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4d Watch and Learn Buddies Thread -New users on top; -Remember to have the option for spectating on from your game settings; -Users who play on other servers, will have this specified; -No more space, old users will be erased. Check topic replies for more ids. BATTLETAGS: moongrandpa#2931 FireX#1940 ZelchJ#2838 Kjevo#1806 Shiketsu#2651 CoreGaming#2958 MkA#1469 Mihnea#2497 Taiji#2511 Noolik#2566 Carolus#2546 Abkun#2844 TomMurloc2#1950 Iöthys #2997 Hadouken#2895 Gintako#1296 Fliss#2366 Grace#2504 rsbeer#2406 Markiog#2156 Hassansabbah#2142 Hikuro#2218 lifeinmont#1386 Wexus#2134 Fuuijin#1759 patrunjica#2153 Elstar#2735 Green#2686 Netanio#2611 goldi90#2860 Balrog#2904 Monetoso#2953 positiveplus#2978 Maplej#2525 Quaris#1472 Dominich#2161 Klaik#2367 BurgerDan#2226 Boyling#2243 wowzzta#2732 DizzyDwarf#23731 AirGear#2800List updated up to reply number #621Corpsus784 4d
4d Hearthstone Update - April 11, 2017 The following issues have been resolved: Resolved issues where Shadow Visions could replicate itself or create spells when a player’s hand or deck were empty. Giant Anaconda’s deathrattle no longer interacts with weapons. Volatile Elemental’s deathrattle no longer damages minions at zero health. Tar Creeper, Tar Lord, and Tar Lurker now correctly gain attack after having their attack values changed by spells or effects. Added the “Created by” tag to minions created by Tortollan Forager and Queen Carnassa.Zaerhinon3 4d
17 Apr Standard Format for New Players We’ve received some questions from our newest players about how to access Standard format. Since as a new player you’re unlikely to own any Wild cards, you’ll be automatically assigned Standard format. When you head over to Play mode, you’ll be facing off against other Standard decks when you queue up. After both formats are unlocked*, a ‘button’ will appear on the upper right of the deck selection screen when you enter Play Mode. When an octopus-like Kraken symbol is showing there, you’re in Standard, while a thorned infinity symbol symbolizes Wild. Just press the button to switch between formats. We hope that helps clear up any confusion. Please accept our warm welcome, and we wish you many merry hours spent in the Hearthstone tavern. * Wild can be unlocked by crafting any Wild-only card, such as those found in the Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes sets.Zaerhinon22 17 Apr
01 Apr Guide for New Hearthstone Players - How to make gold, packs / legendary view / game basics Hello! There is a lot of new players that visit this forum. They ask many questions about game, decks, quests, mechanics and other stuff. It is hard for them to start playing hearthstone from 0. I am making this thread to help them. Thread is divided in few posts - not enough space in one =) Table of contents: I. Quests and free/cheap packs - post #1. II. Legendary cards - post #2. III. Basics - post #3. IV. Disenchanting cards - post #4 and #6. V. Game modes - post #7. VI. under construction - post #8. VII. under construction - post #12. VIII. under construction - post #13. IX. under construction - post #14. X. under construction - post #15. I. ***** Quests and free/cheap packs ***** 1). Hidden quests: There are some hidden quests available for all players that grants extra gold or packs: Search for unique quests. The best quest available is samsung galaxy quests that gives you 3 packs and card back. All of those quests can be completed in many ways - search in google for possible solutions. 2). Reedem codes for packs: You can get them by buying Blizzard standard and collection edition games. Some people are selling those codes. Cards from those codes are much cheaper than cards bought in normal way. Currently you can reedem up to 15 codes = 15 packs = 75 cards. 3). Amazon store and amazon coins: Use amazon coins to save up cash when buying adventures and packs! Whats more, sometimes amazon makes some events. You need to download one app to get reward. Reward may be free amazon coins or dollars. You can spend your gift only in amazon app store. When you download Hearthstone on your mobile phone via amazon store you can buy everything in HS with amazon coins and rewarded dollars. I will be giving information in this thread when such an even will appear. 4). Play a friend quests: It is awesome quests that gives you and your friend 80 gold for playing one game together. As new player you need to have as much gold as possible. Search for other person that have same quest and trade with him. Easy 160 gold. 5). Maximize gold from quests: Remember that you will get one quest every day and you can reroll one quests every day. Remember to (order is important): - Reroll quests that you cannot complete. - Reroll 40 gold quests to get better ones (like: 50 gold / 60 gold / 100 gold /Spectator quests/ play friend quests). - Always have a room for new quests. - Always try to reroll something, because sometimes you can get best available quests! As begginer you will have problems with completing "win X games with X class" quests. Try to reroll them to different ones. List of quests: 6). 100 gold quest: You can complete this quest in every mode. Even a friend can concede 7 times for you and you get your reward.FurCannon30 01 Apr
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6m TERRIBLE oversight Just got to a terrible oversight which lets a player kill you from any health. If a mage completes it quest. It can play sorcerers app x2, molten core x2, time warp, archmage, any spell and then spam free fireball until it kills you I know quest is supposed to be strong but they should give you an advantage not win the game for you. This might be the biggest balance issue ever and with dr boom, early face hunter, pirate warrior thats saying alot!Corando4 6m
18m RNG bad design? Does anybody actually enjoy the randomness in this game? I think they've gone overboard with it. I don't think it's a good design philosophy to print out so many random effect cards. Nothing sucks more than getting killed by some stuff that has 1/10 chance to hit your hero, and winning with that !@#$ isn't really rewarding either.woopwoop17 18m
28m How do I win vs Quest rogues? Dear Questrogues, a simple, honest question from me. What do I need to do to have a chanse against you? At the moment I'm trying out a controlish-mage deck. I run 2x Blizzard, 2x Iceblock, 1x Ice Armor... Flamestrike... I frostbolt all the small threats in the beginning, try to use Medivh's Valet... The thing is, trying to REACT to this deck has zero use because everything gets bounced the whole time. Even Frostnova + Doomsayer has zero use because of stuff like Vanish. I'm losing the will to play this game because I face +/- 40% questrogues at the moment. Apart from losing against these decks it's not even remotely fun to play against them. So, any tips or tricks from you guys? Thanks in advanceMenkoro1 28m
31m Why am i meeting legendary quest decks?? Ive been watching some youtubers and decided to start playing. I only got !@#$ cards and i keep meeting legendary quest card decks like the popular youtubers have. What the %^-*? How can a snow yeti win against a jade druid and oppresion priests? Blizzard please?Mikado12 31m
38m Trading pack code for 80g quest (play a friend) I have some extra pack codes leftover (I already activated 15 and that is maximum available number allowed for one account). 1 code gives you 1 classic card pack. link for activation is : I am trading codes for "play a friend" quest (one that gives you 80g). 1 code for 1 quest. You can add me : DBraveZ#1254 or write here, or send me pm I am on EU serverDBraveZ38 38m
1h 80 gold each player quest INVITATION I have the 80 gold quest to challenge a friend to get each of us 80 gold. Who also have this quest just add me and play to get 160( i invite him to a match and he invites me to a match). 160 gold are better than 80. :)) My game nick-name is Stocaru#2887 ( Please, sorry my English.)Stocaru304 1h
1h legend grind help im rank 2 in wild and rank 4 in standard ive never bothered before but with a few days left thought id try grind to legend in wild i queue up... its pirate warrior. EVERY TIME. without exaggerating id say 14/15 games is warrior tbh im actually starting to get angry. the problem with standard is i seem to be stuck at 50/50 win rates due to the matchups been so heavily favoured, i win easily then hit say paladin and i might as well concede when i see warrior i just think scum, when i see golden warrior with legend card back displayed, i just think sad, sad sad low life im playing egg druid with the golakka crawler tech, the usual buff eggs etc as it does ok v pirate scum but im just going round in circles be honest, is it that what you legend guys do??? is it best to play pirate warrior over and over until i naturally hit legend? is it that easy / fast? or is it better to try and beat them? have i got time to rank 2 places now with only 2 days left? it took two days just to rank from 5 to 2 :(Joicy4 1h
1h improved graphics my suggestion is this: improve the game`s graphics while keeping them within what is is supported on all of the supported hardware. the unity engine does support good graphics after all.andreasasp3 1h
2h Quest Rogue - the slot machine deck If they get a good opening hand it's game over by turn 5. I don't mind losing but seeing a quest Rogue with 2 shadow steps in the opening hand is deeply frustrating. If they have the coin it's downright pointless. Don't get me wrong it can be beaten but it's entirely draw dependent with no strategy. Personally not what I want from Hearthstone.GorillaKing9 2h
3h vS Data Reaper Report #45 Another data reaper report came out and I'm a bit surprised. Not by what the report says but because I feel it is the first time it is obvious that Legend innovation trickles down to lower ranks. And the reason is Paladin. Paladin is the 3rd most played class overall.The "overall" view is skewed tremendously by lower ranks since most players are below Rank 15. However it is the 2nd most played in Ranks 1-5 and the most played class in Legend. Other notable classes in this shift are: Warrior: 3rd in Legend, 1st in all other ranks Hunter: 5th in Legend, 3rd in all other ranks Rogue: 4th in Ranks 1-5 but 2nd in Legend and lower ranks And then there's Mage... Mage is fighting back! We are currently in a major shift in the meta where some classes and archetypes are dropping and others are on the rise. I find this very exciting! I predict posts complaining about Murloc Paladin though. Because reasons and whining. To me the most relevant paragraph is this: ... And to me, this is variety and uncertainty is awesome. And now, the link: 3h
5h Packs for choosing champions Hello, about week ago I chose Poly Montreal in voting. They got to finals so i should get 3 free GvG packs. When will i get those packs?Bobas4 5h
11h Tavern Brawl Hello, just wanted to say it's not "shoddy" design, it's plainly sh*ty design. You don't do ANY thinking in it, you just play cards that you can afford hoping to have beneficial effects. Not to mention all manners of makes-no-senses, like random spells cost overload yet Wicked Witchdoctor does not trigger of it's own spell, Spellbender also does not trigger from spells. Anyone who did this should be ashamed of himself to say the least.TEcHNO17 11h
17h The Rogue Quest How does the crystal core works exactly? When does the 5/5 statline effect takes place? Is it permamently fixed(unaffected by battlecries like shattered sun cleric or aldor peacekeeper) Takes effect when cards enter the board(biteweed and edwin is affected, as their battlecry modify their stats before they enter play) Or it changes the general statline and any further effect takes place as they normally would?Cheesecake7 17h
18h Are quest cards overpowered do they need to be modified? Just wondering on peoples thoughts on quest cards as it is ruining dropped 30 dollars or so since the expansion putting together decks and finding im hamstrung (a similar post i made on this subject was removed if you are a moderator can you please email me or message me as to why as i dont think i said anything untoward)soulweaper12 18h
20h Aggro is out of control Rogue, pirate warr, token druid, etc ... Games are over in turn 5-6. Next turn I was dead cuz of blessing of kings. I'm done with this expansion, see ya'll in 4-5 months.Charoy1 20h
20h Reporting for duty! Hi all! I would like to report on one of my most exciting experiences with the Un'Goro release: the Silver Hand Recruit! I've always loved to play paladin in games. In hearthstone I really enjoy the archetype where you rely on the smallest of soldiers to carry the battle for you: Silver Hand Recruit. The concept of loyal small soldiers, who simply report for duty. They rely on blessings and buffs to be able to stand up to what opposes them, but otherwise they die with honour! I loved cards such as Muster for battle, Quartermaster and Warhorse trainer. They all came short though to make the silver hand recruits carry the battle for me against real decks. Un'Goro again brings praise to this noble little soldier with three fresh new cards and a legendary with an amazing battlecry. I took the bold step to pack all my old and new cards together in a wild deck.... and it works! I can climb the ladder with a paladin deck where my win condition is solely based on pushing out buffed Silver Hand Recruits turn after turn. Hopefully more players can become enthusiastic about Wild mode. The Archetype never got to shine in the main (standard) mode, and is not likely viable in standard now, but in Wild the combined synergy is able to elevate the deck. My patience has been rewarded, to Battle friends!Mandatar8 20h
21h How can I play slower? I, noob, confess... I play too fast. Even when I play slower... it's too fast! Yesterday I had a couple of games with some friends, from this forum, nonetheless, that were kind to help me train my Taunt Warrior against Murloc Paladins and also to complete quests. For those moments of pure joy, I thank you! It was a lot of fun! But it's not the recognition that brings me here, it is a problem I know I have and that I fully demonstrated yesterday. I misplayed for playing too fast. I noticed it twice because the outcome of both plays was not even what I expected when I thought about the lines of play, so I have to wonder how many times I don't even notice. So the question I want to bring you is, is there a way of forcing myself to play slower? I tried two things at different points in time. Never start my play before the rope starts. I tried this but found it deeply boring. It did work if I did it all the time, but having a play on T1 and thinking if I should do it or pass for a whole turn sounds a bit too much. On the other hand if I didn't do it all the time I ended up not doing it at all. Rubber ducking aka explain the lines to yourself. I kinda like this one but I rarely do it. If someone is watching me play I explain to them so it's kinda natural. If on the other hand I'm alone I just forget to do it. I've improved my game mostly with things I imported from online poker. These things are related with the understanding of the game and the playing field, this case, the meta. The issue of speed of play is more a behavioural one that I'm not really sure how to address it. Looking forward to hear your thoughts and ideas on this.Vlad13 21h
21h rogue quest hi everyone, i'm i the only one who think that there is a big problem with the rogue quest? it's just to strong i think that at least they can like make it more hard to achieve for example you have to chose from the start of the game the card you have to play 4 time or maybe play the same card 5 time or just fix it like when you hex a minion it doesn't become a 5/5 ect... anyway tell me what you think about it :)Lalatina11 21h
1d Finally got to Legend...with Dragon Priest??? As the title states, I finally got to Legend using a deck I had predicted to be dead just a few weeks ago. Got to rank 3 by using Hunter though, but the switch to Dragon Priest gave me a huge momentum. Here's the decklist: I believe that a Dragon Priest deck with the correct tech cards should be tier 2. Cards like Golakka Crawler and Priest of the Feast will help you to significantly improve otherwise bad MUs, like Pirate Warrior, Rogue and Freeze Mage. If anyone has a question about the deck, please let me know.Ancor316 1d
1d 12 win arena bugg or intended? After wining 12 wins in arena I couldn't go back to the menu, so I started writing this post and when I clicked back in the client it opened the reward by itself. I wanted to wait and show a friend, so I was a bit disappointed with this interaction. Is it intentional that you are forced to open the reward directly after 12 wins? Maybe tech support forum is better for this question, but if anyone knows feel free to answer ;)Prime7Star2 1d
1d Collegiate Tournament from 22.4./23.4. Rewards Hi, i voted for the collegiate Tournament last week, when do we get the free card packs? Is this delay usual or do you got your card packs? Maybe its different because i am from eu. Thx for the InfoMoris921 1d
1d Recruit a friend If anyone who wants to start a new account on the NA server I suggest you to use this link for a free pack If you have any questions or you want to learn about the game mechanics feel free to add me SharkmenRO#1116SharkmenRO2 1d
1d I will just leave it here Blizzard, you have created a slot machine.Nemesis5 1d
1d Just hit legendary for the first time! Hello everyone..i know that the forums are most of the time full of thread's like nerff this,"rigged matchmaking"..but i thought to make a brighter post. So today i hit for the first time legendary rank,since i am playing HS,close to 4 year's but mostly casual,but since i got back since january my overral goal was rank 5 and stop. But with the Un Gor expansion i thought to my self to really push it,and the holyday's help with that,free more time.As a result i hit the legendary rank. The road was a pain..but it feels rewarding..and it takes some effort to be up to date as the meta is switching and pay attention on daily bassis about it. Here is my image; ..hope the link works. P.S. to anyone out there who is pushing!Blurey11 1d
1d The Inn New HS Website For Wild And Video/Pcitures Contests. Hello ! I like to reveal you my first and new blog website "The Inn". It is still in Beta and i am working on it but i would like to share it with the community and hope one day can get really big and enjoyable website. So here is it you can check it if you want - 1d
1d Quest rogue and the counter ( sorry but it's true ) For the past few days blizzard has refused to take ANY action regarding the new rogue quest despite 99% of their community being unsatisfied with the card. To be honest the card is broken and makes my everyday hearthstone time very boring. I played HS everyday . I was usually rank 5 or better but now i have lost all motivation to play because this new rogue card makes the game imbalanced and boring. ( you know that a OTK is coming and yet you cant do anything to prevent it ). To everyone that had below average IQ and still plays pirate warrior I have nothing to say but to those playing quest rogue ( and there are alot of you - 7 out of 10 games i played ranked today were quest rogue ) f* you. Really. You make the game sad by abusing this mechanic. So if you face me with pirate warrior or quest rogue expect me to rope every turn while spamming the threaten button. Yes, I will really rope every turn to the last second. Why? You knew why when you choose your deck. And just to clarify something - People playing pirate and rogue CONCEDED to me already because of the roping so that might be the only viable counter out there. I have won my last 3 games this way and it has inspired me to tell my dear non-pirate/rogue community the counter to those decks. Before judging me and down voting my post, please take a minute and go through your mind. Do you like the new quest rogue? Does it make your HS experience happy? Are you satisfied when you see 25 face damage at turn 5 or 6? Before criticizing .. please try to view the post as a player who likes to take time and think about the next turn moves and possible outcomes. For me, that was the key point of hearthstone and this two decks most certainly take this away. Blizzard your community loves hearthstone. Please take action before too many of us abandon the already sinking ship that is your whole multiplayer area. Still a fan but please listen to your community. Best regards, A player who enjoys long games, a non-pirate/quest rogue player.DarkSlash0457 1d
1d Noble sacrifice not triggering. Look at the end of this replay, am I imagining things or shouldn't I have been saved by noble sacrifice???? 1d
1d Best deck to legend climb? I am currently rank 4, playing murloc paladin, with a few control cards added, and I find myself running into q warriors who highroll and draw better than me, and I can't go well past the 50-55% winrate. Are there any decks that are just better? Freeze mage is good and i'm decent at it, But every game takes 15 min and this game has started to kill me inside recently. Any good tips for some nice music while grinding perhaps? What keeps you happy during this F***fest of aggro decks and q warriors? Cheers from DKKripptrump8 1d
1d Quest Completion Data Oh I'm so going to get a bunch of downvotes. HSReplay made available an analysis and dashboards for quest cards. I don't find either of them particularly surprising. Instead of going through, please have a read: But more interesting to me is the dashboard for quest completion of the Caverns Below quest. Like I've said in many threads, the Quest is rarely completed by turn 3 as so many people advocate. The actual numbers (at the time I'm writing this) are: Turn 3 - 1.3% Turn 4 - 10.2% Turn 5 - 19.1% Turn 6 - 17% Turn 7+ - 52%+ So... half of the times the quest is completed before turn 6. And the now famous turns 3 and for that have been so discussed account for 11.5% of the completion. As I expected, the big lump is on turns 5 and 6. You can check the dashboard here: Another interesting aspect is that the overall winrate of the deck is 50.7%. However when the card is played, the winrate drops to 49.3% Why is there a difference of 1.4% when the card is played or not? My gut feeling without any data to support it: concedes. I'm not debating that it is not fun, non interactive, etc. I'm all for that. I'm arguing against the unsupported claims about turn 3 and 4.Vlad11 1d
1d Possible to come PS4 ? I want play this game on my console,any news about this ?Quantum5 1d
1d Rogue Quest such skill much power very wow Rogue quest is total BS!!! Wish i could request a refund for this expansion...orBeat1 1d
1d 80 gold quest trade mvn#21794mvn1 1d
1d Blizzard Officials Do they actually monitor the thread here? I couldn't give a toss about the current meta but a lot of things need sorting clearly, yet Blizzard haven't took notice and still allowing this unbalancing go ahead? They did this with Blizzard and that has pretty much died... are they going to do it with Hearthstone too now?RSMtv0 1d
1d metastats and data source reading threads and my own expiriance make me think. can we believe metastats and where they take their data? it have "Individual Deck List Win-Rate" on main page with numbers of games with every deck. looks like it takes information from some of this apps like hearthstone deck tracker. but what % of players actually use it? you cant say that every quest rouge use it and add their results to general statistic. i.e. some guy casualy playing hs and eventualy google popular and easy decks - find quest rouge. craft it and play it, win with it and give no data for metastats. and last one - if you sum games numbers what number you will get? most likely this will be much much smaller number than number of games played in 7 days total. is it that good to refer to metastats? probably not.GabenTheOne3 1d
1d 80 gold quest trade Aysentaro#2566 - EUAysentaro3 1d
2d Compensation for players that endured the QR exploit? I found it reasonable too regard the Rouge Quest as an exploit, since it violates the official Hearthstone Balance Philosophy: A very interesting read. This exploit have been introduced by the developers so players shouldn't be blamed for using this exploit, but I will say that compensation to the players that didn't craft Quest Rouge and endured its madness deserve compensation. Disagree? You can make a case in the comments, but likely my only respond regarding this will be that as a paying costumer I will hold Hearthstone to its advertised standard. I hope that Rouge quest is replaced soon with something that is closer to the original hype of the Un'goro expansion. There have been a lot of positives from Un'goro, if there weren't I'd have stop playing. There are finally answers to Pirate warrior, but why is that deck still so dominant in the meta? Maybe only because it counters Quest Rouge, that is the most likely explanation. Yes, I've seen the data and that is the conclusion I make: The arguments regarding "Crystal Rouge" have been made on the forums, the data is there and I end up asking myself; Can I demand my money back or compensation if the Rouge Quest exploit is not addressed by the end of this season? Even when the meta was dominated by Shaman or by Pirates I didn't ask myself this question, but the Crystal Rouge managed somehow.Prime7Star16 2d
2d The current horrid meta..... Rank 1: Quest rogues: Usually wins turn 5-6. However, once the quest goes off, it can and WILL win even in the late game, turn 10+. It plays nothing but 1/2's that put more 1/1's in your hand....but all of these are actually 1 cost 5/5's....will stomp even late game decks but they never make it there anyway. Rank 2: Pirate Warrior, with a good hand it can be fast enough to beat Quest rogue....which beats everything else. At least you have a chance. Rank 3: Rush Beast Hunter: Repeat Rank least you have a chance. In other words.....the current meta is just rush....pure RNG rush, whoever gets the faster hand 2d
2d Un'goro pack statistics? Hi I have written emails but with no reply, I bought 10 ungoro packs and got basically nothing. What I want to know is: - Please provide the algorithm used for your gambling mini game so I know what I am buying. (same format as Chinese publish for similar digital gambling systems) - Please provide the algorithm over time from vanilla through expansions so I can see the value over time. - Please provide the algorithm format in different scenario's such as buying packs with gold. - Please provide statistics such as average pack dust value over expansions compared to total expansion cards dust value over an expansion. I am trying to find out what is actually happening and need some statistics from sources other than caster statistics (which are used in some capacity as a marketing tool).Wrexs36 2d
2d Old card backs New players should be able to purchase old card backs.BruceBatter3 2d
2d Mage Quest First off, I like the design of the quest, but I absolutely HATE losing vs that stupid quest. I had 56 life with armor, and I lost vs quest mage who didn't touch my health the entire game because he froze my minions the entire game and then in one(two) turns. Why is this an option. I had two turns in the entire game were I was able to attack outside of doomsayers and constant freeze. It's not fun Blizzard.. It's simply not fun that the entire game is on his terms. I even had eater of secrets in my deck, but it didn't matter, because I couldn't touch him till he had infinite damage.. The quest isn't broken. The deck somehow is. Something needs to be nerfed. I don't know what. Maybe sorceres apprentice, or maybe just remove molten reflection.Kripptrump2 2d
2d Un'Goro quests and mage's secret "counter-spell" Journey to Un'Goro has just launched and I am really hyped. However, I find it really unfair for mage to be able to counter spell (secret) a legendary spell which you get from a quest. Actually, these "spells" you get from quests aren't even spells, as it's not written at the bottom of the card "spell". If your deck is based on a legendary secret, then it's an insta-lose. Please, fix the counter-spell secret. Thank you.SageMac14 2d
2d 90 gold quest Add me 160g for both of us if you have quest Rebellion#2971Rebellion0 2d
2d Cry Havoc! just got this quest i think for the first time - 100g to play 75 battlecry minions. So basically ... free pack is what im seeing GGGEEEEE GGGGEEEEE i don't even need to find a friend! Muahahahahaa aa...hahaa .... ah ... hmm. *forever alone*MBvideo1 2d
2d Challenge a friend quest Hey, add me when you have the quest too, 160G for both of us. awesomeraphi#2387awesomeraphi0 2d
2d Getting the same legendary over and over again A few months back, I opened a lot of packs and every time I got a legendary, it was alextraza, 3 times already. And then, wispers of the old gods came out and I started opening packs and I thought that i'm over the "alextraza curse". And then, I got n'zoth, the corruptor. I was glad. for a week. A week after the first n'zoth I got another one. And then another one. That pissed me of. What is that? Not once, but twice I got the same legendary three times in a row. And I got only one legendary except those.ombom18 2d