worked out great and more developers/publishers should adopt this idea.
Lol Why always EU servers getting problems . US is most the time is fine. What is wrong with them EU servers is always some kind of issue with them

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