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8h Opening 600 packs this friday 24th February Tune in on 24th February starting 20:00 CET/ 2pm CT/ 4am HKT On 8h
18h eSports Wall Daily HCT Tournaments for EU Hey Card Masters, eSports Wall is back at hosting tournaments and we're going full on with Hearthstone! You can sign up for free and participate daily in the Wall of Heroes Tournaments for the region EU. It’s our goal to create the eSports experience for all gamers, regardless of your skill level. We’ll be adding a livestream on Twitch, recaps on YouTube and write ups on the website. Experience the thrill of eSports yourself and sign up now! Starting Monday 27 February! Daily at 7 PM CET Region: EU Single elimination bracket Last Hero Standing Standard format 4 Classes pick One ban Sign up with your BattleNET username! We can't wait to see you play and create an amazing adventure together to see who can qualify for the big !@# events all around the world.For these events to start we need atleast 64 participants and a maximum of 256, join quick to claim your HCT points! eSports Wall is a startup platform for content creators, at the tournament page you can apply for: Shoutcaster Video editor Writer Admin If you have questions please message us on social media or join our partnered discords server :) Thank you, looking forward to see you all play! Website: Hearthstone Tournaments: 18h
6d Fireside gathering Croatia(16th Feb) Fireside gathering "HS Carta Magica Fireside Gathering"(16th Feb 2017) was listed on the fireside gatherings page,but now when I search for it I cant find it anymore. Is it canceled or something I don't want to go to a event that won't be held.Darkolas1 6d
11 Feb Choose my champion Where can I choose my Champion for the european championship? i just can find the old one for blizzcon 2016?Yaron1 11 Feb
10 Feb World Championship Points I am wondering, by competing in different tournaments and events you get these WCP. But, where do they "collect" do they just mystically appear in your account? Just wondering, it seems kinda confusing.Gladiex1 10 Feb
10 Feb Hearthstone Global League! Hello there. I have a few questions about e-mails you have sent to some of the players to compete in Hearthstone Global League. I have 3 points from Winter preliminaries and so do like 4-5 players from Croatia which I know and they have got an email and I did not. Could you explain how this works and why didn't I get an e-mail? I have spoken to one of yours Game Master (Demvandi) and he told me to do a topic like this. Thank you for your answer, cheers. LavvekLavvek3 10 Feb
26 Jan Copenhagen Fireside Gathering Feb. 11th Greetings card-slingers in the Copenhagen area. I want to bring to your attention the Mean Streets of Copenhagen - Hearthstone event. On Feb. 11th we will be hosting a Fireside Gathering and tournament in the city, completely free and available to anyone. I will be joining up with the FireSpirits team, newly created but experienced with Hearthstone and other gaming events, for this event, which stands as the more casual part of the 'Hearthstone World Championship Winter Tavern Hero Tournament' For the 'One Night In Karazhan' event we had around 70 players, but we expect more and have lovely surroundings at Aalborg University Copenhagen to cater for everyone. Make a post if you might be interested in going. There will be custom made giveaways for finalists, most likely Wild and/or Special rules mini-tournaments, and it's going to be a lot of fun.YNotZoidberg0 26 Jan
15 Jan Fireside host in game Dear blizzard. Add a somekind of network tool that makes you do matches from you hearthstone and mannage the gathering matches, more easliy, and not each person needs to be other's friends, it will take alot of time, instead make a manager ui and player ui so manager put all battletags at once and you can put players against eacb other and let a player ui that makes him choose or randomly choose opponenet,in the gathering. Would be helpful to my fireside ghatering which has not been a thing beacasue those problems. Thanks, Ofek DeutscherOfekUnicorn0 15 Jan
09 Jan montly points from tournaments rules state you win points from 1 tournament monthly. if you get 8th in your first tournament and next tournament u get 1st do u get the 1 point from your first tour or do u get 8? for example in strivewire tournaments.Birlibis0 09 Jan
05 Jan My shop is close about 3 days Madarasama0 05 Jan
22 Dec Where is my shaman İ recruit friend and my friend 20 total level but i dont have a shamandarkhappy0 22 Dec
13 Dec Tyrande Whisperwind (Priest Skin) hey , why only to get New Hearthstone Hero: Tyrande Whisperwind (Priest Skin). with primal amazon ?please do something , we can only still buy 3 heroes :( that's too bad tbh , sell the new heroes plz so we can buy them through our countriesdesparado6 13 Dec
13 Dec Hearthstone - free to play , pay to win! So the new tavern brawl is pay to win ofc (heroic tavern brawl) and if you want to have chance, you need to pay 9,90 or 1000 gold coins. I really love this game but sadly i can't do all the dailys or other AwesomE stuff to make lot of gold and buy my way in to arena's or heroic tavern brawl's! Im not rich to buy every single expansion right away when it comes out or just not spend real money on arena run's or heroic tavern brawl's. Sometimes it feels more and more pay to win. Not a chance to get to the world championship without häving lot of twitch donator's or just having lot of money to spend on buying cards. Dont get me wrong. I know i problally never compete on world champions but for the normal people who just try to have some fun on normal in game challenges, compete other's or just try everything out, game should be more gentle. i mean like options together:normal tavern brawl, together with heroic brawl (choice). For me tavern brawl is only choice to get all my dailys done because i dont play it 12/7 and i must earn my little pay with hard work and i really dont play all the charater's. well not so good at least. I really hope there's goin to be option always to choose tavern brawl or heroic mode every time when they refresh. Really hope somebody thinks the same and maby adds me to friend to do some brawls together or just have fun. Thnx for having me and Hi! from Estonia! Your's HRgamingHD.Gametester3 13 Dec
12 Dec Fireside gathering Saturday 17 December a fireside gathering at gamers of the West look on their facebookyaroikoto0 12 Dec
11 Dec Recruit links here! New players get a free pack if total level of heroes is not more than 20 You can post your links too ;) I would be happy if somebody is my recruited friend ;)Haagenti9 11 Dec
06 Dec Danish HearthStone stream. DISCLAIMER: This post is in Danish, since it is aimed at the Danish HearthStone community. --- Vil du se mig slæbe min vej op ad ladderen hver tirsdag på facebook? Mit navn er Christian og jeg har spillet HearthStone siden den lukkede beta :) Jeg er hverken top-of-the-pops legend spiller, ej heller totalt begynder. Jeg er - i enhver definition af ordet – en TryHard ;) Med introduktionen af streaming direkte i HearthStone-klienten, har jeg i de sidste par måneder broadcastet mine mange forsøg på at klatre til tops på HearthStones ladder. Imens jeg spiller, forsøger jeg at dele mine tanker samtidig med at jeg interagerer med publikum. Jeg streamer mit ugentlige show hver tirsdag fra 20:00 til 21:30 CET. I dette show analyserer jeg et deck i detaljer, og tager det efterfølgende ud på ladderen for at se hvordan det performer. Det er som regel bade hyggeligt, sjovt og måske endda lærerigt – og alle er velkomne. Hvis du kunne tænke dig at følge med på min lange vej imod det endelige mål – en dag at nå Legend-rank – så smut ind på min facebook-side (med det relevante navn Captain Tryhard) og giv den et ’Like!’ Ud over det ugentlige show, streamer jeg i ny og næ, når jeg finder et ledigt øjeblik. Jeg håber at se dig online :D De bedste hilsner Christian Captain TryhardSagittarius0 06 Dec
04 Dec Can I finish Blackrock Mountain? If I have bought at least a wing from BRM,after the new expansion hits will I still be able to buy the rest of it?Edy2911 04 Dec
02 Dec Currently Streaming Over At Twitch Hey everyone, I'm going to be playing some crazy silly decks using some of the new cards and would love it if you could join me over at Be sure to say hi in chat and I hope to see you there!Blitzphoenix0 02 Dec
01 Dec Look For player only DEAF I need to know if Any deaf players play on Hearthstone atm??xeneo2 01 Dec
30 Nov Card back My greetings! Something bothers me so much. When I play HS, I see many cool card backs like Yogg-saron card back or C'thun card back (I mean card backs related to expansions)which are not available now for me because I am kind of new player. Is there any way to get yogg saron card back??? Please I want that card back Blizzard. I really want oneAxlerod1 30 Nov
27 Nov Choosing a champion I have chosen Pavel for my champion and he indeed have won,but I didn't get any packs.Does anyone know why?Cook1321 27 Nov
21 Nov Support and Prizes for Fireside Gatherings Hello, I'm a Israeli Community Manager that cooperates with certain stores for hosting Fireside Gatherings on weekly basis, of between 40 to 100 participants. I would like to note several points where our community could need your support: 1. Prizes The hosting stores cant offer any Prize related to Hearthstone, making the Prizes kind of dull. if they could've purchased some transferable code for purchasing Hearthstone Packs it could've solved that - but there's no such option I'm aware of. (which is unfortunate, for that could've been a great way for us to show our support to Blizzard) 2. Recognition and Official Support As for now there are no ways to achieve Points for Hearthstone Championship, no Regional Championship, Not official Events - absolutly nothing. I would like to know how could I change that. 3. Contact Person There is no direct address I could contact to for getting Fireside Gathering matters solved or discussed. As for now everything I'm mentioning is not being handled and simple matters remain as blockers. For anyone from Blizzard could offer some help, below is my Mail. [Private email - HIDDEN BY BRONTONOV] Thanks in advance, Hearthstone Israel Community.Hatul1 21 Nov
09 Nov Неправильно выбранный аккаунт Alexnomer10 09 Nov
07 Nov SSEL - Slovenská stredoškolská eSport Liga nSonX0 07 Nov
06 Nov BLIZZCON 2016 SPECIAL EVENT hey guys who do you think is the best picks for this event?LordKrillin7 06 Nov
03 Nov West Yorkshire Fireside Gathering 21/1/2017 Saturday, 21 January 2017 13:00 to 21:30 Location Grosvenor Casino The Leisure Exchange, Vicar Ln, Bradford BD1 5LD, UK Event Info Activities Prizes Available Join us at Grosvenor Casino Bradford to socialize with like minded players, play in tournaments suited for either beginner or advanced players or try be king of the hill. Food and Beverage can be purchased at the venue with free soft drinks, Tea and Coffee available. £3 Entry fee applied to tournaments £100 prize pool + TBA Who's invited Anyone 18+ with ID is invited to the event, Join our Facebook Group 03 Nov
03 Nov YELLOW BRICK BRAWL !!! worst bwarl ever.... YELLOW BRICK BRAWL !!! worst bwarl ever.... chose warlock take dreadsteed, and 4 mana finish game asdjlkaşjslkdj ... brawl planner team need brainsDieDie1 03 Nov
01 Nov Blizzcon Tavern Event + Fireside Gathering This coming weekend we are hosting a Blizzcon Tavern Event as well as a Heartstone Fireside. The goal of these events is for people who cannot make it to Blizzcon in person, to enjoy the livestream with other gamers. The event will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We will start on the 4th of november and we will end the event the 6th of november at midnight. (the shop where the event is held will close at night!) The Hearthstone Fireside will be held at the 5th of november and after that we will resume the blizzcon livestream. The price for winning the Fireside event is a Blizzard Wallet Valuta! Entrance for Hearthstone Fireside Gathering: € 5 Entrance for November 4th and 5th (Only BlizzCon): €10,- Pre-Order, €12,50,- at the door. COMBI TICKET FIRESIDE AND BLIZZCON VIEWING: €15,- Tickets can be ordered at Check our Facebook pages for the timetable and more information! Blizzcon Tavern Event: Hearthstone Fireside: 01 Nov
27 Oct Tavern brawl idea Hey. I want to submit an idea for tavern brawl. Cool will be, if you can create any deck, from all cards, with cards, you don't own. It will be cool, if you don't know if freeze mage is good, or not. Thanks for reading.Tox1que1 27 Oct
24 Oct When LOE will go out from standard? Hi all...I have a little question when LOE adventure will go out from standard...because i don't know if buy it or not...plz help meReciFilo3 24 Oct
20 Oct Coil Weekly Brawl [bo5 conquest] Open tournaments every Tuesday with rewards. free to join 256 slots bo5 conquest (4 heros 1 ban) single elimination bracket You can always search for the current one here: Next one (25th oct.) is here: 20 Oct
20 Oct Coil Weekly Brawl [bo5 conquest] Open tournaments every Tuesday with rewards. free to join 256 slots bo5 conquest (4 heros 1 ban) single elimination bracket You can always search for the current one here: Current one (25th oct.): 20 Oct
17 Oct actin eSports Hearthstone Community Cup #3 Hello everybody! actin eSports presents you the third actin eSports Hearthstone Community Cup on! When? - Saturday, 22nd October 2016, 13.00 PM CEST Where? - Grab your chance now and win 30€! actin eSports is a German eSports organization founded in 2015 and is the home of promising amateur teams. Currently, we are represented in Counter-Strike, FIFA and Hearthstone. Why don't you visit us at The temporary password The slots are reserved for our expanding social network community. You can get the password by taking the following steps: 1. Follow us on Facebook ( or on Twitter ( 2. Send us a message (via Facebook or Twitter) with the message "!hscup3" and we'll send you the tournament password! The password will be removed 24 hours before the tournament starts so that people without Facebook or Twitter can sign-up, too! Quick rules Until quarter-finals: Best of 3, then Best of 5 Conquest with 1 ban Stream Please make sure to contact an admin before streaming the cup by yourself. There will be an official German stream on our Twitch channel ( casting the semi-final and final matches. Good luck and have fun!Sn1x0 17 Oct
13 Oct Pack Did I think you make bi reduction in pack %50 :PEleman0 13 Oct
01 Oct live stream of hearthstone:old gods deck I am new in streaming and i will be glad if you enjoi my live stream in twich 01 Oct
26 Sep Legendary Warlock Spell Hello! So I came up with an idea about having some legendary spells, and I was thinking on how could that work. So let's say you are playing a RenoLock where it's all about survival. Why not making spells like: Destroy all of your mana crystals and get 3 armor for each... p.s not SPEND. There is a minion who does that, I guess it's only one minion, he destroys 1 mana crystal. That card could be good at fatigue game or just give you some extra health on turn 3 or so.Killaen1 26 Sep
26 Sep Tavern stroll Tbh tavern brawl is quite boring... When we had the 3 card combo, all (almost) where the 3 mech cards This week = all druids I though tavern brawl could be a fun variation to the game, but insted its become a place for sterile gameplay....dmb1 26 Sep
15 Sep actin eSports Community Cup Series (30€) Hello everybody! actin eSports are organizing their Community Cup Series (powered by StriveWire)! The next cup is taking place on 17 September 2016 at 13 PM CEST. Sign-up: Don't forget to follow us! Our Facebook page: Our Twitter page: We wish you good luck and a lot of fun! Sn1x Project manager of actin eSports http://myactin.deSn1x1 15 Sep
10 Sep StriveWire's Daily Challenges [32slots, 3 € ] Enter the tavern and enjoy our daily challenges on each day between 11 am and 5 pm CEST and compete for 3 €. Our daily challenges are free-to-play tournaments with open registration. To participate, you only need a StriveWire Account in order to sign up for the tournament. The games are played in Best-of 3 until the finals, the final will be played as a Best-of 5 series. Conquest: The players have to prepare 3 decks, using 3 unique heroes. The winner of the match MUST switch his deck, the loser MAY but is NOT required to switch the hero. You will win the match if you manage to win with two different heroes in a BO3 or three different heroes in a BO5 Waiting List: You are not within the first 32 sign-ups? Don't worry, we have a waiting list! Members of our waiting List can check-in and receive a slot if anybody of the signed-up participants is not showing up! You can find all tournaments under Good Luck, have fun and Strive For More ~swSpammerSpammer1 10 Sep
08 Sep Youtube Vids to reach rank 5 (soon better?) Hello everyone, thank you for your time learning more about me and my videos ! -Presentation Video : -Age : 34 -Player Background : Video games player since the age of 4 (1986) on old PC, after that also on Sega and Nintendo devices, played Magic the Gathering during 20 years, World of Warcraft during 12 years -Best Ladder Ranked ever reached: 5 -Objectives : Before this week, I used to play casually. Now I want to go further than rank 5 on Standard mode. I'm now spending much more time on the game for it. I want to share my experience on VOD with all players interested in it : beginners, those who never reached rank 5, or those stuck on rank 5 too, and maybe higher ranked players liking to help ! -Videos available : I'm rank 10 right now. This month, you will find some videos about my ladder climbing with the Hybrid Hunter Deck the famous player ThijsNL used during his climb from 16 to legend, racing with Lifecoach to get Legend#1 first. Some videos are focusing on a particular game, others are entire ladder sessions : my goal here is to have as much in-game advices as possible with this deck.Vahaad1 08 Sep
03 Sep Awful card draws Dear blizz fancy giving me a game for once where i dont have 4 7 mana+ minions in my hand after mulligan? so i actually have a chance to win vs all these aggro decks. Where as my opponents litterally every. single. game. will draw the nutsCAL0 03 Sep
03 Sep New Website offering sponsored tourneys !! Hi Guys We are opening a new site which offers sponsored hearthstone tournaments, 100% free no strings attached, still in early BETA and very rough but the first tournament and prizes are all set :) Let me know what you think, would love some suggestions, like I said early beta so expect some niggles ^^Insomnihack0 03 Sep
28 Aug Draft Challange - arena against a friend mode I'd like to play hearthstone against my friends, but there are problems with constructed matches: - there are only so much interesting decks we want to show off, so I rarely have more than 2-3 duels - the differences in card collection size can lead to friends outleveling each other So I cannot play against a single friend for more than half an hour, and playing with friends with much fewer or much more cards isn't that interesting. The solution could be Draft Challenge mode, which is similar to Arena, but with some differences. Here are the rules. The Draft Challenge consists of a draft phase and some games (to two or three wins). The draft is simultaneous, from common pool. First both players select a class, then 12 cards are revealed. Both players can see them. On his turn the player chooses a card to put into his deck, thus denying it to the opponent. When both players have selected 3 cards each, the pool is discarded and a new pool of 12 cards is revealed. Repeat this until each player has 30 cards. If a class card should come up, it is replaced by a pair of two class cards of the same rarity belonging to player's respective classes (i.e. one hunter and one warrior card if the hunter and the warrior are playing). If the player selects such pair, he gets the card of his class, and the other card is discarded (so the opponent can't get it). After the decks are ready, the players play three regular matches. To spice things up, short draft phases (same as above) can be inserted between matches so the players can modify their decks by replacing up to 3 cards. Draft Challenge should take somewhere around 45 minutes. It would allow players with different collecting sizes to fairly compete, and to spend with your friends more than 10 minutes :]Phobosis2 28 Aug
25 Aug Im the biggest Hearthstoner Search other who likes this game as much as I do ♥️KönigChi0 25 Aug
19 Aug 1 Night in kara card back. So yesterday was the last day to get the card back when buying the 4 wings? it said this was the last week. guess fridays it's apart of that. It also says "Awarded by purchasing all wings of One Night in Karazhan within one week of launch." and since the event was lauched today or yday does this still apply? TL:DR is the card back Gone now or up for 1 more week?Bexa0 19 Aug
14 Aug Girlgamer — series about gamers life Hi ho! I've filmed new series... about us, gamers :) First, pilot episode: Please subscribe to series @ our youtube channel: We would film new episodes every week ;) Originally we film in Russian language - russian channel is: and then translate in English :D We are waiting for your impressions, opinions, critics 8) Please support us - "like" the video and share in social networks :) Thanks!tangar0 14 Aug
12 Aug One Night in Karazhan Free Adventure Giveaway Hi all! Just wanted to let you guys know I'll be giving away a free copy of One Night in Karazhan on my stream on Friday 12th August at 8pm Europe, 7pm UK, 2pm Eastern time. To win, all you have to do is guess how much smorc (face damage) I'll do while playing the prologue and the first wing of Karazhan for the first time. Guesses will be accepted only in the Twitch channel and only in the first 25 minutes of the show using the automated bot. A leaderboard and the current smorc count will be shown on screen so you can keep track of how you're doing. The closest guess at the end wins! It should be a ton of fun so I hope to see you there. You can find the full rules and details at the pinned post on: Stream link: Have fun! Katy.LittleKaty1 12 Aug