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22h Watch and Learn Buddies Thread -New users on top; -Remember to have the option for spectating on from your game settings; -Users who play on other servers, will have this specified; -No more space, old users will be erased. Check topic replies for more ids. BATTLETAGS: moongrandpa#2931 FireX#1940 ZelchJ#2838 Kjevo#1806 Shiketsu#2651 CoreGaming#2958 MkA#1469 Mihnea#2497 Taiji#2511 Noolik#2566 Carolus#2546 Abkun#2844 TomMurloc2#1950 Iöthys #2997 Hadouken#2895 Gintako#1296 Fliss#2366 Grace#2504 rsbeer#2406 Markiog#2156 Hassansabbah#2142 Hikuro#2218 lifeinmont#1386 Wexus#2134 Fuuijin#1759 patrunjica#2153 Elstar#2735 Green#2686 Netanio#2611 goldi90#2860 Balrog#2904 Monetoso#2953 positiveplus#2978 Maplej#2525 Quaris#1472 Dominich#2161 Klaik#2367 BurgerDan#2226 Boyling#2243 wowzzta#2732 DizzyDwarf#23731 AirGear#2800List updated up to reply number #621Corpsus848 22h
1d Standard Format for New Players We’ve received some questions from our newest players about how to access Standard format. Since as a new player you’re unlikely to own any Wild cards, you’ll be automatically assigned Standard format. When you head over to Play mode, you’ll be facing off against other Standard decks when you queue up. After both formats are unlocked*, a ‘button’ will appear on the upper right of the deck selection screen when you enter Play Mode. When an octopus-like Kraken symbol is showing there, you’re in Standard, while a thorned infinity symbol symbolizes Wild. Just press the button to switch between formats. We hope that helps clear up any confusion. Please accept our warm welcome, and we wish you many merry hours spent in the Hearthstone tavern. * Wild can be unlocked by crafting any Wild-only card, such as those found in the Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes sets.Zaerhinon32 1d
1h Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Prokkar8 1h
31 Jul Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the Hearthstone General Discussion forums! Before you begin posting we’d like you to understand a few things about how to post here, what’s appropriate to post, as well as how to best use these forums. Please read and be aware of the Code of Conduct and the forum posting guidelines. These will ensure that we can all enjoy discussing games with one another. Posting To get started you’ll need a BattleTag. This is a name you choose that identifies you throughout all Blizzard games. If you currently play World of Warcraft, Diablo III, or StarCraft II you probably already have one. If you do not play any of these games, you’ll want to visit, log in to your existing account (or create a new one), and then choose to create a BattleTag on the left. You will also need a game license attached to the account, even if it’s just a Starter Edition. 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6m Is this the best deck for free to play ?!? So I admit I am not an expert at HS, and frankly have not payed that much into it but I have noticed just by playing this deck I have smashed though rank 20-15 on a win streak with ease in under 2 hours. If anyone watches Trump then you know what I am playing, Elemental mage. So the question I ask is this, is Elemental Mage the best F2P deck right now, or is Trump just a genius to make something awesome out of trash ?Coyote7964 6m
25m F.u.c.k.i.n.g. Priest !@#$ this game.....%^-* the priest char.......!@#$ this balance.LostChild0 25m
50m Make sure you have an unfinished arena run before Tuesday With the update that is coming this Tuesday they are making some changes to arena which had lead to them doing this: "If you have an Arena run in progress when Hallow’s End begins on October 24, then it will be retired and you’ll receive the normal rewards for the number of wins you achieved and a free Arena ticket." Now even if you hate arena you can still get 2 packs (+ 2 lots of zero win rewards) for 150 gold by having an arena started. The obvious optimum strategy is to play the first arena run until you have 2 loses then stop (ie 0-2, 1-2, 2-2 etc) and then play out the whole of your free arena.Ixnay27 50m
1h Servers Location Hello, I play in Americas region, I'd like to know how many servers do we have in Americas region, only one or one server to South America, one to North America and one to Oceania. I wonder, if ping is not a problem in a card game why the entire world doesn't play together?Eledos4 1h
2h paying for cards :') Google "average money spent on Hearthstone" and realise how many wool most of you sheep are giving, losers :')Matser5 2h
3h nerf potion of madness potion o madness must be "non-deathrattle minions"DerLeer5 3h
3h OP cards and absurd powercreep is turning me from investing more in this game... I played HS for a while, purchased several large cards packs for some of the earlier expansions. Started playing it again, but when I see some of the decks these days and just how OP and a must-have some of the cards in the last 2 packs are, I am not tempted to get more packs after all and play more. Sure, I know, Blizzard need to make each new card pack 'better', or they will not sell a lot of packs, but come one, this is getting out of hand. A cards that give a 'quest' and the reward is your health gets set to 40 hp, a card that changes the hero to a new hero that can spawn a 2 cost 3/6 minion with lifetap, just to name a couple. Hello, come on, this is getting silly! The basic/standard cards and the older expansions are trash compared. The powercreep is just insane, especially with the 2 latest expansions. If this continues, 2-3 packs down the road it will be just silly OP mechanics/cards. I had planed to once again invest money in packs and play more again, but this absurd powercreep is turning me away from the game, and will turn the game into a joke soon...its sad to see... ** It reminds me of seeing Kripp getting asked on stream how to get better at HS, and he just opens his wallet, takes out money and tells the person asking to give it to Blizzard, to get better. Aka you get 'better' by buying packs (and play fotm OP decks). **Jarnhand8 3h
3h Block high ranked guys and meta decks from Play mode. Why I have to play against a rank 8 dude in a Play mode with his meta deck when I don't even have viable epics or legendaries? And since the Blizzard gave an interview of how Play mode has its own MMR and stuff, do you really think my MMR is that high to get matched always vs Meta !@#$ and 8 rank guys? I don't !@#$ing care about their "farming gold" excuse, you can go a fun and less tryhard deck instead of pure 100% Meta %^-* in a Playmode and stomp on new or lower skilled players. EDIT: ok, I've just got matched vs a dude that has a Legendary card skin. Are you !@#$ing kidding me?Raptoriuzz33 3h
3h Problematic decks and solutions So remembering the problematic-annoying decks of the last expansions these are the ones that came in my mind first: quest rogue, exodia mage, jade druid, razakus priest and tempo rogue. (Of course i also consider problematic any aggro deck that can finish the game on round 5 or earlier but thats a whole bunch different story). So while most of these decks definetly require some skill (some more, some less) to be played, the problem is that once they manage to do what they re trying to do theres no way to stop them. You cant say ''im w8ing for this card or synergy and im gonna stop my opponent from what they re doing''. And this is insane! In most of the other ccgs you can play cards during your opponents turn and so the problem is solved that way but since this is not happening to hs each time a similar deck comes out, problems are gonna happen. So heres some solutions i thought of: -Emblems: Well the main idea here is that each time a static effect that suggests ''for the rest of the game'' (like raza s) happens your hero portarait would gain an emblem (that would be for this static effect). Therefore if cards that could destroy emblems would be released there would be a counter for these decks.TheChemist34 3h
3h Harassment Well since blizzard didn't add the harassment report option just yet, I'd like to avoid further problems if this guy ever report me. It might be off topic and I apologize for that but, I repeat, I'd like to avoid any unjustified actions against me. So This guy threat me with reporting me for hack and I have the replay of the game so I can proof it was actually a fair win... Screenshots of the conversation and the replay of the match are linked here. Thank you for understanding my concern. (screenshots) (replay)yoggy2 3h
3h Which is your favourite Legendary Hunter Card? Which one would you trade your dust for? Thanks.Yojimbo11 3h
5h the third boss of the first quarter in the adventure of the frozen throne Has the same voice that Ji'naara in starcraft 2, the female protoss tal'darim.protosskris2 5h
6h Blizzard, please release a native Linux client in 2017. I'll keep to the point on this one as this request comes in every year. Blizzard, can you release a native Linux client in 2017. In March 2015, almost two years ago, Mike Morhaime responded to the creator of a petition asking for Blizzard to release native Linux clients for their games. In the response Morhaime stated the Linux market share was under 2% and that the numbers weren't there right now. However, that was 2015 and at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 the numbers are higher. NetMarkShare [2] has reported Linux usage to be over 2% for the past 7 months while W3Counter [3] has shown Linux usage to 3.80% at the end of December 2016. Steam Hardware Survey [4] has shown Linux usage to be at 0.8% at the end of December 2016 and has sat just shy of 1% for the past year. This may not sound overly impressive but Steam has grown massively as a platform and earlier this money hit a peak of 14 million concurrent users [5] which 0.8% of is 112,000 users. The last released subscriber count for World of Warcraft, another Blizzard game, was 5.6 million people (and it is likely different now). Assuming the count is still the same, 112,000 people make up exactly 2% of the WoW player base. Outside of the playerbase many elements of the Linux ecosystem have improved a lot. Driver support for graphics cards is much better with performance being equal or better than Windows in some cases. Valve even found that you could make game son Linux run faster than they do on Windows if you take the time to develop them well. [6] There is already a great market for Linux gaming with the community for Linux gaming also being very passionate and helpful to developers with bug reports and the such and I'm sure Blizzard wouldn't have an issue finding testers for World of Warcraft or any game they have. 2017 is the year that Blizzard Entertainment should start supporting Linux for current and future titles. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 6h
7h Khadgar support Hello guys, I don't know and I don't care are you new, old, noob, pro and so on. I wanna ask you guys to give me some support for making this thread popular so Blizzard must know that many peoples doesn't have that hero and if this post gets popular they might return promotion to get Khadgar (mage hero) again!! I beg you guys to support me and old players support us new players! Give this post/thread, like it, comment it, anything, but make it big so Blizzard can know what many peoples want it. On US they also made that thread for supporting new players!!! I don't have him and I am pretty sure that many peoples would even pay for him!! I hope You will support me!! And I wish you all the best! :)SuperMage18 7h
8h HCT Summer Championship 2017 packs Hi. My friend and I voted for Pavel as our champion, and today my friend got his 2 packs, and I didn't. I just wanted to confirm that there is no way to choose a champion without logging into on your browser, right? I should be getting the packs eventually through the day I guess. Has anyone in the CEST timezone not received their packs yet? Thank you for reading.Cuintus9 8h
10h "explore ungoro" card needs a buff I tried playing with it and only had around 10% win rate. In most matches i was able to draw the card early. It's a fun deck to play, I had 1 golden one and crafted an other golden one. The flexibility is fun to play with... a lot of decisions. So at first I thought that it's fine to spend 1 mana on the "follow your own path" cards generated by it (for that flexibility) but Soon I discovered (no pun intended) that the flexibility is not that strong. You have to get lucky a bunch of times. It' is still a fun deck to play around with but the "Follow your own path" cards should be 0 mana instead of 1 so we wouldn't at least have to pay an extra mana for every card.Jaanus15 10h
10h Idea for revamping the "Fireside Gathering" system. So, as you all know, after the Nemsy debacle most people realized the "Fireside System" is not that.... let's say polished. My idea for making the system viable is the following: When at least 10 different IP's play the game using the same LAN connection a Fireside Gathering is automatically created. We know this "IP check function" is already implemented in the client since there is a cardback that requires you to play with a friend in LAN. This could all be done through a Lobby type system (that would also help implementing tavern brawl style modes for the Fireside Gathering players). This idea would work really well in places like internet cafe's, restaurants and so on. Hope you find the idea interesting, or someone that actually can do something about this sees this post. Say your opinion below.Vyperon3 10h
11h Disenchant all wild cards option hi, is there any simple and quick way to disenchant all wild cards? i just dont want to go from card to card and disentchant it manualy :(jihamag12 11h
11h wish there was a replay system in HS Just had a cool thing happen and didn't think of taking a screenshot in time. would be really nice to see replays. I was playing a deathrattle priest with the quest and Raza. the shallow grave digger randomly gave me majordomo as her deathrattle. I immediately knew what to try cause I have already thought about puting majordomo in the deck for fun. So I completed my quest and playd Domo, got turned into ragg and played my quest reward to become a 40 health ragg with 0 mana hero power and reno jackson in the deck to potentialy give me a 39 healing. my opponent gave up before I thought about taking a screenshot.Jaanus1 11h
13h Nerfed Card, Dust Refund please? The Caverns Below Nerfed, Need 1600 dust back.lucazerg5 13h
13h When to play Competetive? When is the right time to push in competetive play? Early in the month, late in the month or does it simply not matter when? Thanks. And also one more thing, is boosting my quests with 2 accounts a bannable offense? Thanks for that too!SwankyTiger3 13h
20h Hi Hello and welcome! My name is Alex - controversial I would love some friends Add my battle tag - Andrewbillem#2323 Andrewbillem8 20h
20h Andrewbillem#2323 Add meAndrewbillem1 20h
23h Is Khadgar going to be available again? Is Khadgar going to be available again? He was available during a promotion in April, 2016. Then I was still not playing Hearthstone and would like to get him... Anyone knows anything?Nikolay1 23h
23h When/How do you get Nemsy Necrofizzle? I am at a fireside Tavern currently and just did a match but I haven't gotten Nemsy yet. Is there any requirement? Like you need to play at least so many matches. Or do you get her when the Tavern ends?Tim8 23h
23h Black Screen on Linux/Wine after latest update Anyone else having this issue? I can start HS, hear sound, and click on invisible buttons blindly - but the screen remains black after the update today. Using -force-d3d9 as additional command line parameter in app Game settings for HS solved it.Lemmi2 23h
23h Wrong things on Nemsy Necrofizzle: Nemsy's hero portrait is very beautiful, BUT: 1. Nemsy doesn't have any interraction with Bog Creeper or Fen Creeper! 2. Nemsy doesn't have alternate special art for the 'hero tray' (the panelled area near the portrait)! 3. I feel like Nemsy's animation of Hero Power takes longer time than Gul'dan's animation (I'm not sure with this, but I feel it...). Thank you for polite answers. And it would be cool if something what I mentioned would be fixed. <3 (+ I am sorry for my English.)Sentry1 23h
1d Log in - out system like in WoW/HoTS Hi there I'd like to ask the question why isnt there a log in/out system in HS ? It would be lot easier to switch between accounts (got 2 one is my brother's). So you dont have to log out then in then again out and in to your own account.MoonyMilk1 1d
1d Warlock Skin Blizzard Explain Can someone at Blizzard explain, will you get the new warlock skin if attending one of the event listed under fireside gatherings or does it have to be a special event (i read somewhere it has to be an event with a shield icon and not the lantern icon?)Voldo6 1d
1d Add last player removed? That's it really and yes I was salty 'cause in an arena match a player started emoting me towards the end of my turn, distracting me and then I misplayed, which might not have happened if he hadn't started emoting me. I find it really rude when people do that and would never want to win because I distracted someone from their turn by emoting. I want to win in an honourable way, but that's just me. I know a substantial part of Hearthstone's player base have no honour at all, but are just uncouth barbarians, who think rudeness is better than patience. I'm not saying I've never emoted people for a laugh. I have done, but I haven't for a long time and mostly haven't emoted at all. I don't think it's good to be able to emote other players and that one's opponent can see when one mouses over one's cards. It makes it possible for people to behave rudely, impatiently and attempt to distract the opposing player. I know BM is seen as an amusing thing and I know it can be, but it's never going to feel good to be on the receiving end of and for that reason it's not good. I don't believe it's good to encourage people to be rude. I know it's necessary to express dislike of people's actions/behaviour sometimes in everyday life but it's never good to do this in a planned way, like when people tap (in everyday life) or fiddle with their cards (in Hearthstone). One should rather makes such noises in aa natural and automatic way. I realise some of you may have 0 clue what I mean by this and for that reason I'll tell you more: when someone annoys me in every day lie, I smack my lips. This isn't a conscious decision. It's automatic. I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. Also I may say something with anger or a confrontational tone in my voice. I don't plan what to say. I just open my mouth and words come out. I rap like this also. I'm a born again Christian by the way. I think this is what is mentioned in Psalm 81: 'I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.'FieryWrath17 1d
1d Stegodon Has anyone else noticed that the picture is of a stegosaurus? A stegodon was more like a mammoth.Jania2 1d
1d A suggestion... This is not a complain or something, but simply just a suggestion: I think you should change explore un'goro to 0 mana cost instead of 1. Explore Un'Goro is not so good, and it makes it impossible to play a 10-cost minion or spell in the same tuen as you play Explore Un'Goro. Explore Un'Goro relies on RNG, so you can get really bad cards everytime. I can't see any reason for not changing this.Goblin1 1d
1d Do you need to be level 20 with 1 class to find fireside brawls? Do you need to be level 20 with 1 class to find fireside brawls? I have a friend level 14 who plays on tablet and cant find my local fireside and a level 13 friend who plays laptop who cant find the same fireside. Both have location option and connected to my WIFIJamesPenketh1 1d
1d Tyrande and not living anywhere you can get Twitch Prime Sorry to sound horribly pessimistic, but this is yet another 'promotion' I cannot partake in like the Khadgar one. I don't own an apple device, and I don't live in one of the *cough* many countries Twitch Prime is available at. It is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Honestly, Tyrande was one of the portraits I was really looking forward to, and then this. Why can't it just be straightforward. Let me pay for the damn thing and be done!Reica183 1d
1d Is Tyrande going to be available again? I heard someone saying that Tyrande is going to be available again during the year of the Mammoth, because she wasn't available in all countries for the first time. Is that true? I'd love to get her.Yozeff8 1d
1d bye bye... a game based on ennobing is going to be a game ... gentlemen are destroyed by the game from the quest and all over ... because I think I play now in a trolling video ... play comes out of the word I'm rushing .. i can not handle but i'm sorry i'm scared to you I expect you to change it and this time I really get away from you !!!TiTaNaSno18 1d
1d Show last played opponent in friends menu I know the option to add recently played opponents has been moved under the section "add friend", but I usually only use this feature to see if i am playing the same guy as the game before that. Instead of a quick click on the friend menu, you now have to go through multiple options which takes time off your mulligan decision making. I really do not see the reason to move the "last played opponent" to somewhere else, can you please change it back? Or add the option to choose where you want this menu to be. Thanks.Alchemage0 1d
1d Shaman vs Lich king, im confused. i have been playing, changing and kept playing for over 4 h straight, with very many close calls, just untill Lich King reaches 6 mana, when he every single time board clears my tactic. what ive seen so far, murloc deck is the only that is atleast effective at the job. how come Blizzard is topdecked, everytime he reaches 6 mana? it pisses me off so badly, i just cant believe how many times of maybe 30 - 40 tries that ive been close to winning. im getting crap tired of this, i just want arthas.Warnech16 1d
1d Too slow animations I just played a game where I attacked my opponent with a minion on turn two with him having a secret on play. Secret doesn't trigger so I life tap. After clicking my hero power, the animation shows up, revealing that my opponent had a Bear Trap.BlueBanana0 1d
1d bloodmage is to strong Nerf bloodmage or move it to wild its used way to often, and the combo is way to strong.Davidf998 1d
1d closed. closed.Durotan4 1d
1d prince Rogue Hey people. My question is HOW THE HELL do this f..ckin rogues roll every time - Prince + Coin + Shadowstep.. for this last 3 days I have played vs 10 or so prince rogues and their starting hand was ALWAYS same... while Im struggling to somehow draw raza or anduin before game is already finished. another thing tho. why every1 raged at those pirate warriors but no1 saying a single !@#$ about this deck ? How pirate warrior is worse than this cancer ? its GG on turn 1. As a priest player I have a lot better winrate vs pirate warriors. This latest "nerfs" were kinda supposed to stop agro-face gaming and make hearthstone more enjoyable but they made it completely opposite huh ? Face warlock (which some %^-*! call "controll" since they cant admit that they suck) Face Rogue Face hunter (once again its face but called "controll" for some "reason") Face buff paladins ( well, yeh they just suck and cant do @#$%, but still its an agro deck) Anyway, what you people think about those decks and what are your thoughts to counter them other than pure luck of drawing exactly on curve.Mooncraft11 1d
1d closed. closed.Durotan0 1d
2d Come join my fireside tavern now open Hi all. My fireside tavern is now open and is open for anyone in the local area. Directions: Cypress Road, TS10 3PN, United kingdom. Name of fireside: Redcar brawlers Cheers.JamesPenketh0 2d