02 Aug 2016 Welcome: Please read Hello, and welcome to the Hearthstone Event forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss what is going on in the community of Hearthstone. Fireside Gatherings, events, player run tournaments, and community gatherings all have a place here in this forum. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines.Zaerhinon0 02 Aug 2016
08 Nov Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Prokkar16 08 Nov
13 Oct Fireside Gatherings Feature Beta Fireside Gatherings are becoming bigger and better in the Year of the Mammoth! We’ve begun beta testing some of the new Fireside Gathering features, and you may see some changes if you connect to the Americas region to play Hearthstone. While the beta is ongoing, you might see a new Fireside Gatherings button appear at the top of your Friends list. Clicking it will lead to a dialogue box that describes Fireside Gatherings, and if your device has location capabilities, you can opt-in to search for nearby Fireside Gatherings*. The dialogue will also allow you to quickly access the Fireside Gatherings website to search for nearby events. While we’re in beta, only a few events will be detectable using this search, but we’ll be rolling out the new features to more Fireside Gatherings in the future. Learn more about the new Fireside Gathering features in this Designer Insights video featuring Game Designer Pat Nagle. *You can disable this via app permissions in your.device settings.Zaerhinon2 13 Oct
02 Aug 2016 Fireside Gatherings Well met, fellow tavern-goers! Do you love Hearthstone? Want to just enjoy the game with like-minded Hearthstone players in your area? Then Fireside Gatherings are exactly what you’re looking for! To find an official Hearthstone get-together in your area, visit the Fireside Gatherings website and find out everything you need to know to join in on the fun. Can’t find a Fireside Gathering nearby? Don’t sweat it. Hosting a Fireside Gathering is easy! Head over to the Fireside Gatherings website for all the resources you will need to get started. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks about how to host a great event, as well as a poster template that you can print and display at your venue! We want to encourage Fireside Gatherings everywhere there are passionate Hearthstone players, so if you don’t find an event near you, don’t hesitate to work with local gaming groups in your community to spread awareness of Fireside Gatherings near and far. Feel free to use this section of the forum to create new threads and discuss everything Fireside Gatherings related. Whether or not you are looking to host your own event or join in on one... the forum always welcomes a healthy dialogue. Be it to act as a springboard to find other like-minded individuals to help each other start up a Fireside Gathering of your own, to highlight an existing one or to just share what one would like to see on a next gathering. It all has a rightful place, right here on the events forum. Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up to attend or host a Fireside Gathering today!Zaerhinon0 02 Aug 2016
1d HS Tournament - 50€ Prizepool - dec 17, 2017 Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes an online Hearthstone tournament Sunday, dec 17, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) Free registration max 32 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince531 1d
4d Bristol / South West UK Fireside Gathering Bristol/South West UK Hearthstone Fireside Gathering Looking for potential interest in setting up a gathering in Bristol, UK. Feel free to post interest and will update when event is created. Have already received FB interest for multiple people. Good to network players in the area. CheersMagneticMax2 4d
4d Fireside panel came 1 day earlier. Need help. Greetings people. I applied for Fireside Gathering last week. It was scheduled for tomorrow (on 14th December) but when I log into game right now(on 13th December) I can access to hosting panel. Will I be able to host my event tomorrow or not? as you can see my event seems on 14th December. but I have access right now 4d
5d Kobolds Fireside Gathering! Hello Blizzard! Just letting you know I hosted my first fireside gathering this weekend! It went very well, thoroughly enjoyed it! I ran 2 events with minor prizes for first and second in each: A round-robin tournament between 6 of us. A single dungeon run where the highest numbers of bosses cleared won. Everyone had a great time, despite nearly getting snowed in on the Sunday! I have already organised the prizes for our next event! One piece of feedback, 2 mbers turned up with full PCs (which was fine and planned) but this meant they were unable to join in the fireside gathering brawls as they had no location tracker. Moving forward we will stick to mobile devices, however, it would have been good to know before hand! No bother though, we are prepared for next time :) Thanls for making hosting so easy! Excited for the next one! PoisonGangPoisonGang0 5d
5d Free 1v1 HS - Win a Blue Yeti! HeyGuys! We are hosting another 1v1 Hearthstone tournament, powered by Blue Microphones. For all the information, check the link below: Date: 23rd of December 2017 First prize: Blue Yeti Microphone Second prize: Blue Snowball Microphone Entry: Free If you want to have some fun and have a chance at winning a professional studio microphone, come check out the tournament to see if you can make it to the top! Cheers, Remav1cRemav1c0 5d
5d daily quest Today was not given a daily quest. My collection is not too big and gold will not be superfluous. Buying boosters is not possible. So please at least give me the quest. Thank youB2M0 5d
10 Dec HS Tournament - 50€ Prizepool - dec 31, 2017 Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes an online Hearthstone tournament Sunday, dec 31, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) Free registration max 32 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 10 Dec
10 Dec HS Tournament - 50€ Prizepool - dec 24, 2017 Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes an online Hearthstone tournament Sunday, dec 24, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) Free registration max 32 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 10 Dec
10 Dec HS Tournament - 50€ Prizepool - dec 10, 2017 Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes a Hearthstone tournament Sunday, dec 10, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) max 32 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince533 10 Dec
09 Dec Hearthstone in Dublin Are there any organized meet ups in Dublin Ty for all your replays :)Cedevita0 09 Dec
07 Dec Blizzard support kit Good evening! I registered Fireside gathering with "Kobolds & Catacombs Release Party!" and it was approved. As i understood i can recieve some support kit from Blizzard. How can i understand, will i recieve it or not? I need this information to announce on my event social network pages...SpoiledHoney0 07 Dec
07 Dec hs event - questions about amsterdam? As a dutch guy living in amsterdam i noticed the coming heartstone event. It will be organized in "my" city. It is from 18 till 21 january. You can search for: The 2017 HCT World Championship Is Headed to Amsterdam! As a vistor of this event you may want to find a place to stay for a few nights. i have been a host in amsterdam for a while. A host is a person who has guests staying in their house. Guests they never met before. I am member of some site that is a "mediator" between people having a home somewhere and people looking for a place to stay somewhere.I do not mention the website however as i do not know if blizzard allows me to mention it. The original thought of the site was people offering a place to stay for free and they themselves travelled in return ... or host only and have some social interaction. This site is now commercial. As a host i know it may be hard to find a place to stay. Especially affordable. Hostels (you share a room with 5 others) can cost you up to 60 euro per night. Yes, a hostel. You do not even got an hotelroom sometimes for that price. It depends on events happening in the city off course. If you wish some advice or have some questions like public transport, travelling from the airport etc, you can send me in game mail in wow: european server, realm turalyon, main character tanjian (or biznic/vulcany). Or whisper me in game. If i do not respond my goblin may have eated your mail or hidden your whisper. Just kick the goblin and send one again. (if you do not play wow, i do not know how we can interact, the free edition of wow has several limitations) I could have made an temporary email but i am unsure if blizzard allows that as well. I wish you a nice event and hope you can enjoy my city. Note: this post has NO commercial intentions.Tanjian1 07 Dec
06 Dec Fireside Bug PC with iPhone/Android@Gathering I currently am sitting at a fireside event where i cant play. As i am playing on a laptop with a game that has the latest patch against players on iPhone and Android with an older version (non patched). I cant join in, get Nemsy or challenge anyone within the Fireside. Please can you have a roll back feature in the Battle App so people dont have this same issue. I have wasted an evening trying to connect. It would work up to the point where i try to press the play button to send invite to brawl. I will now switch off auto patch (which you recommend) Very annoyed :(MagneticMax0 06 Dec
04 Dec Can't host Fireside Gathering 8th Dec? Why is it not possible for me to arrange a Fireside Gathering on the 8th December? I discovered yesterday evening, that the day of K&C release will be this Friday, which fits very well with our university bar, where we could experience opening packs and having a Fireside Gathering at the same time. Is it because of Blizzards need of preparation for the event or something else?AnimateDeath0 04 Dec
03 Dec Tips for Fireside Gathering from other hosts? Hail, and well met! Since the new expansion "Kobolds & Catacombs" is right around the corner, I was planning to organize a Fireside Gathering in my city. We already had a Fireside Gathering and a tournament in the location I'm thinking of and the turnout was really good (16-20 people on both events). However, these were the only two official tournaments that had been really promoted in my city since Hearthstone came out. I haven't heard of any other so I'm guessing there are none, or it's pretty much some private tournaments between groups of friends. Therefore, to bring the community together as I know there's a lot of Hearthstone players in my area, I've decided to host a Fireside Gathering a week after the expansion hits the servers. And, if everything goes smoothly this time, I am planning to host one every month (as long as I am still in the city)! This is where people that hosted Fireside Gatherings come. I need your help and advice on how to make it enjoyable for everybody since I'm not really sure what I'm getting into! 1. Location The location is in a store which has a game room where you can come and play video games. I don't think they would charge us their usual price, rather they would let us have a tournament there for free, as they did for the last two tournaments (knowing the head manager has its perks). 2. Devices The location has 10 computers for players which I think is enough for tournament going smoothly. I don't think there should be problems in that part. 3. Prizes I thought of ordering some keychains or something similar to give out to the best players. Since the Gathering is coming soon, I'm afraid those wouldn't come on time. That's why I'm thinking of having no rewards this time around, but am unsure if that's a good idea. 4. Decorations I thought of decorating the place a little since it's a Fireside Gathering regarding the K&C release, but I don't know how I could decorate it or would the store let me do it. I guess I could persuade them if I bring something with me. I already made a digital poster for the event, I could try and get the store to put it on the window. Crystals, pickaxes, mine carts, candles and all of that would be within the theme of expansion, but only putting the pictures of kobolds with those items seems a bit lame. I'm afraid physical items on the tables could easily get stolen. 5. Tournament type For this I thought a Standard (because of the new expansion), 4 classes, 1 ban, BO5. Not sure if I would go with Conquest or Last Hero Standing. I would decide if it would be Single-Elimination or Double-Elimination on the spot, depending on the number of players. 6. Background music For this I thought of playing some tavern songs from Youtube to go with the Hearthstone feel, but the place is more modern/futuristic in terms of looks so I'm not sure how appropriate that would be. The music would mostly be to break the silence, not too loud, but I would also not put some crazy electronic music which is usual for some esports events, because I don't want attendees to feel uneasy. This is everything I can think of right now which I should consider. If I missed something, feel free to let me know. I think I might be able to get a free Classic pack for everybody that's participating, will have to see when the time comes. I really want to make an event that would bring the community together and make the players want to come back for the next Gathering. That's why I'm asking people that hosted a successful Fireside Gathering in the past for some advice. It would be a shame for such potential in the city to go to waste because nobody else wants to host anything similar.Veles0 03 Dec
03 Dec HS Tournament - 50€ Prizepool - dec 3, 2017 Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes a Hearthstone tournament Sunday, dec 3, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) max 16 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince531 03 Dec
30 Nov How to get warlock hero/skin? I have seen some people already with the new warlock hero/skin. I am not sure how to get it and I do not understand everything they say on the site. Can someone please explain to me how to get the Warlock hero? Only thing I understand is that you have to attend to a fireside gattering (I can't host it). But I have also read somewhere that there are 2 types of gatterings, one where you can get the card back and one where you can get the hero. I really want the hero :( Thanks in advandce.DolleKroko3 30 Nov
23 Nov Support and Prizes for Fireside Gatherings Hello, I'm a Israeli Community Manager that cooperates with certain stores for hosting Fireside Gatherings on weekly basis, of between 40 to 100 participants. I would like to note several points where our community could need your support: 1. Prizes The hosting stores cant offer any Prize related to Hearthstone, making the Prizes kind of dull. if they could've purchased some transferable code for purchasing Hearthstone Packs it could've solved that - but there's no such option I'm aware of. (which is unfortunate, for that could've been a great way for us to show our support to Blizzard) 2. Recognition and Official Support As for now there are no ways to achieve Points for Hearthstone Championship, no Regional Championship, Not official Events - absolutly nothing. I would like to know how could I change that. 3. Contact Person There is no direct address I could contact to for getting Fireside Gathering matters solved or discussed. As for now everything I'm mentioning is not being handled and simple matters remain as blockers. For anyone from Blizzard could offer some help, below is my Mail. [Private email - HIDDEN BY BRONTONOV] Thanks in advance, Hearthstone Israel Community.Hatul5 23 Nov
23 Nov Response to E-Mails. Kind of urgent. Greetings, I am the manager of a pub up here in Norway thats a approved fireside tavern. I have been trying to get in touch with the fireside crew by mail for a while now but havent gotten a response. So this is kind of a last resort to get in touch with them. Im hosting a tournement this 27th and couldnt set up an official arrangement on the website. So i would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this i would deeply love it. (I do know that this forum opens up for several creative responses but i am ok with this if it means i get the help i need.) Kind Regards Gøran Sæther Berge Daily Manager, Den Gode Nabo pub www.dengodenabo.comMestoph0 23 Nov
19 Nov Hearthstone tournament - 50 € Prize pool Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes a Hearthstone tournament Sunday, nov 26, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) max 16 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 19 Nov
18 Nov Eligible HCT countries As a player from a country in the Balkans, specifically Macedonia its really frustrating that spending money on the game, putting in time and effort to grind on ladder can't bring anything really valuable, because reaching legend dosen't really mean anything for the countries that can't participate in HCT and going from rank 5 to legend is roughly 50 dust difference. It doesn't seem fair that Blizzard is profiting of every purchase from all of the countries the same but not every country is eligible to play in their competition. And the answer that Blizzard presents when confronted with this issue is that some kind of law is the problem that these countries are not eligible for HCT competition. So if anyone from Blizzard is reading this, I'm offering my and the support, time and resources of many people here that want to play the game competitivley and see competitive hearthstone be a part of our experience. I really hope we will at least get an answer that will give us some perspective into what and if you are planning to let countries be treated equally or will this exclusion proceed and in return the only response from your side will be that we need to wait and you're working on it. And again if the problem really is because of some law, let us participate and help you work it out and not get left out yet another year and be ignored or kindly asked to wait for the next year in hope that you are doing everything that you can when we've already seen that scenario play out. I hope i didn't offend anyone while stating the obvious facts and if there is a backstory that I'm not aware of i'd like to be corrected.JohnnyRDS10 18 Nov
16 Nov How to cancel event? How to cancel event what i made?ESTninja1 16 Nov
15 Nov Calendar of (eu) WCT Points events ? Hi Folks. I've done a search of forums and websites...didn't find what I was looking for. Is anyone able to point me at a website that lists all the events in Europe that provide official WCT points ( and/or is filterable so that events that do not provide points can be excluded) All the websites I can find either don't seem to list them all conveniently or don't provide a filter function, (so you've got cash tournaments mixed in with free tournaments mixed in with fireside ...etc..) . Its frankly a nightmare to sort through it all. (I'm not planning to make a run for the Championship btw, I'm trying to write an article about how much time it would theoretically take to qualify for a non-'name'/pro player....thats not to say it might be fun to take part in a few, but I'm just not that good a player.)TiggerMK41 15 Nov
12 Nov Hearthstone tournament - 50 € Prize pool Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes a Hearthstone tournament Sunday, nov 19, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) max 16 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 12 Nov
11 Nov Hearthstone tournament - 50 € Prize pool Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes a Hearthstone tournament tomorrow Sunday, nov 12, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) max 32 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 11 Nov
10 Nov Fireside wifi issues Currently testing the setup for tomorrow's Fireside Gathering (5243856). The Innkeeper is up and running, but other users connecting to the same wifi gets a "No Fireside Gatherings here" when they try to connect. The players appear and can be challenged in "Nearby players". Are there any "standard troubleshooting procedures" to follow, when you run into these kind of things? Apart from disconnecting/reconnecting the different devices (which had no effect), I have no clue of what to do. Innkeeper running on Windows 10 laptop. Connecting players using iPhones. Help in this matter is truly appreciated.Zuiderman0 10 Nov
10 Nov Fireside Gathering at Wokingham UK Hi Everyone, I'm hosting a Fireside Gathering at Wokingham UK Caffe Nero in order to establish a local Travel, play hearthstone and eventually get that Warlock skin! Please feel free to attend this event :) Event Details: 10 Nov
07 Nov Attended Blizzcon with Virtual Ticket... So my question is... When do I get that special card that I was promised? :) Is that given once the Kobold exp. arrives?ZeroPoint91 07 Nov
06 Nov I Hosted a Tavern Gathering. So I hosted an official Tavern gathering at my Uni for the first time. Got the tavern icon and I saw the 3 v 3 Brawl needed to get Nemsy. It was all going well, until only 1 person showed up. Like seriously how am I going to get 6 people together on the same network for a 3 v 3 brawl? Wasted hours of my time and the guy's time who showed up. Never going or hosting again. Thanks for making obtaining Nemsy legitimately near impossible.Greycloud71 06 Nov
03 Nov Can't set location for Fireside Hi, I completed 3 Fireside events, but now I can't create new one. When I set the location (Gladstonos 12-14, Paphos, Cyprus) - address box reset it and type just Gladstonos, Paphos, Cyprus. After submitting I got error that in current location there are a lot of objects.Kortirso0 03 Nov
03 Nov Helping others getting thier new Warlock skin Got a fireside running, my tag is gozu#21894. Add my btag and i'll help as many people as possible today, to get the new Warlock Skin Hero Portrait.gozu0 03 Nov
02 Nov hearthstone hero Khadgar Why does Chinese reign can get the hearthstone hero Khadgar by playing 5 games in heroes of the storm, but not NA reign? will there be a similar mission to get Khadgar for NA reign?tangtanytony5 02 Nov
02 Nov Fireside bug reported live Hello! I am at Firestone Gathering right now (Moscow, Boondock Pub, with tavern portrait). I already played 3x3 and didn't get Nemsy. Please help, I drove here just for her.Franczech1 02 Nov
01 Nov Nemsy Tavern Bug Hey, Last wednesday at oct. 25th I went to a tavern to get Nemsy. I went at this established tavern: and I did not get her. Please help!Yamozha0 01 Nov
31 Oct Hearthstone tournament - 50 € Prize pool Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes a Hearthstone tournament next Sunday, nov 5, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) max 32 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 31 Oct
30 Oct My very first Fireside Gathering report Hello. I would like to share my experience hosting my very first Fireside Gathering. I must say the taste after the fireside gathering was more bitter than sweet :( I had 3 Ethernet computers ready, I had a working Wi-fi open so anyone can join and I was offering two laptops in case someone had trouble connecting (oldies but perfectly working for Hearthstone). I though this would be more than enough to support coming players and solve any internet issues we might have. However, the result was truly heart"h"breaking. - Ethernet computers said there were no fireside gatherings around (even though they detected all connected players as nearby players). - Laptops said "You need to have a wi-fi connection to locate a fireside gathering". While it was obviously connected THROUGH the Wifi, Hearthstone was unable to detect it. In the same manner the Ethernet computers, they could detect all Nearby players. People who came with their laptops were unable to join the fireside gathering. Finally, THE ONLY DEVICES that worked out were the cell phones and ONE tablet. All of the required to activate the GPS beforehand. We shared the devices to play a few games but most of the time was spent TRYING to stablish the Fireside gathering AND trying to connect. Is there any way to make it work AT LEAST through Wifi connection? I was planning on throwing another one next friday, to celebrate Blizzcon and have some fun, but I must request everyone to bring cell phone or Tablet :(JBelix0 30 Oct
28 Oct Want my warlock skin Blizzard... So today i participate in the Fireside Gathering.. only problem was THERE WAS NOTHING THERE.. basically fake fireside which some troll write down and blizz be like oh sure whatever.. you guys make something basically impossible for some people and you cant even secure that people wont troll.. :D so dissapointed in you.. now give me my skin or else.. i will cheat it to get it Okay ? okay..Witcher1 28 Oct
28 Oct "Tavern" Rule is Stupid 1. You establish a promotional to encourage participation in Fireside Gatherings. 2. You require participation in gatherings at "Taverns," which discourages new groups from forming in favor of trekking over to existing groups to get the promotional item. 3. WTFUdo0 28 Oct
28 Oct Girlgamer — series about gamers life Hi ho! I've filmed new series... about us, gamers :) First, pilot episode: Please subscribe to series @ our youtube channel: We would film new episodes every week ;) Originally we film in Russian language - russian channel is: and then translate in English :D We are waiting for your impressions, opinions, critics 8) Please support us - "like" the video and share in social networks :) Thanks!tangar2 28 Oct
27 Oct Hearthstone tournament - 50 € Prize pool Hello everybody ! Gaming House organizes a Hearthstone tournament next Sunday, oct 29, 2017 at 2:00pm (French time) max 32 players Prize pool: 50 € Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 27 Oct
27 Oct Fireside gatherings Arena mode Hello people, hello Blizzard. Here is what I sugest would be a great new thing in Heartstone, regarding Fireside Gatherings, that came to me whit your new Tavern feature. The thing is I guess all of us playing Heartstone can relate to this; Always the same meta decks is boring, and even though we do have fun, we strive for some feature whitin the game that gives more challenging aspect. So my proposition would be that developers create a Feature called " Arena mode" which will only be available inside the Tavern, so on the fireside gathering, and this would allow players to play tournaments by creating their deck from scratch just like in the arena. BUt then I thought ok, it wouldnt be fair for some player to get 4-5 legendary and the other a poor arena draw... So the best idea that I comed up whit, that elimanets all the dificulty that pure arena in fireside would have, is to simply give each tavern each week a randomized limited number of cards that they can use. When the login an enter some tavern, when challanging a player via tavern and clicking the new "arena mode", all the players would have acess to a new "tavern collection" which would be the same for everyone, and players would then need to create decks from that collection. Also it would be nice for this mode to have "deck slots" so that tournaments can be played this way. I beilive this would bring a new dinamic to the game, and also bring rise to some very creative people. THis is a thought, what do you think? :)FIRESIDE0 27 Oct
26 Oct Card Pack from tournament never received!!! I voted for Ukraine at the last tournament and still got no pack as a reward. All of my friends and pals and generally whoever i asked for they already got it and many of them 3-4 days ago. So I think something is going wrong with my pack or...I just have to wait a little more?Fenrir18 26 Oct
26 Oct Edit the tavern logo? Hi everyone! Does anyone know if you can edit your tavern logo? And perhaps the name? :)Amalunaz0 26 Oct
26 Oct didn't get the warlock skin Hello! I participated in a fireside gathering and i got the card back .Why didn't i get the new skin warlock ?!Panda6 26 Oct
26 Oct The new event at Travern Brawl Hello.First of all,sorry for my low level of english speaking,i will improve it later.Is about the present mod on travern brawl,i wanna ask:we get rewards based on our victories?Or we dont get nothing anymore except the fun?Alexunder740 26 Oct
26 Oct Fireside gathering bug Hello , I have hosted a fireside gathering but it seems even though I update my location wifi / Location on, still cannot find the gathering. The fact that the page doesn't work is even more silly. Anyone got it to work ?Vendetta4 26 Oct