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2d Need help against dragonpriest (and other control fattys) I've been playing this game for a Little while now, constantly switching up my mage deck (favourite class) to make it better. The deck right now is pretty succesful and I've made it higher up the ranks than Before. Even decent against aggro if I play smart. One constant problem for me has been the typical dragon priest, I'm just not equiped to deal with the massive combos and insane minions this deck brings. Same goes with the so called "fat warrior" or Reno decks. I run out of big cards and answers when they reach the fat end of their decks. Any advice on what kind of cards and how to beat these Heavy decks?Sablemike923 2d
2d Help in building a Tempo Jade Druid I'm thinking about building a Tempo Jade Druid for fun. The point is avoiding the mana ramp altogether, maybe keeping Innervate for some use. Jade package itself doesn't seem particularly useful in such a build and it might even be slightly suicidal but this is really for giggles and on curve play. I was wondering if anyone has tried this out even without Jades. Is there any Tempo based build for Druid that has some nice synergies, e.g. Beasts, maybe?Vlad2 2d
3d Decorating Stormwind Battle Hello. I keep getting defeated on Killing Decorating Stormwind in the tavern brawl. The more i hit the hero, the stronger he gets. How the hell do you whack that opponent? I've used warrior as I'm strongest with him right now. Appreciate any tips on cards that can help. Thanks :-)CJae2 3d
3d Jade I just wanted to ask. I made a great Renolock i love playing it but there is a slight problem. Jade decks. I cant win against them. And i was just wondering. Am i bad, do they counter me, or are they OP?Darkdir5 3d
5d jade idol? can anyone reasonably tell me how is a normal humanoid as me playing normal control decks which actually require 'thinking' (reno shadow priest >etc) is supposed to beat such that as jade druid? i already gave up on jade shamans because if u end up succesfully clearing every board he spits on you u "can" win BUT jade druid ladies and gentleman ,i know this topic is very common and nobody gives a damn about it but HOW can u beat jade druid and not being stupid cancer deck which only knows one move straight to the face? You cant. i have been playin renolock ,all i was doing was clearing his ridiculous board and when i finally made it to some board control >here comes nourish > triple jade idol (14,15,16) every single huge minion for poor 1 mana (faceless behemoth is 10/10 for 10 mana ,jade idol is whatever for 1 mana see the happiness? no? nvm) so ended up with conclusion that decks which i enjoy playin the most just cant beat this joke..a man can win only two ways a fckin face shaman or pirate warr 2.u can live in hope that his jade idols are 2 last cards in his deck. So thanks blizzard ,i couldnt personally believe that something will piss me off and make me rq more times than secret palAdysan14 5d
20 Mar Help me please I have been playing hearthstone for over 2 years now, and i cant seem to get past rank 17, i have tried EVERYTHING that i can. Watching YouTube videos, i copied decks from legend ranks, but nothing seems to work. Everytime i play against aggro warrior, jade druid, or other noob decks. Someone has any tips?PriestIsOP4 20 Mar
14 Mar Is there at least one meta/strategy website purely for the EU region?? Like the title says, I'd like to know whether there's a strictly European region meta deck/strategy website? If anyone has played this game competitively for a reasonable length of time, they will have at least heard of Tempostorm, Metabomb, Hearthpwn or anything else similar that's been kicking around on the web for a while... However, I for one am not at all sure that they are not all American websites! And by default all sites like these are very likely to be american. I've tried checking each one for any clues to confirm their origin but have so far found no evidence to the contrary. Now, as any competitive player will be aware, it's pretty damn important to be following the correct strategy when putting together your ranked/ladder deck and following the latest meta advice for matchups etc and by that I also mean checking for the right strategy on a website for the *correct region* i.e. EUROPEAN. For those that may not be aware, the ranked meta differs - often significantly - depending on which region you live (and play) in. So... if I go to look for the latest strategy (for a specific deck) on one of the aforementioned websites - living in Europe - and the website(s) is/are actually american then it's going to be inaccurate information and the provided strategy isn't going to work for me or anybody else playing in Europe! And with the absolute chaos that's going on right now in this game following the release of the latest expansion, where practically every competitive player is tearing their hair out due to the constant shift in the meta, the least we could have right now more than ever is the correct website! Apologies if this has turned into a sort of a rant but I think we all deserve to know the correct place to search up to date strategies. So to reiterate my question - which websites (either the ones I mentioned or others) are for EU meta only? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.blackwolf4 14 Mar
14 Mar Mage Medivh Issues Hello everyone, This month i had some extra time in my weekdays and i started playing ladder. So far so good, i reached Rank 12 with 3 stars this Sunday. The problem is since this Monday, like a miracle, i started having issues with the game. Basically very, very bad RNG. I dropped from 12 to 14 in an instant. I was loosing like a dumb-!@#, after a 65-70% win rate. I hardly keep it up with my opponents now. Playing the same deck, Reno-Medivh Mage and Reno-Lock. It is a strange thing to actually notice. Anyone else had similar issues? I am just curios. Have a great day!Silverhallow1 14 Mar
13 Mar Small Time Buccaneer nerf Hello guys I am a new player... I have seen the nerf that has become the small time buccaneer and would like to ask whether longer worth the aggro pirate decks or needs to be replaced by another PIRATE or another card. Thanks a lot guys.Arthfael3 13 Mar
09 Mar Please do something So my boyfriend and I play a lot of hs everyday but now it's getting crazy. Going on tournaments and faceing shamans and warriors only going for face with NO skill. A warrior can do 15 damage on turn 2! Without ban this can't go on. I know SO many players who want to stop playing hs now. We need a nerf on Buccaneer AND he rng for shamans (the spellpower totem).Miyoklo9 09 Mar
09 Mar Golem You players! You are making this game boring. I´ve been playing a lot lately and basically every 3rd game is a gainst the same Golem deck. Come on you guys, you can do better than this. You must have better imagination, be your own masterminds.Dori2 09 Mar
08 Mar Everytime enemy winning. Hello, I'm putting any card on the table (7 Attack 5 Deffense or 5 attack 7 deffense) but all enemy putting yourself cards When enemy have 7 attack or high kill him or I have how much attack. What is it doing hack or luck ? I'm losing like this style everytime I can't put any card when I put enemy kill him like this style. Help me what can I do?Ishimura5 08 Mar
04 Mar Budget Decks for new players Hi everyone, one of the most common topics here is the frustration that new player experience when they start playing ranked. And it is indeed terrifying when you lead your little minions into battle at the beginning of each month and get crushed by full-blown legendary decks over and over again. But there are budget decks that work really well. This thread is dedicated to them and I hope that it will help new players. If anyone wants to contribute, please post a deck list, crafting cost, required cards from adventures, good and bad match-ups, and what the basic ideas for mulligan and gameplay are.Lemmi4 04 Mar
04 Mar Help with warrior deck Hi, i want to play taunt warrior with new cards. Can you give playable deck? ThanksSwingeron1 04 Mar
04 Mar Pirate Hunter. Can it work? I had a dailies today to win some hunter games and play pirates. So why not play a pirate hunter and it got me intrigued to see if a mid rangy hunter could work out with the pirate theme. This is what I came up with I feel there's a lot to improve on this draft. It must be a wild deck since the early pirates aren't likely work without Glaivezooka. Also I'm not sure what secrets to play in the deck, if any. Suggestions?Wanikka3 04 Mar
04 Mar Why mage? Why are people playin Renomage? I havn't faced a mage who doesn't play that !@#$ty singlecard-deck. What's the fun about it? Feels like wasting time whenever you start a game facing mage with the netdeck. Secret eater will kill you!Freddeben4 04 Mar
03 Mar Unlicensed Apothecary suggestion Hey guys, you probably know the story behind this little guy (Unlicensed apothecary). It is fun and cool card, when you want to use it in your dek in a particular way. I don't want to complain about it or demand nerf. However, it is killing fun more and more often when playing my warlock. The issue is, it pops up to my hand after playing Kabal Trafficker or after using Kazakus potion. Since I'm playing Krul and demon oriented decks, it basically blocks me from using Krul. I mean, if Unlicensed Apothecary will be played by me or somehow appear on my side of the table (ie. Bane of Doom or some Devolve effect) it's ok. I can handle it there. But when it lands on my hand in Krul deck - it's always loss. I remember that some time ago Bane of Doom was modified in a way it could summon more expensive demons. Is it possible to modify spawn pool for Kabal Trafficker and Kazakus potion so they will no longer bring Unlicensed Apothecary to my hand?Primo0 03 Mar
01 Mar New player here So im newer player of HS and had a pretty good hunter deck wich i used and had some wins but the problem now as as im higher rank im facing better decks and i pretty much need a new deck so is there any good combination that can cost me little dust and be effective.SinisteR4 01 Mar
28 Feb What's with all the identical decks? Hi everyone, I'm a new player, started with Hearthstone two weeks ago. I'm a little bit confused and disappointed with my experience playing ranked - I keep facing the same decks and the same strategies. I get that some players copy decks off the internet, but it seems to me that everyone and their brother are playing jade druid and aggro warrior. My deck is a ramp druid, which I made with the cards I have and a bit of crafting - sure, I got advice and information from the net, but I'm positive nobody is running the same deck, and I made some choices that make the deck feel more unique. Don't get me wrong, I'm not salty about losing, in fact both matchups are 50/50 depending on the draw, and I reached rank 14. That's not the point though, I wouldn't mind losing more, but to different decks. After playing for a week I'm already bored with constructed and started playing arena. It's a shame really, I want to play constructed, but people seem hell-bent on running a pro-approved net deck. Is Hearthstone always like this? Several million people playing 2-3 decks in a desperate attempt to get bragging rights from climbing the ladder?Kiril6 28 Feb
25 Feb New Card Idea For Jade Decks Hey Blizzard and community first i need to say sorry about my english but i will try my best to explain what i have in my mind i was wondering if its possible to add into game a jade wyrm for jade decks i dont think about features but it can be like that Jade wyrm:costs 3 mana 2/2 :whenever you summon a jade golem gain 1/1 or when ever you play a jade card like jade shiruken or jade lightning gain 1/1 i hope i explained this well if this goes well i will send some pictures that i draw Thanks... PhaethonPhaethon5 25 Feb
24 Feb How can I improve my singleton priest deck list? I've recently made my own singleton priest deck evolving around Raza The Chained and would love some help in inproving my list but please keep in mind I am on a budget of 460 dust and I don't have any other legendaries to add. I will be buying packs soon so hopefully I can pull Kazakus from one of those to add to the list but for now this is all I have to work with. My List Circle of Healing Pint-Size Potion Potion of Madness Power Word: Shield Acidic Swamp Ooze Convert Faerie Dragon Shadow Word: Pain Wyrmrest Agent Kabal Courier Kabal Talonpriest Mind Control Tech Shadow Word: Death Thoughtsteal Auchenai Soulpriest Defender of Argus Greater Healing Potion Kabal Chemist Mass Dispell Refreshment Vendor Shadow Word: Horror Shifting Shade Twilight Drake Azure Drake Drakonid Operative Holy Nova Kabal Songstealer Raza The Chained Dragon Fire Potion Holy FireWhat3 24 Feb
22 Feb Question about Wild Growth in jades decks y people still using Wild Groeth in jades dekcs if we have Jade Blossom ? Can it woek without Wild Groeth? 1. It has a lot of faults in the early game 2. Instead you can put a card more practical Can you explain its importance? Or maybe Im on someting here?PIZO2 22 Feb
17 Feb Need help with creating a deck 18 hours ago Greetings, I've been playing on and off for about a year now and have amassed a little collection of cards. However as a free to play player I have no adventures as they are about to rotate out either way. All in all I have difficulties crewting a decent deck even when I am not trying to play on top-tier meta. I have taken the effort to scribe down my card list in case anyone could help me make a proper set out of that. Hunter Alleycat x 2 Bestial Wrath Fiery Bat Smuggler’s Crate Bear Trap Explosive Trap Freezing Trap x 2 Hidden Cache x 2 Misdirection Scavenging Hyena Snipe x 2 Deadly Shot x 2 Eaglehorn Bow Infest Shaky Zipgunner x 2 Piranha Launcher Savannah Highmane x 2 Gladiator’s Longbow Mage Freezing Potion Ice Lance x 2 Mana Wyrm x 2 Cult Sorcerer Shatter Sorcerer’s Apprentice x 2 Counterspell Ice Barrier x 2 Kirin Tor Mage Manic Soulcaster Mirror Entity x 2 Potion or Polymorph Twilight Flamecaller Volcanic Potion x 2 Flame Lance Blizzard Firelands Portal x 2 Rogue Preparation Shadowstep x 2 Bladed Cultist Buccaneer Cold Blood x 2 Betrayal Defias Ringleader Eviscerate x 2 Jade Swarmer Undercity Valiant Perdition’s Blade Shadow Rager Shady Dealer Lotus Assassin Shaman Dust Devil Earth Shock x 2 Forked Lightning x 2 Lightning Bolt x 2 Primal Fusion Ancestral Spirit Jade Claws Stormforged Axe x2 Totem Golem x 2 Feral Spirit x 2 Lava Burst x 2 Lightning Storm Mana Tide Totem Tuskarr Totemic x 2 Unbound Elemental x 2 Call in the Finishers x 2 Flamewreathed Faceless x 2 Jinyu Waterspeaker Earth Elemental Thing from Below x 2 Jade Chieftain Al’Akir the Windlord Neutral Wisp Abusive Sergeant x 2 Argent Squire x 2 Bloodsail Corsair Gadgetzan Jouster Leper Gnome x 2 Lightwarden Mistress of Mixtures Shieldbearer x 2 Southsea Deckhand Tentacle of N’Zoth Worgen Infiltrator Young Dragonhawk x 2 Young Priestess Amani Berserker x 2 Ancient Watcher Beckoner of Evil x 2 Bluefin Tidehunter Bloodmage Thalnos Bloodsail Raider Blowgill Sniper Dire Wolf Alpha x 2 Faerie Dragon x 2 Flame Juggler Friendly Bartender Knife Juggler Lance Carrier Loot Hoarder x 2 Mad Bomber Mana Wraith Master Swordsmith Sunfury Protector Twilight Geomancer Youthful Brewmaster Acolyte of Pain x 2 Alarm-o-Bot x 2 Arcane Golem x 2 Argent Horserider x 2 Coldlight Oracle x 2 Coldlight Seer Coiseum Manager Dragonhawk Rider Earthen Ring Farseer x 2 Flesheating Ghoul Grimestreet Smuggler Harvest Golem Ice Rager x 2 Injured Blademaster x 2 Jungle Panther x 2 Magma Rager x 2 Mind Control Tech Raging Worgen x 2 Scarlet Crusader x 2 Silent Knight Silver Hand Regent Street Trickster Tauren Warrior x 2 Thrallmar Farseer x 2 Toxic Sewer Ooze x 2 Ancient Brewmaster Brewmaster x 2 Backroom Bouncer C Thun’s Chosen Cult Master x2 Daring Reporter Dread Corsair x 2 Evil Heckler Evolved Kobold Jade Spirit x 2 Maiden of the Lake Mogu’shan Warden x 2 Naga Corsair x 2 Polluted Hoarder Silvermoon Guardian x 2 Spellbreaker Twilight Drake x 2 Violet Teacher Abomination x 2 Azure Drake x 2 Clockwork Knight Doppelgangster Fen Creeper x 2 Grook Fu Master Pit Fighter x 2 Psych-o-Tron Red Mana Wyrm Silver Hand Knight Spiked Hogrider Spiteful Smith x 2 Stranglethorn Tiger Streetwise Investigator x 2 Venture Co. Mercenary x 2 Ancient of Blossoms Big-Time Racketeer Frost Elemental x 2 Nerubian Prophet Sunwalker Windfury Harpy x 2 Ravenholdt Assassin Onyxia Sea Giant I would also like to point out that I have enough dust to craft a single legendary and am currently thinking about saving up gold for the upcoming adventure. Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers!SneakyTurtle1 17 Feb
12 Feb Pirate Warrior is just insane - Idea for nerf. I was playing a lot against the new meta pirate warrior deck in standard, mostly with Priest deck or Renolock, one time with my anscetral healing shaman deck. all of the decks have insane start removal, but still got defeated by turn 5-6 by the new meta Pirate Warrior deck who just go face and face no matter how much removal and healing I do. Priest - I healed a lot (including the new 4 mana gain 12 health, Flesh Healing for 5) - but still died on turn 5. Renolock - I killed all the minions and put some healing and taunt - died at turn 5. even if i had Reno in my deck I couldn't use it. Shaman - Ancestral Healing and other removals, still died by turn 6. this deck must be nerfed, there is no counter to it unless you build a deck that is only against the pirate warrior deck (which is no fun - taunt only warrior deck or priest with madness potions if you get them). The idea I recommend for the nerf is - make the 5 mana warrior weapon Arcanite Reaper that it can only attack minions. Otherwise Warrior go straight to face and with Heroic strike they do 9 damage for face! (which is ridiculous). Playing against these pirate warrior face decks took away all the fun I had by creating my own fun strategy deck. I will never enjoy hearthstone again the same way until this full smork unbalanced warrior deck will be nerfed or considered for changes. Please take it under your consideration and try my idea for the nerf of the Pirate Warrior standard deck. Thanks, Tal Cohen.Talagorn18 12 Feb
08 Feb Convert hearthpwn decks into pictures In case someone needs this: I have found a website, where you can get high quality pictures form links to hearthpwn decks. The pictures have a high quality and are suited for printing. I couldn't find a tool for this on the original website. ;=)))Flash1 08 Feb
07 Feb Tavern Brawl: Gift Exchange This was the first brawl that I played extensively and it's still as lucrative as it was then. The trick to doing well is to prioritize killing the gifts on your side of the board as this makes it harder for your opponent to get them. The quality of the gifts is so high that they should be your win condition. Warlock is your friend here. Power Overwhelming x2 <--- Mulligan for this Corruption x2 Soulfire x2 Shadowbolt x2 Void Terror x2 Shadowflame x2 Demonheart x2 Felfire Potion x2 Doomsayer x2 <--- Mulligan for this Crazed Alchemist x2 <--- Mulligan for this, esp if going second Kooky Chemist x2 I filled the rest of my deck with Flame Imps and Wrathguards and some life gain. However, these cards rarely have much of an impact on the game. Don't bother with DOOM or Twisting Nether, as they're too expensive and you can get them cheaply from the gifts. So far, I've lost my first brawl (as I couldn't remember how much life the presents had and conceded when I realised it was 4, not 3). Since then, I've won 15 in a row.Haystacks2 07 Feb
07 Feb Has anyone got any advice on building a budget priest deck with Raza The Chained? Hello, I would like to climb to rank 10 and possibly even rank 5 within the next few seasons so if anyone has any advice and tips for me on building a priest deck based around Raza The Chained (my first Gadgetzan legendary) that'd be much appreciated. I can generate 800 dust through disenchanting Illadin Stormrage and King Krush if needs be :).What4 07 Feb
06 Feb How good is Flare? Hi. I've recently gotten 'Flare' in one of my packs and I managed to find a place for it in my Aggro Secrets (Hunter) Deck. I always looked down on this card, but wow, I think it's sort of underrated for what it does. It's really good against Secret Hunters and Reno Mages, it's already saved me a lot of times from would-be lost games if it hadn't been for Flaring that Ice Block, and it really managed to stop the Secret Hunter's Tempo by removing a few of his secrets, usually followed up by a concede. On top of that, it also gives a card draw. So even if the opponent's not a Secret user, 2 mana for a Card Draw makes it good enough to not be a dead card in most situations (Like for example Eater of Secrets). And it's such a good feeling when you draw Leeroy, Hounds, Quick shot, Kill command or any other card which helps you close out the game or get back to the board. I do know why this card's shunned, it's quite often just a -meh- card draw, but it's far from useless. And when it saves you the game, it makes you happy you included it in the deck. So now my question is, how good is the card? It's pretty awesome in my opinion (As can be concluded from my whole post), but I'd like to hear other people's opinions. Cheers.Lebaguette2 06 Feb
04 Feb Help in choosing a deck Hey, ive been playing some kind of a control dragon priest and i feel stuck around rank 15. I have most of the classic set, only the first wing of brm And i have ragnoros, alexstraza, confessor paleterss,tinkmaster,cenarius and baron geddon and emperor.Theclasher0 04 Feb
31 Jan Add a friend Add me #22379 The more the better thanksannie1 31 Jan
29 Jan Defeated all the time Can somebody give me some advice how the hell should I defeat Jade deck? I dont even have those cards massive like others and every game i fight vs druid, shaman or rogue and I am done on same way. I am little bit pissed of because of it and it is too OP and easy, especially when they get 5+ mana coast. Till then they can't do anything to me..SuperMage7 29 Jan
29 Jan Bug? Hey i recently found a bug. there are some classes playing a 3/2 and a 1/1 without using a coin on turn one!! WTF BLIZZARD WHO THE !@#$ TESTED THIS CARD AND TOUGHT IT WOULD BE A FUN AND INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX YOUR %^-*ING META BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!LarsJager70 29 Jan
29 Jan Reno Jackson and Soulpriest I just lost a game by playing Reno Jackson while having Auchenia Soulpriest on the board. So "fully heals your hero" becomes "deal 30 damage to your hero" (I believe I saw "-30" in the damage animation but I am not 100% sure) Is it working as expected by Blizzard ?Hills5 29 Jan
29 Jan Moat Lurker - worth a second look Moat Lurker has two cons. It's body is small for a 6 mana drop and it doesn't remove enemies permanently. But if you treat it as a tech card and not a meat shield, its advantages come to the fore. * It can take anything off the board, albeit temporarily. Chunky taunters are removed and Divine Shield is bypassed, allowing your endless legions of totems to charge in to victory. * It triggers your creatures Deathrattles. There are few things in Hearthstone more satisfying than targetting your own Sylvanus. * It removes buffs and debuffs. Your Druid opponent has constructed a 20/20 beast? Kick it off the board, then bring it back as a 2/2! * It protects your high value minions in the event of a Doomsayer. Just before starting this post, I used a Moat Lurker to remove (and then return) a Confessor Paletress. I won that game. I'm sure there are more application but for now, take a look at Moat Lurker. It's an expensive card but it opens up a lot of options in a match.Haystacks10 29 Jan
28 Jan Legend in 6 days I got legend EU in 6 days with my evolve shaman. A little bit different than the classic version. Evolve x2 Lightning Bolt x2 Spirit Claw x2 Tunnel Trogg x2 Bloodmage Devolve Maelstrom Portal x2 Totem Golem x2 Feral Spirit x2 Hex x2 Lightining Storm x2 Mana Tide Totem x2 Jinyu x2 Azure Drake x2 Doppelgangster x2 Thing from Below x2 Try it and gimme ur feedback. Have fun! Guide and mulligan coming soon.VeryBig4 28 Jan
27 Jan <snip> Decks So when are you going to balance the game to fix all the <snip> players that spam jade shaman and druid and warrior pirate cause its getting a joke now. Its not even competitive you guys screw it up with every single release last time it was <snip> shaman and hunter so pls sort it out!Ellsham0 27 Jan
27 Jan Paladin comeback: The next big fin? Not only to me, but also to the moderators and my HS-playing friends, the biggest surprise at the Trinity series so far was the overwhelming success of Murlcoc Paladins. Not only G2's/Thij's phenomenal 6:0 victory over Alliance with only this deck showed how powerful it is. It seemed reliable and consistent whenever it was played. I was so impressed I tried it the same evening and boy, is this deck fun! Looks like the big loser of MSoG (besides Hunter and us players), Paladin, rises from the ashes. And I love it. N'Zoth Paladin used to be my favorite deck for months and it hurt badly when it turned out that there was just no viable way to make it work - along with all interesting archetypes and ideas that existed pre-MSoG it was carelessly destroyed by the pirate meta. But Paladin is back. What do you guys think about this amazing performance? 27 Jan
25 Jan Some Solution to the Pirates issue !> Some easy solution found... at 1st> about the issue itself: !With the latest expansion pirate classes recieved "that" OP buff.. therefore : pirates themself became the only quadro class cards on top of tri-class cards. That rogues, warriors and shamans abuse daily. Making the game more dynamic, I understand that. Maybe pirates do not even need a nerf. But making the dynamic requires great deal of BALANCE. Some Solution (1)>Ooze to beast] and (2)>Owl back to 2 mana: l) (1 about Ooze) Make 2 mana 3/2 Ooze the beast and ban Curator for the warriors, rogues, shamans that's it. A) That will open huge field for all the controls and reno decks. All of them will get a little modified decks in addition to the netdecks. Basically they will get 2 ways of building their decks. B) Also that will return !>hunters<! back into the game and somewhat beast druids. C) But one thing must be solved if this change takes a place. If you do the math. The Curator must be banned for the warrior, shaman and rogue classes. Otherwise they will stay as OP and some from these three classes might become even unbeatable. Anyways they dont use the Curator atm, right ? Why should they? (Or Curator could say : " doesn't like pirates" - so if you put pirates into a deck then Curator is blocked.) D) But for the rest > mage, hunter, druid, warlock and especially priest that change will be something new. And will open 2 ways to build their decks. Well some of the priest's cards will be somewhat and little nerfed, like It seems... And the paladin just has it's own theme that doesn't really rely on stuff like that, I guess... ll) (2 about Owl) All other classes require a quick answer to the bucaneer on turn 1 otherwise a game comes lost before turn 5. And that's no good. >>>Bring back the Owl for 2 mana. At least it will answer buccaneer on turn 2 after buccaneer deals 3 damage + 1 etc afterwards coz the owl will be answered the same turn and the buccaneer will stay 1/2 and that's not bad for the dynamics of pirate classes. P.S: what you think ?!gRaiL1 25 Jan
22 Jan What do you think about this deck? Hi everyone, I am looking for opinions about this deck, the cards got lots of synergy beetween each other but most of the times it looks like i dont get the right cards at the right time, it's because RNGesus? or my desk is pretty bad? Backstab Shadowstep Swashburglar Friendly Bartender Gadgetzan Socialite Jade Shuriken Jade Swarmer Jeweled Scarab Loot Hoarder Sap Youthful Brewmaster Brann Bronzebeard Burgle Coldlight Oracle Fan of Knives Hired Gun Unearthed Raptor Ancient Brewmaster Arcanosmith Daring Reporter Infested Tauren Jade Spirit Tomb Spider Lotus Agents Shadowcaster Aya Blackpaw Moat Lurker Reno Jackson Thistle Tea VanishRatachulax0 22 Jan
18 Jan We don't love RNGesus anymore Hey Blizzard, Why are you so focussed on adding RNG to the game? Don't mean to be salty, but I'm a casual player who is sick of playing ladder..the games are way too high pace now to feel any satisfaction. It's not about winning or losing, but when you win your games (or lose) because of some crazy early game outcome it becomes rather meaningless. Would love to see the RNG phase out instead of the cooler, actually harder to play style decks getting nerfed all the time. A cure for a too fast deck (like the tempo mages, zoo locks and face shamans) is not to make other decks faster..please show some understanding for the community, as it US paying YOUR bills..a little graditude towards the community wouldn't be too much to ask for would it? Hope we can enjoy playing this game again at the next it is barely fun anymore in most cases!Ekrem5 18 Jan
15 Jan How far can I go with these decks? And few more questions. Hello, So after I had made a post similar to this, I changed my decks and picked two classes two focus on. Currently, since my collection is shallow ( I could only build these decks that I found online. This one is a basic shaman deck with some upgrades (;22292:2;390:2;42045:1;491:2;22265:2;214:2;270:2;676:2;613:1;22270:2;35226:1;33160:2;280:2;256:1;636:2;33159:2) This one is a midrange shaman deck without some core cards (;35234:1;22292:2;390:2;491:2;22265:2;214:2;270:2;676:2;613:1;22270:2;33160:2;280:2;22271:2;636:2;33159:2) And this one is a budget tempo mage deck with cheap stuff (;263:2;30:1;74:1;56:1;177:2;479:1;435:2;4:1;428:1;489:2;35187:1;522:2;246:1;31111:1;595:1;274:1;280:2;33178:1;220:1;42025:2;44:1) After playing these decks, I found both the shaman decks very similar. (Does very good job against rogues druids and terribly against warlocks mages and any class with good board clear) And the tempo deck had a pretty sloppy performance. (there were many games that I was surely going to lose but somehow I won with RNG, drawing flamestrike exactly when needed etc. ) And there were games where my spells were pretty useless with much stronger aggro decks (warrior paladin) So in a nutshell, how can I improve these decks with the collection I have. Lets say I want to play a particular deck I cant afford, which type of cards can I replace and according to what? There was one more idea from someone else. Which was to pick a class, disenchant every other class card and build a strong aggro deck to climb and learn the class well. That was a good idea but I believe I would regret it in the future. Thanks a lot in advance for the suggestionsHuzo0 15 Jan
15 Jan Non fatiguable deck. There is now 1 class in the entire game that is imune to fatigue. Do you think this is a good direction for the game to take? My opinion is that this will give control decks alot less playtime and favor aggro decks as they can destroy jade druid really easy. Against this deck reno mage is completely useless. Warlock can kill it if it runs Leeroy. Control warrior is more or less screwed aswell.Grønnitrynet0 15 Jan
15 Jan Looking for some advice - A bit stuck Whoops I think I may have posted this in the wrong area. I re-posted it to general discussion > (sorry)Kirsty0 15 Jan
11 Jan Dragon Priest deck Hey, im building dragon priest deck. Have finished whole "Blackrock Mountain" and now try to figure out which legendary dragon should i craft for better deck. Cant choose from: Ysera- Nozdormu- Chillmaw- Deathwing, Dragonlord- Or maybe some other suggestions?Ygalion13 11 Jan
10 Jan Abomination Versus Second Hand Bruiser. Hello friends, Well I have long been fond the Abomination Classic card for my mage and warrior control decks (RIP the last one, haha) as an anti-agro tool. That explosion for 2 helps clears out totems and other little zoo swarms nicely around turn 5. Well... it used to. Things are faster now. So I have replaced it with second hand bruiser so that I can play the 4/5 taunt for a cost of only 3 mana (if opponent has 3 or more minions, otherwise it costs 5). But reading another posters comments about him using Abomination still made me wonder if I'm missing anything? I do kind of miss that deathrattle damage. I've seen second hand bruiser just get arcanite reapered or fireballed to kill it, and all the minions get to live... So how do you guys feel about this argument of which card is better? Right now I'm leaning towards SHB, but I'm willing to change my mind on this.GabesRage2 10 Jan
09 Jan The perfect deck Hello , Deer guys i want to show you a deck that is gonna make you a lot of friends. Before showing you the deck , i want to tell you that the friend you are going to make will not always be speaking the same language as you do . I like russians , the letters they wrote me look interesting and i think they always wish me good luck in the next games.For example most of the new friends i got , have something to say about my mom and they truly look like they know her . I don''t like that my mom is telling me to stop playing hearthstone , when she is doing that to , otherwise how they could know her ? Well ,let's get back to our sheeps and talk more about the deck i am playing . It is a very cheap and balanced deck and i like it because i dont have to put very much effort in to it . You not convinced yet about it ? Let me tell you a story. I was at bathroom taking a big dump and my girlfriend yelled that the game is roping out . She asked me what to do and she never played the game before. I told her "FACE". In that moment , when she came where i was and told me that she won , i knew the deck is perfect . If you not convinced yet , try it yourself . With love , Theogritzi Deck Link : 09 Jan
08 Jan "Medivh, the Guardian" = how usefull it is? Hello everybody. I tried this card a lot, it looks like something cool... but... it never really helped me in game. Can't remember when it ACTUALLY was usefull. Need advice - how valuable it is nowdays? (Maybe in some specific decks or for some classes?). Or it can be disenchatted?Mirror3 08 Jan
08 Jan Standart deck doesnt work can some1 tell me why I cant play reno lock in standart mode? it doesn't exist in list of decks in standart, but its ok in wild. also wtf is goin on with my cards? every !@#$in new patch I miss lots ev my cards, I didn't pay for that.JollyPuka0 08 Jan
07 Jan Beginner - Help needed Hello everyone, So I've started playing Hearthstone recently and been really enjoying it. So much so that I've bought both Karzhan and Blackrock mountain adventures and completed them. Now, I don't have much else in the way of cards but I'm wondering if I could get some help with building some basic decks using what I've got. I'm enjoying mage the most so if I could get help for that class that would be ideal. My baseline deck so far is the basic Mage one and i'm thinking of adding in the Flamewakers and maybe making somekind of fast paced spell deck, if that can even be a thing? Hoenstly, I'm just a little stumped on what i should be putting in and taking out of decks. I don't want to end up with too many spells/too few monsters, or vice-versa. Any help appreciated. JeffersonJefferson9 07 Jan