5d Update 7.1 Arena Changes In our next update, we will be making a few changes to the Arena that should make it more interesting for our players and offer a much more different experience with each set release. Arena will change from Wild format to Standard As more cards are added to the Arena pool, having each game feel meaningfully different actually becomes harder to accomplish many of the cool synergies between cards, such as Jade Golems or Mechs, live within each individual set release. Attempting to create decks that utilize these meaningful synergies in a wide and diluted card pool will become more and more difficult as the Wild card pool grows larger. Arena runs then becomes less about card synergies and smart deck choices and more about being fortunate enough to be presented with the best card from each set. This change should put the focus back on the player for good, synergistic Arena choices and make Arena decks feel more cohesive. We’ll be monitoring using the Standard format in Arena carefully, and we may add additional changes or formats in the future if it doesn’t meet our goals of having Arena feel interesting and different with each set release. Changes to Card Rarity Distribution We’re making a change to the frequency in which Common and Basic cards show up in the Arena. Common cards were about 78% of all Arena cards, and we felt that number was too high considering that many of the cards that focus around individual class identity and power level rely on the common cards of any given class. After this change, the number of Common and Basic cards that show up overall should be lower, giving more room for fun Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards to show up in an Arena run. In addition, the cards Abyssal Enforcer and Flamestrike will show up approximately 50% less in Arena. More Spells in a Run Spells have the power to swing a board state, generally more than minions do. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this. When the distribution of spells to minions is too low, the game usually ends up in the favor of the player that gets out their minions faster and more efficiently than the other player, because there aren’t enough cards that punish overextending. Bringing the distributions of spells and minions closer together allows for more room to have an Arena game that is more strategic and facilitates more plays and counter-plays to occur. Neutral Classic Cards Show Up Less A lot of neutral Classic cards tend to be minions without any text that lack interesting effects. While they are great for introducing newer players to Hearthstone and providing baselines for power level comparisons, they don’t make for compelling Arena run choices. This helps make more room for spells, class cards, and expansion cards to show up at a higher rate. Golden Cards Show Up In Arena If you own golden cards in your collection, copies of that card that appear in your Arena run will show up as golden. If you own a single golden card, the first copy of it you choose will be golden. If you own two copies of a golden card, every copy of that card you choose in the Arena will be golden. If you own one golden Legendary, every copy of that Legendary you choose in Arena will be golden. These changes will occur in an upcoming update near the end of February. We’ll see you in the Tavern! Edit: Added additional bullet point regarding golden cards.Zaerhinon1 5d
10 Feb Welcome to the Arena! :) Hello, and welcome to the Hearthstone Arena forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the Arena with your fellow combatants. Discuss your best deck-building strategies, epic winning streaks and your best Arena decks within – and learn the ropes from other Arena veterans! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines before posting.Zaerhinon0 10 Feb
14h Classes you can't win with Even so Mage is supposed to be fairly good in Arena i absolutely can't win with it and regularly go 0-3 on it..even so i do fairly well with warlock rogue hunter and paladin.. Any tips for me on that? And do you guys have classes you absolutely can't seem to do good with?McTaggart4 14h
23h Blizzard Please read this. I want to give a vote for a specific Arena issue. Going first vs going second in arena is, as you may know, discussed as a real issue. My opinion and suggestion is (in Arena only): - give the second player 2 coins. plain and simple.KingOldStar0 23h
3d Cards Reward Blizzard, let me know, why in the like past 50 arsenas i'm always getting rare\ommon card? Why? Why the chance of getting cards is SO big?Ctyzovsky1 3d
13 Feb Unless convinced otherwise, I won't do arena I'm a long time CCG player. I can make a deck out of virtually anything and make it work by adjustments. But in arena, it seems luck/RNG is too much of a factor to keep playing it. I've always had lousy luck, but in most cases, you can make that work for you. In Magic Duels, out of thousands of games, I've gone first 11.3% of the time. Do I whine? No, I build my decks to go second. Easy fix right there and I'm one of their top players. Some cards in arena you have to take the "best of the crap" in some choices. I'll be honest, the RNG is better here than in Duels by so wide a margin it's insane. But if you get the luck of drawing all the crud you had to take, you're going to lose. You can play it to the best of your ability but you only get a "well played" for it. Look my name up on the internet, Shadowcran. You'll find articles/threads I've written on just how bad the RNG games use is. Just because I can make a positive out of a negative is no reason to ignore the problem itself as I'm just one guy. Here, at least the bad luck seems shared, it just depends on the draw and that's too much to risk the hard won 150gp and oodles of time. Oh, I've seen some decks that seemed like they were godlike in arena, but for the most part, people seem to have the same junk luck I do. I'm not complaining about that. My usual arena experiences are this: I win 2, then they sic the dogs on me. So yeah, I'm at least getting my coin back(if not the time spent) so I'm not whining. By the dogs, they sic players with those godlike decks and from what I'm reading from others, this is the norm. I even managed to beat a couple of them. Also, a lot of the cards no longer used in standard just....suck. Those are usually the "crap" cards I speak of. Ancient Healbot aside, the rest aren't worth the digital paper they're digitally printed on. I've read the guides, and use them for drafting and yes, they are a great help, especially when stuck with the midrange selections. I may come back to it, but at this moment, without changes, it doesn't seem worth it. I'm sure if they made a couple of changes, I'd return and try it again.Shadowcran4 13 Feb
05 Feb wft? arena im top 10 in ranked. but in arena i seems to cant win !@#$ Morten1 05 Feb
04 Feb Leaderboard - Run Started In Previous Month Hey there, does anyone know how the Arena Leaderboard will work regarding the matches and runs started in the previous month? If I'm in the middle of a run at the last day of the month and I can't finish it until midnight or the reset time, will it count to which month?MFerreirinha1 04 Feb
03 Feb FIX REWARDS Fix arena rewards. You constantly win !@#$ty common cards and 25-80 dust. 7/8 wins you barely return your gold. 12 wins 300/400 gold max. That is BS.Oberkommando6 03 Feb
03 Feb 12- win arena rewards? So, im an average Hearthstone player i play for fun and i dont have a big card collection. So i could talk about bad pack openin luck and such, but i wont cry all over this thread. What i find most fun in heartstone is arena, and i enojy playing it very much, and I got my first 12 win arena yesterday. It was a 12-1 arena run, so I expected some good rewards. What i got was: 200 gold, 30 gold, a pack and a golden common and rare. So im not sure how blizzard programs this, but i got better rewards from 7-8 arena runs than this 12 wins arena run. Is this all RNG as well, becouse that makes the game al the less fun :(luffypirate5 03 Feb
02 Feb Warlock [Unbalanced Problem] I have played many times now in arena with different classes and I am 2 - 15 against warlock and it was with mages which are quite unbalanced as well ? Any tips on how to beat them or if Blizzard has an idea of what's going on ? I play around many cards such as Abyssal or Implosion but they seem to have an answer on any given situation even with late game attrition priest .. Getting frustrating..Ashka2 02 Feb
01 Feb Why is there 5 gold reward? I was trying to save gold for an adventure wing. Then I thought: "Hey, I have enough gold for Arena, I'll do that first. The adventure can wait for a while." 4 !@#$ing Arena runs later I'm still stuck with 5 gold. What purpose does it have? Could I at least have the option to just remove that 5 gold from my account? This part of reward structure has been outdated since the early beta when there was 5 gold reward in the Play mode, are we going to get a %^-*ing fix sometimes? I don't mind Team 5 doing things slowly, I think it's great they collect enough data to make good decisions, but what is there even to consider in this matter?BlueBanana2 01 Feb
28 Jan Make your extra card cost 2 less ...going second Or, an alternative idea: instead of an extra card, you get a 0 mana Silence a minion. Destroy itByFireBeRekt0 28 Jan
27 Jan 1300 gold spend in arena and arena total disa Today i play in arena 3 games and all games i looose with 0-3 scoreyesterday the biggest winn was 4 winns but today i looose 3 games with zero winn . Tell me blizzard what point play arena game and spent uselless your time when i think better byu cards pack . Or just simple player who do invest or spend money just simple cannot win. I spend alot time on hearstone but gyus if you create so bad arena , when ewen open ten 10 packs from arena crds was total suck.Warchieforc10 27 Jan
22 Jan Mage - arena - how to beat it? Firelands portal. Really? Really? A common? Really blizzard? Ok enough salt. But a quick question for all the pros on this forum who always say play arround it. Lets say you both have a minion or two on turn six. How do you play on turn 7 when last XX mages i faced had 2 FP & 1FS? I mran i am really wondering.. if i want to play arround flamestrike i'll put out 1 maybe 2 minions.. but then the common thing happens - common card known as the firelands portal. And they always have it.. how do you play arround those two cards at the same time? I mean i really am wondering. I am not best at arena, but once i get to 6-7 wins i always end up the same way.. turn 7+ mage skillportaled... but i do get 1-3 or 2-3 arenas vs sickest decks.. Dome tips please, constructive please..Mlakarone13 22 Jan
22 Jan Arenacards The arena is bull!@#$! No doubt they favorite the people who is paying the most! Shame!mrfaktura1 22 Jan
19 Jan Free Arena So sick of the crappy rewards from arena. The only reason I even care about them is to play more arena. 6 wins 80 gold 50 dust then a poor run 30 gold and some more dust. I don't see why they cant introduce a no fee no reward arena option. I know some players gain gold from arena but plenty don't so why not give the players than cant sustain constant arena runs the options to play as many as they want.Crangor9 19 Jan
18 Jan Looking for duo partner hello my avg arena win is around 6.5 , i have arenas when i have 13 runs with average 8.5 and then 13 runs with average 4-5 . i have made to 12 wins many times . I looking for partner to do arenas together share our strategy , mistakes and critism so maybe we become a better players . so if you are into that staffs u can add me: Pain #2282 . im 26 old and i speak decent english and little shy . You should be 20 + , have a mic i prefer your arena avg win 5 + . my best heroes is paladin with 7 avg and druid , and i be happy if u good with mage , rogue well im kinda bad .Pain2 18 Jan
15 Jan Going second vs mage post 7 wins WTF FIX UR !@#$ GAME BLIZZARD THIS GAME REAL %^-* GO SECOND VS MAGE AT 7 WIN = 97% LOSS FKN STUPID l2BALANCE1111!!!Genjgeodude12 15 Jan
02 Jan Arena Rewards I know this has been suggested before but please remove common cards from the prices and replace them with rares or golden commons. I always get a common card doesnt matter how many wins i got. My winratio in arena is 4-10 wins at least.FastJunkie1 02 Jan
29 Dec Disconnecting 3 disconnects from arena -- 1:3 Thanks alot Blizzard O.o Last two days, hs crashing like every 5 mins. My connection is fine, working like allways with other programs, Tryed to "repair" like hundred times.. Sick of this srsly, thanks for wasting my time againSalyn0 29 Dec
25 Dec When you use all of your luck So in a previous arena run I went 12-2 with a priest. I guess that's enough luck for me. Now the game matches me with the RNGesus himself. He even makes misplays (turn 11) just to mock me and give me a false hope of winning. Then he just casually top-decks the !@#$ out of me. Enjoy (%^-* starts on my turn 9): PS. Pass me the salt, plz.Zargath0 25 Dec
24 Dec Arena deck card rarity Hello, Does anyone know the determining factor on card rarity when building a new arena deck? For example, I have never once had the option of choosing a card above rare. Yet I constantly face people who have several epic and legendary cards. My collection is littered with legendary and epic cards, yet I never seem to get an option to choose one when building the deck. I figure that I must be missing something, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Gavw4n1 24 Dec
19 Dec Blizzard Hi Hi i lowe play with arena 3 time i play arena and i get zero winn i take paladin and try play control deck but oponets always hawe cards what remowe my cards . you pay 150 gold you get one pack 30 gold back you become wery nerweous i was total tard when i byu 50 packs and get only one legendary card when other friends get 2 or 3 cards . Blizzard i newer byu your products becose you become so greedy i know how play this game i play from beta test .Warchieforc0 19 Dec
15 Dec About Hearth arena companion I would like to know if this app ( is legit or would I get banned in case of using it. Thanks for help, Auraxos :DAuraxos3 15 Dec
27 Nov 12-1 wins mage I don't often reach 12 wins but this one was quite easy. My loss was VS a very strong rogue mech deck I could not out tempo during the early turns. Of course Dr Boom won me a couple of games... effigy was quite nice with me too. Especially when a paly at 12 health killed my Dr Boom and popped a Gahz'rilla :) Another key card was the elven archer. This one mana ping is priceless sometimes. Overall, I think having a lot of small minions is very important when your !@# minions car carry you :) Argent Squire Elven Archer Mana Wyrm x2 Zombie Chow x2 Amani Berserker Bluegill Warrior Haunted Creeper Effigy Light's Champion Spellslinger Spider Tank Fireball x2 Gnomish Inventor Infested Tauren Piloted Shredder Violet Teacher Darkscale Healer Ethereal Conjurer x2 Flame Lance Gurubashi Berserker Pit Fighter Silver Hand Knight Dr. Boom Firelands Portal Hogger, Doom of Elwynn Eldritch HorrorKubick3 27 Nov
24 Nov This first game So, had this pretty good pally deck with muster and dr boom and such. at 0-0 i come across a warlock, which drops reno, heals for 24, then brewmasters it to play it again later. I did win, but damn was that game long, totally did not expect this at 0 wins. His answers where almost of constructed level.loekes0 24 Nov
17 Nov Help me pleas :( Hi Blizzard I am only 13 years old But i am playing hearthstone and I want play heroic tawern but every time when I have 100 or 150 gold I bought arena or pack :( Help me pleas can I have one free Heroic Tawern ?? Sry for my bad English HugoBossHugoBoss2 17 Nov
16 Nov Arena rewards Can anyone tell me what are the rewards in arena .Absol1 16 Nov
16 Nov Strange Mad Scientist mechanics Hello guys, although I read the "andvanced rulebook" wiki I still don't understand whats happened to a friend of mine yesterday and I want to discuss it with you.. Situation was pretty much this: We were in the middle-late game, my friend was mage, he played Mad Scientist on his turn with only Mirror Entity in the deck, opponent plays a Corrupted Seer that kills the scientist, put M.E. in play AND activate it, putting a 2-3 on my friend's board side after the explosions. Is this standard interaction between these 3 cards? This is strange because interaction wiki: says: If a Mad Scientist dies and plays Duplicate, Duplicate does not get triggered. That Death Event has already begun resolving before the Duplicate entered play. (so i assume the death event already begun in mirror entity example too) If a second minion also died after Mad Scientist, the Duplicate was in play and thus can trigger. Thanks to everyone :)Bomboz0 16 Nov
12 Nov Frustrating to play arena because of mages I like arena, it's a refreshing change of gameplay compared to constructed. But lately I've been more and more frustrated when playing arena and am playing it less and less. Because almost half of the matches are against mages and it's no fun to play against mage in arena. They have so much removal - early game, mid-game, late game, spot removal and aoe, burn everything. I hope more balance is achieved so that the classes have equal chances in arena (and people stop choosing mage as priority - I choose mage when I can as well, because it's more fun to win matches than lose them). Maybe even make mage slightly disadvantaged for some time, so that people get used to playing other classes more freely...Gooble3 12 Nov
09 Nov Arena = system is vs you! Arena imho has a system for calculate your win state, it's not important 0-2 or 10-2, if you have won too much gold arena will stop you! I stop spend my money in arena!Horus2 09 Nov
01 Nov Playing against banned cards. I've just finished my arena run. My last match was against a mage with full of banned cards. I think it's pretty unfair way to lose a game. Why are these draft usable? It's like playing standard with wild cards.Ferenc0 01 Nov
31 Oct Weird problem with arena I have a question. How to beat a mage with firelands portal into firelands portal into flamestrike into firebal? because this is the kind of sh*t you face at 1-2 apparently?Faust1 31 Oct
29 Oct Arena rewards need buff If you get 0-3 you basically just wasted your TIME AND GOLD. Even if you get 12 wins so what? It's like 3 GBP worth of gold / packs. Garbage considering you waste like 3 hours for it. That's like earning 1$ per hour or even less if you take into consideration the missions you need to do to get the gold for arena then the time you waste in arena getting your wins. The game only encourages you to spend money, not to actually play it. Absolutely disgusting.OrganGrinder1 29 Oct
26 Oct Ich verstehe es einfach nicht! Hi erstmal, Ich spiel hearthstone schon eine ganze weile, komme im ranked problemlos ohne lose auf rang 17 (ich weiß, ist nicht toll) Aber ich denke ich würde auch easy rang 10 schaffen (schon mit acc vom kumpel gemacht -midrange shamy/token druid/control warri)... Nur höre ich dann auf, weil ich sonst ausrasten würde! Ich zocke nämlich immer mal wieder arena... Und was soll ich sagen, die kartenwahl ist permanent einfach nur lächerlich! Bekomme karten, die nur viable sind, wenn ich gewisse andere karten auf der hand hab! Nur bekomme ich z.b keine 3 drachen, mechs oder was auch immer! Selbst safe-pics wie eiswindyeti - fehlanzeige. Spiel ich dann arena, so wie ebend grad, treffe ich auf leute, die decks haben mit synergien als wenn sie aus allen karten die freie wahl hätten! Z.b nzoth rogue und alles voll mit todesröcheln! GZ!!! Egal was ich versuche, es ist keine sonne zu sehen, da ich auch noch lategamekarten in den ersten draws hab... und zum ende kommen dann als drood z.b TURN 10! Und das geht jedes verschissene spiel so! Hab mir schon vom kumpel decks bauen lassen für arena (er spielt meist so 9-3 in dem dreh) Er hat mir zugeschaut und sagt selbst, dass das nicht normal ist. Und dann werd ich im gesamten game auch noch permanent getopdeckt, wo auch er einfach ratlos ist und meint er hätte nichts besser machen können. Ich geh jedes mal mit 1-3 oder 0-3 raus! So liebes blizzard team? Dann erklärt mal bitte! Aber wie man euch kennt, kommt da mal wieder keine antwort! Ich denke zwei dinge: entweder gibt es die berüchtigten sonnen/schattenaccounts wirklich, da GLÜCK ein programmierter faktor ist! (Versucht euch raus zu rededen und ich zerleg euch in der luft! Als it-ler hatte man das fach AS, welches programmieren ist! Genauso euer toller shamy nerf, der ihn allein in tier1 befördert hat da seine konter auch generfed wurden! Oder wie in wow, was ihr jedes mal aufs neue vergeigt! Grüße an assa rogues :-* Also, erzählt mal wie so etwas IMMER passieren kann?!!? Selbst ne bekannte holt im schnitt 2 siege, obwohl ich jedes spiel haushoch gegen sie gewinne wenn wir aus fun ne runde gegeneinander spielen. Also manakurve etc sind mir keine fremdworte!! Ich versuch auch kein konzept zu verfolgen wie z.b n dragon control deck etc, da das eh nach hinten los geht! Würde mich echt mal interessieren, wie sowas zustande kommt. P.s zu den sonnen/schattenaccs: in wow hatte ich auch jahre lang nur extremes pech was loots etc angeht! Ebenso in overwatch. Alsobitte eine erklärung dazu! DANKE! Sorry für fehlende groß/klein-schreibung, schreibe vom handy aus.tortentaschi0 26 Oct
23 Oct Cards from arena victory gone Hey guys, Firstly, apology if this is not the right place to post, the Blizz support section just gives articles with no way for me to contact to team directly. Also, I want to note that I am not a frequent hearthstone player, so I sincerely apologise if this is just me being uninformed and dumb. basically, for the past few months, my HS time was just logging on, spectating with a friend on skype and do arena drafts together. We got to like 11 wins with one deck and I got a pack from it. In the pack there was The Mistcaller plus some others, great. Not that long ago, maybe a couple of weeks, we were doing another draft and won another pack, from which I got Varian Wrynn. Now, today I've gone to salvage some cards for dust and build my first "proper" deck, and I've noticed that Varian is missing. Looking back, there are a bunch of cards like Cho, Argus and others that are strangely not in my collection. I'm jsut wondering if people have any idea what I can do to try and get these cards back, or perhaps a quick way to get the dust I would have salvaged from them, as I don't quite fancy using a half-made deck to grind commons for salvage. Thanks sincerely for any help!Skyy1 23 Oct
07 Oct arena balanced challengers? ahahahahah Dear Blizzard 0-3 in arena with all pro challengers and optimal decks is balanced? IS BALANCED??? If blizzard algoritm wont to stop your wins... Blizzard do it and you can t do nothing!!Rastan0 07 Oct
04 Oct Arena Ladder Proposal This is a post I have been meaning to write for more than a year, ever since TGT came out. It may not be a particularly novel idea and it has been mentioned before, but I will try to add my arguments for it. I believe the Hearthstone Arena would benefit greatly from leaderboards of some kind. I also believe that the leaderboards should be separate for each class, similar to the Diablo 3 leaderboards. I consider myself a primarily an arena player. It is the format I play and enjoy more than any other in Hearthstone. I am not a particularly great arena player. I do not keep statistics for myself but I would guess that my average run is probably around 5 - 5.5 wins. People who do not take the views of non-infinite arena players seriously can skip the rest of the post. Arena Shortcomings I believe there are two major shortcomings of the arena format. One is the lack of incentives to keep playing and the other is the class diversity present in the arena. I’ll elaborate. Incentives: The current rewards for arena are: - Cards: A guaranteed pack and the occasional foil/non-foil card. - Dust - Gold Gold has some benefit for arena. It allows to find some (or all) of the entry fees for the next arena run. Assuming a player does one arena run a day, and completes the daily quest during the run, about a 5 win average is enough to go infinite. That assumption happens to describe me as a player, and I haven’t had any difficulty coming up with the 150 gold to enter arena in a very long time with my average. Cards and dust have no impact on arena play. They both help improve a player’s collection, which does not benefit arena in any way. I do not think this is necessarily a problem. It helps establish a connection between different play modes rather than keep them completely isolated from one another. This reward structure tends to marginalise arena into a mode people play to improve their collection. I realise I am not alone in enjoying arena for the game experience it offers, but an arena-centered reward could go a long way to incentivise people to play more arena. I do not know the exact figures, but I would imagine that arena games make up for a fairly small portion of all Hearthstone games played. Class Representation: The class diversity in arena (or any play mode for that matter) is mainly related to class balance. I think there is enough discussion going on around class balance, and I do not have anything new to add to that discussion. I know that Blizzard is already aware of class balance issues within the arena, and are taking some steps to alleviate the problem. I have my doubts that the current proposal to remove certain cards from the offering pool will solve all balance issues. I also do not think it is a particularly elegant way of dealing with the problem. But I know the issue is on the table, and I will remain optimistic that better solutions are in the pipeline. However, I think it is safe to assume that perfect class balance can never be achieved and class popularity will always vary based on the perceived strength of the classes. I find it a worthwhile goal to strive for better class representation as well as better class balance. The two might be related, but they are not the same thing. I am sure I am not the only one who is tired of facing the same two or three classes in more than half the arena games. Leaderboards Class leaderboards for arena provide solutions to both of the issues I mentioned. My suggested implementation would be to have seasons based on expansion releases, so the leaderboards would reset every 4 months, roughly. If the leaderboards rank each run, the top runs would simply be a bunch of 12-0 runs. So I would suggest a player based ladder, based on each players average wins in arena. This still incentivises a person to sit on a single run, if they were lucky enough to get 12 wins on their first run. So perhaps a minimum number of runs could be required to enter the leaderboards. The more critical feature, I think, is to have 9 leaderboards, one for each class. This would encourage players to try the less played classes in order to compete for the leaderboard of that class. There would be a legitimate reason for a player to disadvantage themselves by playing, for example, priest in the current meta in order to compete for the priest leaderboards. Obviously, this does not mean steps should not be taken to make priests more competitive in arena, similar to the help warriors got in LoE and Old Gods. The leaderboards also provide some rewards for playing arena. Even if nothing else is implemented, bragging rights as the “best arena warrior NA,” for example, would help. If that is not found to be sufficient, some sort of end of season rewards based on ladder rank could also be implemented. Conclusion I realise I am looking at arena from an experienced (if not great) player’s perspective. Another problem with arena is that it tends to be intimidating for the newer player. Leaderboards do not help at all with that issue. However, I believe an implementation similar to what I proposed will - incentivise players to play more arena by offering an arena specific reward. Even if the reward is just bragging rights for a high position on the leaderboard. - incentivise players to spend more time on less played classes, hopefully improving class representation in the arena The specifics could be altered, depending on the direction Blizzard wants to take the game. Seasons could be shorter, or aligned with ranked seasons. The exact rewards could be altered. However, my core argument remains. I believe class based leaderboards would add much needed vitality and excitement into the arena environment.Pneuma1 04 Oct
04 Oct Finally got my first 12-0 Arena! Yes! After playing hearthstone for nearly 2 years, I have finally finished my first 12-0 arena run! And to top it off I even caught it on stream. This is quite lucky, because I stream only a very small portion of the amount I play. I am of course delighted with this. And in order to bask in glory a bit more I just want to share this achievement with you. When drafting my deck I did see its potential, but it took some time before the magnificence of the deck truly dawned on me. And the best part is: There's not a single epic card in the entire deck! Just a bunch of rares, and good spells. It's basic stuff, but ended up being a pretty much perfect control mage. In the video I state someone could easily reach rank 15 constructed with the deck and I truly believe it. Probably even higher. Decklist: I was barely awake when I started playing, so there are some big !@#$ ups in the earlier games. Thank god my opponents were forgiving. I cut the video in 2 parts, somehow for the second part I found some focus and had a few of the most epic games ever. Part 1: Part 2: I am really happy with this run, and hope you will not see it as shameless selfpromotion, because I guess it kind of is, but man, losing your 12-0 virginity on stream is awesome!Rasta4 04 Oct
01 Oct so these arena changes what the actual did you just do blizzard. apparently faceless summoner is overpowered enough to be removed. But hey, shadow strike, call of the wild, keeper of uldaman, fiery win axe are all fine? lets not forget the 4 mana 7/7 which is already impossible to deal with on curve. i wonder how this will play out, mixed feelings about roaring torch being removed as well. *Edited for language*loekes8 01 Oct
01 Oct how to build a PERFECT deck? Simple question, i meet always challengers with tournament decks in arena with "random" pick, how can i build the same decks? Pls tell me if is possibile cause other players do it!!!!!Horus0 01 Oct
29 Sep Arena rewards changed? As a foreword, this is not meant to sound whiny, so please dont take it that way. We all know the rewards for arena being a pack and then some gold or dust, in a 'rare' case an extra pack or...a single card. As uneventful that that single common card is (and how much I loathe it..) I will not be whining about it, but more checking up on others experiences. The last 4 arena runs Ive played, upon opening the my rewards, one of the afformentioned rewards has always been a card. No, Im not fond of it, but it does give me incentive to try harder next time. Yet, 4 runs in a row? Im actually just wondering if the arena rewards have been changed to award a single card more often now or if its just my luck :)? Any experiences from any other players obtaining these rewards would be greatly appreciated :). I will note again before someone misunderstands and goes all 'git gud m8' or 'stop whining, be happy you get something at all'. I am not whining in any way about recieving the singular card itself, but am just more wondering if the chance to recieve a single card has been raised recently, seeing as I very very rarely seen them beforehand, and now have seen 4 in a row :). Thank you all in advance for the answers and have a pleasant day ^^ PS if your reading this blizz, one of those 'god packs' would be lovely^^ 'hint hint'Lilith1 29 Sep
29 Sep Arena unrewarding I hope some admin or !@#$ can see this. The arena is so unrewarding that rage consumes me. Who The %^-* wants dust for a reward. My average arena RANKING is 7-10 and every time when i reach my goal meanwhile getting fcked by mages who has fullnuke deck or shamans who rapes me with rng to see the garbage rewards i get from The arena. What in The !@#$ can i do with common gold cards and some %^-* dust with some gold for beggers. I mean Come on. At least Give some decent !@#$ing rewards when u get higher RANKING. I mean i get more gold when i finish rank 4 key then 7. This is not The first time it happend and it won't be The last time. %^-*ing fix The rng system in arena rewards cause its !@#$ing frustrating.Sugenma0 29 Sep
28 Sep Dr. Boom, Ysera or Brann Bronzebeard So I'm drafting a Druid. It's my 3rd pick (previous cards have been Starfall and Mech Yeti). I can quite easily rule out Brann but I can't decide between Ysera and Dr. Boom. I know that Dr 7 has more value on ladder but in the current arena I'm not sure which is better.Phantom13 28 Sep
21 Sep Not getting basic cards In my last 4 runs as Mage, last 5 runs as Rogue, and last 3 runs as Paladin, I was offered exactly 0 Frostbolts, Fireballs, Backstabs and Truesilver Champions. Is this just an extreme coincidence or have these cards just become really rare? I get that there is a recent expansion bonus and that the card pool has become big but come on, they should at least appear a little more often... They are supposed to be what Blizzard calls 'iconic' cards of the class, but what's the point of them being in arena if you can hardly ever draft them? 21 Sep
13 Sep Duel between two arena deck We can maybe invented battles between two friends just to have fun with this decks.. Are you agree ?Neshock0 13 Sep
11 Sep Arena changes suck for real ... I saw the news from my app that blizzard announces upcoming arena changes. First I was like finally but then I saw the ban list ... It looked like completely idiotic. Like they arent really focusing whats bad and whats not. They didnt remove the 4 7/7, tunnel trogg, mana wyrm, zombie chow or the firelands portal. Still they decide to remove all the fun card like charge etc. Just please blizzard for once listen what crowd has to say because there are already a ton of people who had left the scene since stupid standart change ... Also why to allow people now pick class of their choice lol all people are going for mage sure and the other classes are gonna suck balls forever.Also paladin no changes .. Like why there are ton of broken cards with paladin like muster and the murloc knight. And they reason prob why blizzard announces these changes because pro arena players arent anymore playing the game lol ... Even Kripp is not interested and plays faeria and POE...Im pretty sure Kripp is still not gonna play arena even after these changes or plays some limited time and blizz is happy since he marketize the game. The truth still is that even Kripp doesnt want to play this nonsense and blizz will lose huge portion in marketizing and income. The game is slowly dying and if blizz dont do big changes in ranked and arena the people are gonna quit. Another thing for ranked why blizzard wants to torture us with 4 7/7, yogg, tunnel troggs,mana wyrms,flamewakers,voidwalkers. That ranked game is a joke right now and very very boring.Also they should remove the standard and make it wild again. The limited card pool right makes the game so one sided and boring that I quit ranked in may 2016. Even the mysterious challenger days werent that bad because you had freezemage to counter it. And people arguing why standard is so good lol they literally dont know nothing about the game ... Every deck is aggro now and only control deck is cthun warrior so in total there are about 10 viable ranked decks: Zoo,tempo mage,aggro shaman, aggro mid range shaman,cthun warrior, dragon warrior,n zoth paladin,n zoth rogue,n zoth priest,Spell druid. Thats it ... And this is what we are supposed to watch next 6 months, no thanks. No wonder why some pros has quit the game since it doesnt need any skill and legend is a joke where people get in 1 day with shamans and aggro. Also the bladefury nerf back in the january was so idiotic. So thanks blizzard announcing again a pretty garbage patch. Nothing new from you.SCREAMER1 11 Sep
11 Sep Insane Rogue Vs. Mage Game It started off with pretty much the dream play; I went second, and had Swashburglar in hand, so I played it, got Babbling book (which I coined out), giving me Cabalist's Tome - I could already tell it was going to be a good game. Next turn I was able to abusive sergeant the book, killing my opponent's Infested Tauren, activating my Bladed Cultist. The game then went on for a few turns with little happening, more than good trades, but, on turn 5, I played the Tome, giving me Flamestrike, Ice block, and a Firelands Portal (The dream). Next turn I played Trade Prince Gallywix, and the turn after that, my flamestrike, clearing his board. The next few turns I don't think could have been any better, nor intense. Basically he got me to 10 health, so I then put up the Ice block, and tried to flood the board, which he inevitably flamestriked, but not before killing my Gallywix, as I had an animated shield up, so I now had a flamestrike, with only Eerie Statue I'd put down on turn 4, and my Gallywix, which he then threw a minion and a fireblast at. I'd got him down to 6 health, and he'd gotten me down to 3 health with a Shattered Sun Cleric. He attacked face, triggered Ice block, next turn I flamestriked his board and killed him with my Eerie Statue. TL;DR - Always choose RogueBupsipop0 11 Sep
09 Sep Best 12-win Arena reward I ever got 12-2 mage (ofc ) 09 Sep