Connection lost with no lag ... again ... (3007)

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I've been having similar problems, first I notice a slight audio problem, like a slight distortion, then a few minutes later the mouse movement starts to lag, and finally I can't interact with the game at all although I can run around( red latency at this point in the 900s). Sometimes at this point everything catches up - latency good again, and my character is usually dead, other times the latency remains red and the game either tells me the connection is lost or I have to force a pc restart.
The odd thing is I play with 2 other people in the same house, they are on the same connection as me and they are both fine, (wired connection) other than one sometimes fails to get the re spawn window up if his character dies. Presently we are trying the game on a different hard drive, other things tried are, memory check, drivers are up to date as far as we can see, windows updates are all up to date, I've re installed the game several times, and the launcher, graphics card drivers have had a fresh install.
Same problems here, started on last Friday. Now i'm getting this 3007 error message after ~5 minutes. I cant even start a god damn rift. Not cool...
Have exactly the same problem.
When i try to create or join game i get the error "The game connection has beed lost;your client has been disconected from the server"
This problem appear since 5-6 days,and i notice some app requre restart this days may be something is mess therre.I often notice that my app goes offline and cant connect to the servers.May be need to clean my app cache
Aniway but going mad
In my case, it is pretty strange.

I've noticed that performance degrades at specific times. Usually it starts degrading at 1600H GMT, then carries over until 2200H GMT (I dont live in a GMT timezone, but translated it for reference).

If I am logged into the game, it usually starts off with a noticeable delay in chats and clan notifications, After which, I get some 3006 errors (which are usually notifications regarding the chat messages I sent out).

Should I leave game, or try to party up with people, its basically game over. I wont be able to join another game or even change characters if ever I do.

Thats if I dont lose the game entirely.

If I exit the game, I am unable to get back in. Its just error 3006 all the time when trying to login.

I have done everything I could possibly think of (including all the fixes and workarounds on the forums). I have even reformatted my PC, updated all drivers and firmware, and reinstalled Diablo.

Funnier still, my updates to SC2 show a download speed of ~400kbps. This should be enough for me to actually play Diablo, but unfortunately, its not.
same here i quit diablo 3 if this problem will occur till end of the week, im going to rampage cuz of that 3007 error and im sure it is not my fault. Blizzard fix this!!
Game play is fine killing monsters no lag then Says I'm disconnected from (3007) yet everyone is still moving in the back ground just fine no lags spikes or anything like that. My Launcher is still logged in its happening on my GFs notebook also when she's playing wow random kick I already did a trace-route and everything looks fine on my end and my modem and router are not showing any type of error logs in or out.
The lag spikes seem to be gone. On the other hand, the error 3007 is getting more and more often :(

It seems it's the launcher again since it gets disconnected thus killing the game session but the internet DOES NOT get disconnected, which would indicate it's not a modem / router problem: just like when i started this topic :(


Tried the repair game installation and ... no surprise ... it did it again ...

This time, i had FINALLY found a good zombie grift and was progressing smoothly until it happened, about 6 minutes or so into the grift: how nice ...
Some developments (which is why i'm not editing previous post):

- noticed lag spikes again but this time, they don't show on the latency meter: as such, no idea how high they go but they are DEFINITELY there.

- now, when i get disconnected, the net REALLY goes down, for like 2 or 3 seconds: it quickly gets online again but for the gaming session, it's already too late. It was NOT like this before: the net would NOT go down, but now it does. Had this happen twice in the last hour.

- this is more noticeable (as in more often) on public games but it also happens in solo games.
Same thing, i got lags, disconnect and net go down, modem reboot.
Blizzard or BattleNet should change the name into Error 3007 causer
Had a playing session of about 2 hours: no error 3007.

And it's back ... :(

Appears OK now: about time!!!!

Both the unexpected CL as well as lag spikes seem gone ... good riddance ...

Funny thing: them lag spikes were NOT shown in the latency meter. They seemed severe (some of them): i find it odd that it didn't show on the meter, @ least for me.
Ive tried everything Port forwarding , clearing cache , flushing dns restarting router my friend figured out its when the server tries and redirect you to a restricted part of the server and it kicks you and gives you the error but you know blizzard will just say its all of our isp's because they don't want to fix anything
It's been a while since i've last had this: started again :(

Was in a full party doing GR 63 and it seemed OK when started but then i noticed the lag: 1st @ 800 latency, then @ 1400 and last i checked was @ over 2400.

It felt quite allot longer: i hit revive after being killed and it took almost 5 seconds for the game to respond ...

One of the party members had enough and left. After this, it seemed allot better with the game much more responsive and the GR was almost over when ... error 3007 ...

Nice ...
It's still happening!

This morning i was getting error 3007 again but this time with no apparent latency problems (not visible in latency meter).

Just now, i got kicked out of my playing session with the exact same thing as this morning, except the launcher didn't lose net connection this time (it did in the morning).

Unlike yesterday, no apparent lag whatsoever: playing one second and kicked out of the game the next.

No point in trying GRs while this is going on :(
Yeah this seems to be effecting a few people. I opened a ticket and did everything I was told and it resolved nothing.

Pretty sure it's not me though since I can play on the NA servers perfectly fine.
After something I read on US forums, I now play like this:

1) Start launcher
2) Launch D3
3) Immediatly close launcher
4) play

2 days without 3007, let's see if it sticks!
04/09/2015 08:34Posted by linjo
After something I read on US forums, I now play like this:

1) Start launcher
2) Launch D3
3) Immediatly close launcher
4) play

2 days without 3007, let's see if it sticks!

This works.

04/09/2015 08:34Posted by linjo
After something I read on US forums, I now play like this:

1) Start launcher
2) Launch D3
3) Immediatly close launcher
4) play

2 days without 3007, let's see if it sticks!

Can confirm that this works. Been playing for 3h now w/o the error! Thank you sir!

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