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11 May Fireside Gatherings Feature Beta Fireside Gatherings are becoming bigger and better in the Year of the Mammoth! We’ve begun beta testing some of the new Fireside Gathering features, and you may see some changes if you connect to the Americas region to play Hearthstone. While the beta is ongoing, you might see a new Fireside Gatherings button appear at the top of your Friends list. Clicking it will lead to a dialogue box that describes Fireside Gatherings, and if your device has location capabilities, you can opt-in to search for nearby Fireside Gatherings*. The dialogue will also allow you to quickly access the Fireside Gatherings website to search for nearby events. While we’re in beta, only a few events will be detectable using this search, but we’ll be rolling out the new features to more Fireside Gatherings in the future. Learn more about the new Fireside Gathering features in this Designer Insights video featuring Game Designer Pat Nagle. *You can disable this via app permissions in your.device settings.Zaerhinon1 11 May
02 Aug 2016 Fireside Gatherings Well met, fellow tavern-goers! Do you love Hearthstone? Want to just enjoy the game with like-minded Hearthstone players in your area? Then Fireside Gatherings are exactly what you’re looking for! To find an official Hearthstone get-together in your area, visit the Fireside Gatherings website and find out everything you need to know to join in on the fun. Can’t find a Fireside Gathering nearby? Don’t sweat it. Hosting a Fireside Gathering is easy! Head over to the Fireside Gatherings website for all the resources you will need to get started. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks about how to host a great event, as well as a poster template that you can print and display at your venue! We want to encourage Fireside Gatherings everywhere there are passionate Hearthstone players, so if you don’t find an event near you, don’t hesitate to work with local gaming groups in your community to spread awareness of Fireside Gatherings near and far. Feel free to use this section of the forum to create new threads and discuss everything Fireside Gatherings related. Whether or not you are looking to host your own event or join in on one... the forum always welcomes a healthy dialogue. Be it to act as a springboard to find other like-minded individuals to help each other start up a Fireside Gathering of your own, to highlight an existing one or to just share what one would like to see on a next gathering. It all has a rightful place, right here on the events forum. Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up to attend or host a Fireside Gathering today!Zaerhinon0 02 Aug 2016
1m Knights of the frozen throne - REWARDS Will we get card packs or class cards/legendaries(exclusive adventure cards) like we did in previous solo adventures when we complee upcoming missions?J3t1X1 1m
2d Prize support for fireside gatherings I am working with my local gaming store to start hosting regular fireside gathering tournaments, but as of right now we have no hearthstone related prize support to offer participants. For obvious reasons that might cause a lot of possible players to not bother to participate. I was wondering if there is anyone at Blizzard willing to work with us to get some hearthstone related prizes (like packs for the top so many players depending on attendance). Please and thank you!SirGingy0 2d
3d just got my first pc. i just got a pc but have played a little on mobile and i need new freinds to play with. Scarce#21447Scarce0 3d
03 Aug Knight of the Frozen throne cards exchange Hello everyone, Will waiting for the expansion Knight of frozen thrones, I decided NOT to open any Un'goro pack I had. Why ? Coz I'm thinking, maybe at the time the expansion rolls in, every pack (except classic) will change into the newest available pack , that is KFT. Im i right or wrong guys pls? I need to know if it's good or bad what I am thinkingMUGIWARA0 03 Aug
02 Aug HCT Summer Tavern Hero Tournament Hello I got an invitation for The HCT Summer Tavern Hero Tournament. So I need to register the tournament with my battlefy account. But it requires a join code.Which I didn't receive any. What should I do to receive the code.I'm in Europe region. Invitation list can be found here: 02 Aug
29 Jul We Need Tyrande Back Firstly i apoligize for my broken English. As you know Tyrande skin was able 2 times earlier. First time with the twitch prime account for free. Second time with the Chinese something. But other countries like mine never had a chance to get her. Now twitch prime is serving worldwide. We'd like to have a chance to get her. With packs or with twitch prime it doesn't matter for me. I just want her so much. Please Blizzard hear my voice :DLunariar0 29 Jul
27 Jul Heroes skins I want to ask about if there is new heroes skins are coming or not ?ELF0 27 Jul
26 Jul No event quest this week - bug? Greetings HS-Team, I loged in yesterday to get my 2nd free Arena from the Frost Festival but I got none. Probably this was caused by me having 3 Quests already? I did 2 Quests yesterday to free some space and waited until totay because I thought of kind of a dayly reset but i still got no Quest. It seems like a bug to me. Thanks for your reply! MightyDwarfMightyDwarf1 26 Jul
24 Jul Still no packs from htc Not wanting to sound wingy but I still don't have any packs and was wondering if it's just me left? Thought I'd give it another week but it's been 2 weeks and still nothing, picked kolento cause he was he only one I'd heared of not that that mattersFlummox0 24 Jul
22 Jul Recruit friends for quest hi guys, my daily quest is to watch a friend win a game, I am very new and have only 1 friend who only plays WOW :p could you guys please add me and I can spectate? please add me (solidealge): 22 Jul
22 Jul I would like to buy Goblin vs Gnomes Packs Hi Blizzard I would like to buy again Goblin vs Gnomes Packs, because i really like the Wild class cards and i love play in Wild. But it is hard and sadly now I just can crafting cards and I cant open packs. So please became enable this wish.ArthasPrince1 22 Jul
21 Jul Support and Prizes for Fireside Gatherings Hello, I'm a Israeli Community Manager that cooperates with certain stores for hosting Fireside Gatherings on weekly basis, of between 40 to 100 participants. I would like to note several points where our community could need your support: 1. Prizes The hosting stores cant offer any Prize related to Hearthstone, making the Prizes kind of dull. if they could've purchased some transferable code for purchasing Hearthstone Packs it could've solved that - but there's no such option I'm aware of. (which is unfortunate, for that could've been a great way for us to show our support to Blizzard) 2. Recognition and Official Support As for now there are no ways to achieve Points for Hearthstone Championship, no Regional Championship, Not official Events - absolutly nothing. I would like to know how could I change that. 3. Contact Person There is no direct address I could contact to for getting Fireside Gathering matters solved or discussed. As for now everything I'm mentioning is not being handled and simple matters remain as blockers. For anyone from Blizzard could offer some help, below is my Mail. [Private email - HIDDEN BY BRONTONOV] Thanks in advance, Hearthstone Israel Community.Hatul2 21 Jul
18 Jul game now for quest? eu TheDP#21233 add me, friend questTheDP0 18 Jul
17 Jul Where are my packs? Hi, I puta bet on Hoej to win the HT Spring Championship, but I havent received my packs yet. My friends have however. Can you help me?Zhenni2 17 Jul
16 Jul Information about HCT voting packs I just have a question I voted at the beginning of the HCT for Kolento and he got into the finals but he lost don't I get any packs ??? If yes, when ? Thank you in advance :)MFK1 16 Jul
16 Jul Brawl 13-07-17 The brawl that's is this week is !@#$ing aids.. not even fun to play. any other player thinking like me?BullizH1 16 Jul
15 Jul Question Is it possible for a free to play player to compete in tournaments using few different accounts ?IkAAAA0 15 Jul
15 Jul Choose your champion reward Dear Blizzard! Between 13.04 and 20.04 i have chosen Rutgers as a "champion" on my eu battlenet account. I would like to ask when will the rewards for voting arrive. Sincerely, TeryannTeryann31 15 Jul
11 Jul Event Hi when does the event with ragnaros that dobbel your quest rewards and?Tiger0 11 Jul
11 Jul Question about open cups When do we start collecting points from open cups for the summer season?UltraLord1 11 Jul
10 Jul hearthstone hero Khadgar Why does Chinese reign can get the hearthstone hero Khadgar by playing 5 games in heroes of the storm, but not NA reign? will there be a similar mission to get Khadgar for NA reign?tangtanytony0 10 Jul
08 Jul Why I am rank 12 and i play agnist rank 10 of course i lose but my star is delete tootitan135791 08 Jul
06 Jul Nothing should be this difficult Hello everyone, I am looking to attend an approved hearthstone e-sports event to obtain the "power core" card back I don't understand why the process is so hard, I live in the UK, and am prepared to attend an event in the UK. I spoke to the support team at ESL, they don't really seem to know which events apply or how to go about obtaining this. I simply want to be able to locate a UK tournament and find the details then book an attendance as an attendee at the event to go along and get the card back. Additonally, on the offical blizzard page, the e-sports schedule show lots of events for June, yet as soon as you click on the watch button, it says no results found. What is the most simple hassle free way to both secure attendance to a UK event and the get the card. ThanksIKON1 06 Jul
26 Jun ETA on PowerCore for 2017SpringHCT qualifiers Just to clarify I am referring to players that have attended one of the Blizzard approved venues for 2017 Spring HCT Qualifiers and are eligible to receive the card back (have participated in at least one of the side events). Can anyone confirm that this is still in the works? I know it takes a while for Blizz to award these, but it would be nice to at least know.alex1 26 Jun
20 Jun Open Tournament July 16th - $150 Prize pool This Saturday the 16th of July, Battleriff is hosting a $150 Hearthstone tournament on the EU server. The 128-spot tournament is free to enter and open for anyone to join. All information, rules and sign ups are available here: 20 Jun
15 Jun Wtf I am 12 rank and i play agnist 10 rank of course i lose and my star delete. Why?titan135790 15 Jun
06 Jun Karazhan Event End Date Guys i'm new in this game, can you tell me karazhan event end date ? and after end of event next one comes fast ? Thank you (Sorry for my English) :)CarrotRocket1 06 Jun
02 Jun Record Guinness ?!?! So I saw an interesting event and thought to share it with you. A new streamer will try to make 2 Guinness world records by doing a marathon on Hearthstone. As far as I know lots of people will participate and couple of famous streamers. I kinda wonder if he will made it or end up dying live! lol, anyway his stream is, starting June 2, 3pm CET+2. Who knows how long he will be there...Vickonia0 02 Jun
22 May Fight Promoter surprise I just wanted to give some feedback on the surprise Fight Promoter promotion. I'm a casual regular HS player - I log in almost every day and play a few matches. Sometimes I take a bit of a break, but HS is my most-played game. So I just want to say that making random surprise one-day free card events feels like a really unfair blow to a player who plays regularly and happens to take a few days off HS to change things up (these past days I played a bit of HotS instead). And now I see I missed out on an epic card that I was looking forward to getting since it was hinted at as being a reward sometime in the future. I don't feel entitled to free cards, I'm just saying it feels really bad to miss out on something because I happen to play a different game for a few days. So if the plan was to make players feel good, then it completely backfired in my case. Is there anyone else who had the same bad luck? Are one-day events at short notice a good idea?Gooble0 22 May
21 May The new tavern brawl. Rafaam wins. After playing more than ten Tavern Brawls this round once again the insane weighting of cards and powers to Rafaam over Kel'Thuzad is just stupid. Every game I've play as Rafaam has been a crushing win, and every one of Kel'Thuzad a devastating loss. Who play tests these Tavern Brawls? Is this a repeat Tavern Brawl I remember months ago a very similar brawl where it was almost impossible to get a win with one boss.PVPAst1 21 May
21 May Fireside gathering Hello, I was at the below gathering and multiple people had issues connecting via the fireside option. Initially I had my Americas account and tired to connect via fireside which was able to find location but not find any other players. Then I created a Europe account but the same thing happened, I had to quickly complete tutorial missions and add as friends to play (again the fireside options failed) 21 May
20 May Hearthstone Tournament Hey, I'm hosting a hearthstone tournament. Please copy and paste the below link (Idk how to get it in a clickable format) for full details: You can enter by either reply to here or to the reddit post as per the format specified in the post. Zac.Zac0 20 May
17 May Awful card draws Dear blizz fancy giving me a game for once where i dont have 4 7 mana+ minions in my hand after mulligan? so i actually have a chance to win vs all these aggro decks. Where as my opponents litterally every. single. game. will draw the nutsCAL1 17 May
16 May Streamers birthday - give a follow please :) This has nothing to do with Hearthstone in particular he sometimes streams it though. My friend resently started streaming on twitch and is trying to make a living out of it. He's a really cool dude and he's come quite far. To the matter of this post! tomorrow its his birthday 17th may and he's really close to 1000 followers but he needs about 150. would really appreciate it if you could take a really quick look at his stream and press that follow button to reach the 1000 followers on his birthday.mrv0 16 May
10 May Choose your champion How do I choose my champion?helloman0 10 May
02 May The Help Hi , i mean than the next pack could be MECHANIC . That will be cool . :-)DarkShine0 02 May
24 Apr Seperate Rankings rewards? I would like to see a double ranking reward. Currently you get 1 golden epic for rank 5, that's basically the max reward. But I would love to see rewards beyond that. Why not encourage people to do wild AND standard? Wild get you wild card rewards, while standard gives you standard rewards.Warsong1 24 Apr
18 Apr Maiev quest Hello I have just returned to the game after a few months of not playing. I got the returning hero quests but even after completing them i am not getting the Maiev Shadowsong quest.Please help i really want that hero.Berii1 18 Apr
07 Apr Old solo adventures return? I have played hearthstone for a while, yet i still am not near getting all the cards...(a personal dream of mine) I keep on going into games and getting destroyed by the old cards that you have to craft now, so i thought there could be an Event where the old solo adventures were available for a week or so. I think it would work nicely, because we players get to have one more shot in getting that "lost content". Plus, i think it would be a great opportunity for blizzard to make a lot of money ;D And isn't it a bit unfair that people like me who came into the game AFTER the solo adventures were rotated out, don't get the chance of getting those memories with the adventures? I am probably not the only person ready with my wallet to get the opportunity to buy those old adventures... Sincerely CraftingCrafting1372 07 Apr
06 Apr UV Gaming is looking for players UV Gaming is looking for new members! UV Gaming is back in 2017 and is looking for players to join the club! You love to play “game” and you are looking for practice-buddies or just someone with who you can talk and play? Then you are totally right here! You can also play under the flag of UV participating in tournaments, ladders and other competitions on the Electronic Sports League (ESL). We offer you a platform where you can get to know other people and improve your own skills. We are already more than 30 gamer from different games who would enjoy to play some games with you on our own discord-server! You are interested now but you need to have more information about our concept? Check out our homepage: . You would like to join our team? Then contact us via email or join our own discord-server. A responsible admin will get in contact with you and give you the permissions to take a look around there.Coati0 06 Apr
05 Apr not received my packs from WC hello i voted for frozen but i havent received any packedvin9 05 Apr
27 Mar Daily quest mean streets of gadgetzan! I did not receive assignments pack. From the supplement mean streets of gadgetzan . NikAlexsi#2676 . Eu serverNikAlexsi0 27 Mar
26 Mar WC Free card packs Hi Guys I am wondering when I get my free prizes from the WC competition I chose Pavel as I was shown an I have seen other people already say they have received some card packs already? I am wondering when I will see the packs I should have received or when they may appear in my account. Please helpBrightshield0 26 Mar
14 Mar Global games vote Hi, When I logged in to vote for the above it says I am eligible to vote for the Israel team? Looking at the map of Europe, Ireland seems to be the length of Europe away from there. Are the Irish eligible to vote for Israel because we are close alphabetically?Ray6 14 Mar
12 Mar Hearthstone Meet-up Dublin, Ireland Do you like to play Hearthstone and live in Dublin Ireland? me and some mates are trying to get a group together for Meet-ups in Dublin and i am currently looking around for interested players, This will be just for fun, to gather somewere and just play some games and chat and get to know some people with common interests. If you are Interested you can join us here: 12 Mar
09 Mar Hearthstone - free to play , pay to win! So the new tavern brawl is pay to win ofc (heroic tavern brawl) and if you want to have chance, you need to pay 9,90 or 1000 gold coins. I really love this game but sadly i can't do all the dailys or other AwesomE stuff to make lot of gold and buy my way in to arena's or heroic tavern brawl's! Im not rich to buy every single expansion right away when it comes out or just not spend real money on arena run's or heroic tavern brawl's. Sometimes it feels more and more pay to win. Not a chance to get to the world championship without häving lot of twitch donator's or just having lot of money to spend on buying cards. Dont get me wrong. I know i problally never compete on world champions but for the normal people who just try to have some fun on normal in game challenges, compete other's or just try everything out, game should be more gentle. i mean like options together:normal tavern brawl, together with heroic brawl (choice). For me tavern brawl is only choice to get all my dailys done because i dont play it 12/7 and i must earn my little pay with hard work and i really dont play all the charater's. well not so good at least. I really hope there's goin to be option always to choose tavern brawl or heroic mode every time when they refresh. Really hope somebody thinks the same and maby adds me to friend to do some brawls together or just have fun. Thnx for having me and Hi! from Estonia! Your's HRgamingHD.Gametester5 09 Mar
03 Mar Daily Tournaments for HCT & hardware prizes! Hey Card heroes! eSports Wall is BACK at hosting Hearthstone events and we're going full power! We've launched a new system where players can sign up easily and play for free in the most challenging tournaments for lots of prizes. It's our goal to create the full eSports experience for all players, regardless of their skill level. In March we'll be hosting daily Hearthstone tournaments starting at 19:00. To create the full eSports experience we'll add a livestream on Twitch with international casters, tournament recaps on YouTube and news articles for the events. Here is some key information for each event: • Single elimination • Best of five, all matches • Pick 4 classes • 1 ban • Standard format • Last Hero Standing We would love to see you play in one of these events, if you have feedback or need help, we recommend you to join our partnered discord server. Good luck to all participants! All events: Discord: 03 Mar