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2d Arena Micro-Adjustment Update – June 20, 2018 Micro-adjustment values for cards in Arena have been updated based on the recent performance of each class. This update excludes data from the ongoing Taverns of Time event. As explained in our recent blog, our goal is to even out win rates for each class, specifically for each to have a win rate close to 50%. Most classes have win rates within 1% of that target, but a few do not. This micro-adjustment update will do the following: • Druid and Paladin have been overperforming, so the average quality of their Arena picks has been lowered. • Warrior and Priest have been underperforming, so the average quality of their Arena picks has been increased.Circhadwynn0 2d
2d Hearthstone Tavern Talk – June 20 2018 Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of the tavern? Ava and the crew’s antics aside, the Hearthstone development team works hard on a myriad of tasks to bring you the game you know and love so well. More than that, we also make the time to read about the different issues and questions the community brings to light each day. Welcome to Hearthstone Tavern Talk, where we’ll share with you answers to some of the questions we see in our community! Are there any additional rewards for players who have achieved a Golden Hero in every class? Usually when we add new features or rewards we like to make something that can be obtained by 10% or more of our players. Only very few of our players have the 9 Golden Heroes, and we feel that’s already pretty awesome by itself. Do you have any changes planned for the new player experience? We have some small ladder changes that we would like to do at some point, specifically targeted at new players when they first enter the game. The change will add some additional ranks above rank 25 that new players can play through before having to play more invested players. There will only be forward advancement through those ranks, so even if they lose, no one will be able to drop back down. What are your thoughts on alternate card art or reprints of cards from earlier sets? Alternate card art is something we have avoided because players almost always use art to recognize a card and instantly know what it does. Good gameplay is very important to us so we have avoided adding multiple pieces of art for a single card. Reprints are something that we have discussed in the past, but we would want to do so only after careful consideration. We don’t have any specific plans for this in the near future. See you at the next edition of Hearthstone Tavern Talk!Ninskolh0 2d
4d Balance Changes Now Live - May 22 2018 The balance changes that we announced earlier are now live! These cards can be disenchanted for their full Arcane Dust value until June 5. Naga Sea Witch – Now costs 8 mana. (Up from 5) In update 9.1, we made a rule change to increase the consistency of Hearthstone game mechanics. This changed the timing of when Naga Sea Witch’s cost change was applied to cards, which allowed it to be combined with the cost-reduction effects on giants to easily bring their mana costs to 0. We think Hearthstone is better with more consistent interactions, and we like that a Naga Sea Witch giants deck archetype exists. Previously, however, this deck generated early board states that were unreasonable for most classes to deal with. Now that the cost of Naga Sea Witch is 8 mana, the concept of the deck stays intact, but the combo is delayed until later in a match when more decks are likely to have the tools to handle the arrival of so many giants. Spiteful Summoner – Now costs 7 mana. (Up from 6) After set rotation arrived with the Year of the Raven, Spiteful Summoner became more powerful and consistent when used in decks containing 10-cost spells. This is because the pool of 10-cost minions in Standard is smaller, so a powerful minion was a more common result from Spiteful Summoner’s effect. Even considering the sacrifices that building an effective Spiteful Summoner deck requires, a cost of 7 mana brings Spiteful Summoner more in line with the powerful outcomes that are possible when it’s used alongside cards like Ultimate Infestation. Dark Pact – Now Restores 4 Health. (Down from 8) There are two aspects of Dark Pact that make it powerful. At a cost of 1 mana, it’s easily used alongside cards like Carnivorous Cube, Possessed Lackey, and Spiritsinger Umbra for big combo turns. It also gave Warlocks enough healing potential so that aggressively using Lifetap and playing cards like Kobold Librarian and Hellfire felt less consequential. Dark Pact’s cost remains at 1 mana, so it can still be used as part of interesting combos, but now that it provides only 4 healing, Warlocks will need to more carefully consider how much damage they take over the course of a match. Possessed Lackey – Now costs 6 mana. (Up from 5) Some of the card combos involving Possessed Lackey presented situations that were too difficult to deal with in the early-to-mid stages of the game. Its new cost of 6 mana delays some of those powerful card combos to turns that are easier for opposing decks to overcome. Call to Arms – Now costs 5 mana. (Up from 4) When this change was conceived, there were three popular Paladin decks: Even Paladin, Murloc Paladin, and Odd Paladin. Among the three decks, Even Paladin and Murloc Paladin were consistently the most powerful two archetypes over the first few weeks after the release of The Witchwood, and Call to Arms was a key card in these decks. Call to Arms at a cost of 5 mana restricts it from being used in Even Paladin decks and reduces its power somewhat when used in Murloc and other Paladin decks. We expect players to experiment with Call to Arms at 5 mana in Odd Paladin decks, but we don’t expect this card to have much of an impact. This is because Odd Paladin can’t access 2 mana minions (meaning Call to Arms could only ever summon three 1 mana minions if played in that deck). Note: As a result of this change, we are adjusting the “Greymane’s Alliance” deck recipe. It will now have two copies of Saronite Chain Gang in place of Call to Arms. The Caverns Below – The quest reward, Crystal Core, now reads: For the rest of the game, your minions are 4/4. (Down from 5/5) The Quest Rogue deck focuses on a strategy that is strong against slow, heavy control, and fatigue decks, but struggles with most other deck archetypes. There’s fine line between being powerful against very slow decks and being powerful versus ALL non-aggressive strategies. Now that Crystal Core makes minions 4/4 instead of 5/5, Quest Rogue should still be a reasonable option against slow, extreme late-game decks, but offer a less polarized matchup with more moderate control decks.Zaerhinon15 4d
13 Jun Hearthstone Affiliate Program Greetings! We have some exciting news to share with you. We are looking into new ways to support our community of Hearthstone content creators, so we are introducing a limited test-run of a new affiliate program. The idea is to provide a way for players to support their favourite content creators as they purchase card packs. Look out for videos or streams of: J4ckiechan – Twitch / YouTube Danehearth – Twitch / YouTube CzechCloud – Twitch / YouTube If you were planning to get some card packs, and you use the link provided by the content creator, they will get a percentage of that revenue, allowing them to continue creating content for your eyes and ears to feast upon! If you have any feedback on this test phase, please let us know in the comments below. Cheers and thank you! - The Hearthstone TeamZaerhinon5 13 Jun
12 Jun Hearthstone Cosplay Contest 2018 - Official Rules Hearthstone® Cosplay Contest (“Official Rules”) 1. Eligibility. BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT SAS, A FRENCH COMPANY, with its principal business address at 145, rue Yves le Coz, 78000 Versailles, France (referred to herein as the “Sponsor”), IS THE SPONSOR OF THIS CONTEST (the “Contest”). This Contest is open to anyone aged thirteen (13) or over residing in AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, BULGARIA, CROATIA, CYPRUS, DENMARK, ESTONIA, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, GREECE, HUNGARY, IRELAND, ITALY, LATVIA, LITHUANIA, LUXEMBOURG, MALTA, NORWAY, POLAND, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, NETHERLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM (the “Entrant”). If you are between the ages of thirteen and the legal age of majority in your country of residence (a "Minor"), one of your parents or legal guardians must submit a signed, written statement that they have read, understood, and agree to these Contest rules with your entry, and that such agreement constitutes acceptance of these Contest rules on behalf of you and themselves. Directors, officers, and employees of Sponsor, its parent company, and any of their respective affiliate companies, subsidiaries, agents, professional advisors, advertising and promotional agencies, and immediate families of each are not eligible to win any prizes. All applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited or restricted. 2. Disclaimer. The Sponsor, all participating sponsors, and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, professional advisors, employees, and agencies will not be responsible for: (a) any late, lost, misrouted, garbled, or distorted or damaged transmissions or entries; (b) telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network, internet, or other computer, or communications-related malfunctions or failures; (c) any Contest disruptions, injuries, losses, or damages caused by events beyond the control of Sponsor; or (d) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Contest. 3. Contest Period. The Contest shall commence on May 15, 2018 at 12:00 CEST and shall end on July 27, 2018 at 23:59 CEST (the “Deadline”). 4. How to Enter the Contest. To enter the Contest, an Entrant must: (i) meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 1 above; (ii) create a cosplay costume inspired by a Hearthstone card/s (the “Costume”); (iii) send a picture/s of the final version of the Costume (the “Entry Materials”) to before the Deadline indicating your full name. The picture must be submitted in .JPEG or .JPG format and cannot exceed 2 MB size per file. 5. Determination of the Winner. On or before August 1, 2018, Sponsor will choose one Costume among the Entry Materials, based on the creativity and the compliance with the theme. 6. Prizes. - One Hearthstone Aluneth Staff Replica (approximate retail value €7,000) which will be handed over to the Winner during a public awards ceremony at the gamescom 2018 video games trade fair in Cologne, Germany (the “Awards Ceremony”), which will be filmed and promoted by Sponsor. - One shipment of the Hearthstone Aluneth Staff Replica to the Winner’s premises after gamescom 2018. - One return trip to gamescom 2018, including two-night accommodation and a ticket to gamescom 2018 (approximate retail value €1,000) 7. Grant of Rights. Sponsor hereby grants to Entrants the non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, worldwide, free of charge, license and right to use Sponsor’s Hearthstone related intellectual property for the Contest’s Costume creation. Further, the Costume may be used by the Entrant for personal, non-commercial purposes. 8. Original Work of Authorship. You hereby warrant and represent that you have the right to use the Costume and the Entry Materials that you send to enter the Contest, and that such Entry Materials and/or Costume do not violate, misappropriate or infringe any copyright, trademark or other proprietary right of any other person or entity. 9. Sponsor Use of Entry Materials. Entrant hereby agrees that upon sending the Entry Materials for the Contest, Entrant hereby grants Blizzard Entertainment SAS and its subsidiaries and affiliates a perpetual (or for the maximum duration of intellectual property rights permitted by applicable law in case where such perpetual license cannot be granted under applicable law), non-exclusive, worldwide, free of charge license and right to utilize the Entry Materials. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Entrant acknowledges that the Sponsor shall have the right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, perform, display, broadcast, make publicly available on all forms of media, distribute, make derivative works of, and otherwise commercially and non-commercially exploit the Entry Materials in perpetuity and throughout the universe, in any manner or medium now existing or hereafter developed, without separate compensation to Entrant or any other person or entity. Entrant agrees to take, at the Sponsor’s expense, any further action (including, without limitation, execution of affidavits and other documents) reasonably requested by the Sponsor to effect, perfect, or confirm the Sponsor’s rights as set forth above in this Section 9. 10. Sponsor Use of the Awards Ceremony video. The Winner of the Contest hereby grants Blizzard Entertainment SAS and its subsidiaries and affiliates a perpetual (or for the maximum duration of intellectual property rights permitted by applicable law in case where such perpetual license cannot be granted under applicable law), non-exclusive, worldwide, free of charge license and right to utilize the Awards Ceremony video. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Winner acknowledges that the Sponsor shall have the right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, perform, display, broadcast, make publicly available on all forms of media, distribute, make derivative works of, and otherwise commercially and non-commercially exploit the Awards Ceremony video in perpetuity and throughout the universe, in any manner or medium now existing or hereafter developed, without separate compensation to the Winner or any other person or entity. The Winner agrees to take, at the Sponsor’s expense, any further action (including, without limitation, execution of affidavits and other documents) reasonably requested by the Sponsor to effect, perfect, or confirm the Sponsor’s rights as set forth above in this Section 10. 11. Prize related important information. ALL TAXES ASSOCIATED WITH THE RECEIPT OR USE OF ANY PRIZE AS WELL AS ANY COSTS AND EXPENSES ASSOCIATED WITH ACCEPTANCE AND USE OF A PRIZE ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNER. In the case of the absence of a Winners’ answer to the Sponsor’s email and/or failure to provide a correct mailing address in one of the eligible countries mentioned in Section 1 above within the time period specified by Sponsor, the prizes will be forfeited and, at Sponsor’s discretion, awarded to an alternate winner. The Winner will be responsible, at his or her own cost and expense, for obtaining all the necessary visas, passports and other travel documents required to travel to gamescom 2018. Prizes are not transferable. No substitutions or exchanges (including for cash) of any prizes will be permitted, except that Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize (or portion thereof) of comparable or greater value for any prize. All prizes are awarded "AS IS" and WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, express or implied, (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). All prize details are at Sponsor’s sole discretion. 12. Collection of Information. The information submitted to Sponsor during the registration for the Contest (name, email address) will be used to contact you in the event that you are chosen to receive a prize and as otherwise specified in Sponsor’s Privacy Policy, available at Note that the data collector for this Contest is Blizzard Entertainment SAS. The details of each entrant (name, email address) will be transmitted by the Sponsor’s servers, which will process the data. The data collected during the Contest will be used in accordance to the «Informatique et Libertés» law, of the 6th of January 1978 and its later amendments, and in accordance to the European directive number 95/46/CE. Each entrant grants Sponsor permission to use the information he is providing within the framework set by the «Informatique et Libertés» law of the 6th of January 1978. Each entrant benefits from the right to access and modify his personal data. You may also withdraw your personal data upon request; however you will be disqualified as an entrant in the Contest if you withdraw your personal data prior to the determination and fulfilment of the prizes listed in Section 6 herein. 13. General Release. By entering the Contest, you release Sponsor, participating sponsors and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and agencies (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Contest or delivery, misdelivery, acceptance, possession, use of or inability to use any prize (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light, whether intentional or unintentional), whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other theory. 14. Copyright Notice. The Contest and all accompanying materials are copyright © 2018 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. All other trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. 15. Miscellaneous. The Contest and these Official Rules will be governed, construed, and interpreted under the laws of France. Entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of Sponsor, which are final and binding in all respects. Sponsor reserves the right to change these Official Rules at any time, in its sole discretion, and to suspend or cancel the Contest or any Entrant's participation in the Contest should viruses, bugs, unauthorized human intervention or other causes affect the administration, security or proper play of the Contest or Sponsor otherwise becomes (as determined in its sole discretion) incapable of running the Contest as planned. Entrants who violate these Official Rules, tamper with the operation of the Contest or engage in any conduct that is detrimental or unfair to Sponsor, the Contest or any other entrant (in each case as determined in Sponsor's sole discretion) are subject to disqualification from entry into the Contest. Sponsor reserves the right to lock out persons whose eligibility is in question or who have been disqualified or are otherwise ineligible to enter the Contest.Zaerhinon13 12 Jun
08 Jun Update 11.2, Tess Greymane, and HCT Seoul Greetings, Thank you for your feedback regarding the recent Update 11.2. We apologize for not offering notice in advance of these changes before they went live. We understand that this wasn’t a good experience and that it also had an impact on some of our esports competitors as well. This wasn’t an acceptable situation all around, and we’ll do better in the future. Update 11.2 brought with it some changes as part of our ongoing, overall goal to make card interactions more intuitive across the board. The intention of some of those changes was to align four similar cards (Tess Greymane, Lynessa, Shudderwock, and Yogg-Saron). If you’re familiar with the way that one of these minions works, you should be able to guess how the others work. We added a cap to the maximum number of effects that can be generated by these Battlecries, and made Tess’ Battlecry end if she was destroyed, silenced, or otherwise removed, just like Yogg-Saron. After hearing your feedback to that change, we initially considered offering a full Arcane Dust refund for Tess. We also read feedback from players who use Tess in their decks asking for her to be reverted to her old functionality. In this case, we agree that it’s worthwhile to sacrifice some consistency so Tess is more fun to play, especially since our priority wasn’t to decrease Tess’ power level. With that in mind, instead of offering an Arcane Dust refund and encouraging players to disenchant the card, we’re reverting one of the changes to Tess Greymane so that her Battlecry will continue even if she’s destroyed, silenced, or otherwise removed from the board. This situation has also raised discussions regarding the definition of a card fix versus a dust-refunding nerf, so we thought this would be a good time to talk about our stance on the subject. We will continue to provide full Arcane Dust refunds for changes to cards that decrease their overall power level for balance purposes — in other words, card nerfs. We’re working to improve Hearthstone and make the underlying mechanics more intuitive. Bug fixes or system-wide mechanics changes to improve the game will not be grounds for a full Arcane Dust refund on a card. System-wide mechanical updates affect many different cards in ways that could make some more or less powerful, such as the interaction between Jungle Giants and Faceless Manipulator. Lynessa Sunsorrow was never intended to apply her buffs in the order they were cast, so the update to her functionality in 11.2 was a bug fix for that card. The cap of 30 effects is a system-wide change intended to protect the service and players from potentially bad play experiences that have minimal player value. We’re planning to raise the cap of Shudderwock’s Battlecry from 20 to 30 when we implement the fix that reverts Tess, as well. We’re currently planning to revert the change that caused Tess Greymane to stop casting her Battlecry when destroyed, silenced, or otherwise removed on June 8^th^ PDT. HCT Seoul and Quest Druid We also would like to take this moment to apologize to our player community for this update’s impact on the HCT Tour Stop taking place in Seoul this weekend, specifically the 15 players who brought Quest Druid decks. After considering recent feedback and significant discussion, we felt that Quest Druid decks were most directly affected in terms of viability as a result of the changes that were introduced with Update 11.2. As such, we allowed players that brought Quest Druid an opportunity to resubmit their deck. Balancing the health of the game with the needs and calendar of a global esport like the Hearthstone Championship Tour is always challenging. This wasn’t an acceptable situation all around, for us, our players, and competitors, and we’ll do better in the future. Thanks again for your feedback and your understanding, and we'll see you in the Tavern.Zaerhinon4 08 Jun
08 Jun Watch and Learn Buddies Thread -New users on top; -Remember to have the option for spectating on from your game settings; -Users who play on other servers, will have this specified; -No more space, old users will be erased. Check topic replies for more ids. BATTLETAGS: moongrandpa#2931 FireX#1940 ZelchJ#2838 Kjevo#1806 Shiketsu#2651 CoreGaming#2958 MkA#1469 Mihnea#2497 Taiji#2511 Noolik#2566 Carolus#2546 Abkun#2844 TomMurloc2#1950 Iöthys #2997 Hadouken#2895 Gintako#1296 Fliss#2366 Grace#2504 rsbeer#2406 Markiog#2156 Hassansabbah#2142 Hikuro#2218 lifeinmont#1386 Wexus#2134 Fuuijin#1759 patrunjica#2153 Elstar#2735 Green#2686 Netanio#2611 goldi90#2860 Balrog#2904 Monetoso#2953 positiveplus#2978 Maplej#2525 Quaris#1472 Dominich#2161 Klaik#2367 BurgerDan#2226 Boyling#2243 wowzzta#2732 DizzyDwarf#23731 AirGear#2800List updated up to reply number #621Corpsus909 08 Jun
07 Jun Update 11.2 Hotfixes and Known Issues Updated 12 June 2018 Hotfixes: Minions with “Can’t be targeted by spells or Hero Powers” will now Adapt properly. Elementals that have been Transformed will now properly trigger the "played an Elemental last turn" effect. Resolved an instability issue that could be caused by Shudderwock and Kalimos. Monster Hunt - Toki’s Hero Power will no longer sometimes make minions that have been transformed in play become invisible. Dreadsteed is no longer killed permanently by effects that destroy it at the end of turn. Spells countered by Counterspell will no longer apply “next spell” discounts as if they were successfully cast. Fixed certain AI crashes involving Vex Crow/Petrified Bark/Cryostasis. Fixed an issue where silencing a Battlecry minion would prevent its ability from being recast from Shudderwock. Tess Greymane’s Battlecry will now actually continue even if she is destroyed, silenced, or otherwise removed from the board. Shudderwock’s Battlecry cap is now 30, up from 20. Known Issues: "Created by..." tags sometimes do not display the proper creator.Circhadwynn1 07 Jun
07 Jun Current Arena Rules Updated: 15 Nov 2017 Note: Neutral cards represent the baseline for all draft appearance rates. On average, Arena runs consist of 60% Common, 28% Rare, 10% Epic, and about 2% Legendary cards. Class minions are +100% more common than neutral cards. Class Spells and Weapons are +175% more common than neutral cards. Cards from the latest Expansion receive an additional +50% increase in their appearance rate. The following cards are unavailable in arena: Death Knight Hero Cards, Vicious Fledgling, Jungle Giants, The Marsh Queen, Open the Waygate, The Last Kaleidosaur, Awaken the Makers, The Caverns Below, Unite the Murlocs, Lakkari Sacrifice, Fire Plume’s Heart, Klaxxi Amber Weaver, Dark Arakkoa, Cult Sorcerer, Hooded Acolyte, Twilight Darkmender, Blade of C’Thun, Usher of Souls, Ancient Shieldbearer, Twilight Geomancer, Disciple of C’Thun, Twilight Elder, C’Thun’s Chosen, Crazed Worshipper, Skeram Cultist, Twin Emperor Vek’lor, Doomcaller, C’Thun, Dust Devil, Totemic Might, Ancestral Healing, Windspeaker, Sacrificial Pact, Sense Demons, Faceless Summoner, Succubus, Savagery, Soul of the Forest, Mark of Nature, Warsong Commander, Rampage, Starving Buzzard, Timber Wolf, Snipe, Mind Blast, Lightwell, Purify and Inner Fire. Flamestrike and Abyssal Enforcer appear in drafts 50% less often. Neutral cards from the Classic and Basic set appear 50% less often. Popular cards had small drop rate changes to address class balance concerns. The first two picks in an Arena draft are no longer more likely to include synergy-based cards. We’re working to improve the Arena experience, and your feedback is always appreciated!Zaerhinon9 07 Jun
14 Apr Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Prokkar21 14 Apr
31 Jul Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the Hearthstone General Discussion forums! Before you begin posting we’d like you to understand a few things about how to post here, what’s appropriate to post, as well as how to best use these forums. Please read and be aware of the Code of Conduct and the forum posting guidelines. These will ensure that we can all enjoy discussing games with one another. Posting To get started you’ll need a BattleTag. This is a name you choose that identifies you throughout all Blizzard games. If you currently play World of Warcraft, Diablo III, or StarCraft II you probably already have one. If you do not play any of these games, you’ll want to visit, log in to your existing account (or create a new one), and then choose to create a BattleTag on the left. You will also need a game license attached to the account, even if it’s just a Starter Edition. If you’ve just created your BattleTag and/or attached a game license you may need to wait a short while before being able to post. Learn more about BattleTags here! Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the forum page is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Info Follow and talk to us on Twitter @PlayHearthstone and on for game news and information. Guidelines In addition to the forum Code of Conduct, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, they cover more specific examples of common errors that will lead to thread deletions or posting privileges being revoked. The Hearthstone forums are for discussion of topics directly related to Hearthstone. The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topic not related to Hearthstone,, or Blizzard Entertainment is subject to deletion. Don't post in all capital letters, use a misleading title, excessive punctuation, and/or non-standard symbols, etc. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask you to refrain from using these types of tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Using the words "Blizzard," "Blue," or any community team members' names in a thread topic is frowned upon. Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that; however, use of such words in the subject line does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Posting "First" or IBTL ("in before lock") constitutes as spamming. You will be suspended if you create a post that is intended to call out that you achieved a specific reply number in a thread. This is considered spamming. Posting IBTL ("in before the lock") is not helpful, and if you feel a thread should be moderated please use the rating button to do so. Do not "bump" posts. The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called "necro bumping" or "necroing"). Petition posts are frowned upon. These are discussion forums and, as such, we ask that you hold discussions. Creating a thread to ask for replies as votes is not a discussion. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion. Do not post about locked or deleted threads. Posts that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. It's up to you to read the forum Code of Conduct and these guidelines to determine what you did wrong, learn from your mistake, and attempt to post again without breaking any rules. Naming and shaming constitutes harassment Accusing players by name, denouncing them for behavior that might, or might not be justified can lead to post/thread deletion and a suspension. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved.Zaerhinon0 31 Jul
09 Mar 2017 Price adjustments for Android We’d like to let everyone know that we’ll soon be adjusting the pricing of Hearthstone purchases made through the Android clients. We regularly look at our pricing around the world, and from time to time we make changes such as these to align with local and regional market conditions. UPDATE: The new Android prices will take effect on March 6, 2018. You can see the updated prices below for Switzerland, Romania, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Nigeria: - The Hearthstone teamZaerhinon1 09 Mar 2017
20m For 60€ you should get the full expansion For 60€ you should get the full expansion,for me this is so dumb that this is still a "lucky" drop system .. You can buy a full game with this money (pubg,cs go and rainbow six=60€ - 3 games that you could actually buy and have it forever).With 60€ in hearthstone you can make 2 decent decks every expansion,and after 6 months you learn that only 20 % of the cards matters(when a new expansion comes out) .This game has become a nightmare for new players and people who try to get back on it...Fury53 20m
24m Lack of reporting Why isn't there a way to report toxic players in Hearthstone. I'm not talking about the ones that rope every turn, I'm talking about the ones that are on your chat list that message you after they lose telling you to go kill yourself. With all the talk lately about cleaning up the toxic community I find it hard to believe that Hearthstone is just getting ignored.Spec9 24m
33m Shudderwock is not fixed! It seems ridiculous to me to have a card that can still duplicate itself as a 1/1 multiple times, while replaying your entire deck, essentially meaning that (usually) by turn 10 (usually by this point the sudderwock player will have drawn their entire deck) a player has infinite heals and infinite damage. for 1 mana. I'm amazed the design team don't recognise this as a huge problem, so it's going to be in the game for a couple of years...Scerion12 33m
40m Is there a way to change the time when Daily Quests occur? My daily quests don't come up until 11p.m G.M.T, is there any way to change this time to earlier?!Yojimbo3 40m
2h recruit hunter . zoo lock . odd paladin . token druid recruit hunter . zoo lock . odd paladin . token druid which one of those is more like the wild overload shaman ? [cheap big minions] aggro/mid-range for standard mode thanksKIT1 2h
4h First emote on Lethal Does anyone on this forum do this? Normally a greetings when they get lethal. No response to the greeting at the start of the match just a bit of trolling at the end. People like this should be deleted.Therampager5 4h
5h Suggestion for future? My suggestion for possible future expansion/keyword/mechanics maybe. Cards that might have different effects based on what sort of a creature your opponent played out. Mby something if it was 4+ mana, or 3+ attack, below hp or mana, with somesort of keyword, effect that triggers at the end of the turn or perhaps even a creature type. Kind of similiar mby to how elementals work. You play one on turn 1 and then turn 2 you can trigger it, but in this case it works if the opponent played it. And maybe implement more cards that trigger if you played out a specific card type. creature - spell - weapon, or maybe a card with a keyword Some neutral spells and weapons would be nice as well :) I guess that's it from my side.Alone15 5h
6h Directly delete the priest hp combo. Its stupid. Its directly stupid. Its the most stupid thing that remains in the game. They only need a single minion that has a decent amount of hp (AKA 90% of priest minions) I got oneshotted by a priest that had the 0/9 with taunt at 1 hp on board, at 30 HP. Got double AOE healed (Not sure where tf it came from since he used 3 circle healings) to 9 hp back, x2 hp`, x2 hp, inner fire, Skill. 36 dmg. REALLY fun to play against considering he just mass dispelled my 3 taunts and killed me, REALLY fun to play against blizzard, REALLY fun. Now that i cried enough, ill see if i can win something with my miracle or kingsbane rogue, OH WAIT. Bs.Akarui46 6h
7h Spell Targeting I not sure if this is the right place to put this query. Mind Blast specifically targets the enemy hero and only the enemy hero with a spell, so why is it not canceled out by Kobold Monk's 'Your hero can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers'?Vivio5 7h
8h Curious if the game requires actual skill. Started about a month back, lost 7/10 games due to constantly being matched against decks i can't do anything about because the enemy cards are just flat out better. Finally got around to make a custom alright deck, now for every 10 games i play, i win 7 or 8. On the matches i lose it's usually when i get horrible RNG, as in, 10 mana card, then 7, then 6, then 5, then the time i get something i can actually use i'm dead, but that's down to RNG rather than me screwing up. The only thing that changed is my deck, i maintained the same quick decision making i had when i started. It feels insane and completely baffling that there is next to no actual skill involved, it seems to be more a case of build a decent deck and join the RNG party, you'll probably win most games anyway if you make a good enough deck.CampingOwl49 8h
8h Unfair unpacking I opened about 20 packs and got no legendary and got 3 gold cards wtf why I spent $15 on this why blizzardnathanshadow7 8h
10h It's time to choose Don't forget to choose your champion for the HCT Summer Championship. Wouldn't want to miss out on free packs, would you? 10h
10h The legend ranking system feels discouraging I was placed 2744 after reaching Legend on the ladder earlier this season. Since then, I've had a winrate above 60% with most of my decks, and above 50% with all of them (one excepted, I believe I went 2-3 with Midrange Hunter), and I lost more than 4500 ranks. I went 10-5 today with a deck and now have pretty much the same rank as before I started (72XX), to give you a recent picture. Winning should feel awesome, but right now I don't even feel like it anymore. Knowing that only your losses will make a significant change to your rank feels discouraging, really, and I don't believe that it is how it was intented to feel. I believe this might be due to playing almost exclusively against players who weren't Legend yet, but then I would like to suggest something. If a player can avoid losing a huge amount of ranks as a result of winning more often than they lose, they probably shouldn't mind waiting a little more to find an opponent with a rank similar to theirs, or having the option to enter a different queue that allows them to do precisely that.Kanapesh6 10h
11h Please make the chances of getting an Epic or Legendary higher Can i just say something? 34 hard earned packs and no a single Epic or Legendary... Please, just make the chances of getting a Epic or legendary a little higher.SealBurp19 11h
12h ODD Paladin ... Thanks for the recent nerfs on even paladin, but now even paladin is destroyed even has gone to odd paladin... its the most 0 skilled and disugsting deck ever. Could you please nerf it....ƑorsenE17 12h
13h Changes suggestions. Greetings HS community. I have some suggestion (In my opinion) should be changed, added to options. Let me introduce You, what I most want in HS options. After loosing ranked game, animation about star loosing can't be skipped faster than winning game. And I asked "why?" This script could be easly skipped or even not showed. I want to exit, not watching boring rank emblem. Other thing, that I really hate so much in HS is "Target Arrow". Does it nessesery to make this arrow so big, on "half screen"? I don't think that blind people play HS to make this arrow so big. I really want option to change size and colour. Also the Auto Squelch option could be usefull. Trolling, BMing, today players aren't so nice like the Alpha/Beta, early live. Langauge changes, like in HotS - text and speech are diffrent options in Blizz Launcher. For example - english text & japanese speech (czech could be funny ^^)Szarejd1 13h
13h Automatic squelch option? Hello, The past few months I've getting increasingly more active in Hearthstone, but it seems like almost every opponent I have keep BMing me throughout the entire game or starts BMing near the end, which makes me feel like I want to quit the game more than play it. I've started to squelch people the instant I get into a game, but sometimes I forget to do so or I miss it on my phone, and it frustrates me a lot and makes it really hard for me to concentrate because I have issues with sensory disturbances. So my question is, is it possible to implement an auto-squelch option to Hearthstone? It could be turned on in the options and not on by default or whatever, as long as it would be implemented - I've seen a lot of streamers having to mute hundreds of people per day because there is no auto-squelch. I'd appreciate it!Pixel4 13h
16h Thanks for the timekeeper event I'd like to show my gratitude for the current event. It's a nice and funny twist to the tavern, and the additional rewards are very nice for active players to catch up a bit with their collection. It's nice to see that if we give feedback about how hard it is for new players to work on their collection, that it is picked up by events like these. I sincerely hope to see more of these.Mandatar5 16h
20h token druid vs shudderwock according to hsreplay token druid is favored (75% winrate !!) what reality is this? hagatha has infinte heal and infinte board clears how u supposed to beat that. i always lose way way before he even is ready to start to play shudderwock. im rank 8gachiBASS13 20h
22h Baku Paladin and Baku Rouge - a guide on how to play this archtype These decks are both generally known throughout the Hearthstone community as the hardest decks to master and play. The biggest draw back in these decks is the effect Baku the Mooneater has in each class. I think we can all agree that being able to equip a 2/2 blade or summon 2x 1/1 minions each turn is not the best and really holds these decks back from being Tier 1. There are so many different ways in which you can play these decks - as most are built with small minions, this makes these decks very expensive for new players to build as you will be playing a control style deck. The aim will be to control the board and never just go face (SMOrc) I think the biggest problem with the paladin variant is divine favor. It's a terrible card to use. Not only does it cost a huge 4 mana, but it also forces you to draw loads of cards without thinking about your next play. Overall, these decks are extremely hard to master and play, and certainly not an easy pilot to legend - you have to think about each play 4 or 5 turns ahead. This means that only circa 5% of the Hearthstone community have enough skill to master such an incredibly difficult deck. Happy to discuss and hear from people who have managed to master these beasts.garyfromscot9 22h
1d Shudderwock doesn't fit for this game's nature I feel like playing vs a bot in a shudderwock match up. They play battlecry cards and if combo works they win, otherwise just concede. And 30 min of my time flies away for watching this. They don't care about opponent class, the table or any strategy. Whats the point of this card for this -suppose to be- fun and interactive game?evenstar11 1d
1d Anyone Care to give me a hand ? Can anyone buy me a warrior hero and welcome bundle and i will give 15 eur gift card on google play problely no one will help still worth i shotNutspiceTM20 1d
1d Suggestion: Option to Disable Animations Intro: Blizzard has done an amazing work with the art and the animation of each card effect. It's definitely eye candy and they always manage to get everything fancier and fancier. Especially after the Un'Goro cards and all the effects where one or more cards are hovering the screen, I literally cannot fully play some of my turns because the 1-minute timer is not enough for all the animations to complete while I'm also trying to play between them. Not to mention time to think beforehand.Suggestion: Create an Option for us to disable all card animations and enjoy pure gameplay if we want to.Additional information: There is a fair amount of cases where a little more complex combination of cards, late game or sometimes earlier, results in lethal. A lethal that you miss because you have a timer but you can't do anything at the same time. Also, the only visual glitches and bugs I have found in the game so far are connected exactly with card hovering effects.Rokkrage16 1d
1d "WAAAH! Legendary!" Is it King Krush for my future Recruit Hunter deck? Is it Edwin VanCleef who is just very cool and good Rogue card? Is it Deathwing? Leeeeeeroy JEEEENKINGSSS?! No! It's... MILHOUSE MMMMMMMANASTOOOOOOOORM! -_- Now, seriously, I didn't come here to just vent (only a little). I just wanted to ask is there any ANY usage for this stupid card? Is there any sort of deck where you could imagine Millhouse Manastorm working? The only far-fetched idea I got is that you first play Rat Trap as Hunter and then Millhouse to trick your opponent to play at least three cards on his turn to activate my Rat Trap. But that's pretty much it. Should I just dust the little bastard? >:/Siperos20 1d
1d New classes Are there any reasons to add some new class into the game? *Like Death Knight. Monk or Demon Hunter*. I'd love to see new things added to thee game, something fresh, and i think it could be possible.deZEW6 1d
1d Nothing to enjoy playing My problem: All the decks have an ideal high roll and an unideal low roll, an instant defeat opponent and an instant win opponent. Do you know a deck that has fair chances against most decks? And not based on who draws what but with a 50% win rate.Sheercold18 1d
1d HUNTER NEED NERF PLS NERF THIS !@#$ING HUNTER %^-*. ITS COMPLELY UNKILLABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R1k024 1d
1d Hearthstone start but not run Hello. I got a problem with my hearthstone. It's was happening before but I switched to new computer and the problem is bigger. Before when I tried to run Hearthstone for some reason it just crashed. There was an error and nothing helped until I restart my computer. Now on my new computer I run Hearthstone normally for the first time. Next time I start game process will start but no screen appear. Usually helps to switch to different compatibility mode but when I close game and try to run it again it is same thin all over again. Also when I run out of options I just delete .exe files and fix the game with repair tool and it work for one more time again. I tried everything but nothing helps. Can you please help me?PeeBee4 1d
1d Inconsistent secret interferance <Trigger Warning> XD Why isn't the misdirection effect played out completely before the next secret triggers? Example: Misdirection + Wandering Monster This is inconsistent with how secrets work, look at how Mirror Entity and Explosive Runes sequence their triggers. First the mirror entity triggers copying the minion and then the explosive rune triggers. The copied minion isn't exploded as it would have been if it worked the same as misdirection. So I could also ask the question why isn't mirrored minions exploded as well? Is this a bug or intentional design choice? It would be such a bad design choice, pls fix this bug.Prime7Star7 1d
1d Cannoneer needs some bufs I played over 10 times with the cannoneer class in SP and I couldn't go past the 5'th monster. With the other classes I needed ~ 3 tryes, so it definitely needs some bufs. Make that cannon do 2 damage from the start or give a +2 armor when you use it, because its useless as it is now.Arhaeus8 1d
1d Silver Sword in arena This seems to be offered to Paladin every arena run. I've been playing a lot of arena lately and the card is just plain broken in you don't have a weapon break. It's fine in constructed but for arena I really think they should at the very least lower the chance of it being offered, as they did with flamestrike. Thoughts anyone?Therampager12 1d
1d Enjoyment or just grind After i just got lvl 10 I'm wondering if people at this level actually enjoy the class they are playing or are just grinding up the ranks. I ask this as I played tempo mage then really got tried of the same outcome even though I had a good win rate. Then I changed to spell Hunter ... And to be honest it's the same grind. Not really fun but more hard work... Surely this is not the point of a game... It should be fun right??R1sc11 1d
1d King of RNG these days blizzard is the king of rng. it's pathetic. diablo 3 is just a joke. hots and overwatch just a social experiment. and there is this game difficult to describe it. it doesn't matter the deck or the skill, from one point is just about luck. having good cards, in the right order is the thing. some cards are made op on purpose and left like that. normally a company making this king of games won't last but in todays world, a movie like idiocracy is about everyday life... this is just a huge waste of time...forums, games and so on. the funniest thing is there are people (streamers) playing games in front of computer and call themselves genius....hilariousVIOLentu4 1d
1d legend mmr issue The developers really need to fix the mmr system in Hearthstone. It is a big problem that you´ll get in low ranks 15-30 ranks for winning and losing 200 ranks for losing. So you can not get ranks, even with a 80 % or higher winrate after you hit this dumpster ranks. Hearthstone is not a game like WoW, Overwatch etc. where the better Player wins 99 of 100 Games. The rng makes the game like 70 of 100~ and the mmr system need to change with this posibilities. One Idea is giving people on non legend ranks a similar mmr with dumpster legend players to not lose that much ranks. I played with a friend 70 % winrate in over 50 games on EU on rank 5000~ coop. At the end of the session we got the same rank as we started. We would had played like 3 times from rank 4 to legend with this stats and a legend player starts much higher in the ladder. So it must be a big mistake in the mmr algorith of blizzard.Bloody6 1d
1d The new quests are so f-ing boring... I mean... Take 15 turns Draw 25 cards So far i've gotten the "Take 15 turns" 3 times in a row! And then the "Draw 25 cards" 2 times. And every time i get one of these that 'time-thing-girl' keeps saying ohh! that one is not in my time line! Well yes, of course you don't have it. MAYBE BECAUSE IT'S SO F-ING BORING just fix it already, ffs.SealBurp20 1d
1d karazhan ehi guys. why i can't buy the adventures of karazhan?Lucalpha2 1d
2d Token Druid tips? I recently crafted a Token Druid deck with the dust from the Taverns of Time event in the hopes of having another deck viable for competitive (Kingsbane-only games get a bit stale after time). The problem is I don't really know how to play it. I tried a few games with it, but failed, since I don't really know how to play it. The deck doesn't have a set win condition and generally falls into a grey "fill your board with minions and buff them" area. So, as a newcomer to this archetype I wanted to ask what I should do to use this deck correctly. Tips, strategies, suggestions? I'm happy for anything.Spidery710 2d
2d What to do With All This Dust? I'm f2p, casual, and have only been playing for a few months, so as you might imagine this "dust for quests" event is a very big deal for me. By my estimation I'll have about 3000 dust by the end of it. My question is, what do I do with it all? Do I... 1) Use it to create a kind of budget murloc paladin deck (since that's the meta deck I'm most interested in playing)? 2) Spend it on cheap cards that are useful in many different decks, like Tar Creeper and Henchclan Thug? 3) Craft a couple of meta-defining legendary cards like Baku and Glenn? 4) Save it up for the next expansion and then see how the meta changes? 5) Some other, more sensible, option that I haven't thought of? Any help would be much appreciated.Atom9 2d