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1h New player looking for an effective Mage deck. Essentially I began playing hearthstone yesterday and I have been struggling to build and efficient deck. I began playing with Trumps F2P Mage build that I tweaked slightly with some cards from the latest xpac. I have already unboxed around £60 of cards to get me started. I have scrapped alot of cards from other classes to build up a significant ammount of dust to buy Mage cards. I was wondering if anyone could help me build a better and more efficient deck? Deck budget: 2155 Arcane dust. Current cards: Breath of Sindragosa Ice walker Cold wraith Doomed apprentice Frozen clone Ghastly conjurer Sindragosa Vaporize Blizzard Ice block Ice barrier Sorcerer's apprentice Mana Wyrm Shimmering Tempest Mana bind + all the basic cards. So, what is everyones opinions?Claus2 1h
8h Any tips for new players Dunno if this is the right place to post this, but I am getting destroyed in this game by players with much better decks, so what should I do as a new player? It doesn't seem like much skill is needed, as long as you have the better deck.Kongen12 8h
18h Can't find or craft Baron Rivendare Trying to make a deathrattle deck and no matter what I search I can't use or create him and I've completed the entire Naxramus set.Belzin115841 18h
1d Warlock - how to make discard work Warlock is a dead class nowadays. The discard mechanism appears to be too weak. But blizzard seems to be pushing again towards discard in the following expansion. So we need to put some ideas out there in order to help this class type to be viable. I have a very simple solution to this. Make cards that give you an option on which card to discard. Same as adapt. 3 random cards from you hand and you get to choose which to discard. An example of that would be: a 2 mana 2/2 Discard: Select a card from you hand to be discarded. (that means if you have more than 3 cards in hand, lets say 5 cards, 3 random will be selected from your 5 and then you choose). Or a spell: 2 mana draw 3 cards, keep one and discard the others. Warlocks need to have some control on which cards they discard. When you only have random discards it just seems the game will be decided totally in luck.Sarasker31 1d
1d Copy the entire cards collection from Hearthstone Hello. It's possible to copy my entire cards collection from Hearthstone as I would copy a deck for example?VitaPinha0 1d
1d Lets make Brawl ranked!!! Hey can we make Brawl ranked and maybe you could win prices there too? That would make it more fun!Spontan2 1d
1d Need Help With Pally Aggro Deck Please Ive been playing for a little bit just started back up last month and ive always played paladin now ive made murloc decks and tried all the Hearthpwn decks and didnt find one i liked so i made a custom deck that is fun to play but i cant get past rank 20 if yall could help me find whats wrong with my deck or any improvements i can make i would appreciate it thanks guys Here is my custom deck Acherus Veteren X2 Argent Squire X2 Leper Gnome X2 Righteous Protector X2 Smugglers Run X2 A Light In The Darkness X2 Equality X2 Grimestreet Outfitter X2 Hydrologist X2 Aldor Peacekeeper X1 Divine Favor X2 Rallying Blade X2 Stonehill Defender X2 Blessing Of Kings X2 Consencration X2 Leeroy Jenkins X1Halcyon4 1d
4d Jade Druid So seriously, jade druids. First of all I've played wow for like 8 years, I'm a young adult before you all start, I work, have a daughter and a life outside of gaming. This is also one of my only posts on forums I've ever created as I don't really complain much etc, I've had faith in over the year's. Now, for the rant that no doubt has spread throughout these forums, jade druids or any jade variation to be honest. Can you remove this, no matter what you do jade druid will always win it's ridiculous, I've played with many decks this meta and nothing even compares to a 12k card cost jade druid it's not even worth playing for me anymore. Now I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and create a variation of jade druid that has littered hearthpwn in more ways that ever as I don't just follow what's op and go with it. But seriously, you nerf other cards over years yet haven't even touched jade. Surely you can see statistics that jade have like a 90% and the only thing they lose against is versus a jade druid. I'll quit this meta as many of my friends already have. Good byeDivine19891 4d
4d Decks and Strategies ??? Decks - go here copy one : How to play? If new , drop some money into game , make one of few best score decks from here , then play for a month : 1st. You will rank up fast from lvl 24 to some lvl 5 , crushing all poor souls who didnt payed to make deck and will fall down fast , you will score continuing wins and will get double stars to rank up fast. Recommendation some easy to play deck like jade druid that you dont need to think , just play cards and you will win. After you get to lvl 5 and above , things get tricky cos you will now fight people like you , who play game with same decks like you have.Here you get ready for repetitiveness, you will play over and over again same several decks and dumb people who play like you hoping for fast legend hit. If you have lots of time to play , you will score several wins in a row , over time get more stars and eventually you will get to legend rank and can brag how you are legend. Then you can delete the game becouse there is nothing else to do here. Strategies FOR NEW PLAYERS : 2 Strategies here , PAY ,or DONT PAY. My recommendation... Dont have it. Im really sad that this game ended up like this. :(Soundwave0 4d
4d Can't see how standard Paladin can win against LK since 9.1 Hello guys! So I've beaten all 8/9 Lich Kings except for the Paladin, some way harder than others, but I managed to beat him with all from a few tries to A LOT of tries! The paladin however I just seem to can't find no end to now that Murloc Warleader is only +2 atk and not 2+ atk and 1+ health..... so does anyone have any idea to beat the LK as a paladin if you ONLY have standard available cards? Because there are next to non decks after 9.1 patch and those few there are ain't working mostly because they probably made the deck before the Murloc Warleader nerf but first posted it after without paying notice to the big changeBilbo3 4d
4d Crafting gods? Second opinions? Hi! I have been getting cards from all packs and got some nice legendaries and even some double legendaries from some packs. Think I have most of what I need from all the other packs now. The only set I haven't gotten anything from is the old gods. Now I am thinking, hmm, it is not worth buying cards from that deck because it will soon rotate out, right? Not even worth to craft? Some of my decks have everything except for Yogg, Ysharj, Nzoth,etc. Oh and I am also missing Aya. Are any of these cards worth buying or crafting for now when they will soon rotate out of standard? Feels like I would be wasting dust on them. I have enough dust now anyway for 3-4 more legendaries. What to do.. what to do..Night1 4d
5d Tavern Brawl and Gnomeferatu Ok guys, this actually works: You can burn your opponents deck with gnomeferatu. At 3 cards left your opponent can't draw anything anymore and you win! Deck: Voidwalker - Taunt Demon Defile - get rid of the board Doomsayer - see above Gnomefertau Loothoarder - draw gnome Thalnos/Brann - see above/more milling! Apprentice Engineer - see above Acolyte of Pain/Deathlord - see above/more milling! Kazakus - see above Gul'dan - survive and resummon taunt demonsKherti1 5d
5d fasszopóan undorítóak vagytok !!!! faszopóan undorítóak vagytok !!!!!Ivett5 5d
5d Help me with my control hunter (Quest/DK/Keleseth) DISCLAIMER: as a F2P player i have made peace with not always being able to play tier-1 decks. With my inner Spike taking the back seat, i let my Johnny nature take the wheel. three things lead me to the construction of this deck 1) Damn Trump tricked me into crafting the hunter quest 2) I've opened Prince Keleseth as my first legendary of this expansion 3) Deathstalker Rexxar is way too cool to not have if you have a single drop of Johnny blood in your veins So here i am. trying hard to make-do with meme-y deck. Here it goes 1 The Marsh Queen 1 Acherus Veteran (surprisingly good) 2 Alley Cats 2 Argent Squires 2 Bloodsail Corsair 2 Fire Flies 1 Hungry Crab (if i had 2, i would play 2) 1 Jeweled Macaw (drop it maybe? would that be not enough 1 drops?) 2 Mistresses of Mixtures 1 Patches the Pirate 1 Prince Keleseth 2 Animal Companions 2 Deadly Shots 2 Kill Commands 1 Unleash the Hounds 2 Cult Masters (cut one maybe?) 1 Dispatch Kodo (cut? it is a tempo play after all) 1 Nesting Roc (the only taunt) 2 Tol'Vir Wardens 1 Deathstalker Rexxar Things that i would like to include somehow but have no idea where shoudl i start cutting: - Gluttonous ooze, because pirate package is not enough to shut aggro) - Skulking geist (jades....) - Eater of Secrets - TAUNTS i am ready to disenchant some cards to get my hands on what i need. If anyone wants to help I would appreciate. PS. before replying with anything among the lines of "wow, u so bad" know this- i am aware.Buc5 5d
10 Oct Crafting Help I'm actuality playing with a highlander priest but also in wild a Renolock for which I already have every cards, that I need. Now I'm playing also in wild a Malygos/Miracle Rogue. Now I don't know what should I craft next: Valeera the Hollow or Lyra and then some Priest epics like dragon fire potion, shadow vision (maby curious glimerroot) What would you guys think should I craft text? Thank you for helping me. KrypthasKrypthas9 10 Oct
08 Oct Hearthstone Deck Tracker Help, please!! Anyone know why while using deck tracker it displays cards from other characters? i.e. I'm playing warlock, but deck tracker shows warrior cards. What the heck am I doing wrong?Aquilla2 08 Oct
06 Oct SHAME FOR ROGUE, NEED NURF Shame for that Rogue, is too overpower, you have too nurf himZippo2 06 Oct
04 Oct Highlander can't get higher than rank 20... I'm playing with a Highlander Priest but I don't know why but I'm at rank 20 can't get higher. Did I something wrong with the deck? I don't accualy have velen and lyra but here is the deck:;131:1;246:1;249:1;315:1;395:1;409:1;428:1;431:1;435:1;467:1;544:1;547:1;600:1;671:1;33150:1;42056:1;49621:1;49622:1;49630:1;49644:1;49702:1;49755:1;55456:1;55542:1;55543:1;58722:1;62889:1;62922:1;62951:1 Thanks for your help!Krypthas3 04 Oct
04 Oct Help with fatigue warrior Hi guys, I have Dog's Fatigue Warrior deck, see link below for deck list. Questions: - I'm missing Bloodmage Thalnos, any replacements?? (at the moment I have double public defender) - How to beat quest mage?? I never win.. - Any other tips about playing this deck are welcome (when to shuffle deck, when to play skulking geist, ...) HOW YA ALL RATE THIS DECK? Thanks a lot guysNicopicoo3 04 Oct
04 Oct I've had enough of murlocs, haven't you yet? it seems like Hearthstone developers can't get enough of murlocs. it's a lame deck and requires 0 skill with no brain at all. !@#$ING MEGAFIN?? you had to add the %^-*ing megafin to the game? also adapt your murlocs? WHY? are you !@#$ing retarded? NERF THE %^-*ING MURLOCS! i'm using everything i have to win a game, those dumb !@#$s add a bunch of murlocs to their %^-*ty decks and destroy us effortlessly. i've started with holy nova and excavated evil in my hand for !@#$s sake. still wasn't enough. NERF THE %^-*ING MURLOCS!!! don't make them even more overpowered with every new expansion. !@#$ING MEGAFIN MAN! WHY? WHY WOULD YOU CREATE SUCH A CARD? murlocs were lame as %^-* even before megafin. now you !@#$ed this game even harder. use your %^-*ing brain blizzard. use it. make this a strategical game, not a lame "put all the 1 cost 2 cost 3 cost murlocs with godly synergy and murder everyone while not even looking at the screen"TripOath14 04 Oct
03 Oct I really do not care if DK Rexxar is good... because he is AWESOME. i know, a thread like this is not useful to anyone if fact, but... AWESOME. Building beasts is the funniest and the most rewarding thing HS has ever offered. Generate a card that absolutely no one can predict and is impossible to preemptively play around. and as much as RNGsus can screw you around by generating cards that are useless in your current situation it is very rewarding to unleash: Stonetusk gastropod Dispatch gastropod Bloodworm patriarch Silverback pack .... and several dozens of 4 attack minions just to screw with Priests. I AM IN LOVE <3Buc1 03 Oct
01 Oct Big Priest (Wild): help with decklist Yesterday, out of boredom i decided to build Big Priest, and hell this deck is as meme as it gets. My decklist is the following, the problem is that i added some cards cause i missed some others but they are underperforming so im just looking for some cheap replacements. If you can help, that would be great. # 1x (0) Silence # 1x (1) Holy Smite # 2x (1) Pint-Size Potion # 1x (1) Potion of Madness # 2x (2) Shadow Visions # 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain # 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death # 1x (4) Barnes # 2x (4) Eternal Servitude # 1x (4) Greater Healing Potion # 2x (4) Shadow Word: Horror # 1x (5) Lyra the Sunshard <--- # 1x (6) Cairne Bloodhoof <--- # 1x (6) Dragonfire Potion # 1x (6) Lightbomb # 2x (6) Shadow Essence # 1x (6) Sylvanas Windrunner # 1x (8) Free From Amber # 1x (8) Ragnaros the Firelord # 1x (8) The Lich King # 2x (9) Obsidian Statue # 1x (10) Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound I was wondering which non-lengendary card i could replace Cairne or Lyra with. Cairne feels clunky cause it messes up your Eternal Servitude, and the same goes for Lyra. Second Potion of Madness would lead to the same outcome, driving you ressurecting 2-Attack minions. What about Ressurect? Or maybe Entomb? Has anyone tried these cards? Also, if someone has a different list for Big Priest, can you please share so i check it out? Thank you.pepsicola3 01 Oct
30 Sep Priest Hero card: Shadowreaper Anduin I got a Shadowreaper Anduin and is playing around with it: You can save the card until the opponent play a big minion (such as the Lich King in this video LoL). The new hero power allows you to deal a lot of damage if you have many low cost cards to play. Do not use the premade deck. It sucks! The deck I used in the video: ### Spell Priest # Class: Priest # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Mind Vision # 1x (1) Pint-Size Potion # 2x (2) Shadow Visions # 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain # 1x (2) Spirit Lash # 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death # 2x (3) Thoughtsteal # 1x (4) Arfus # 1x (4) Eternal Servitude # 1x (4) Greater Healing Potion # 2x (4) Priest of the Feast # 1x (4) Shadow Madness # 1x (4) Shadow Word: Horror # 1x (5) Devour Mind # 2x (5) Holy Nova # 1x (5) Lyra the Sunshard # 1x (5) Onyx Bishop # 1x (8) Free From Amber # 1x (8) Medivh, the Guardian # 1x (8) Shadowreaper Anduin # 1x (10) Mind Control # 2x (12) Arcane Giant # AAECAa0GDgjcAaGsAs6zAqG3Are7Aui/ApnIAr7IAsbMAuXMAvDPApDTArbiAggeyQbLCNMK1wqCtAKStALRwQIA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone How about your experience with this card?Wakeman12 30 Sep
29 Sep My own Druid-fatigue v.1 Edited cause bad version.Flyfisher2 29 Sep
29 Sep Hightlander Priest For real blizzard? Otk dmg, insane control and healing? You can do betterRadeonic1 29 Sep
29 Sep just started and favor hunter I just started a few weeks ago. My fav is hunter, but dont know how to use it the right way. Anyone have some pointers or can help me out with some training.Hurukan4 29 Sep
26 Sep So when is Bonemare getting nerfed? I mean, seriously. It's a 9/9 with Taunt on turn 7. Which of the retarded staff on Blizzard thought this was a good idea? And especially to make it a Common Neutral?Ebon6 26 Sep
26 Sep Prince Malchezaar overpowered. Why did blizzard even make Prince Malchezaar. He is so overpowered. He is pretty strong 5/6 s stats, almost every legendary card is useful in every deck. Like 90% are useful in my experience and he summons like 5 legendaries in your deck in the beginning of the game, whoever made this card should be removed from the blizzard staff asap. I win all games besides the ones i get to play vs him. And no, i dont want to play with him because he is to unbalanced and i want the game to be fun.Zizor13 26 Sep
25 Sep Need help, hopeless at building decks! Hi Guys, I've been playing for a few months now and I've managed to get lucky with a couple legendaries but I can't seem to build a deck that works at all! I do enjoy the game but when I get losing streaks that knock me down a rank sometimes two it just isn't fun especially when my opponents always seem to have a tonne of legendaries! I've been playing a couple different styled Murloc Paladins but have about a 45% win rate I've done lots of reading on Hearthpwn, Icy Veins but I'm f2p so not gonna spend tonnes so I can copy a deck. I have been earning gold and did get the starter pack though. I currently have like 20 dust but do have 800 gold. This is my collection And this is my best deck ... If any of you are willing to help me out by recommending what to change or perhaps build a completely new deck. I would be extremely grateful as I'm on the verge of giving up on Hearthstone and I really want to enjoy the game!Felissen0 25 Sep
25 Sep Anyone else agree that quest mage is incredibly strong at the moment? I have been playing quest mage a lot today and have climbed easily to rank 5, I feel the deck is in a really strong place at this moment in time as raza priest and jade druid are extremely popular right now and are usually really easy matchups for the deck. Granted you will most of the time lose to aggro decks, but with the nerfs to warleader and FWA incoming aggro decks will die down even more. What's everyone's opinion on it?NetoIsCute8 25 Sep
22 Sep Less and less Warrior cards? Are there less Warrior cards coming out as of late? In any of the packs won through arena or tavern brawl or even some of the free packs given away in the last couple of months it seems there are hardly any Warrior cards in the packs. I like Warrior as a class and would like to see more cards. Just wondering what any others thoughts are on the subject.Stonehenge2 22 Sep
22 Sep Jade and face hunter decks are ruining hearthstone What's the point in releasing new dlc and having a nice deck just to come across another jade Druid or face hunter what's the point in the dlc if theirs them crap decks still in standard play think you need to change standard to the latest dlc only as can't seem to not come across a stupid jade Druid or a face hunter it's ruining hearthstone experience what I'm i to do quit the game till this crap deck is place in wildvinny12310 22 Sep
20 Sep Puzzle Time! Situation: Opponent: Rogue, with 11 hp left, empty board, empty hand. You: Warlock, with 2 hp left. On board you have a 5/5 Unlicensed Apothecary, a 4/5 Despicable Dreadlord and a 5/5 Ravenous Pterrodax with taunt. In your hand are Sanguine Reveler, Unwilling Sacrifice and a Dread Infernal. The Rogue draws Sap and saps your Pterrodax, Hero Powers and hits face. You then draw a Possessed Villager. What is your best play to survive this situation? Sadly, I didn't take a screenshot, that would have made it easier to describe.Phillybear3 20 Sep
20 Sep Question regarding packs. Hi! I'm new and i've spent some cash on buying the Lich king cards, however I wonder if theres a point in me buying any of the other packs? Which one of the packs are counted as standard? all of them? How long will they be valid?:)Yuzifish4 20 Sep
20 Sep Hi! I'm new to the game and i just encountered a mage who spammed water elementals and turned into a naga and healed himself, could you guys help me identify the deck or the cards? It looked really fun:)Yuzifish2 20 Sep
19 Sep Wich to craft? I am currently building a highlander priest deck, and I have enough dust to Craft one more legendary, either lyra or kazakus, wich should I Craft?antantant2 19 Sep
18 Sep Freeze mage help(?) So im back into HS after like a year, idk how much time, but when i left it was common the paladin with mysterious challenger, and i used to play freeze mage fine (like rank10) and now that i came back im still using that freeze mage deck, to play wild because i dont know how would i build freeze mage without thaurissan mad scientist and ice lance... and now after coming back i reached rank15 wild but now im back to rank 20, idk if im finding good opponents or stronger cards or what(might not be just the deck), and im not really sure about what to do, should i convert to standard? How can i make the deck work there? Im currently running: 2x Ice lance 1x Bloodmage Thalnos 2x Doomsayer 2x Frostbolt 1x Loot hoarder 2x Mad scientist 2x Acolyte of pain 2x Arcane intellect 2x Forgotten torch 2x Frost nova 2x Ice barrier 2x Ice block 2x Fireball 2x Blizzard 1x Emperor Thaurissan 1x Archmage anthonidas 1x Flamestrike 1x Alextrasza Honestly im not even sure about what im doing or what i want to do, can i play freeze mage in standard? Should i just move to a different class? I came back to hearthstone like a week ago im not very familiar with the meta and stuff.Frazz2 18 Sep
18 Sep Radiant elemental + 1-cost spell + Skulking geist Hi, So the title pretty much sums it up. Just now I played a game in which I had a Radiant Elemental on the board, a Mind Vision in hand and then played a Skulking Geist. It turns out the mind vision got destroyed even though at that point, the card cost 0-mana. Is this the correct working of the card? And if so, why is it correct? Doesn't the geist specifically mention that it destroys 1-cost spells? It does not state anything about actual cost, so I presumed it meant current cost etc. If that had been the case, my 2-cost spells should have gotten destroyed, which seems strange as well... Can someone explain me what the correct interpretation of these kind of cards is?Noa2 18 Sep
18 Sep This week's brawl I was wondering if anyone knew how blizzard compile the decks for brawls like this, not complaining everyone has the right decks to win (some luck) just curious if there's a process.razors6 18 Sep
16 Sep Ultimate Brawl Hey everyone, I was just wondering what the ultimate deck would be? What I mean is : imagine you can build a deck with any cards from any classes from any extensions. What would it be? This might be an interesting idea for an upcoming tavern brawl.s0ulw4x0 16 Sep
11 Sep My battle against Malchezaar: I need your help Hi. I usually don't write in the english language forums... but the spanish forums are unable to help me. I asked for help there many months ago, and a lot of people found help in that thread, with the advices. They finally won against Malchezaar, the last Karazhan battle, while me, the one who created the thread, failed once and again. I am the only one that remains without the heroic karazhan card back. So, I need your help. Please. I am tired of losing. I !@#$ing hate Nazra and Malchezaar by now. I thought that maybe I should be more specific. So I will post a link with my whole card collection. I started in the old gods metagame so I have nothing from naxxramas, blarckrock mountain, etc... If someone finds some deck that actually could win against Nazra and Malchezaar, and one that I could actually build, I would be really grateful. I won against the lich king with every class. I mean... my collection is not that bad I think. I know I am asking a lot of effort (checking my collection) so please, forgive the inconvenience. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't so... beaten. I am doing something wrong and I just don't know what is it.Alfon1 11 Sep
09 Sep [HELP] Hunter vs Lich King Hi, there i really need a good hunter against the lich king, it's just too hard .. i've beat him with all others deck except warrior, mage and well hunter. I've tryed the Deathstalker rexar strategy, not working The Lock'n'load + Cloak spells, not working I've played over 30 games as hunter :( Thanks in advance EDIT : Just won with kibler deck 09 Sep
09 Sep Simulacrum question Does anyone know or have tried using simulacrum on arcane giants with reduced cost (to one or zero)? Does it copy the reduced cost giant or for example a 2 mana minion in your hand?Bokkafa2 09 Sep
09 Sep how to defeat Lich king with mage (easy mode) how to defeat Lich king with mage (easy mode) 09 Sep
08 Sep Deck assistance Hi all, I don't really post much so apologies if I miss out any details but I need help with my deck. I can't seem to get a very high rank with it, and I don't know if that's because of my skill or my deck, which is a modified Fire and Ice in-game recipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2xForbidden Flame 2xBabbling Book 2xMana Wyrm 2xFrostbolt 2xPrimordial Glyph 2xShimmering Tempest 2xArcane Intellect 2xTwilight Flamecaller 1xCone of Cold 2xFireball 2xPolymorph 2xWater Elemental 2xFaceless Summoner 1xFirelands Portal 2xFlamestrike 1xFrost Lich Jaina 1xPyroblastFlamelord2 08 Sep
08 Sep Let's hit the road! Hello dear players and admins! I'm not experienced in the game, not very long ago, I watched for some time streaming Gnumme, I decided to get involved in the game.   Passed all the initial tasks (deducted on the forum of their availability), and I have 1500 dust. I understand that it is desirable to choose one hero and play them. Hence the essence of the question.   I learned all the class maps ...   Concerning the choice of the class: 1. The druid is a trivial, personal view. 2. The magician is quite interesting with secrets, he is not bored, is he expensive? 3. Hunter - write, aggressive class, only in person, etc. And what about the long, heavy control of classes / decks? How is the price, is it possible to achieve success without major investments? Same secrets, too? 4. Robber - what in general tell about this !? 5. The priest is a healer, I think that he is boring, I saw a lot, as for me there are no interesting or promising maps ... I do not know ... 6. Is the paladin expensive? complicated? Not a beautiful skin :) 7. The warrior-friend started it, I will not repeat it. Yes, and on the forum write about its not conceivable value of its deck ... 8. Shaman - straining the "overload", is it worth it? 9. Warlock - he interested me in a unique gameplay, he saw a lot of interesting maps, but it all comes down to losing hp, this is a problem or something I do not know, impressed by the Lord Jaraxxus, met the warlock in battle, and he madly made big provocateurs the whole table, impressed. I ask you to tell more in detail about it, what is now / in the future, what advantage over other classes, can someone knows the decks to which one should strive, I love originality, and control of the table.      Guys, please answer open, I will be extremely grateful!Rogash8 08 Sep
08 Sep Beyond the nerfs I was wondering about the general nerf all across the board. The druid nerf seems lackluster especially since all it's counters are nerfed too. However, exodia mage is not, and the breathing room given by the weakening aggro, could potentially push this and some other decks to the surface, that could bust the druid. What potential decks can you imagine, that were being kept down by swifter aggro decks, that can surface now? What i'd personally like to try is a blackguard-heal/exodia paladin, seeing how an exodia combo could fight jade, but i am not an experienced paladin to know it's potential nuances of why it might not work.Cheesecake1 08 Sep
06 Sep Is it possible to build a Control Mage in Wild that doesn't rely on Reno? ...erm... the title I guess. I'm finding it hard to imagine how to build a viable control mage in Wild that isn't a Reno mage. Even if I define the win condition with Medhiv or Frost Lich Jaina, I find it hard to define the core "control + draw" set. All the lists I thought of don't fit 30 cards. Some questions: 1) Should I run Medhiv's Vallet? This card always felt like a tempo play to me but it can be useful for removal. 2) Too much AoE options: Volcanic Potion, Blizzard, Frost Nova + Doomsayer, Flamestrike... what is the balance regarding AoE assuming Wild has some nasty aggro openers? 3) How much draw is needed for a control mage? I'm assuming that it will be different depending on the win condition. For instance, Frost Lich Jaina can work on its own but Medhiv needs to have some handy spells around. Thanks in advance everyone!Vlad1 06 Sep