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7h Quests :( Am i only one who think q´s destroyed this game ? I can hold lot of unfair things in this game like ice block or otk warr times ago q rogue/mage etc. But i want to ask u guys. What do u think about quests ? Do u like this way ? I mean this games had better days. I still like it but i mean and hope one day Blizz will fix many unfair things in this game cause as i saw Ben Brode´s job is laughing and creating new videos about ,,how did we created this card and its backstory,,Brto5 7h
1d Druid Quest druid quest should have to play more minions i mean 5 minions with 5 attack or higher thats just stupid.Reforces4 1d
1d Ridiculous card Can someone tell me how a 8/8 minion that sets your health to 40 costs 5 mana. But a dragon that has taunt and does 2 damage to all enemy minions and is a 4/8 costs 8 manaFFuriousDeml7 1d
1d Quest Rogue I liked the idea of rogue's Quest. Therefore, it is the first Un'Goro I crafted. Of course, I know it got a lot of hate already but it is kind of exaggerated. The deck got a deep learning curve and I am still learning how to play. Here are videos using Blizz's premade deck: vs Quest Shaman vs Elemental Shaman Any tips to modify the deck? How to complete the Quest ASAP?Wakeman16 1d
2d Quest rogue 5/5 should be a buff So stuff like silence, devolve, sheep, hex, etc. removes the buff on the units. I want to have at least a change to win, without the need for 10 aoe cards to clear the bord 3 times.Synx4 2d
3d Seriously!?! Still no godamn nerf on rogue quest?? are you kidding me blizzard??!! Just had a game where he finished the quest on T3!!! this should never ever be possible, on T4 on board 4 5/5 minions, and how is anyone suppose to deal with that? Not to mention that 50% of my matchups are rogues, great game blizzard! who ever made this utterly retarded bull!@#$ should refund everyone who payed for this expansion from their own pocket! brainless moronRameses8 3d
3d Druid quest confusion Why so no one running blood of the ancient one in Druid quest, it just makes sense to meNightKnight0 3d
3d Got to Legend using Dragon Priest Tell me what you think of the deck.Ancor32 3d
4d Joke? Thank you very much for rouge quest!I do not want to play anymore and look like in the sixth round I lose because f... rouge summon all minionn 5/5 with charge-.- rly? It's a f...joke? Thank u blizz for HS but this game is not fun anymore!Magiusz3 4d
5d [Martibis] Shadowstep Rogue LEGEND I figured you guys might enjoy the deck I hit legend with this season, it's one of the most fun and complex decks I've played in a long time, so if that's your jam, enjoy! 5d
5d Need help tuning my Nzoth Paladin Hey guys! I need some opinions and suggestions for my Nzoth-Paladin, heres the my deck list: 2x Forbidden Healing 0 1x Getaway Kodo 1 1x Dirty Rat 2 2x Doomsayer 2 2x Equality 2 1x Loot Hoarder 2 2x Wild Pyromancer 2 1x Acolyte of Pain 3 2x Aldor Peacekeeper 3 1x Sword of Justice 3 1x Wickerflame Burnbistle 3 1x Barnes 4 2x Consecration 4 1x Infested Tauren 4 2x Truesilver Champion 4 1x Cairne Bloodhoof 5 2x Ivory Knight 6 1x Sylvanas Windrunner 6 1x Ragnaros the Firelord 8 1x Ragnaros the Lightlord 8 1x Tirion Fordring 8 1x N`zoth, the Corruptor 9 Im not sure about 2 Ivory Knights and the Infested Tauren, any comments, advice or help in general are welcome and I really appreciate your help guys ! ;DLoop4X4 5d
6d Lakkari Sacrifice I'd like to say that i really like the idea of Discardlock. Before changes i played it mixed up with demon buffs and it was amazingly good. Now i'm trying to play it but it's pretty difficult for few reasons. First of all, it's really hard to discard 6 cards, because (i don't know how it's possible) cards you need to complete quest are instantly discarded by other card even if you have a lot of crap in your hand as a fuel to discarding. Second thing, there are only 3 cards you can have in deck that actually do something while discarding (Silverwere Golem and Zhavas), Warlock is really missing Fist of Jaraxxus or something like this. And reward is 2 x 3/2 tokens... My thought is, that requirement should be 5 discarded cards and reward 2 x 3/3 tokens. And just remember that Rogue is able to finish the quest in round 2 or play Core with Preparation and then poop 1 mana 5/5 charge boars and pirates...Sarkhann14 6d
22 Apr To those who think that rogue quest is fine.. If you think it's fine completing the rogue quest on turn 4, instantly turning minions that pre exist on board into 5-5, trying to Hex a 5-5 and ending up making it 5-5 taunt, flooding the board with violet apprentices 5-5 within 1 turn then what about the warlock quest? Having to dicard precious cards, sacrifice health life taping in order to get proper cards, pray to the RNG again to discard the right cards, and all that just to get 2 lame imps 3-2, at the end of the turn (while rogue has 5-5 minions ready to attack and 1 mana 5-5 charge boars) and permanently reducing your board size to 6 slots down from 7. If rogue quest is fine, then why not make warlock quest easier to finish? And without having to trash so many cards? Blizzard seriously needs to get theirselves together... 1st we get legendaries that turns mana cost into health (useless), then we get minions and legendaries that are based only on discard (rng gods) And in the end im forced to play Zoo for another damn season.... Why the hell did i had to preorder expansion yet again? To play Zoo to coutner rogues? I could just create rogue legendary quest with the dust i got from ragnaros and break other people's nerves... In before people say im mad, YES i am mad...Cause i preordered and i'm back to zoo lock and pirate warrior for once again.Revan13 22 Apr
21 Apr Pirate Warrior is just insane - Idea for nerf. I was playing a lot against the new meta pirate warrior deck in standard, mostly with Priest deck or Renolock, one time with my anscetral healing shaman deck. all of the decks have insane start removal, but still got defeated by turn 5-6 by the new meta Pirate Warrior deck who just go face and face no matter how much removal and healing I do. Priest - I healed a lot (including the new 4 mana gain 12 health, Flesh Healing for 5) - but still died on turn 5. Renolock - I killed all the minions and put some healing and taunt - died at turn 5. even if i had Reno in my deck I couldn't use it. Shaman - Ancestral Healing and other removals, still died by turn 6. this deck must be nerfed, there is no counter to it unless you build a deck that is only against the pirate warrior deck (which is no fun - taunt only warrior deck or priest with madness potions if you get them). The idea I recommend for the nerf is - make the 5 mana warrior weapon Arcanite Reaper that it can only attack minions. Otherwise Warrior go straight to face and with Heroic strike they do 9 damage for face! (which is ridiculous). Playing against these pirate warrior face decks took away all the fun I had by creating my own fun strategy deck. I will never enjoy hearthstone again the same way until this full smork unbalanced warrior deck will be nerfed or considered for changes. Please take it under your consideration and try my idea for the nerf of the Pirate Warrior standard deck. Thanks, Tal Cohen.Talagorn22 21 Apr
21 Apr Some Solution to the Pirates issue !> Some easy solution found... at 1st> about the issue itself: !With the latest expansion pirate classes recieved "that" OP buff.. therefore : pirates themself became the only quadro class cards on top of tri-class cards. That rogues, warriors and shamans abuse daily. Making the game more dynamic, I understand that. Maybe pirates do not even need a nerf. But making the dynamic requires great deal of BALANCE. Some Solution (1)>Ooze to beast] and (2)>Owl back to 2 mana: l) (1 about Ooze) Make 2 mana 3/2 Ooze the beast and ban Curator for the warriors, rogues, shamans that's it. A) That will open huge field for all the controls and reno decks. All of them will get a little modified decks in addition to the netdecks. Basically they will get 2 ways of building their decks. B) Also that will return !>hunters<! back into the game and somewhat beast druids. C) But one thing must be solved if this change takes a place. If you do the math. The Curator must be banned for the warrior, shaman and rogue classes. Otherwise they will stay as OP and some from these three classes might become even unbeatable. Anyways they dont use the Curator atm, right ? Why should they? (Or Curator could say : " doesn't like pirates" - so if you put pirates into a deck then Curator is blocked.) D) But for the rest > mage, hunter, druid, warlock and especially priest that change will be something new. And will open 2 ways to build their decks. Well some of the priest's cards will be somewhat and little nerfed, like It seems... And the paladin just has it's own theme that doesn't really rely on stuff like that, I guess... ll) (2 about Owl) All other classes require a quick answer to the bucaneer on turn 1 otherwise a game comes lost before turn 5. And that's no good. >>>Bring back the Owl for 2 mana. At least it will answer buccaneer on turn 2 after buccaneer deals 3 damage + 1 etc afterwards coz the owl will be answered the same turn and the buccaneer will stay 1/2 and that's not bad for the dynamics of pirate classes. P.S: what you think ?!gRaiL2 21 Apr
21 Apr quest priest vs freeze mage Guys I play mostly freeze mage and I struggle playing against quest priest. Any tips ? It seems that my deck doesnt have enough damage to deal with the amara and all the heals :)THRASHER2 21 Apr
20 Apr Rogue Quest is destroying my fun in hearthstone It seems there is no way in competing with a rogue playing his rogue quest. Most of the times they complete the quest at turn 5 and there is really nothing you can do about it. This is worse than pirate warriors. The current meta seems totally fine with me except for this crazy rogue questGettokiwi11 20 Apr
20 Apr (fix bug)freezing the game on oppenents turn Spiritsinger Umbra + Devilsaur egg + Devilsaur . Into Herald Volazj the next turn . Freezes the opponents next turn ,second time this happened.TheJoker0 20 Apr
20 Apr Aggro Hunter. When it will be nerft? Vs every aggro hunter I play, I lose the game on 4 mana, it's realy annoyng, a braind dead person will win whit aggro hunter and it will hit rank 5, has to be nerft. Dose not give chance to other deck's.Trivata5 20 Apr
20 Apr OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I think WARRIOR 'S , SHAMAN'S and ROUGE QUEST DECKS are overpowered aginst all heros specially vs quest Paladin's deck , Blizzard should make balance between all heros.That's not just my opinion ,It's my friends opinion too.So what you think guys about these decks?? notice that I made over 20 decks to beat warrior, shaman , rouge deck and I failed .Any solution for paladin quest deck.subzero5 20 Apr
20 Apr Quest Rogue is destroying the game! I started playing again Hearthstone after a 1-week pause when i heard something about some new updates. I made a quest warrior deck and everything was fine. Then i started playing against quest rogue and i have found out that quest rogue is mostly undefeateble. Someone has to fix the quest rogue, because i have also seen that i'm not the only one struggling with this.Andi2 20 Apr
20 Apr Rogue Q 6x 5/5 charge for 1 mana So as we all now (except blizz developers and ben brode) Rogue q is broken. But very special thing happened to me. After she played Cavern in next turn she casted 3x boar (1 created from mimic) then 2x Deckhand and 1x Bluegill Murloc (charge as well) so together 30 charge dmg for 6 mana. Bravo blizz <3Brto12 20 Apr
18 Apr New rouge to broken?? I think rouge now is fcking bs at turn 6 u can have 30 damage on the board whit the new legendary quest that makes your minions 5/5 the rest of the game. And whit that u can use minions that is 2 cost and have charge and kill the enemy on turn 6,but if u have spells that reduce the cost of the quest spel u can have 30 damage on turn 5 and end. You can't eaven silnce the minions to make it not be 5/5 it is to broken the spel cost to little and u can't silnce the minions whit the spell on and you don't have notjing to since almost all mionons is charge so u are dead and when you see this you can just say gg. and it is to easy quest whit the clasic cards that u have as rouge pls change this not fun.Longlang5 18 Apr
18 Apr Help with Quest Warrior deck decisions Hi, I'm looking for input on Sulfuras, my Quest Warrior main deck. First, here's the deck: The problem I'm having is single target removal. I depend mostly on Execute and sometimes Execute is not doable because I have no way to inflict damage on the creature I want to remove. The problem is that I don't know what I should remove. Each card of the deck was chosen with a purpose in mind and apart from this one particular problem, overall, the deck is behaving really well with all the cards doing their jobs. Thank you all in advance!Vlad3 18 Apr
18 Apr MAGE QUEST IS PERFECT Thanks to blizzard for creating a mage quest which is incompletable in game. You pray for getting coin at the start of game. You can not even cast speel in game. I played against quest priest he had 40 life but I had finally my exodia antonidas but you didnt hear the funny part that he had 4 ice block 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4. I can only have 2 of them. I ask where is the justice in this game. As usual blizzard perfect you guys are cool keep it up and lets keep it up for this game unplayable. Regards,EMIRBS4 18 Apr
18 Apr Stubborn Gastropod Is Legendary Blizzard please give Stubborn Gastropod legendary :/StarTrool2 18 Apr
18 Apr The Druid quest buff After playing with quest a lot I have to say that it needs a buff in way that isn't over powered. Here's what I propose make it say Summon minions with 5 or attack or 5 or more health that way it gives us more minion options so we can make a defensive option vs a offensive option. What are everyone thoughts?MrWilson0 18 Apr
17 Apr Control Priest/Warlock Someone know any Control Priest/Warlock deck for wild and standart?Dmicedo1 17 Apr
17 Apr Anti Q-Warrior Was thinking: How to stop the current state of HS So I begun to make a warrior deck to encounter most types. Current deck: 1x Fire Plume 2x Whirlwind 2x Dirty rat 2x Execute 2x Fiery axe 2x Golakka Crawl 2x Stubborn Gastropod 2x Ravaging Ghoul 2x Shield block 2x Vicious Fledgling 2x Bloodhoof Brave 2x Alley armorsmith 2x Brawl 2x Direhorn Hatchling 1x Elise the trailblazer 1x The curator 1x Deathwing Dirty rat against rogues Golakkas crawl against pirates Warrior quest is a bonus Curator to get Deathwing for boardclearance and another beast. Whirlwind and execute for removal (maybe pull in the new leg warrior?) Shieldblock, armor and draw card because its more important now than ever. Elise = extra cards Thoughts?Freddeben5 17 Apr
16 Apr Forbidden Shaping in new standard, 8-9 mana. Since Majordomo Executives is gone I was curios if Forbidden Shaping is viable at 9 mana instead of 8 mana, so I made this list to compare. There have been a major change in power distribution, but 8 seems to keep the crown. 8 mana, good: Ragnaros, Lightlord Tirion Fordring Al'Akir the Windlord Grommash Hellscream Charged Devilsaur 8 mana, average: Primordial Drake Medivh, the Gaurdian Gruul Eldritch Horror Kalimos, Primal Lord Giant Sand Worm 8 mana, bad: Anomalus The Boogeymonster Tortollan Primalist------------------ 9 mana, good: King Krush Malygos Soggoth the Slitherer Ysera 9 mana, average: Krul the Unshackled King Mosh Alexsraza Blood of the Ancient one Giant Mastodon Nozdormu Onyxia 9 mana, bad: Cenarius Blade of C'thun Lord Jaraxxus Mayor Noggenfogger OzrukPrime7Star0 16 Apr
16 Apr Unlicensed Apothecary suggestion Hey guys, you probably know the story behind this little guy (Unlicensed apothecary). It is fun and cool card, when you want to use it in your dek in a particular way. I don't want to complain about it or demand nerf. However, it is killing fun more and more often when playing my warlock. The issue is, it pops up to my hand after playing Kabal Trafficker or after using Kazakus potion. Since I'm playing Krul and demon oriented decks, it basically blocks me from using Krul. I mean, if Unlicensed Apothecary will be played by me or somehow appear on my side of the table (ie. Bane of Doom or some Devolve effect) it's ok. I can handle it there. But when it lands on my hand in Krul deck - it's always loss. I remember that some time ago Bane of Doom was modified in a way it could summon more expensive demons. Is it possible to modify spawn pool for Kabal Trafficker and Kazakus potion so they will no longer bring Unlicensed Apothecary to my hand?Primo1 16 Apr
16 Apr Quest Warrior, PROTECT THE KING FAIL So someone explain this to me, I'm playing against a Shaman and as you know their side of the board is filling up while I keep playing taunts to stall. I notice that the shaman quest is summon a murlock and it applies to their quest. They have 3 or 4 murlocks so I play "protect the king"... which reads "for each enemy minion, summon a 1/1 pawn with taunt." KEYWORD: , Its a SUMMON which should be applied to the quest but for some fail mechanical reason it doesnt. Yet and still when a Shaman has Primalfin Totem on the board at the end of the turn it says "SUMMON a 1/1 Murloc." which for shaman applies and i have a big problem with these messed up mechanics. Am I wrong for assuming "protect the king" should work for our quest as a warrior?Rmac182 16 Apr
16 Apr Please Make More Mill Cards i really enjoy playing mill and now that gang up and some other cards from previous expansion are gone , i find it hard to make a mill deck that works .... un goro had no cards that mill can benefit from :'(k0nin0s2 16 Apr
15 Apr The right way to play Rogue for alpha males/grills PS: pls stop spamming quest rogue it's annoying, idc if it's op or not but playing 10 times aganist the same !@#$ing thing isn't fun xdLaevateinn0 15 Apr
14 Apr Handlock? what do you think about handlock in this meta ? share your experiences. I have enough dust and cards to build proper handlock. But is it worth it ? Or is it too slow in this meta ?Armuxa0 14 Apr
14 Apr This expansion ruined me I never played face decks, combo decks or OTK, I was nice and calm slowly playing control warrior or contol shaman but after facing mainly quest rogue, pirate warrior and face hunter and some OTK mages with a little bit of elemental shaman I said !@#$ this to myslef and become one of the retards :( Now I win games without thinking about the game even a little and have almost no fun, prolly stopping playing all together and changing to Gwent for which I just got beta key. Too bad BS quests ruined normal play and only way to beat them is to kill them before they get their ez required cards (turn 4-5 on Rogue).iMS0 14 Apr
14 Apr Nerf this ducking !@#$.... Nerf exodia mage ... its impossible to win against this !@#$... ice block, ice block antonidas and f...cking INFINITE FIREBALL FOR ZEROBloodraven6 14 Apr
14 Apr Elemental Shaman! I constructed an Elemental Shaman deck. I have not got those new powerful high mana Elementals yet. Therefore, the deck I used consisted of early to mid-ranged minions and closed the game with Bloodlust. It still kind of worked. vs Face Warrior vs Quest Hunter What are your experience with Elemental Shaman? Any tips constructing or playing it?Wakeman2 14 Apr
14 Apr Why quests are bad for the game Hello, I have to tell you guys I really hate the idea of quests. At first they seem cool: do a bunch of things and then get an awsome reward. But then at second glance you can see all the many cons this quest cards have: In the time I started to play (a little bit before naxx) you could actually play any archetype with any class, of course there were archetypes that were a little bit better for some classes(aggro priest is always going to be inferior to aggro hunter, warrior, shaman, etc...) but at least almost every archetype on every class was viable. well, I'm sorry to say to you gentlemen, that is situation has turned 180 degrees, and mainly due to the quest cards. Imagine you are a control shaman, before ungoro you had a chance against control priests or warlocks (But they still had a big advantage over you because of kazakus and the other tri-class cards, another terrible mechanic blizzard implemented in they're game) but now you don't any hope to win because they have this super powerful quests that wins control games and you have a quest related to (sigh...) murlocs. Can you see it? How this accursed quests ruined any chance of creativity in this game? Because now you can't play normal control priest, because you won't have 40 health and a 5 mana 8/8 taunt. This quests force you to play in a specific way if you choose archetype which can use your class quest because else you are going to be in a major disadvantage. Oh, and you also can't play more than 2 archetypes in one class, because then you are just a weak version of that archetype without the quest that supports you. Althrough some of the quests open the way to a new archetype (see for example the quest hunter) most of the quests ruin the creativity in the game and create imbalance and frustration, the only things left to play in standard are the other forced archetypes that blizzard throws at us which are built into specific classes(elementals,jade,pirates...). Please blizzard, try to fix this wicked situation in the next expansion, because in the end of a day card games are all about creativity and outwitting the opponent (and also a little bit of luck :) ) and the quest cards suck any creativity in the game.esev21214 14 Apr
13 Apr Hammer Of Twilight I've noticed a sad fact, a card which hasn't seen play could finally have a place in elemental control shaman but due to text its just not going to. Not sure if this is due to balancing reasons or not however if this isn't the case then the fact most elemental cards read "if you PLAYED an elemental last turn" over "if you SUMMONED an elemental last turn" the death rattle is near useless, well its still a 4/2 but the tribal affect seems a bit of a waste. It's only a minor flaw but one that slightly disheartened me as it could potentially become a staple of the deck archetype with that minor text change.UnholyDonuts0 13 Apr
13 Apr Does moroes work in Divine sunkeeper tarim decks? Does moroes work in Divine sunkeeper tarim decks?Lightbringer0 13 Apr
13 Apr Wow polymorph doesn't work on rogues quest minions. Bravo, blizzard And I'm assuming other stat manipulating cards. How broken can you make that quest. Should have been nerfed immediately after firing the person who designed it. Also the person who made mages quest such a craptastic reward. Spend 5 Mana to get another turn? Weak sauceSleepyhead1 13 Apr
12 Apr suggestions? what if they made rouge quest like this: no hero power no spells, only all your minions are 5/5? is that still too op? what if you could still keep your stuff but your minions would have their efects silenced (no combos no charge) and their stats set to 5/5? is this now too weak?Sheercold0 12 Apr
12 Apr Anti quest rogue hunter This is the deck that I came up with to win against pirate wars and quest rogue. It also has a pretty decent win rate against all the classes except taunt warrior, that one is almost impossible. The decklist: 2x Alley Cat 2x Fiery Bat 2x Jeweled Macaw 2x Crackling Razormaw 2x Golakka Crawler 2x Kindly Grandmother 2x Ravasaur Runt 2x Scavenging Hyena 2x Animal Companion 2x Eaglehorn Bow 1x Gluttonous Ooze 2x Kill Command 1x Unleash the Hounds 2x Cult Master 2x Houndmaster 2x Nesting Roc I am literally destroying all the quest rogues that I face, they sometimes don't even finish the quest, but when they do, it is too late. Any thoughts? Lets change this quest rogue meta!!Cevu1 12 Apr
11 Apr Another grumble at the mage quest. The Mage quest honestly seems so unreactive, it seems so easy for a mage to get two turn lethal. I still can't wrap my head around blizzard printing a card like this. And honest question here, what is the best way to counter it? Aside from a lucky draw with Dirty Rat.DavidHalu9 11 Apr
11 Apr Help me please I have been playing hearthstone for over 2 years now, and i cant seem to get past rank 17, i have tried EVERYTHING that i can. Watching YouTube videos, i copied decks from legend ranks, but nothing seems to work. Everytime i play against aggro warrior, jade druid, or other noob decks. Someone has any tips?PriestIsOP8 11 Apr
10 Apr Wild and standard mode Hello, I'm have an issue with free and standard mode. Since the new extension (Un'Goro), I have removed all my old cards (available only on the free mode)and created a new deck for standard mode. However, I can't play with my new deck (Guerrier). An error meaasge appear : "You can only play on the free mode with this deck". I checked several times and I just have standard cards. Can you help me please ? ThanksDJbizut2 10 Apr
09 Apr PLs nerf the rouge quest PLs nerf the rouge quest.. 4 copy it's too ez and 5/5 minions are too strong. It's worst than aggro pirate warrior. Pls blitz.. pls!RKKK9 09 Apr
09 Apr Elemental Mage Decks Hello guys, can you suggest some nice Elemental Mage deck. Elise the Trailblazer included if possible.Stormy0 09 Apr