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13h Hunter Hero card: Deathstalker Rexxar I am trying this card and it is a lot of fun! =D Its Battlecry deals 2 damage to all enemy minions and gives you 5 Armor. It also changes your Hero Power to summon a "Zombeast", which is a combination of two Beasts. You can choose from the three choices for each Beast. The resulting Zombeast has mana cost, attack, health as the sum of the two chosen Beasts, as well as their abilities! You can create some really curious minions! (Angry Chicken finally finds its use! LoL) Personally I think this is the most interesting one among all new Hero Power! The new Hero Power gives you continuous supply of minions of your choice. Pick the Beasts according to your situations. If you need to establish defend, make beasts with Taunt. If the opponent has minions with high health, makes Poisonous Zombeast. If the opponent's health is low, look for Charge to finish him/her off! p.s. The other player in this video used Mage's Hero card: Frost Lich Jaina. Its Battlecry summons a Water Elemental for her, gives all her Elementals Lifesteal for the remaining game, and gives her 5 Armor. Her ability becomes: deals 1 damage, and if this kills the minion, summon a Water Elemental. Her Elementals indeed did a lot of healing. Fortunately, my unending supply of massive Zombeasts overran her Elementals and killed her eventually. ;) I could not make the premade deck work. Here is the deck I used: ### Control Hunter # Class: Hunter # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Hunter's Mark # 2x (1) On the Hunt # 2x (2) Explosive Trap # 2x (2) Freezing Trap # 2x (2) Grievous Bite # 1x (2) Toxic Arrow # 1x (2) Venomstrike Trap # 2x (3) Animal Companion # 2x (3) Deadly Shot # 2x (3) Eaglehorn Bow # 2x (3) Kill Command # 2x (3) Stitched Tracker # 2x (4) Houndmaster # 2x (5) Explosive Shot # 1x (6) Deathstalker Rexxar # 2x (6) Savannah Highmane # 1x (8) Primordial Drake # AAECAR8EyccCncwCmM0ChtMCDY0BqAKKA7UDhwTJBOsHxQjtCf4M6asChsMC080CAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone What do you think about this card?Wakeman4 13h
13h I've had enough of murlocs, haven't you yet? it seems like Hearthstone developers can't get enough of murlocs. it's a lame deck and requires 0 skill with no brain at all. !@#$ING MEGAFIN?? you had to add the %^-*ing megafin to the game? also adapt your murlocs? WHY? are you !@#$ing retarded? NERF THE %^-*ING MURLOCS! i'm using everything i have to win a game, those dumb !@#$s add a bunch of murlocs to their %^-*ty decks and destroy us effortlessly. i've started with holy nova and excavated evil in my hand for !@#$s sake. still wasn't enough. NERF THE %^-*ING MURLOCS!!! don't make them even more overpowered with every new expansion. !@#$ING MEGAFIN MAN! WHY? WHY WOULD YOU CREATE SUCH A CARD? murlocs were lame as %^-* even before megafin. now you !@#$ed this game even harder. use your %^-*ing brain blizzard. use it. make this a strategical game, not a lame "put all the 1 cost 2 cost 3 cost murlocs with godly synergy and murder everyone while not even looking at the screen"TripOath4 13h
16h nerf it blizzard jesus every druid card is insanely overpowerful! enemy did build board full of taunts which he buffed up to stats which nobody can deal with on round 4 ,it happens often as he** guys! i would upload a screenshot but u have no button here for it ,4x 4/8 taunt on round 4 ,how do i deal with it besides concede button?Adysan3 16h
1d Priest Hero card: Shadowreaper Anduin I got a Shadowreaper Anduin and is playing around with it: You can save the card until the opponent play a big minion (such as the Lich King in this video LoL). The new hero power allows you to deal a lot of damage if you have many low cost cards to play. Do not use the premade deck. It sucks! The deck I used in the video: ### Spell Priest # Class: Priest # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Mind Vision # 1x (1) Pint-Size Potion # 2x (2) Shadow Visions # 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain # 1x (2) Spirit Lash # 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death # 2x (3) Thoughtsteal # 1x (4) Arfus # 1x (4) Eternal Servitude # 1x (4) Greater Healing Potion # 2x (4) Priest of the Feast # 1x (4) Shadow Madness # 1x (4) Shadow Word: Horror # 1x (5) Devour Mind # 2x (5) Holy Nova # 1x (5) Lyra the Sunshard # 1x (5) Onyx Bishop # 1x (8) Free From Amber # 1x (8) Medivh, the Guardian # 1x (8) Shadowreaper Anduin # 1x (10) Mind Control # 2x (12) Arcane Giant # AAECAa0GDgjcAaGsAs6zAqG3Are7Aui/ApnIAr7IAsbMAuXMAvDPApDTArbiAggeyQbLCNMK1wqCtAKStALRwQIA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone How about your experience with this card?Wakeman5 1d
1d Magestone help a newbie Hello :) I'm new to magestone and I just wanted to ask you what deck is the best atm? my friend told me it's either freeze mage or stall mage when you have to play 8 iceblocks, but how can you play 8 iceblocks? you can only have 2 in your deck...maybe it allows you because it's called magestone? you can only have 2 secret eaters afaik..weird.. help needed.Nick16 1d
2d Ideas to beat Prof Putricide? (KofFT Adventure) So, having beaten Vampire lady (Hunter d_rattle) I'm currently confounded by Prof. Putricide - anyone manage to beat him yet or have any thoughts on doing so? I've tried secret-heavy decks w/ secretkeeper (Paladin, Mage) but any time I bring down his armor his hero power switches to "weapons cost (1)" + he replenishes his armor. Bring his armor down again and his hero power changes to "all cards cost (5)". I presume this continues but I haven't gotten beyond this one. I will admit I am pretty light on secrets + secret-related cards (eg no Eater of Secrets) and I suppose weapons similarly. Perhaps a good strategy would be nullifying cards such as Eater of Secrets + Acidic Swamp Ooze for later? Has anyone tried this yet? Another option might be Eater of Secrets followed by plenty of board clears + taunt minions as he'll attack with a weapon when he can and it might be possible to bring him down that way. Anyhow, thought I'd enquire + open the discussion - any/all thoughts welcome!Shawshank27 2d
2d Freeze Nzoth shaman I would like to ask for opinions on this deck that I've made, since i dont have nzoth and white eyes i cant realy experiment with it, but it seems kind of fun. My main issue is I have only 4k dust and i may regret investing a ton of resources into this and it may turn out to be complete garbage. The decks main goal is to basicly survive until i can generate multiple white eyes with echo + freeze mechanic. 2d
2d Awaken the Shadows - Wild Shadowreaper Priest When I started playing Wild I created a deck called Infinitely Wild. That deck had a bunch of crazy value ideas into it. I kept refining the deck and slowly but surely it became my best deck. With the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne I further refined it and after playing it this morning, I decided to post the last iteration of it here. Ladies and gentlemen I present you... ### Awaken the Shadows # Class: Priest # Format: Wild # # 1x (1) Awaken the Makers # 1x (1) Crystalline Oracle # 1x (1) Mistress of Mixtures # 1x (1) Northshire Cleric # 1x (1) Potion of Madness # 1x (1) Power Word: Shield # 1x (1) Zombie Chow # 1x (2) Doomsayer # 1x (2) Shadow Visions # 1x (2) Shadow Word: Pain # 1x (2) Volatile Elemental # 1x (3) Deathlord # 1x (3) Shadow Word: Death # 1x (4) Infested Tauren # 1x (4) Kazakus # 1x (4) Piloted Shredder # 1x (4) Shifting Shade # 1x (4) Tortollan Shellraiser # 1x (5) Excavated Evil # 1x (5) Raza the Chained # 1x (5) Sludge Belcher # 1x (6) Dragonfire Potion # 1x (6) Entomb # 1x (6) Lightbomb # 1x (6) Reno Jackson # 1x (6) Sylvanas Windrunner # 1x (7) Dr. Boom # 1x (8) Shadowreaper Anduin # 1x (10) Mind Control # 1x (10) N'Zoth, the Corruptor # AAEBAa0GHgiKAeUE0wrXCvIMuQ3ZDf4NgQ6SD5AQnhDDFrcXxxfgrAKArwL6sAKDuwK1uwLYuwLqvwLRwQLVwQLcwQKWxAK0xALexAKQ0wIAAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone Awaken the Shadows is an anti-aggro Reno Quest Priest like its predecessors. The previous version had Barnes and Free from Amber, two cards that I was not particularly happy with. Barnes was good if played on T3 or T4 and brought a good deathrattle minion but other than that it was pretty underwhelming. Free from Amber allowed me to put a minion that fit the context of that turn but it stayed in my hand more often than not. To substitute this two I added Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin. I had my eye on Raza for quite sometime but never crafted him. The release of KotFT's Shadowreaper Anduin was the final trigger. These two changes allow a much stronger board presence in the late game, one extra board clear against large boards and and an extra finisher over multiple turns.Vlad0 2d
3d Change Yogg Back I am going to encourage a boycott till yoga is changed back.HollowGod4 3d
4d just started and favor hunter I just started a few weeks ago. My fav is hunter, but dont know how to use it the right way. Anyone have some pointers or can help me out with some training.Hurukan1 4d
4d 5 legendaries in one deck! Personally, I bought a bunch of packs and never in my life got 2 legendaries in one pack...Now I went online looking for hearthstone vids and strategies and eventually I ended up at a video in which a guy got 5 FREAAAAAAGGGGGGINNNNNN LEGENDARIES!!! IN ONEEEEE FREAGGGGGGGIIINNNN PACCCKKK!! That got me raging...i mean like in slapping my keyboard against my roommates broke... I kicked in my computer screen...and now...I'm so fed up with the impossibilities behind this game...that it got me emoing somewhere in the corner of my dorm. I have a link to the IMPOSSIBLE... (beware: upsetting content!!!!) Cheers, JudithJudith7 4d
4d forum doesn't anyone ever come here? I have a few questions and no one is respondingvlars5 4d
4d Exodia Quest | This is Getting Out of Control Exodia Quest Paladin | Knights Of The Frozen Throne This is getting out of control 4d
5d Help me Improve my old deck? Hello I Wanted to know if you who play a lot more than me have any advice on how i can improve my deck? I feel like sometimes its too slow and not effective. I made this myself, with the cards i happen to have, back in 2016 i guess. ### MY LEyroy # Class: Hunter # Format: Wild # # 2x (1) Abusive Sergeant # 2x (1) Fiery Bat # 2x (1) Webspinner # 1x (2) Flame Juggler # 2x (2) Huge Toad # 2x (2) Knife Juggler # 2x (2) Quick Shot # 2x (3) Animal Companion # 2x (3) Argent Horserider # 2x (3) Deadly Shot # 2x (3) Eaglehorn Bow # 2x (3) Kill Command # 2x (3) Unleash the Hounds # 2x (3) Wolfrider # 2x (4) Houndmaster # 1x (5) Leeroy Jenkins # AAEBAR8CrwSUFA7yAaECqAK1A+sHsQjFCNsJ/gzEDtQRuhPmFritAgA= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneSpeedyOL3 5d
5d fasszopóan undorítóak vagytok !!!! faszopóan undorítóak vagytok !!!!!Ivett4 5d
5d Antonidas + extra turn free fireballs... That's just not how this game is supposed to be played. And oh, fix it.Jonas4 5d
6d Replacement for faceless shambler&doomsayer for demon lock I'm trying to make a demon lock deck, they run 2 faceless shamblers which I have none and 2 doomsayer which I have only 1 of nor do I have the dust for it, what can I replace them with? I thought about 2 argus and twisting nether, maybe a cheaper taunt like the tar creeperx2 and 2 shadow flame? bonemare seems way too heavy but it's still a good card any ideas? also any suggestions to replace black knight?Bokkafa6 6d
6d Aggro druid guide to legend (VERY in-depth) So I made an "I hit legend ama" the community took it the wrong way and found it arrogant rather than helpful. So with the suggestion from Vlad, I'm making a post here on the deck and strategies forum. This will be in-depth how to play aggro and a strategy against each class i hope you find it usefull. Decklist: Legend proof: Edit: Note that i did not make this deck. Guide Mulligan Mulligan for this deck is pretty much the same against each matchup. Mulligan for a curve. 1,2,3 if you are first. If you are going second a common mistake is to throw away 1 drop minions if you got more than 1. But you want to keep as many 1 drops as possible. Expect mark of the lotus. Do not get fooled unless you don't have mark of the wild this is a late game card for when you draw Living mana so you can buff it so it doesn't die to things like holy nova, volcanic potion, double swipes, so on. Specefic cards misplayed often by inexperienced players: Mark of the wild: Most people will keep mark of the lotus and use the 3/2 wolf mark of the wild provide instead of the buff. This is a huge mistake. The reason why is you want to use the mana for the buff of it +1+1 buffing your guys, and drawing lotus later this will smooth out your curves later. I think out of 8/10 games i choose the +1+1 bonus each time from mark of the wild rather than the wolf, + threw my lotus away. Mark of the lotus: Unless you don't have mark of the wild you should always throw this away. Otherwise, it messes up your curve. Basic mechanical misplays most players make: Mana usage: Most players when playing aggro don't take future draws into consideration when planning out their curve. The key to winning with aggro druid is to spend all your mana playing the strongest board as possible and draw into minions later on. You want your h and to be as empty as possible. To give an example: An inexperienced aggro player going second mistake example: You have these 5 cards: innervate. mark of the wild, fire fly, blood sail Corsair, Shellshifter. They will most of the time playing fire fly, and then the next one you get from the battle cry with coin and save blood sail, etc etc. or they will play a fire fly, and a blood sail, then innervate a wolf. This is a mistake because you want to play as much as your hand as possible, avoid future aoe/dmg to your minions + deal damage as hard as you can right off turn 1-2 so you can kill them before they draw survivability. The correct play would be: innervate + coin into blood sail, 1 fire fly, and then innervate mark of the wild, NOT the wolf you want to buff for more damage believe it or not that first 2 dmg from patches turn 1 add up, + the buff to 3 hp to your minions help you avoid aoe later on, and then you rely on drawing curve. This gives you the most p pressure + survivability Future draw into consideration: One of the main reasons most people lose when playing aggro druid is because they don't take the future draw into consideration. Or they do but are too scared to trust their intuition/gut leading them to lose. Say if you turn 3 have innervated and are at 0 mana, most inexperienced players would just use that to hero power to clear a minion, or hit face (assuming you are out of mana obviously). This is a mistake because usually what ends up happening is turn 4 you draw living mana or hydra and cannot play that 5 mana card because you used innervate instead of calculating ahead/thinking about your next future draw for the next turn. This is one of the main reasons people are not successful when playing aggro druid and climbing the ladder. Playing around cars: Imagine if you could see the other person cards. It would be a lot easier game right? Well, good news! Most of the time people always have the same card. Each person plays the same deck usually, and they always mulligan for specific cards. And you will face the same minions/spells so on each turn on a regular. Knowing what those are is basically knowing the hand of your opponent. It's like a knowledge hack. So I made a chart so you know what cards to play around I will put this into the bottom of my post. Also if it helps you this is what I used when climbing. I made it myself in a word document. It looks different there but this is what I did since I couldn't remember all the cards so this also helped me a lot when climbing/playing around cards. Note that it does not have mage because mage was my main class and I already knew what cards to play around there. But you can add that yourself if you desire. Also, I put neutral cards like pirate cards. Knowing that they can coin Southsea captain turn 3 to buff their pirates etc. That stuff is really useful when planning ahead on how to beat your opponent.Iplaynonstop14 6d
6d Change Yogg Back I am going to encourage a boycott till yoga is changed back.HollowGod2 6d
6d Help for a newbie Hello guys.. I want to get better at this game. - Can you give me some tips and tricks for Anduin? - Can you suggest me some streamers i can watch to get better? - Can you suggest me websites or Youtube channels where i can watch Pros playing and explaining new cards, strategies and etc. - Can you tell me easier way to get packs? (instead of buying them for 100g) Thanks!!CyaNerds6 6d
6d Summoning Deck Idea Wouldn't be cool, if there was a Summoning deck? For example a card with a description [If this minion is summoned by another minion/spell Gain +1/+2] or something like that, I just want to share this idea with you guys, sorry if there is any other topics like that, It just came to my mind when I placed Barnes on the field. Have a nice day and night everyone!Snake4420 6d
6d Jade and face hunter decks are ruining hearthstone What's the point in releasing new dlc and having a nice deck just to come across another jade Druid or face hunter what's the point in the dlc if theirs them crap decks still in standard play think you need to change standard to the latest dlc only as can't seem to not come across a stupid jade Druid or a face hunter it's ruining hearthstone experience what I'm i to do quit the game till this crap deck is place in wildvinny1239 6d
13 Aug KotFT Adventure Greets everyone, I'm having so much fun with the new expansion, the new decks, the new Adventure, EVERYTHING! But in the Adventure I'm having trouble with Deathbringer Saurfang, just when I think I'm going to win, a Blood Beast, a taunt minion and Berserkers are summoned!!!! I would like to know some of the decks that you used to defeat him, keep in mind that I do have a limited collection (except in KotFT collection because I pre-purchased it), so I would like to have a cheap, and efficient deck if, possible. Good luck in the packs and Adventure! :)Blazt0 13 Aug
13 Aug What are the core cards of a Control Warrior? Basically, the title and if possible, in Wild. I'm trying to build a Control Warrior but the closest I did was the Quest variant, which... to be honest... it's a different beast. So I'm looking forward to understand what is the basic Control Warrior package so I can build around it. Thank you in advance!Vlad3 13 Aug
13 Aug Got 7050 dust, which deck to craft? ... And should I go for Wild or Standard? Thanks in advance :)gtgcul8r7 13 Aug
13 Aug Servitude Priest I built this deck for fun and memes. I knew I was building a Timmy deck but it turned out to be on a 5W1L in the initial testing. Wins against Dragon Priest, Reno Warlock, Aggro Shaman and a couple of decks I didn't really understand and the sole defeat was against a Secret Hunter. Here's the list: ### Servitude # Class: Priest # Format: Wild # # 2x (1) Mind Vision # 2x (1) Northshire Cleric # 2x (1) Potion of Madness # 2x (2) Shadow Visions # 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain # 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death # 2x (3) Thoughtsteal # 1x (4) Arfus # 1x (4) Barnes # 2x (4) Eternal Servitude # 2x (5) Excavated Evil # 2x (6) Dragonfire Potion # 1x (6) Embrace Darkness # 2x (6) Entomb # 2x (6) Shadow Essence # 1x (8) Shadowreaper Anduin # 1x (8) The Lich King # 1x (9) Ysera # AAEBAa0GBqIJhbgCws4CkNMC/OECtuICDB7LCNMK1wryDLcXxxe1uwLqvwLRwQLlzAK0zgIA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone If you look at it you'll find number of minions is very small. So the plan here is to either play Barnes and get a good pull and then follow up with Eternal Servitude when it dies or delay as much as possible play the big guys and Eternal Servitude again and again. Last but not least Shadow Essence is mostly used as a secondary Barnes. Dropping a Lich King and a Y'sera on turn 10 with Eternal Servitude and Shadow Essence is pretty strong. Embrace Darkness and Entomb should be used for removal. Thoughtsteal and Mind Vision only exist to add some cards so I can hold until I start dropping the big guns. Shadow Visions is very situational and unfortunately the number of spells is so large that often you won't get what you want. Shadowreaper Anduin... has not been played yet! In six games! Time will tell if it will hold the winrate but oh man is this fun!Vlad2 13 Aug
13 Aug Elemental Reno DK Mage I've been trying out a couple of decks in Wild and I came out with this one that is working out pretty well. ### Elemental Reno DK # Class: Mage # Format: Wild # # 1x (1) Fire Fly # 1x (1) Glacial Shard # 1x (2) Flame Geyser # 1x (2) Frostbolt # 1x (2) Ice Walker # 1x (2) Primordial Glyph # 1x (2) Pyros # 1x (2) Volatile Elemental # 1x (3) Arcane Intellect # 1x (3) Forgotten Torch # 1x (3) Igneous Elemental # 1x (3) Tar Creeper # 1x (4) Fire Plume Phoenix # 1x (4) Fireball # 1x (4) Kazakus # 1x (4) Polymorph # 1x (4) Steam Surger # 1x (4) Water Elemental # 1x (5) Cryomancer # 1x (5) Servant of Kalimos # 1x (6) Blizzard # 1x (6) Meteor # 1x (6) Reno Jackson # 1x (7) Blazecaller # 1x (7) Firelands Portal # 1x (7) Flamestrike # 1x (8) Ragnaros the Firelord # 1x (8) Sindragosa # 1x (9) Frost Lich Jaina # 1x (10) N'Zoth, the Corruptor # AAEBAf0EHk27AvYCiwPJA6sElgXsB7oWwxbgrAKjtgLYuwKcwAKXwQK/wQLCwQLKwQKswgLrwgLCwwLKwwKYxAK0xAKWxwLGxwLIxwLczQKb0wLy0wIAAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone I built it as a tempo deck based on the elemental tribe with the nice catch that Ragnaros the Firelord is an elemental! It turns out that if I stick to a control gameplay using both spells and minions I end up having a very strong end game. That's when I switched it to a Reno build and added N'Zoth. Reno is used to comeback against aggro because after Frost Lich Jaina is played it is very unlikely that you'll need it. N'Zoth is a win-more card after your Pyros was killed twice. Sindragosa and Frost Lich Jaina combined with N'Zoth are just insane. There are some tempo plays that I don't particularly like, e.g. Cryomancer. I may substitute it for an Ice Block.Vlad2 13 Aug
13 Aug Evolve/Token Shaman Tips Hey everyone, the last post I made was about my Pirate Warrior deck which has so far taken me to Rank 6 (I've been playing less ranked standard now for fear of being pushed back but I'm definitely going for 5) And with the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne, I decided to splash out a bit and buy some packs, enough to craft Evolution Sham, I made a couple of small changes, I swapped Primalfin Totem x2 for Hex x2 1x Bloodsail Corsair and Patches for 2x Jade Spirit 1x Bloodlust for Thrall, Deathseer ### Evolve Shaman V2 # Class: Shaman # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 1x (1) Bloodsail Corsair # 2x (1) Evolve # 2x (1) Fire Fly # 2x (2) Devolve # 2x (2) Flametongue Totem # 2x (2) Jade Claws # 2x (2) Maelstrom Portal # 2x (3) Hex # 2x (3) Mana Tide Totem # 2x (3) Stonehill Defender # 2x (4) Jade Lightning # 2x (4) Jade Spirit # 1x (5) Bloodlust # 2x (5) Doppelgangster # 1x (5) Thrall, Deathseer # 1x (6) Aya Blackpaw # 2x (6) Thing from Below # AAECAaoIBOUHkwmUvQLrzwINgQT+BfAH+qoC+6oCoLYCh7wCz7wC0bwC9r0C+b8Cm8IC68ICAA== I think the changes overall made the deck better, at least for me. But I still feel it's lacking something, fellow Evolve Shammies, please share your revisions/guidance as I'm still very new to the deck but finding it a lot of fun so far! (: Cheers everyone <3Naxella0 13 Aug
13 Aug Lord Marrowgar - A Quirk of AI So, I was battling this assortment of bones using a mage secret deck, buffing up an Ethereal Arcanist to the point it could eat whole planets. I had it up to a reasonable level, 15 attack maybe, but it was relatively low on life having been needed to take out a minion or two. Now Marrowgar then got out his windfury weapon and could potentially have killed my arcanist had he but healed himself to full before attacking. However, for a good few turns running he only ever used his free hero power right at the end of his turn and thus never attacked the arcanist that had a high enough attack to kill him before he had healed. Seems a strange little quirk of his AI anyways, but if it does sound like an unfair win then in my previous attempt I foolishly missed lethal by attacking with my Red Mana Wurm before I cast Fireball at him in an over-excited rush of blood so really it seems only fair if he should make a similar mistake in the order of his play in the next game right? Right? Umm, well anyways, I'm now off to try and poke Mr. Saurfang with as many pointed sticks as I can gather and see whether he might also be just as bad at this Hearthstone lark as I am! Wish me luck, should you think I'm deserving of it! :PHemlock5 13 Aug
12 Aug Deathstalker Hunter worst legendary hero DEATHSTALKER HUNTER IS A JOKE, HIS HERO POWER IS THE WORST HERO POWER IN HS HISTORY. !!! BUFF Deathstalker Hunter !!!Danercore3 12 Aug
12 Aug over favoured Yes were back too the classic retaqric of the blizzard team bending over for the hord community...when will you balance this? if you love shaman or warriors your in!! if yohat murloc deck!! great news!!! you need too be certain class's again and the new exspantion supports this further....why do mages still not have any real one handed swords? where are off hands? why is D.O.T and H.O.T still negated and ignored when it would defiantly add a new dimention (not the F'ing fact that ...thtas whats already in warcraft) why is it melee classes particulyl rouges have better spells? than a mage? why is it that melee clas secrets cost less than a amagews when all mages have are sodding spells.....why do i have a legeendry quest for what was anormal arcane spell "presence of mind"?....why is it you take forever to reroll tavern brawls? when surly by now you have them stockpiled and could reitterate them more often...even if repeated they are a facit and dimention of the game being lost due too....what? you cant rerun? why is it theres no multiplay as of yet 1v1v1? 2v2 and the like all this will do is reaferm and show what overpowered decks are...and thus make you change them or the rules for these types of modes,which lets face it you might as well do and DONT give us all ramandon draw...thats way over powered and favoured and dosent make a game, due to the fact the rules and decks you have in place just will not work as they are.....due too favertisum which brings us back too the start.........still a mage looking for a blade....and screw all shamans!!! evolve -devolve 1 mana heal all yeh real gjNSMC0 12 Aug
10 Aug Wild N'zoth Wall Shaman: Sneed vs White eyes Hey there. I have 1600 dust and i was wondering which lengendary of those 2 to craft. Both have Deathrattles, generate additional resources/threats, and both will be revived by N'zoth. On top of that, both combo very good with Ancestral Spirit/Reincarnate and Kel'thuzad. White Eyes is slightly better in fatigue scenarios but Sneed could be potentially included in other N'zoth decks, such as N'zoth Renolock, Priest, etc. Oh boy thats a tough one. Anyone more experienced with the deck above who could offer some helpful advice? Thank you!pepsicola11 10 Aug
09 Aug Savjz's Combo Priest I was watching the video I link below and it's one of those archetypes I would like to try. However it is also the type of combo deck I fail to understand the twists and turns. So I'm asking the help of you fine experienced combo/control players out there in giving me your advice about this deck but keeping in mind I'm thinking about other decks, like Malygos Druid, just as an example. Here's the video: So my questions are: 1. How do you know when to play a combo card on curve? Because that will hurt the final combo, right? 2. This particular deck seems to have multiple potential combos. Do we just memorize all the possible card combinations and the damage dealt by each? As an example, at some point Savjz says that if he had a specific card he would have lethal. Is that a matter of dozens of games with the deck or it is something that is studied when building a deck like this? 3. Last but not least, is it me or these combo decks are some of the most difficult decks to pilot? Or is it just a matter of having a different mindset and approach to each turn, getting away from the tempo, turn by turn "curvestone"? Thanks in advance!Vlad4 09 Aug
09 Aug Freeze mage card craft choice question Hey guys im looking for help. Im a f2p player, that would like to make playable Freeze mage deck. With my limited resources i need to choose carefully what to craft. Im missing: Antonidas 2x doomsayer 2x Iceblock Thanos and Medivh's Valet. I have 1600 dust (800 free and Malygos + Cenarius that i can scrap ). What should i craft? 2 x doomsayer + Iceblocks or Antonidas- what is more important? BTW I know that Medivhs Valet is essential for many mage decks but is it worth to buy Kara now? thanksin advance for any replySCORN4 09 Aug
09 Aug Time to Make a Serious Push! Pt1 Last post never showed up after I posted it for some reason so sorry if this ends up being somewhat of a double post! This is quite a long and in-depth explanation of the problems I'm having at the moment and the areas I think I need help with, please don't TL;DR! Any help/constructive criticism/advice would be very greatly appreciated! So I've been playing Hearthstone casually for about 3 years now on and off, I pushed to rank 10 with my own version of control Mage about a year ago but that was the highest I've ever been and I hit a wall so I gave up. I'd really like to hit rank 5 before the new expansion hits! My old control Mage deck was doing horribly this season so I disenchanted it and tried to find the most solid looking tier 1 deck that I could craft - the Pirate Warrior (Leeroy traded for Argent Commander due to lack of dust) Now I've looked for advice from other players and videos etc but the only thing I found was troll comments about how easy and braindead the deck is. :( It seems to me that Pirate Warrior might have had its day, everybody seems to be running a counter for it now, unless I'm just really bad but anyway - moving on. My stats over the last 64 games - 42.2% win ratio. W-L by class Druid 1-3 Hunter 5-2 Mage 6-9 Paladin 2-3 Priest 3-5 Rogue 3-0 Shaman 6-6 Warlock 0-0 Warrior 1-9Naxella16 09 Aug
07 Aug Need tips to get past Rank 20 Greets everyone, In Ranked Mode I always reach Rank 20, which is not that bad, but I would like to reach higher Ranks. The deck I use is a Pirate Warrior, but some cards are from Whispers of The Old Gods which probably is going to become a Wild Set, I would like some advice on how to improve and if possible I hope someone helps me find a deck that fits me :) P.S: When it comes to my collection I have a little of everything, Old Gods, Gadgetzan and Un'Goro, I buy packs as soon as I get 100 coins xD, my collection is a little unbalanced because of that LOL. Any help appreciated...Blazt10 07 Aug
07 Aug Warlock - how to make discard work Warlock is a dead class nowadays. The discard mechanism appears to be too weak. But blizzard seems to be pushing again towards discard in the following expansion. So we need to put some ideas out there in order to help this class type to be viable. I have a very simple solution to this. Make cards that give you an option on which card to discard. Same as adapt. 3 random cards from you hand and you get to choose which to discard. An example of that would be: a 2 mana 2/2 Discard: Select a card from you hand to be discarded. (that means if you have more than 3 cards in hand, lets say 5 cards, 3 random will be selected from your 5 and then you choose). Or a spell: 2 mana draw 3 cards, keep one and discard the others. Warlocks need to have some control on which cards they discard. When you only have random discards it just seems the game will be decided totally in luck.Sarasker26 07 Aug
05 Aug Patch 8.4 - pack openning Hello Blizard, i would to ask you about bug, whas was during the start of patch 8.4. in openning packs. I have opened around 45 packs and got only one legendary from that. I have recieved information, that people who had this isue should recieve 2000 dust as compensation. I havent recieved that dust yet. Can you check my account pls? thank youEjakulat3 05 Aug
30 Jul Hunter Deck, any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help. I've been playing this deck for a little while now and I'm pretty happy with it. Was just wondering if I was missing a trick? ### Beast Master # Class: Hunter # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Alleycat # 1x (1) Bestial Wrath # 1x (1) Hunter's Mark # 1x (1) Jeweled Macaw # 1x (1) Timber Wolf # 2x (2) Crackling Razormaw # 1x (2) Dinomancy # 1x (2) Dire Wolf Alpha # 1x (2) Flare # 1x (2) Freezing Trap # 1x (2) Golakka Crawler # 1x (2) Kindly Grandmother # 2x (2) Scavenging Hyena # 2x (3) Animal Companion # 1x (3) Deadly Shot # 1x (3) Eaglehorn Bow # 2x (3) Kill Command # 1x (3) Unleash the Hounds # 1x (3) Vicious Fledgling # 1x (4) Houndmaster # 1x (5) Nesting Roc # 1x (5) Tundra Rhino # 1x (6) Savannah Highmane # 1x (7) Gladiator's Longbow # 1x (9) Call of the Wild # AAECAR8UjQG3AocE3gS7BYAHhwfZB+sHxQjbCe0J/gzHrgK5tAKfwgLZwgLkwgKJwwKTwwIFqAK1A4EK6rsCjsMCAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneUrbanViking11 30 Jul
26 Jul Primalfin champion question I saw this on a stream once: during an arena run a primalfin champion is played and buffed, then the opponent steals it with mctech. When the primalfin champion died the player who stole it didn't get the buff card neither did the opponent (to be fair I might have missed it but I'm sort of sure the other player didn't get an extra card). Is this possibly a bug or is that how primalfin champion works (as in since the person who played mctech didn't cast the buff and the player who played didn't own the minion when it died)? Any opinions?Bokkafa6 26 Jul
26 Jul Best comebacks after opponent BM's? Basically what the title says. For me it's definitely this: My opponent had a 12/11 deathwing dragonlord and an elise on board. 7 health left. I had the rag hero power, an execute, a brawl, and a couple minions in hand. I execute the dragonlord looking to increase my odds of winning, the Tyrande emotes "Thank you" a few times as 4 dragons come out; the other deathwing, ysera, alexstraza, and a primordial drake. I promptly emote "Thank you" back and brawl + hero power, slamming poor Tyrande in the face for 8 damage - lethal.FrostyFeet18 26 Jul
22 Jul Calling All Friendly Folk - Fellow Player Needs Aid! Hi all. I returned to the game a couple weeks ago or so and i'm seriously struggling to win 1 game out of many and even then they probably just conceded. I'm constantly stuck at Rank 19-20 and i've accepted that I must just be absolutely rubbish at this game lol. Casual, ranked, standard and wild - I have no luck at all! But I still wish to play! However, when I scout the net for help and recognising a lot of the decks online from just playing against them I seem to almost 99% of the time lack particular cards needed to make that deck work. And they're costly. I don't have the real money to spend on numerous packs and I find it quite extortionate personally for someone with my finances. And no wins means no gold either. I do the quests for packs and just all too often end up with low/poor quality cards worth very little dust collectively. What is a lady to do? Are there any budget decks anyone can recommend? Any other advice? Tell me your secrets! I am just completely at a loss now. I love playing this game but it's getting a little samey with no real sense of accomplishment for me atm lol. So I really appreciate any and all help you folks might offer. Thanks!Kizzy11 22 Jul
21 Jul Battlycry not working Hi folks. During my last arena game (playing Mage against Warlock) I played a Kabal Courier and discovered Kazakus. When I played him a turn later, his battlecry just didn't take effect. I got him on the board, but had no chance to create my game-winning spell. Luckily, I still won using Pyroblast as such the turn after, but I just wanted to mention the bug...Planeswalker2 21 Jul
20 Jul hero power totem - Mirror Entity bug? Playing any shaman "hero power totem" from your hand doesn't trigger opponent's "Mirror Entity". Is this a bug?MrMo3 20 Jul
18 Jul Caverns Below Hi Blizzard. I have disenchanted my Caverns Below a day before you gave us an update . So my question is will you give me 1600 dust or i've been too fast with disenchanting.Go6oBangiqta7 18 Jul
17 Jul Crystal Core question When you start trying to capitalize on one minion and the Crystal Core activates, but suddenly you lose all the minions you have with that name, if you start with a new minion the quest basically resets, right ? Meaning you need to play the new minion 5 times, not the remaining 4,3 or less times ?Herowar2 17 Jul
16 Jul Everyone tell the worst/best most amusing RNG story. I don't get pissed for 1 thing happening once in a lifetime so I don't have many stories this story is about a priest who got his Mind Controls Ragnaros and Holy Nova turn 1 and before the game ends the last 3 cards he had in his deck were Thoughtsteal and 2 Northshire Clerics. That's just an exemple, he switched to other classes and playstyles after some timeSheercold7 16 Jul
16 Jul Does moroes work in Divine sunkeeper tarim decks? Does moroes work in Divine sunkeeper tarim decks?Lightbringer3 16 Jul
15 Jul Elemental Priest [Standard] With the recent patch, Blizzard changed some of the cards to fit into the Elemental tribe. One of those cards is Mana Geode. At first I didn't think it would be enough to push the Elemental Priest archetype, but I've played around with it a bit and it turns out that it's actually pretty good now. You have a reliable curve reminiscent of ye ol' Dragon Priest from wayyy back with TGT which forces your opponent to interact with you to deal with the immediate threats you constantly play out. You also don't run out of cards easily because of how well your early game synergizes with itself. Mana Geode, Kabal Talonpriest and Northshire Cleric work together so well that it's almost hard to believe this combo wasn't included in regular Priest decks to begin with. And the best thing about this deck, to me, is that it plays very similar to how Dragon Priest used to. Instead of always being on the defensive early on and having to passively remove stuff from your opponent's board like most Priest decks, you get to go on the offensive and fight for the board early on with big swing cards like Radiant Elemental and Lightspawn. ### Elemental Priest # Class: Priest # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Crystalline Oracle # 1x (1) Inner Fire # 2x (1) Northshire Cleric # 2x (1) Potion of Madness # 2x (1) Power Word: Shield # 2x (2) Divine Spirit # 2x (2) Mana Geode # 2x (2) Radiant Elemental # 2x (2) Shadow Visions # 1x (2) Shadow Word: Pain # 2x (3) Kabal Talonpriest # 2x (3) Tar Creeper # 2x (4) Lightspawn # 1x (5) Holy Nova # 1x (5) Lyra the Sunshard # 2x (5) Servant of Kalimos # 2x (7) Blazecaller # AAECAa0GBPgCyQbXCr7IAg3lBPYG0QryDLW7Ar27AvC7AtHBAtXBAtjBAsLDAsrDAsjHAgA= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone I only play a single Shadow Word: Pain right now because it seems there aren't that many good targets in a lot of the popular decks, and on top of that you can always find more with Shadow Visions. There are 7 different spells in the deck, so SV has a roughly 40% chance to find SW:P which is pretty good. The other half of the times you'll get Potion of Madness or even Divine Spirit / Inner Fire to go for tempo instead. I think the decklist is largely must-play cards, but there is one slot that is for sure a tech option. I run a second Blazecaller in that slot right now for a reliable late-game tempo swing, but there are different things you can play. If you face a lot of aggro, you can consider playing a second SW:P or maybe Golakka Crawler. It could also be worth it to play Gluttonous Ooze if you're up against a lot of Warriors, Paladins or Shaman. Weapon removal is really strong when you're trying to fight for the board early on. Let me know what you think!NotFX1 15 Jul