10 Nov Update 9.4 – 11/15/17 • Death Knight Hero cards can no longer be drafted in Arena. Starting on the morning of Tuesday, November 14 PST, we will remove the nine Knights of the Frozen Throne Death Knight Hero cards from the Arena draft pool. While the Death Knight Hero Cards are exciting and powerful to play, their permanent Hero Power upgrades are hard to combat in a format where answers are limited. We will continue to monitor Arena balance and make changes on an as-needed basis. Please note this change does not remove Death Knight Hero cards from existing drafted decks. For a complete list of cards that are not available in the Arena draft pool, please refer to our Arena Specifics forum post on the official Hearthstone forums.Zaerhinon0 10 Nov
29 Oct Current Arena Rules Updated: 15 Nov 2017 Note: Neutral cards represent the baseline for all draft appearance rates. On average, Arena runs consist of 60% Common, 28% Rare, 10% Epic, and about 2% Legendary cards. Class minions are +100% more common than neutral cards. Class Spells and Weapons are +175% more common than neutral cards. Cards from the latest Expansion receive an additional +50% increase in their appearance rate. The following cards are unavailable in arena: Death Knight Hero Cards, Vicious Fledgling, Jungle Giants, The Marsh Queen, Open the Waygate, The Last Kaleidosaur, Awaken the Makers, The Caverns Below, Unite the Murlocs, Lakkari Sacrifice, Fire Plume’s Heart, Klaxxi Amber Weaver, Dark Arakkoa, Cult Sorcerer, Hooded Acolyte, Twilight Darkmender, Blade of C’Thun, Usher of Souls, Ancient Shieldbearer, Twilight Geomancer, Disciple of C’Thun, Twilight Elder, C’Thun’s Chosen, Crazed Worshipper, Skeram Cultist, Twin Emperor Vek’lor, Doomcaller, C’Thun, Dust Devil, Totemic Might, Ancestral Healing, Windspeaker, Sacrificial Pact, Sense Demons, Faceless Summoner, Succubus, Savagery, Soul of the Forest, Mark of Nature, Warsong Commander, Rampage, Starving Buzzard, Timber Wolf, Snipe, Mind Blast, Lightwell, Purify and Inner Fire. Flamestrike and Abyssal Enforcer appear in drafts 50% less often. Neutral cards from the Classic and Basic set appear 50% less often. Popular cards had small drop rate changes to address class balance concerns. The first two picks in an Arena draft are no longer more likely to include synergy-based cards. We’re working to improve the Arena experience, and your feedback is always appreciated!Zaerhinon4 29 Oct
10 Feb Welcome to the Arena! :) Hello, and welcome to the Hearthstone Arena forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the Arena with your fellow combatants. Discuss your best deck-building strategies, epic winning streaks and your best Arena decks within – and learn the ropes from other Arena veterans! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting.Zaerhinon0 10 Feb
16h Arena Lol 2 wins three losses all thanks to rng and going second with an arena deck that had rexxar lich king and putricide in !@#$ this game and it's pathetic rng bull%^-*SpartakFrank3 16h
1d Arenas and legendaries How come I always get 0 legendaries in my arena deck, whilst others have +2 legendaries? One legendary alone can change the game, it isn't really fair tbh.Kongen3 1d
1d Autistic grudge against 5 dust/gold reward I hate having to play a bunch of arenas to get back my even amount of gold/dust. It is bugging the ships out of my inner autist! There is nothing to be bought or created with 5 gold/dust so why won’t you just round it up/down. If its a marketing thing to get autistic people to play extra arenas like myself don’t keep your hopes up cause it only makes me avoid arena all together once i’m back even. It’s annoying to a point i feel discriminated! The great reason i hate arena!Jeun0 1d
3d Remove hero cards from arena Blizzard, remove hero cards from arena or include them in every single arena draft.Sismis9 3d
11 Nov 12-0 Druid // Aspiring new streamer I recently finished a 12-0 druid. It was a lot of fun, of course we had some broken cards in the deck such as moonfire - best card in the game lulz! Anyways check it out at The Druid draft starts at 02:03:50. Or just check out the deck at I've been streaming a lot lately so be sure to check out the channel if you like HS Arena. My tracked average is around 6wins. Feel free to join me in chat sometimes and if you're interested in doing a coop run sometime feel free to contact me. My HS-mail can be found on my twitchpage. don't forget to go twelve,,Ikomu0 11 Nov
07 Nov Ultimate Winfestation is cancerous Dear Blizzard, I hope you could lower the chance to get Ultimate Infestation in Arena. It is really annoying to lose a game only because of a single card that requires zero conditions to be met. Thank you your fellow gamer.Waczek0 07 Nov
06 Nov Dual-class arena is fun Please bring it back. Once a year is good.Yxan4 06 Nov
06 Nov To maintain the fun of the arena Hello blizzard ! ( sorry for my bad english ) I ve found this new arena of bi-classes, very fun and interesting. The ladder doesn't interest me so much, too much repetitive, so i play pretty only in arena . It was a very good idea to propose this event and i was thinking to other possibility for you to maintain the interest of the arena when the latest extension is far behind us. 1 : tri-classes draft with one card of the 3 classes at every choice of 3 cards . 2 : possibility to reroll some of the proposed cards ( 5 times ... 10 times, at you to see ) 3 : integration of one of the old extensions to propose new combos and new meta. With this, you will be able to maintain the fun experience of the arena for all players, in the waiting of the next extension . In hope you ll be seeing this post .nekrathaal0 06 Nov
06 Nov arena wiped ? hi all, did someone else have this issue ? I received last week a ticket for a free arena, entered it, picked the double class, picked the 30 cards, but then had to go back to work, closed it, went back just to check if deck was gone, deck was still there I checked yesterday and wanted to play my arena, but deck was gone I contacted support, told me there's no known issue about it and they don't see the deck I createdBlaspheme0 06 Nov
05 Nov Free Arena not so free I started a new Arena run by paying 150g. Then after clicking the "Purchase complete" ok button, i got randomly kicked into the menus and when i entered the Arena again, i got a free ticket pop-up and the classes to choose from but my gold was still gone. Run is finished and there's no gold refund or free ticket anymore. Was it a bug? Thank you.Ilauna3 05 Nov
04 Nov Hallow Arena ends soon If i start Arenarun now will it be cancelled at 24.00?Nasirian0 04 Nov
03 Nov Getaway Kodo - Nevermind I'm an idiot Don't really play arena much but as free tickets have been given out recently I've tried the new duo-classes (which are pretty fun, cool idea). In my second free arena ticket trial I made a Warrior-Paladin deck and one of the cards I chose was Getaway Kodo, Didn't play much of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Expansion and I don't have Getaway Kodo as an actual card so I haven't actually used it until my most recent game. The Card Reads : ' Secret: When a friendly minion dies, return it to your hand ' ,the deck I made was based around buffing damaged minions and was fortunate enough to receive Rotface as my first card (therefore why I wanted to damage my minions as multiple warrior decks do, and buff like most paladins to keep them alive). Anyway about 3/4 into my second game with the deck I made against a Warrior-Priest I got Rotface and Getwaway Kodo on the board, I don't remember the exact situation but I ended up deciding that trading Rotface and then getting him back to play next turn was my best play and did so, when I did Getaway Kodo didn't go off - I presume this being only when it's your opponents' turn does the affect of the secret apply, but I didn't know this from lack of experience with the card and the fact there's no specification on the card saying so. I'm writing this to state that in my opinion I believe the card's text should be changed to specify the context in which when it's played that the affect written on it is activated, I'm partially sorry for making this post essay-like but I wanted to give off some more context in as to why this is a problem for me as others may not see the card having an issue like I do, anyway I hope this gets addressed to soon or at least read by someone whom may be able to do something, Thanks again for reading -A.GamingGecko1 03 Nov
02 Nov October patch and free arena tickets Hi, I have a question about the free arena tickets starting 24th of October. If I have a running Arena on the 24th of October, it will get closed, I'll get the rewards for that Arena session and a free arena ticket. Is that an additional ticket to the ticket received for logging in daily? In other words, if I log in on the 24th of October and I had a running Arena session, will I get two free arena tickets or just one? Thanks!Crótach5 02 Nov
01 Nov so bad reward should çhange reward for arena at 6- 3 i always got an 75 gold and rarePrototype0 01 Nov
01 Nov Im stupid I was wrong. Did not read text properly.OMFGRampage0 01 Nov
01 Nov Golden Classic pack as Arena 12 wins Reward Getting 12 wins in arena is not an easy task and the rewards for doing so is underwhelming, i think that getting a Golden classic pack (like in the twitch prime promo) is a great idea for a great reward for the effort Link for the pack: what do you guys think ?Trickster793 01 Nov
31 Oct No leg after twenty five arena runs i played twenty five arena runs after i got my last leg and didnt got another one yet did the rule changed again and u get legs at 40 packs ?EdwardTirn0 31 Oct
29 Oct Add me for 80g Andrewbillem#2323Andrewbillem0 29 Oct
29 Oct Hero cards. I just went 3-3 and faced four opponents with a Hero card in their deck. The fifth opponent had the Lich King. How about making these cards 10 times more rare?Murdoch0 29 Oct
29 Oct Blizzard is a small indie company. Thanks for the free arena run Blizzard. Works wonders when you click to get into arena,it TAKES your 150 gold and THEN says "here's a free run on us". I'm glad you're trying to be up there with the big ones,keep it up.DeSaLiToR0 29 Oct
26 Oct 12-2 without Legendaries Just had great arena session with Mage My first 12 wins, since standard Here is the clip of the rewards: Interesting matches: Just enough: Long match: The x-2: Mirror Mage: Double DK Gul'Dan: The entire run: 26 Oct
26 Oct The most insane aggro warrior/hunter draft? What do ya'll think? Currently 3-0 with it. Class: Warrior (Hunter hero power) 1x (1)Alleycat 1x (1)Arcane Shot 1x (1)Argent Squire 1x (1)Fiery Bat 1x (1)N'zoth First Mate 1x (1)Whirlwind 1x (2)Crazed Alchemist 1x (2)Friendly Bartender 1x (2)Hobart GrappleHammer(MVP) 1x (2)Kindly Grandmother 1x (2)Mad Bomber 1x (2)River Crocolisk 1x (2)Trogg Beastrager 2x (3)Animal Companion 2x (3)Fiery War Axe 1x (3)Frothing Berzerker 1x (3)Jungle Panther 1x (3)Kill Command 1x (3)Ravaging Ghoul 1x (4)Mortal Strike 1x (4)Ticked Abomination 1x (5)Arcanite Reaper 1x (5)Burgly Bully 1x (5)Fool's Bane 1x (5)GrookFu Master 1x (5)Tol'vir Warden 1x (5)Thundra Rhino 1x (6)Argent Commander Really enjoying the new arena format for now. Only played 2 runs so far, first was Pally with the lock hero power, went 3-0 then ended 3-3 eh which is why Im holding off right now before playing my next game lol...QCOuTLaWz1 26 Oct
25 Oct DK cards on arena is such frustrating... Is now all decks above 5 wins must have a DK card to compete? Last arena i got 3 (three!!!) matches in a row against opponents with DK. First one was a Thrall DK. Fine. Just keeped clear his side and outvalued him. Than Valeera DK... It was tough but managable... However she has a few good value draws in a row and i rushed up for a face a bit, and got rekt with bonemare (sic!). Okay, my bad... Good game... Next match with priest+mage. I was ahead all the way, almost kill opponent. And on the turn 9 opponent plays the Jaina's DK... And since than i'm on a ticking clock... I was doing my best to not allow to spawn elementals. I keep up for an eleven turns... Fighting the table... Opponent got a few cards left in a deck at the and a few in hands. But since i didn't get my pyro right after she plays DK - i got no chance to win at all. Such a stupid card... And how this guy got 2 losses to face me - i don't understand... Blizzard, please just replace Jaina DK with a card which says: "roll a dice. If you got more than 2 - you win, otherwise you lost". Such card would be at least fair and no so frustrating to loose against. Sorry for my whinning but it just enraged me...Shankar5 25 Oct
24 Oct Blizzard do something about the insane RNG As we all know, the RNG in this game is pretty bad but just now I played the game where my opponent had the most amazing RNG of all time and I would love to share this to you guys. It was a Mage vs Mage match. The first instance I was greeted by the RNGesus was when my opponent had 1 minion with 1 health remaining on turn 2. I decided to play Arcane missiles since it's going to hit the 1 guy only once. Well the game proved me wrong. All 3 of the missiles go to the face. I was amazed but well he got lucky I thought to myself. Next instance of this RNG blew my mind. On turn 7 i have 3 minions on the board and he decided to play Firelands Portal and what he gets is White Eyes. I had to use all my minions to kill the White Eyes since I had no silences or polymorphs. It was looking bad for me. Up until that I had hopes that I could actually win this game. On his next turn my hopes were destroyed. His turn 8 starts. I am now in a really bad spot. Only 2 minions on the field. What he plays amazes me. The Storm Guardian. What? I just got rid of the White Eyes. How in earth could he draw The Storm Guardian that quickly? I was mad at this point. My turn 9 stars. I have to use FrostBolt and both of my minions to destroy that Storm Guardian. I have mana to play Bonemare on an empty board. I know I have lost but I keep on going with a small glimpse of hope in my eye that the RNG will bless me anytime now. I was wrong, dead wrong. On his turn 9 he plays Shifter Zerus that has turned into the Lich King. I was furious at this point. My next turn I drew Pyroblast and immediately cast it on the Lich King. THANK GOD. The RNG has finally decided to help me. Oh how wrong was I yet again. Next turn he plays Frost Lich Jaina. I conceded straight after that. Here is my recent encounter with the RNGesus himself. Please share your greatest RNG moments. I would love to hear other victims of this monster of RNG.Tocketsv8 24 Oct
23 Oct Add me = Andrewbillem#2323 Andrewbillem#2323Andrewbillem1 23 Oct
22 Oct wild cards in arena can soemoene have wilds cards in arena ? Because in october 19 -10-2017 i play against soemene that he have 6 wilds cards ins his deckgreecedream1 22 Oct
20 Oct Notice Regarding October Arena Rankings This year’s Hallow’s End celebration will feature Dual-class Arenas for the first time ever! We’re excited about a new format for the Arena, but we also understand that the monthly rankings are important. With that in mind, this month’s rankings will only take into account Arena runs performed until October 23rd, so please plan accordingly. Also, we’ll be posting special Dual-class Arena rankings after the Hallow’s End event meets its end!Naghastis2 20 Oct
19 Oct I have a problem Today, I spent 150 gold to enter the arena. After I entered, I was brought to the Menu, and after I went back to the Arena it showed me that I have a free Arena enterance and I lost that 150 gold for nothing. I'm so sorry for my english. I know that 150 is not that much, but I worked for it and wait days for missions.Sharingan0 19 Oct
18 Oct Empty "Choose your Hero" Window Hey, I just tried to start an arena and the only thing I am getting is an empty "choose your hero" window. I restarted the client a couple of times - no change... Anyone having a similar issue? Here's a screenshot: 18 Oct
17 Oct Duo arena Hello guys. Im a hearthstone player that would like to focus my attention on arena. In an hour or so i will be throwing some euros for arena down but would like someone to talk with. This way we can hear eachothers tactics out. Is there anyone willing to duo with me? You can add me on eu. Bryan#13408Bryan0 17 Oct
17 Oct Arena pack choice Hi, good way how to improve Heartstone is to add arena pack choice, this could be good also for brawl. i have already written this one time but i dont see it here so this is 2nd.Sparky3 17 Oct
10 Oct Arena rewards It seems to me arena rewards have deteriorated this expansion and guarantied pack contains some really bad stuff. I havent seen golden card in a pack for a while and also havent opened legendary card for some time. I have opened 20+ packs since last legendary and i believe it is closer to 30+ (cant tell for sure cause i have no way to check). I tend to play one or 2 arenas a day so I open 1-2 packs a day. I get some dust as a reward almost every run I finish. So yeah, not only you take a huge gamble every time you enter arena (too much RNG elements) you cannot expect some at least comforting rewards anymore. My last arena experiance was overall so terrible that I will take a break from the game for a few days.Sismis9 10 Oct
07 Oct DEATH KNIGHTS IN ARENA When are you gonna remove this !@#$ing bull%^-*tery? DK Priest is broken as it is, encountering this !@#$er in Arena makes me want to kill myself. Random deck gets a death knight hero and 8 wins for sure. One card shouldn't change the going of a game like this.Blackfyre0 07 Oct
06 Oct ULTIMATE INFESTATION BROKEN Ultimate Infestation -BROKEN DRUID in my opinion this card should be removed from arena because its insanely strong maybe im unlucky but everytime someone played against me i was loose game which was until that moment in my favor to win - classic scenario druid waste of his resources he had no card im starting create my board and he pull this broken card and gg ... its really not funformator1 06 Oct
05 Oct cheaters in arena So we all know you can't have more than 1 legendary in arena, which you only get in around 40% of your decks (sample size: 30 different decks) and having more than 2 epic is pretty rare. (10% to get more than 3). And yet, I've seen a mage using 10 (non-generated) spells, 3 of which being epic. This is rare already, but the mage had 2 legendaries, perhaps even more As I conceded the mage had more than 10 cards left. I didn't concede because I was losing (I think we both were struggling to swing the board) but because god knows what a hacker can do in arena, especially with 10 spells. How can someone hack in Hearthstone? Does Blizzard get notified about this? Should I send the replay directly to them? Or is there a glitch or really small chance to get over 2 legendaries? If there is, and it isn't bannable, how to get over 2 legendaries? Sample provided by my Decktracker deck history.spiderpim4 05 Oct
04 Oct Legendary Hero Arena Sheep Creators Ur stupid assmaked web offered me to play in russian. So i write in russian stupid !@#$%^-s! Вы блять играли на арене против легендарных героев, когда у тебя нет таких? Играли против Ловчего смерти Рексара? или против мага который хилится как хуй знает кто? или против воина или варлока? Вас сука делали пальцами, потому то вы в близзарде тупые, блять, бараны!я проиграл, сука 90% боев против этих легендарных пидарасов, когда все контролировал, а у них не было карт. идите нахуй говноделы, но если пидорасу пришла карта эпического героя, то играть он должен только с таким же везунчиком! Иначе идите в хуй, ебанаты безмозглые, ибо это не игра, а поимелово, чтоб вас так же в жопу имели арабы и индусы!Romashkin1 04 Oct
02 Oct Plz change Can you guys plz stop giving us dust or increase the amount we get when we get it. Everytime I get dust I'm bummed out. 50 dust instead of 25 gold feels like a bad trade.Nanyana0 02 Oct
29 Sep This game is so bias towards me 90% of the time in arena I'll just get given awful drafts, barely anything synergizes and it's not to do with my picks it's just being unlucky. Funnily enough in those runs I can usually get about 5-6 wins and I'm not bothered about that because the decks are trash. The thing that really !@#$s me off is that once in a blue moon I will actually be able to draft a great deck. I just had a 0/3 run with priest and it's probably the best deck I've ever drafted, but no that doesn't matter. Mulligan screws me, curve screws me, opponents constantly miss playing which makes no difference at all because I'm drawing all my late game cards early (which I calculated only made 8% or so of my deck 5+ drops). I don't understand, this always bloody happens, if I played crap I can understand but I don't even get that opportunity. The opponents perfectly draw there curve every time this happens while I'm left with nothing to play even though I try to center my decks around 2-4 drops. I barely play anymore because of this, how can I possibly be this unlucky. The crap decks that I get drafted are boring to play, more often than not I'll just retire because I'm not enjoying myself even though I'm getting successive wins. When I do get a deck that I can enjoy, which appear to be "insta 12 win decks" I just get screwed in the %^-* by ridiculous luck from my enemies. I don't even know why I have this game installed still, you can't even play standard unless you want to spend thousands of pounds.Bretterz1 29 Sep
24 Sep Arena is super unbalanced So today i played an arena and went 4-3 as druid, and in 4 out of 7 games i played, my opponent had a Death knight card. It is one thing to lose because you made a bad play or your opponent played better than you, and it is another to lose because your opponent has an overpowered and unbalanced card which can turn a game and make your plays and decisions insignificant... Blizzard better do something to fix that soon, or we will see arena die out completely and Hearthstone will lose a big portion of their player base.Niko0 24 Sep
24 Sep Arena disconnections i just lost an arena run at 7 wins because i "couldn't connect to the game" so 7-2 became 7-3 without even playing. so annoying but blizzard that gives no s...t about the community hasn't found a solution to this in ages.. well played guys...that's why hearthstone will never become tier 1 game..0 attention by its own designers.Alepoudiarhs0 24 Sep
23 Sep Remove DKs from arena Hiya. Also fledling is just as opressive however 50% less it is in appearance. PS: Devs are either sadists, moneyhungry bastards or just plain retards. Take your pick.twibs0 23 Sep
23 Sep Arena balance issues Hello. I was wondering how am I supposed to defeat a Mage in arena that was offered a Frost Lich Jaina in their draft? The last 5 arena runs I haven't been offered a legendary at all, yet a hero card one. I was winning up until the opponent using the hero card and after that it was game over.Wreckinballs2 23 Sep
20 Sep Increase of Malchezaar in Arenas ? Have you increased the rate that Malchezaar appears in Arenas ? My last 10 games on 3 different runs have had SEVEN opponents with Malchezaar. First run I had 5 games in a row with Malchezaar opponents and during all of my years in which I´ve played hs, I´ve never gotten the pick. (I know he´s "only" been around for about a year or so). All of these runs are post-patch aswell.elv1s0 20 Sep
18 Sep CLOSE DONE tyBilgehan951 18 Sep
16 Sep Wilds cards in an arena deck I just played against a mage who had Naxx, Tournament, and Un'Goro cards in his deck. How can this be? Was there ever a time during Un'Goro that you could draft a wild deck?Sawamba3 16 Sep
10 Sep Paladins reign supreme? Seems the arena meta is completely different! Mages and rogues are out and paladins everywhere. Out of 6 games 3 were paladins my last run. Unbeatable.Fluzing3 10 Sep