02 Aug 2016 Welcome: Please read Hello, and welcome to the Hearthstone Event forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss what is going on in the community of Hearthstone. Fireside Gatherings, events, player run tournaments, and community gatherings all have a place here in this forum. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines.Zaerhinon0 02 Aug 2016
27 Mar Fireside Gatherings Feature Beta Fireside Gatherings are becoming bigger and better in the Year of the Mammoth! We’ve begun beta testing some of the new Fireside Gathering features, and you may see some changes if you connect to the Americas region to play Hearthstone. While the beta is ongoing, you might see a new Fireside Gatherings button appear at the top of your Friends list. Clicking it will lead to a dialogue box that describes Fireside Gatherings, and if your device has location capabilities, you can opt-in to search for nearby Fireside Gatherings*. The dialogue will also allow you to quickly access the Fireside Gatherings website to search for nearby events. While we’re in beta, only a few events will be detectable using this search, but we’ll be rolling out the new features to more Fireside Gatherings in the future. Learn more about the new Fireside Gathering features in this Designer Insights video featuring Game Designer Pat Nagle. *You can disable this via app permissions in your.device settings.Zaerhinon3 27 Mar
02 Aug 2016 Fireside Gatherings Well met, fellow tavern-goers! Do you love Hearthstone? Want to just enjoy the game with like-minded Hearthstone players in your area? Then Fireside Gatherings are exactly what you’re looking for! To find an official Hearthstone get-together in your area, visit the Fireside Gatherings website and find out everything you need to know to join in on the fun. Can’t find a Fireside Gathering nearby? Don’t sweat it. Hosting a Fireside Gathering is easy! Head over to the Fireside Gatherings website for all the resources you will need to get started. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks about how to host a great event, as well as a poster template that you can print and display at your venue! We want to encourage Fireside Gatherings everywhere there are passionate Hearthstone players, so if you don’t find an event near you, don’t hesitate to work with local gaming groups in your community to spread awareness of Fireside Gatherings near and far. Feel free to use this section of the forum to create new threads and discuss everything Fireside Gatherings related. Whether or not you are looking to host your own event or join in on one... the forum always welcomes a healthy dialogue. Be it to act as a springboard to find other like-minded individuals to help each other start up a Fireside Gathering of your own, to highlight an existing one or to just share what one would like to see on a next gathering. It all has a rightful place, right here on the events forum. Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up to attend or host a Fireside Gathering today!Zaerhinon0 02 Aug 2016
05 May lasted new events !@#$ing change the boss that gets free upgraded minion every turn with out spending any mana %^-*ing op as hell and totally built to scraw u over no matter what need to be changed r remove the boss so op y blizzered.XpokemonX1 05 May
27 Apr Уродский эвент ведьмина леса Уродский эвент, навалили жижи, целый день проходишь, найс баланс от близов.Rever0 27 Apr
26 Apr monster hunt release time according to the plan monster hunt is suppose to be realesed in 3:30 hours from now but if you check it on the single player tab it says one weak later . so when is exactly the monster hunt release??sebastian2 26 Apr
23 Apr Ryzing Gaming Tournament I wanted to gather some information :D Hopefully someone can help me. Who are we? We are a Multi-gaming-community with over 3000 registered users and many more friends. We Have Clans\Guilds\Teams in several Blizzard games. We are non commercial and pay for everything with donations or sponsored stuff. What are we doing? We give casual and progress player a place to meet (virtually) and support a lot of games. beside the daily gaming, we do different Community events which are spread across multiple games, or at least give people the chance to put there foot into games they didn't consider playing before. What are we Planning? We are gathering informations and are planning to host a Hearthstone tournament. Right now we are checking the regulations for streaming, looking for a commentator, we want to invite people to play in the tournament. Right now we wanna give out some prizes from the first to the forth place. Everything is still in the planning phase. What are my Questions? Which legal regulations do we have to keep in mind for such tournament? Is streaming and putting overlays for commentary over the hearthstone game unproblematic? Which Programms can we use/are legal to use? How can we make contact to a Hearthstone Community Manager? What kind of Support could we get? If tournaments like this are not supported is it okay that we reward players with our prizes? Thanks for reading and for the hopefully positiv answers. Kind regards Michael (Monkeydruffy#2267) Email: info@ryzing-gaming.deMonkeydruffy0 23 Apr
18 Apr Fireside Gathering near Gävle/Uppsala Sweden? Fireside Gathering - Nemsy Hi everyone! I would love to get tyrande, eh forget about it but oh well Nemsy! I saw today that some people have a fireside gathering not too far from me but its only for students and there is no way to find those people and that group or at least I don't know how to find them. I live close to Uppsala Sweden! Anyone who know how to host a fireside or have one planned around these parts? If so I would be very happy to attend!MattiasA1 18 Apr
14 Apr Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Prokkar21 14 Apr
12 Apr Support kit With the new year players can request a support kit for Fireside Gatherings. My question is, how do you request one? Just by creating a Fireside Gathering or do you need to do anything else? Thanksssaabbuu0 12 Apr
10 Apr Players near of Oxford Hi! I just moved a few days ago to Oxford and I'm looking for players near the city, or maybe some places where people usually meet and play. Thanks!Marramaquiz1 10 Apr
06 Apr Fireside gathering deleted my event?! Have something like this ever happened to you? Now what am I gonna do when people show up IN TWO HOURS?Echo0 06 Apr
29 Mar Until I can buy witchwood pre-order ? Hi guys I'm from Poland and I want to ask Until I can buy witchwood pre-order I can buy it only on 22.04 is it gonna still gonna be avaible . Thanks for giving answersVictini1 29 Mar
27 Mar No pack from completing a quest I’ve completed my daily quest from the 26th and I was not rewarded with a random pack. Why not? the event said complete quests on the 26th. have I lost the chance at a pack ?Hicup12 27 Mar
25 Mar Let's open 1000+ Witchwood packs When new expansion comes out we are going to have a pack opening event. We will talk about Hearthstone, cards, cats, bushes and OPEN 1000+ PACKS of the new expansion. Since we don't know the exact release date, you can check twitter and twitch for more detailed information as we get closer to it. Twitter: @generallovetap Twitch: GeneralLoveTap P.S. I don’t like to post follow me and stuff like that, but how else can you know where it’s going to happen and participateGeneralLT1 25 Mar
24 Mar All Hearthstone Turkey Players Hi mates, I wish the call all upon the "Turkey Hearthstone players" to come with me and my friends Kadıköy event. First It's for meets and funs this event. Secondary This is for tournument and have fun. Tournument is important but there is more important something else here. Sharing strategys, funning or anything you wanna know about Hearthstone or anything about the Turkey Hearthstone players. Anyone can come single or with friends or with family they all can come :) Our doors always opened for you guys Come and see us on the Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings. Don't forget Sharing is a carrying :) This is my facebook adres 24 Mar
23 Mar HS Tournament - 100€ Prizepool - Mar 25, 2018 Hello everybody ! The Gaming House website organizes a Hearthstone tournament on Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 2:00pm (French time) 100% free and online EU server max 64 players 1st: 50€ 2nd: 30€ Bounty: 20€ Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince533 23 Mar
21 Mar How i can create fireside for nemzy? I create it some fireside with my friends but i don't know how i can create for nemzy ? Someone can help me? İ need visual help accualy :)DeathWispher4 21 Mar
15 Mar DISCORD SERVER FOR COMPETITIVE PLAYERS Hey, i just made a discord server for competitive players that want to boost their level even more. You can ask any question you want, try decks or play a specific matchup against another players or rank with them, doing spec to each other for turns. Just tell me your experience and give me your name tag and I will add you ASAP. darksoul37#7045darksoul370 15 Mar
14 Mar Tournament Mode Fireside Gatherings and Taverns are awesome. Can't wait for the tournament mode to help organize some competitive rounds easily from within the HS client itself. Keep up the good work Blizzard!RnG4TheWin0 14 Mar
14 Mar First gathering NL Hey, I’m about to start my first gathering and I’m trying to start it in a local gamestore (official MTG seller). However, I’ve got zero experience. If I mildly advert the gathering, how many people can I expect? It’s going to be in Bergen op Zoom, I hope, but I don’t know how big a community I can expect. Also do I have to do a couple of gatherings before gaining a tavern license? I would like to keep it simple at first. The brawl is that a choice or is this the only thing playable on the gathering when set-up? Thanks for the answers. Sorry if some are explained in other topics, I searched them but couldn’t find really resourcefull info. Gino (Moustacho)Moustacho1 14 Mar
11 Mar today i saw hearthstone tournament on tv i didnt even know its on tv. and in my country very few people even know of the existence of esports. in here sports = football. was so random there are alot of koreans playing this game. they apparently rule everything that is online pvp.Frog0 11 Mar
10 Mar HCT choose your champion rewards So I was wondering when will we get our pack rewards for choosing our champion. There's not much on this anywhere.deviant1814 10 Mar
06 Mar Notified for Fireside Gatherings Is it possible to be notified if there’s going to be a Fireside Gathering in your city? I’ve missed a few and I wish there was a way to be notified of themLoony0 06 Mar
05 Mar Cancel the quest on the new portrait? I am not interested in playing standard or new portraits. Maiev is still in my quest list. Can we at least cancel the next portrait that comes out? It annoys me I cannot get rid of them.Knoestwerk3 05 Mar
05 Mar Disgusting Brawliseum event Hello blizzard, I am protesting against your latest event called Wilfest, more specifially the special timed event called wild arena and brawliseum tavern brawl. While the nice addition to the arena and the free tickets to the both brawl and arena are good to promote wild content, it is a incredible terrible idea to do time based events like these and I can't believe you didn't get this, especially from the last time you held such an event on Halloween. Besides the low population in the last days of the events when matchmaking will be incredibly bad you will be matched with higher ranked players than you because you don't have any choice in the matter to end the matched and ending the registration a few hours before the event this creates an incredibly bad experience and unfun experience, especially since you still have problems running around in wild such as the giant deck. Please fix your current issues before setting them lose Blizzard Entertainment and learn from your past mistakes. When making a new event make it accessible to all players and don't limit it since it's a bad idea. A rather displeased fan of yoursMacenKrace2 05 Mar
03 Mar How my 1day legend challenge ended Hey I recently challenged myself to reach legend in 1day and failed misserably. You can check out how it went here EDIT: It's working now, enjoy!GeneralLT0 03 Mar
28 Feb Bristol / South West UK Fireside Gathering Bristol/South West UK Hearthstone Fireside Gathering Looking for potential interest in setting up a gathering in Bristol, UK. Feel free to post interest and will update when event is created. Have already received FB interest for multiple people. Good to network players in the area. CheersMagneticMax4 28 Feb
28 Feb 1 DAY LEGEND RUSH f2p deck Come have fun with me while we try to get legend in 1 day together, we can do anything! :) 28 Feb
24 Feb Wild Fest Arena Wild Fest Arena. Hello everyone can somebody tell me when does Wild Fest begin? Thank youTrigger0 24 Feb
23 Feb Thrill of victory cardback Well met Blizzard, i have attended the HCT world Championship and tried to get the event card back. However the Wifi network was set a 5gHz (i think) wich is not supported by the device that I brought with me. And since it required connecting to the network to get the card back I was unable to do so. Is there a way for me to still get the card back. Thanks in advance for helping me out. PS loved the championship it was awesome.DarthAvenger45 23 Feb
22 Feb I am done with Hearthstone There was a huge giveaway: Quest for packs I have got 2 friend with am I playing Hearthstone. One had 13 tickets second something about 4. I had 14. I was waiting until next day, I went sleep at 1AM just for completing quest and get ticked 3 times. I just wanted to get at least 3 hearthstone packs. But both of my friends get Mamooth bundle... Really ?Dufi7 22 Feb
21 Feb Eligible HCT countries As a player from a country in the Balkans, specifically Macedonia its really frustrating that spending money on the game, putting in time and effort to grind on ladder can't bring anything really valuable, because reaching legend dosen't really mean anything for the countries that can't participate in HCT and going from rank 5 to legend is roughly 50 dust difference. It doesn't seem fair that Blizzard is profiting of every purchase from all of the countries the same but not every country is eligible to play in their competition. And the answer that Blizzard presents when confronted with this issue is that some kind of law is the problem that these countries are not eligible for HCT competition. So if anyone from Blizzard is reading this, I'm offering my and the support, time and resources of many people here that want to play the game competitivley and see competitive hearthstone be a part of our experience. I really hope we will at least get an answer that will give us some perspective into what and if you are planning to let countries be treated equally or will this exclusion proceed and in return the only response from your side will be that we need to wait and you're working on it. And again if the problem really is because of some law, let us participate and help you work it out and not get left out yet another year and be ignored or kindly asked to wait for the next year in hope that you are doing everything that you can when we've already seen that scenario play out. I hope i didn't offend anyone while stating the obvious facts and if there is a backstory that I'm not aware of i'd like to be corrected.JohnnyRDS12 21 Feb
20 Feb HCT Team competiton Hi, where can I find ANY information about it? What are the conditions for the team to be eligible and where to sign it in? Thanks for answering Blizzard - I wrote on twitter and no answer here :(Heki0 20 Feb
17 Feb Slovakia Fireside Gatherings, Practicality. I've attempted to attend a couple of FGs in my region (Bratislava, Slovakia), all turned out to be shady, even one where the organizer had the audacity to put "by Dell" in the title. In the end me and my friend were expected to play downstairs in a lobby via phone on their wifi while the guy sat upstairs working. That is no Gathering. I've had to travel back and forth for nothing, wasting time and fuel. In light of these recent events, I would very much like it if providing a contact info while creating an event would be mandatory, as it would make it easier to assemble the would-be guests among other things. I don't know many HS players in my region as I do not go outside besides work too much, so these incidents have been a huge letdown for me. If you've had a similar experience or empathize with my cause, please consider voicing it, as it may help this small feature become reality. Thanks!Leviathan1 17 Feb
15 Feb Quest for packs event entry Hello, I've been doing dailies since this event started but I've received no notifications regarding the event in the app/game. Is this normal or am I missing something?Elviscerate3 15 Feb
15 Feb Fireside Gathering - Bratislava / Slovakia Hi folks, we are hosting a brand new Fireside Gathering with a tournament in Bratislava, Slovakia. In case you are interested, please do not hesitate and check the event below. We are looking forward to meet you there! Cheers, AttomAttom0 15 Feb
12 Feb Just another mammoth bundle/spec event topic Any1 knows if mammoth bundle becomes available in web-shop as a gift? Or is it disabled due to some hidden rule, like you cannot win 1 of the 50000 mammoth bundle if you already purchased a mammoth bundle? Sorry if this is a common question, but have not found any answer to the first one, and ofc like many people, I am just jumping to bold conclusions. :DPickpocket0 12 Feb
09 Feb Opening over 600 packs this Friday F2P Greetings, With the upcoming nerfs I'll be opening packs onstream this Friday February 9 and see if the RNGesus gods is with me with the full dust The 600 packs are spread over 6 regions I have downloaded deck and pack tracker this time so the statistics should be shown fast Streamchannel: Social Media also including timezonetable: 19:00 CET / 2:00 HKT / 10:00 LAT / 13:00 NYT well met,AnimeSenshi1 09 Feb
08 Feb New Card Lich king helm 08 Feb
08 Feb Multibox Gatherings Is it normal/legal to organize(!) fireside gatherings for yourself? I've been trying to find a gathering near me but the list is almost completely full of people giving their home adresses with a note "no one is invited / unlocking hero" etc. So you need at least 3 people for a fireside brawl right? In this case 3 devices logged into different accounts of the same person like a PC and mobile devices etc and you have your "event". I've been seing only these "personal gatherings" lately, is this normal?Bokkafa0 08 Feb
07 Feb Silvapower87 Beast 2087Silvas870 07 Feb
07 Feb Arena leaderboards - top 20 runs this month? Like last time when there was an event and the season being shorter then usually, will it be my top 20 runs that count towards the arena leaderboards?Makkis0 07 Feb
03 Feb Quest for packs Hey, i just wanted to ask why dont i have the quests? Its the 3rd of February and i still dont have any of them.. iam kinda sad.Aki2 03 Feb
01 Feb Still no packs from HCT Still no packs from HCTKilluminatti0 01 Feb
01 Feb HCT Bangkok Someone knows any informatios about Bangkok online global qualifiers?Waldmann0 01 Feb
01 Feb Quest for Packs event What happen if I have no quest when the event starts?...will I get a quest automatically when the event starts or Blizzard will punish me for being one that first thing I do is completing my daily questLuminoth1 01 Feb
31 Jan Fireside Gatherings So I was doing like 10 times fireside with no success. At the last days it disappears. (I wanted to do it with my friends at my house). Please help because I can't do anything and we want the warlock hero. Thanks!DABoss0 31 Jan
27 Jan HS Tournament - 100€ Prizepool - Feb 25, 2018 Hello everybody ! The Gaming House website organizes a Hearthstone tournament on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 2:00pm (French time) 100% free and online EU server max 32 players 1st: 50€ 2nd: 30€ Bounty: 20€ Registration: See you soon on Gaming House ! VinceVince530 27 Jan
25 Jan HCT Packs I have not got any of my packs from choose a champion!! What is going on?Killuminatti0 25 Jan