3d Current Arena Rules Updated: 19/7/2017 Note: Neutral cards form the basis for draft appearance rates. On average, Arena runs consist of 60% Common, 28% Rare, 10% Epic, and about 2% Legendary cards. Class minions are +100% more common than neutral cards. Class Spells and Weapons are +175% more common than neutral cards. Journey to Un'Goro cards receive an additional +50% increase in their appearance rate. The following cards are unavailable in arena: Jungle Giants, The Marsh Queen, Open the Waygate, The Last Kaleidosaur, Awaken the Makers, The Caverns Below, Unite the Murlocs, Lakkari Sacrifice, Fire Plume’s Heart, Klaxxi Amber Weaver, Dark Arakkoa, Cult Sorcerer, Hooded Acolyte, Twilight Darkmender, Blade of C’Thun, Usher of Souls, Ancient Shieldbearer, Twilight Geomancer, Disciple of C’Thun, Twilight Elder, C’Thun’s Chosen, Crazed Worshipper, Skeram Cultist, Twin Emperor Vek’lor, Doomcaller, C’Thun, Dust Devil, Totemic Might, Ancestral Healing, Windspeaker, Sacrificial Pact, Sense Demons, Faceless Summoner, Succubus, Savagery, Soul of the Forest, Mark of Nature, Warsong Commander, Rampage, Starving Buzzard, Timber Wolf, Snipe, Mind Blast, Lightwell, Purify and Inner Fire. Flamestrike, Abyssal Enforcer, and Vicious Fledgling will appear in drafts 50% less often. Neutral cards from the Classic and Basic set appear 50% less often. Popular cards had small drop rate changes to address class balance concerns. (Note - These changes range from 1-5%. They are small enough that they are unlikely to be noticed during an individual draft, but should have enough cumulative impact to help improve class balance.) We’re working to improve the Arena experience, and your feedback is always appreciated!Zaerhinon0 3d
22 Feb Update 7.1 Arena Changes In our next update, we will be making a few changes to the Arena that should make it more interesting for our players and offer a much more different experience with each set release. Arena will change from Wild format to Standard As more cards are added to the Arena pool, having each game feel meaningfully different actually becomes harder to accomplish many of the cool synergies between cards, such as Jade Golems or Mechs, live within each individual set release. Attempting to create decks that utilize these meaningful synergies in a wide and diluted card pool will become more and more difficult as the Wild card pool grows larger. Arena runs then becomes less about card synergies and smart deck choices and more about being fortunate enough to be presented with the best card from each set. This change should put the focus back on the player for good, synergistic Arena choices and make Arena decks feel more cohesive. We’ll be monitoring using the Standard format in Arena carefully, and we may add additional changes or formats in the future if it doesn’t meet our goals of having Arena feel interesting and different with each set release. Changes to Card Rarity Distribution We’re making a change to the frequency in which Common and Basic cards show up in the Arena. Common cards were about 78% of all Arena cards, and we felt that number was too high considering that many of the cards that focus around individual class identity and power level rely on the common cards of any given class. After this change, the number of Common and Basic cards that show up overall should be lower, giving more room for fun Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards to show up in an Arena run. In addition, the cards Abyssal Enforcer and Flamestrike will show up approximately 50% less in Arena. More Spells in a Run Spells have the power to swing a board state, generally more than minions do. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this. When the distribution of spells to minions is too low, the game usually ends up in the favor of the player that gets out their minions faster and more efficiently than the other player, because there aren’t enough cards that punish overextending. Bringing the distributions of spells and minions closer together allows for more room to have an Arena game that is more strategic and facilitates more plays and counter-plays to occur. Neutral Classic Cards Show Up Less A lot of neutral Classic cards tend to be minions without any text that lack interesting effects. While they are great for introducing newer players to Hearthstone and providing baselines for power level comparisons, they don’t make for compelling Arena run choices. This helps make more room for spells, class cards, and expansion cards to show up at a higher rate. Golden Cards Show Up In Arena If you own golden cards in your collection, copies of that card that appear in your Arena run will show up as golden. If you own a single golden card, the first copy of it you choose will be golden. If you own two copies of a golden card, every copy of that card you choose in the Arena will be golden. If you own one golden Legendary, every copy of that Legendary you choose in Arena will be golden. These changes will occur in an upcoming update near the end of February. We’ll see you in the Tavern! Edit: Added additional bullet point regarding golden cards.Zaerhinon1 22 Feb
10 Feb Welcome to the Arena! :) Hello, and welcome to the Hearthstone Arena forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the Arena with your fellow combatants. Discuss your best deck-building strategies, epic winning streaks and your best Arena decks within – and learn the ropes from other Arena veterans! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting.Zaerhinon0 10 Feb
7h Arena rewads I allways get gold as my arena rewards. It is marketing or program?Plogkiller4 7h
8h Mages in arena How does Blizzard plan to address this? Everytime you have to pick a class in arena and you get a mage, you basically can't choose what to play. The amount of great removal mage has in common, rare and epic slots is just too much. Not to mention how long mage has been top 1 class for arena. I don't think I'm alone on this one, something needs to be changed to arena state.Schrödinger4 8h
23h Refund my arena run or give me one for free Can i get my 150 gold spent before the free arena started i bought a arena invitation and i had priest warlock and druid then it took me out of the arena before i can choose my class then told me that this arena is for free but i lost my 150 gold and got other 3 clases !EdwardTirn3 23h
1d Why no recourse or compensation? freezes and crashes when I am about to win 4th game as if the other guy is cheating and there is no recourse to report the game to see if it is permissible to get another shot. How can they Charge real money for something if they can not guarantee they will deliver what you are paying for? My computer did not crash and my Internet did not go down so what the hell blizzard?Shinobi1 1d
1d FCK that arena run never play this anymore... Today in arena met mage with 2 fireballs, 1frostbolt and two flamestrikes how could this been possible ??? after update please tell me ....baxovaPAWLA3 1d
1d Disconnect Losses Today I've had the most Intense Arena Fight at 11-2 against a Priest and won but after the Match the Game gave me a Reward for 11 Wins and said i lost due to a disconnect and this isn't the only time I've played a Match, won and it counted as a loss. I guess I won't get that 12 Wins reward back, nevertheless is it unfair and annoying that this happens a lot in the last few days and I wonder if anyone else had this experienceScren1 1d
2d Can I report cheating in Arena? Not sure if I can, but I want to report the user "DOehl" as he use wild cards in Arena. In this instance he used "Argent Horserider", a "The Grand Tournament" card that should not be able to be obtainable in Arena. The person who battled the player was not me, but another streamer (Amaz). A picture is available here: You can watch the battle on his twitch channel: It's the last battle he does that day (13.04.2017) (Exact time in video: 04:36:26) And unfortunately lost. Thank you for using your time to read this :) It's important to let players know that arena is a fair battle. Especially when people spend money on it.Skyler5 2d
4d Arena Prize Bug My arena prize didnt came to me ı saw it but i cant take it :((Syndicate0 4d
5d 300 for one arena run I had 1140 gold because of the midsummer and the Knights of the Frozen Throne, then I payed for an arena run, and unexpectedly after I only had 840 gold, please give me my gold back blizzard, because I know that you are a good game making company.Candy5 5d
6d 300 for one arena run I had 1140 gold because of the midsummer and the Knights of the Frozen Throne, then I payed for an arena run, and unexpectedly after I only had 840 gold, please give me my gold back blizzard, because I know that you are a good game making company.Candy0 6d
6d 12- win arena rewards? So, im an average Hearthstone player i play for fun and i dont have a big card collection. So i could talk about bad pack openin luck and such, but i wont cry all over this thread. What i find most fun in heartstone is arena, and i enojy playing it very much, and I got my first 12 win arena yesterday. It was a 12-1 arena run, so I expected some good rewards. What i got was: 200 gold, 30 gold, a pack and a golden common and rare. So im not sure how blizzard programs this, but i got better rewards from 7-8 arena runs than this 12 wins arena run. Is this all RNG as well, becouse that makes the game al the less fun :(luffypirate10 6d
14 Jul 3 - 0 arena run gained a loss from somewhere? Hi, I'm currently on a 3 - 0 arena run, and despite only playing the three games after finishing the last I had a loss recorded against me? Despite running the Overwolf Heartharena companion at the time aswell which also confirms I've only had 3 games on the current run. Just wondering as to what might have caused this?Rugga5 14 Jul
13 Jul Arena Rewards Blizzard I have to ask, why in gods name is a f****** card even a reward in the arena, I don't care if I go 0-3 or 12 - 0 a card is not a reward, you spend 150g to enter the arena to win a few games then get a card pack and a f******* card! it is a joke! this is the only thing that really needs changing in the arena, dust / gold / card pack that should be the rewards!Hazzra3 13 Jul
13 Jul fix matchmaking in arena pls!! My highest rank ever in ranked is rank 10, so why do i always get matched with legendary players?? Thats no fun at all, those guys are clearly far better players then me, i is super frustrating to constantly get matched up with those and loose...Storm4 13 Jul
13 Jul Arena and its problems Even in the beginning when you have to select your hero, there is luck involved whether you get a top tier option. And then there is the deck crafting. Absolutely based on pure luck whether you get good cards or not. The outcome of your arena run depends on this significantly. And then the basic HS luck-fest, including top-decking, Malchezaar, card draws etc. Even the rewards are so RNG based, sometimes you just waste time with arena runs (even 5 win ones) As someone who has been playing since Alpha, it's sad to see how a game with such potential degraded over the years. The main issue is that the game values luck over skill. You can play 100% perfectly, and still lose your matches, simply because of the insane amount of luck involved. This is what is wrong with the game and makes people quit.Aelthura5 13 Jul
13 Jul New player matched against experienced.... So this is pretty much bull!@#$. I've just lost 0-3 and obviously was pissed off by the amount of bull%^-* the cards my oponents played against me. So after an hour break, I decide to play another run. Got a Mage deck that has good control. Right now i'm at 0-2 with the mage and it is such bull!@#$. Every player i've been matched against are old (experienced), judging by their card skins. (2014-2015 skins) and even added a few as friends just to ask them how long they've played the game. Most say around 1-2 years. I've played for a month now so its kind of bull%^-* i'm being matched against good players. I rarely, rarely get actually angry at a game but this is complete bull!@#$. Either it's the RNG that is %^-*ing with me, or that I really aren't that good. Probably is the latter, but at least make me play against another player that "isn't good" so that I actually have a chance....Nebula2 13 Jul
11 Jul Remove paladin from arena op as filyanm1 11 Jul
09 Jul Vicious Fledgling too op in arena ! Hello to all ! Today i want to talk about a card that in my opinion is busted in arena and need to get nerfed or even removed.If Vicious Fledgling stays on board one turn the game is over, it gets windfury attack twice and get stealth it can't be stoped i had games like this and it isn't the best experience .If you can take that feedback and make the card enjoyable i will be very thankful!OdiSei9 09 Jul
09 Jul Arena rewards It seems to me arena rewards have deteriorated this expansion and guarantied pack contains some really bad stuff. I havent seen golden card in a pack for a while and also havent opened legendary card for some time. I have opened 20+ packs since last legendary and i believe it is closer to 30+ (cant tell for sure cause i have no way to check). I tend to play one or 2 arenas a day so I open 1-2 packs a day. I get some dust as a reward almost every run I finish. So yeah, not only you take a huge gamble every time you enter arena (too much RNG elements) you cannot expect some at least comforting rewards anymore. My last arena experiance was overall so terrible that I will take a break from the game for a few days.Sismis4 09 Jul
08 Jul draft arena! After 15 runs with irl money i tryed to se if it was posebol to beat my record of 9 win with rogue long long ago.. By the looks ok this blizzard u shud F*****G give me my money back wow even with hearth arena draft add on it say u have deck score of 78 etc and still 3 games strait lose not lose close i mean dominated like tghe players you meet have deck score of 100+ wtf is this crap...Kristian4 08 Jul
05 Jul It is horrible... Dear Blizzard, and HS dev! I've got tired of this bull*hit arena that is going on nowadays. Today (at 1-0!!!) I have experienced my worst arena game EVER. Can you guess what class was my opponent? Oh yes, it was a mage. (what a suprise) He had 3 flamestrikes, 2 meteors, 2 fireballs, 2 blizzards, frostbolt, and even more random spell generating bull*hit... I just wanted to tell you that my favourite thing in HS was arena...Until now. It is disgusting that you have to face against mages/rogues/paladins that have decks like it is constructed, and nearly all game that I play feels like this... You don't even meet any other classes than these and that is sad. I apolgize for my rage, but I just got tired of it, and hope you do something about this very soon...Flashback5 05 Jul
03 Jul Arena counted as lost I joined arena. Lost my first battle regularly, lost my second due to disconnect and I won third. But, I didnt get chance to play next game because I got third "X" and it count me like a lost. Please bring me back in arena. Thank youDzoG4 03 Jul
02 Jul Kicked off arena after a win Was doing a warlock run, at 3-2. I played a priest and won, and instead of taking me to the main arena screen with the key it just posted rewards (for what? I won!). It didn't even record as a "loss" showing 3 X's and me having to click the key. It just posted the rewards and when i clicked OK it took me to the main screen and it's making me buy a new arena. Do I get a refund from Blizzard on my gold? Or is it normal to "end" an arena at what should be 4-2?? Anyone else have this issue before? Doubt blizzard will answer... Update: Just re-logged into the game. It said "lost last game due to disconnect" (which isn't true) yet it recorded as a WIN towards the daily quest...Radu1 02 Jul
01 Jul Wild cards in arena I have encountered wild cards twice in arena today, the first time i was playing against a paladain that played Muster for Battle which is GvG, at first I just thought it was someone that had saved their deck from before wild was taken out of arena, but then I played the next game against a warrior that had a Mechanical Yeti which is also GvG but then he also played a Fure Plum Pheonix which is Un'Goro so it can't of been an old deck, has anyone else come across this?Mango1 01 Jul
01 Jul Meteor This card is disgusting. Costs 6 for a potential 21 damages, while a card named Flame Lance costs 5 and deals 8. So now when you face a mage, you can't play around flamestrike because of meteor and you can't play around meteor because of flamestrike, talk about strategy, duh.FortuneDW9 01 Jul
30 Jun Mage solution I have pretty radical yet actual solution for mage being op(i hope there is no argue about that) problem - just remove mage from arena. So what do you think? If we remove mage would arena become better? What class will be op then? And what if we then remove this class, too?GabenTheOne18 30 Jun
27 Jun blizz...nerv your arena bots blizz...nerv your playing bots dammit no more money from me until then...IoTheChosen2 27 Jun
24 Jun shoudt arena just have standar card? Hei, i am now in arena i see a Paladin play he Plays card from naxramus and gnoms vs goobling and other expancens, does this mean he have the arena card were you coud get Wild before the patch were you only get standar? that guy name is: litteleappelcbocbo1 24 Jun
23 Jun Prince Malcheezar, a pit fighter. He got The Curator Sunkeeper Tarim Soggoth the Slitherer This 3 cards won him the game. I was getting ready to kill him next turn, he used lost in the jungle a small taunt he already had and the sunkeeper, I had a 5/7 a 5/6 and a 4/2 vinecleaver, however nest turn my hand was empty and he used Soggoth so bye me.Sheercold0 23 Jun
23 Jun Arena leaderboard only for 100 Player I have a question. Why does the current Arena leaderboard only honor the top 100 Player? I´m an infinit Arena Player and trying to get even better in the Game , still I´m not good enough for the top 100, but with an average 6,6 winrate i could be in the top 1000. I dont want any reward for my archievment, but I would love to see a rank where I can see my improvements. I spend a lot of time in Hearthstone, but only showing the top 100 player frustrates me, it feels like you need a tons of skill and also a lot of luck. Its not a big deal to programm and show the maybe best 10000 Arena player (30 wins) and everyone worse then that probably doesn´t care at all.TPBlizZarD6 23 Jun
22 Jun The errant philosophy behind arena. "Okay, let's make a game mode where we equip some players with tanks and some players with wooden clubs, and then send them in to fight each other, and watch as the strong slaughter the weak, even though we already know this will happen before we start." I assume this was the approximate conversation at Blizzard HQ while designing the arena. Not only this, but the variance across the classes is staggering (-ly inept) It's more closely related to the concept of a lottery, where people buy tickets hoping to be the one in a million that gets to visit the chocolate factory. How to have any chance of 12 wins in arena: 1. Pick mage or rogue (or if not given, then paladin) 2. Be randomly given a good deck by the algorithm. 3. Dodge bullets in the early arena by not facing any other good decks, or opponents who hit a perfect draw/curve. 4. Skill, which helps you to slightly ride your luck when you get it, and slightly counter bad luck when you get it. I would love a mathematician to work out the percentages properly, but it can't be far off 90% luck to 10% skill that decides the run, and probably much more than 90%. Admittedly, it's more entertaining than buying a lotto ticket and waiting to see the draw to find out if you've won.Hal90002 22 Jun
21 Jun normal cards from arena reward i never understand why blizzard add a reward with a card like normal common in arena this reward are minimum reward that you think in hearhstone i think this reward are really really bad i get 8-3 in arena and one of my reward was a normal rare:/ so if that was a golden common i was happy but normal rare? 10 dust? after that i got 4-3 and this time i get a normal common(5 dust.... minimum reward in hs) and 40 gold and a pack just think if i pay that time for i get 4-3 in arena , i do in rank or brawl i save 150 gold and get 10 gold for 3 win so: 4-3 arena < 3 win in other way play in hs arena need some change in reward because: 1. that's not free and players pay 150 gold for that 2.if i get some win in arena must have value more than that much win in rank or brawlhunter3 21 Jun
21 Jun complain about complaining Can we use this topic to write down tips and useful stuff about playing arena? cause all i see is people complaining about windfury stealth fledgling or cabalist's tome which everybody knows are !@#$ed, no useSheercold4 21 Jun
20 Jun Remove mage or something... The class is way too ridiculously unbalanced in arena. You have other classes which are "op" such as Paladin and Rogue but they're still completely outclassed by mage. It's gotten to the point where I get to 3 wins and then I'm only playing against mages and quite often I'll just lose as they're able to constantly clear my board without any counter play and make their own board as well. No matter what card you play they always seem to have a perfect answer to it, you could say RNG is a large influence but they have so many useful common cards that are incredibly easy to draft. Not to mention the class is broken in standard as well, all their cards have such huge synergy with one another opposed to other classes. Something really has to be done about it...I literally can't be bothered to play this game anymore simply because of this one class. It feels pointless to even bother playing the game unless I can afford a perfect mage deck or draft one in arena.Bretterz1 20 Jun
19 Jun Less RNG in arena So I was playing this game, where I was ahead constantly, until my opponent drew a kabal chemist, got dragonfire potion from it. Next, he used cabalist tome, got 2 flamestrikes and another cabalist tome, from where he got another flamestrike and a greater arcane misiles. I honestly feel like Blizzard sometimes decides that RNG is only there for those who worships it rather than those, who want to play with skills and an actual plan.DREAMSTREET3 19 Jun
09 Jun New Arena Concept Hello everyone Hello Blizzard, I’m writing this whole document with the purpose to help to improve the gameplay and design of the Arena. I’ve been playing HS since the beginning more or less and I always have been a card game player like Magic the Gathering and others. The reason I say this is due to the fact that I see in Arena the same potential as limited format in MTG (like drafts and sealed decks) since they are probably the most fascinating formats. Giving an important and solid alternative to constructed is by far the most important task for Hearthstone right now, because: • It gives players another way to have fun (and this is as stupid as true) • It can give players the opportunity to specialize more on a format. People like to specialize on something different from others (that’s on the human nature) • It can bring a new competitive format to Hearthstone and increase the number of tournaments (and addiction to the game) • It gives players the opportunity to REALLY have another option other than Standard ranked format when they are full of it. Having this said, I never liked just blaming someone for something. So I decided to put myself on it and tried to see and formulate how Arena can be improved. Arena can be improved just by changing completely the deck building part. The rest of gameplay I think it’s still good with the concept of 12 wins to achieve. My idea gives to Arena more interaction and suspence than before. Here below is my new design of it. First of all, when you enter Arena you have pick – as before – the hero class. Since then you will be matched with 4 other players that just picked the same hero. (I have no data to know if there is a possibility to connect 8 people together in the same time at every single hour of the day, so I put 4 players by default because this should be possible). After having picked the hero those 4 players will be sat on the same virtual table and will pass 6 phases (first 2 phases are the same): 1. The four players would have to choose 10 common/basic cards and this is how. Every player starts by picking a card out of 15 and then “passes” the remaining 14 cards to the player next to him. And so on until everyone has picked 10 cards. This clearly will need a timer to avoid long times waiting (like 45 seconds per pick). Why 15 cards if you have to pick 10 out of it? Because making so, you won’t have too many fillers in your decks. 2. Second phase is the same as the first one. At this stage you will have 20 common/basic cards in your deck. 3. The third stage of Arena will have almost the same process of picking cards except that you will have to pick 5 rare cards out of 7 (first pick 1 out of 7, second pick 1 out of 6 and so on) 4. The fourth stage will require you to pick 3 epic cards out of 5 (first pick 1 out of 5, second pick 1 out of 4 and so on) 5. And the last stage you have to pick 2 legendary cards out of 3 (first pick 1 out of 3, second and last pick 1 out of 2 and so on). I decided to put common/basic cards at the start since it will give you the possibility to build the deck properly because common/basic cards give a much more solid idea on where you are going with your deck and let you choose precisely which rare and epic cards you need for it. The interaction with other players is the key of this process because it is interesting to remember which cards are still in and sometimes you will have to gamble that they will return back to you. In my opinion this whole new concept would give to Arena a new buff and bring it to the appeal of constructed meta game. People will like the interaction, the gamble, the picking mode and will love to build their own decks. I stay open to new ideas that could improve mine and hope this could give the will to change Arena to a greater format. With respect, Dr KerDrKer7 09 Jun
07 Jun lose bug ? why I got lose in arena when I don't lose a game ??? 07 Jun
07 Jun How is this possible? So I ran into this WILD guy in arena............ Sorry about 2nd one, (Yes, that's a belcher.)EndlessVoid2 07 Jun
06 Jun Arena changes It would be awesome if Arena has Standard and Wild modes. Not just standard. I also suggest that Arena draft has no more multiple copies of cards. Same rules as constructed: max 2 copies of each card and 1 of legendary.Kokkeli1 06 Jun
06 Jun !@#$ u BenBrode retarded piece of crap !@#$ing great job fat fagot with ur arena %^-* Now go and stuff a fist in to ur fat !@#$W84U0 06 Jun
06 Jun Frustration I used to play HS quite a bit. Got around 5,5 wins. Rarely did I get only 1 and rarely did I get 12. Most of my runs ended with about 4 to 8 wins. I just returned but I'm going between 1 and 12. The extremes. Up and down. Imo its a bit rediculous how the swings are atm. I hope Im not alone in this.Nanyana1 06 Jun
05 Jun Arena balance Hello, I hope this goes through to game developers. Arena experience has become very bad and frustrating. It is not cool to have low quality cards offered in your draft when other players get high quality cards. I think designers need to take into consideration the balance of decks so that skill factor can influence games in more significat way. Here is a suggestion: When drafting, every deck will be offered to pick 1 legendary card, 4 epic cards, 10 rare cards and the rest would be common and classic. I believe this or similar change would make arena more competitive and more enyojable format.Sismis11 05 Jun
31 May RIP Arena What did blizzard think when they created the card ''Meteor'' for mages? Or how about ''Primordial glyph''? And shall we even begin talking about Firelands portal? The arena experience sucks, in conclusion. Farewell Hearthstone, it was fun while it lasted.Zefroth0 31 May
29 May How works in the leaderboard. Why in the europe leaderboard 2 players with the same avg have 2 different position , and in asia they have the same? This seems ridicolous. How it works?Leta0 29 May
27 May How to become a game designer? How to become a game designer if you are brain dead? If ur brain is soft as a spanch - design arena for Heartstone! And you will feel right at home! Every one on the team is just like you )W84U0 27 May
25 May Wild arena mode, sign here. made a topic on U.S HS forums about this, thought i'd do the same here, even though EU is treated bad, But no matter where you play, i think your vote counts as a player regardless. Some classes don't work so good in standard arena mode, the arena seems to favor mages too much, other classes have a fairer chance in wild mode, but that's not the only reason why there should be a wild arena mode. If there is a wild mode and standard mode in constructed, there should be a wild mode in arena as well, it's only reasonable. Sign here if you want a wild arena mode option. 1+ PS: It would also solve the case where people save their arena decks, and wait for new expansion, so their saved arena deck has wild cards in it and crush standard arena decks, Logic.Kenshobu3 25 May
24 May Un'goro arena is unplayable! Every match past 6 wins is a clown fiesta with endless removal and descovery cards (and half of them before 6 wins). Game is often desided by ammount of removal and descovery cards u were able 2 draft. Players could not play around all of those! Mage is agrovating! Average mage deck contain around 3 board clears and can go on forever with good descovery roll! Paladin - descovery garbage + billion of buffs. Rouge - just billion piecec of removal. Other classes have no chance. Arena dumped down so much, i can not enjoy my time with this game mode any more! Whoever in charge of arena balancing should be fired! Game mode is as good as broken. I will rather get 500 error every time i try to start a new run. I uninstalled heartstone, since game quality went that low. This isn't a Blizzard game, this is trash!W84U0 24 May