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4h Shudderwock and Lifedrinker Battlecry Animation Update Recently, our players have had feedback regarding the Shaman card, Shudderwock. We understand that the length of its Battlecry animation and other animations spawned from its Battlecry can be frustrating. In a future update, we will be doubling the animation speed of Shudderwock’s Battlecry so it will lessen the impact on the overall pacing of your current Hearthstone match. In addition, the amount of Battlecries Shudderwock can reproduce will be capped at 20. We will also be speeding up the animation of Lifedrinker for similar reasons. Thank you for your feedback, and we’ll see you in the Tavern.Zaerhinon2 4h
8h A Message From Ben Brode To my friends, coworkers, and the Legendary Hearthstone community, After 15 years at Blizzard and almost 10 years working on Hearthstone, I have made the incredibly difficult decision to embark on a new journey. Man, that was a hard sentence to type. I was 20 years old when I started here. My first role was ‘Night Crew Game Tester.’ Since then, Blizzard has been good to me. I got to cast esports events, announce BlizzCons, play in Rock Bands, write raps, and work with incredible people. But the biggest opportunity came in 2008 when I joined “Team 5.” The Hearthstone Team. I am very proud of Hearthstone. I think we made an impact on the industry. People tell me that Hearthstone brought their family closer together, or that they became close friends with people they met at a Fireside Gathering. Others tell me they were inspired by Hearthstone to become game developers themselves. It’s incredible to be a part of something that touches so many people. But as proud as I am of Hearthstone, I am even more proud of the team. There is no team like the Hearthstone team. People have come and gone over the 10 years Hearthstone has been in development, but there’s something special about the Soul of the Team. We knew our most important product wasn’t the game, but the team itself. A great team can do great things, and I think the Hearthstone team is the greatest. It isn’t just a job. It’s a shared passion. We get to come to work and focus on the game we love and try to make it better every day. We frequently check the Hearthstone subreddit looking for opportunities to improve the game. I have loved the silly memes, engaging in spirited debates, or even just being held accountable to our shared high standards for the game. We try to be highly available on social media, and I think our team helped push the envelope in this regard. It has been especially satisfying to me to see the team step up over the last few years and help engage in these ways as I became more focused on direction and less on actual design. I get too much credit by virtue of being a public face, but the 80+ people on the development team are still there, and they are the ones actually making the cards, brawls, events, missions, and features. I am confident the game is in the best possible hands, and I’m excited to see where a new generation of leaders takes Hearthstone from here. I am very fortunate to be able to take a crazy risk right now in my life, and I’m excited to be scrappy and a little scared. I’m going to help start a new company. We’ll probably make games, but we haven’t figured anything else out, yet. I’m looking forward to designing, programming, and actually creating things again. I’m going to miss the on-campus Starbucks, though. Dang. Blizzard, thank you for taking a chance on me, and thank you for taking a chance on Hearthstone. I can’t wait to see what you do next. And to the passionate community of players – I will miss you, and the laughs we shared together. Thank you for making being a part of Hearthstone so much fun for me. I’ve loved every minute. Sincerely, Ben BrodeZaerhinon16 8h
1d Current Arena Rules Updated: 15 Nov 2017 Note: Neutral cards represent the baseline for all draft appearance rates. On average, Arena runs consist of 60% Common, 28% Rare, 10% Epic, and about 2% Legendary cards. Class minions are +100% more common than neutral cards. Class Spells and Weapons are +175% more common than neutral cards. Cards from the latest Expansion receive an additional +50% increase in their appearance rate. The following cards are unavailable in arena: Death Knight Hero Cards, Vicious Fledgling, Jungle Giants, The Marsh Queen, Open the Waygate, The Last Kaleidosaur, Awaken the Makers, The Caverns Below, Unite the Murlocs, Lakkari Sacrifice, Fire Plume’s Heart, Klaxxi Amber Weaver, Dark Arakkoa, Cult Sorcerer, Hooded Acolyte, Twilight Darkmender, Blade of C’Thun, Usher of Souls, Ancient Shieldbearer, Twilight Geomancer, Disciple of C’Thun, Twilight Elder, C’Thun’s Chosen, Crazed Worshipper, Skeram Cultist, Twin Emperor Vek’lor, Doomcaller, C’Thun, Dust Devil, Totemic Might, Ancestral Healing, Windspeaker, Sacrificial Pact, Sense Demons, Faceless Summoner, Succubus, Savagery, Soul of the Forest, Mark of Nature, Warsong Commander, Rampage, Starving Buzzard, Timber Wolf, Snipe, Mind Blast, Lightwell, Purify and Inner Fire. Flamestrike and Abyssal Enforcer appear in drafts 50% less often. Neutral cards from the Classic and Basic set appear 50% less often. Popular cards had small drop rate changes to address class balance concerns. The first two picks in an Arena draft are no longer more likely to include synergy-based cards. We’re working to improve the Arena experience, and your feedback is always appreciated!Zaerhinon7 1d
1d Hall of Fame Cards from Classic Packs Resolution With the launch of The Witchwood, a small number of players were still able to receive cards that moved to the Hall of Fame in their Classic packs. We quickly resolved this issue so that additional players would not be impacted. The affected players have received Arcane Dust based on the full disenchant value of the Hall of Fame cards they opened during the timeframe this issue was live. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue. Cheers!Zaerhinon0 1d
5d Hotfix 11.0.1 Arena Changes In an upcoming hotfix currently targeted for release on Thursday, April 19 (PDT), we will be making the following changes to the Arena: Adjusted the buckets for certain cards so that they appear alongside cards of a similar power level, mostly from The Witchwood and Kobolds and Catacombs. Lowered the appearance rate of Rare cards slightly and raised the appearance rate of Basic/Common cards slightly. Epic and Legendary cards should appear at the same rate. Very slightly raised the appearance rate of below average cards. These changes should adjust the overall power level of Arena so that it feels like the choices players are making in their drafting decisions are more meaningful. Our goal is to continue making improvements to the Arena as needed and communicate these changes to our players as they are implemented. Thank you for your continued feedback.Zaerhinon0 5d
16 Apr Watch and Learn Buddies Thread -New users on top; -Remember to have the option for spectating on from your game settings; -Users who play on other servers, will have this specified; -No more space, old users will be erased. Check topic replies for more ids. BATTLETAGS: moongrandpa#2931 FireX#1940 ZelchJ#2838 Kjevo#1806 Shiketsu#2651 CoreGaming#2958 MkA#1469 Mihnea#2497 Taiji#2511 Noolik#2566 Carolus#2546 Abkun#2844 TomMurloc2#1950 Iöthys #2997 Hadouken#2895 Gintako#1296 Fliss#2366 Grace#2504 rsbeer#2406 Markiog#2156 Hassansabbah#2142 Hikuro#2218 lifeinmont#1386 Wexus#2134 Fuuijin#1759 patrunjica#2153 Elstar#2735 Green#2686 Netanio#2611 goldi90#2860 Balrog#2904 Monetoso#2953 positiveplus#2978 Maplej#2525 Quaris#1472 Dominich#2161 Klaik#2367 BurgerDan#2226 Boyling#2243 wowzzta#2732 DizzyDwarf#23731 AirGear#2800List updated up to reply number #621Corpsus901 16 Apr
16 Mar HCT Rules Update for March 2018 With the season roll at the start of March 2018, significant updates were made to Hearthstone’s Ranked Play system that affected its core functionality. Unfortunately, several unexpected issues were introduced with these updates that resulted in us temporarily disabling Ranked Play mode. While these issues have been resolved, we found that some players who were high in Legend ranking have chosen to stop playing in an attempt to maintain their high ranking. We believe that this runs counter to the spirit of competition that we want for the Hearthstone Championship Tour. For the March 2018 Ranked Play season, we will be adding a requirement to play a minimum of 30 Ranked Standard games in a region to earn Hearthstone Competitive Points from that ranking. We encourage all Hearthstone Championship Tour hopefuls to resume active participation in Ranked Standard games. Thank you for your continued support of Hearthstone esports.Ninskolh0 16 Mar
14 Apr Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Prokkar21 14 Apr
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09 Mar 2017 Price adjustments for Android We’d like to let everyone know that we’ll soon be adjusting the pricing of Hearthstone purchases made through the Android clients. We regularly look at our pricing around the world, and from time to time we make changes such as these to align with local and regional market conditions. UPDATE: The new Android prices will take effect on March 6, 2018. You can see the updated prices below for Switzerland, Romania, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Nigeria: - The Hearthstone teamZaerhinon1 09 Mar 2017
1h FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REMOVE CUBELOCK! FIX UR GAME plz. this is unplayable. plz remove this deck from the face of the earth Dont give it a Nerf Just remove it thank uDanTheMan0 1h
1h Divine Favour Why was this card not moved to the hall of fame? And can it be, as it rewards hyper aggro decks and is making paladin too strong !! This is not saying all aggro should be nerfed but the paladin decks are just not fun to play against and the main way they lose is running out of cards so they then shouldn’t be able to draw 5 or 6 for 3 manaRedeyedsandl15 1h
2h Meta Crushing Inner Fire Dragon Priest Having mad success with this deck at Rank 2. It can beat all meta decks out there no joke, but it takes a skilful player to pilot well. I'm not sure what the rules are regarding URL to external sites but I have a lot of HSReplay games recorded against a variety of meta decks. These can be found on the Hearthpwn site where I've uploaded the deck with the same name as this topic header. Anyway give it a spin and see how it performs for you and any questions ask away! ### Combo # Class: Priest # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (1) Inner Fire # 2x (1) Northshire Cleric # 2x (1) Power Word: Shield # 2x (2) Divine Hymn # 2x (2) Divine Spirit # 2x (2) Radiant Elemental # 2x (2) Shadow Visions # 2x (2) Wild Pyromancer # 1x (3) Tar Creeper # 2x (3) Twilight Acolyte # 2x (4) Duskbreaker # 1x (4) Mass Dispel # 2x (4) Twilight Drake # 1x (5) Harrison Jones # 2x (7) Nightscale Matriarch # 1x (7) Wyrmguard # 2x (8) Primordial Drake # AAECAa0GBJAH1grKwwKM7wIN+ALlBPYHjQjRCvIM0cEC2MECyccCy+YC/OoCju4CvfMCAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone # Generated by HDT - https://hsdecktracker.netEregost3 2h
2h Tyrantaur every single time 6/6 times I’m playing a druid. Every single time turn 6 it’s a 12/12 untargetable... I wouldn’t mind but I’m sat there with polymorph meteor every time.... game is beyond a joke favouring paid players... So sad that blizzard rewards paid players with hidden gamewinning algorithms . Broken and !@#$tyBountyghoul10 2h
3h Arena (RNG) is the worst it's ever been I'm finding it impossible to enjoy an arena run these days, the amount of RNG and overpowered single cards and combos are overwhelming. There is no point using your brain or trying to play to your best potential (though i do try to) because the match outcome will undoubtedly be determined by RNG. Which takes the fun out of it at least for me. I've played since Naxx, have around 6-7000 arena games played and this is the first time I've felt that it's actually so bad I have to try and do something about it. Does Blizzard have any thoughts on this, any action to be taken?Delereyus0 3h
3h Too much deck link copying & following instructions At first I thought the copying links was great for decks but increasingly it makes the games very tedious. People are just copying the best ranked decks and then following the instructions on how to blame them verbatim. There is no strategy involved anymore. Agree or disagree?Yojimbo3 3h
4h shudderwock play this if you want to bore your oponent to death until they fall asleep , this card is the reason people will start quiting the gamekullehh7 4h
4h Really really really really slow players I have recently started to encounter a lot of players that wait until the countdown during their turn to play the cards. Why are ppl doing this? Are they hoping ppl will ragequit? It's really annoying but I see no reason to max out the time every single turn you take... Would be nice if the game would notice this kind of behavior and somehow punish it. Has anyone else this problem? Edit: I can understand taking a long time in ranked. I meant casualWaverjack14 4h
4h Problem with current systems of Hearthstone This thread intend to attract Blizzard’s attention problems in the current systems, it does not necessarily mean things has to be changed. All systems should have their weaknesses, the current system can still be the “least bad” system. I will leave this to Blizzard, because they got all the data. Fact 1 (Rotation) April expansion stay in standard for 24 months, August expansion for 20 months, and December expansion for 16 months. The average time for an expansion to stay in standard is 20 months. Implication 1 April expansion is naturally more attractive than December expansions for players, because it lasts longer. Assuming cost to make each expansion is the same, and Blizzard target to make the same amount of money out of each expansion. Blizzard has to deliberately make December expansion more powerful, to attract people to buy the expansion. As we see for Gadgetzan and Kobolds. (Arguably the 2 most problematic expansions since standard is announced) Similarly, for April expansions, Blizzard can afford to make less powerful cards to achieve the same sale, and they needs to do this to keep the power creep in control. Implication 2 Blizzard can naturally be more adventures in making powerful cards in December expansion, because the card will stay in standard for the least amount of time. If the card do cause a problem in the standard meta, there is more chance for Blizzard to stall and wait for it to rotate out of standard, instead of nerfing it, which saves Blizzard money. Opposite can be said for April expansions. Resulting problem 1 Balancing issue, balancing is already hard, especially if you deliberately make more powerful cards in certain expansions. (Negative impact on player satisfaction, hence future sales) Resulting problem 2 Players are more likely to be disappointed with April expansion. Resulting problem 3 The concentration of powerful cards in April expansion could be too low, so players require to buy less packs. (Negative impact on sales) The concentration of powerful cards in December expansion could be too high, so players are more likely to be able to make a competitive deck with less packs (Negative impact on sales and meta at lower ranks). Possible solution? Instead of rotating 3 sets at the same time at the beginning of the year, each time a new set is released, rotate out the oldest set. Possibly keep 5 expansions + classic/basic in standard. Hopefully by keeping the average time for a set to rotate out at 20 months, the cost for balancing will stay similar. Also, it is easier to spread powerful cards across different expansion. Fact 2 (Ranked reward) Usually ranking up 1 rank gets you 5 extra dust, there are a few exceptions Rank 16-15, 80 dust, rank 11-10, 30 dust, rank 6-5, 280 dust, rank 1-legend, 25 dust. Implications Players feel the necessity of getting to rank 5 (established players) or 15 (newer players). And hence play competitive decks. Resulting problem? This is not necessarily a bad thing, encourage player to be competitive should have a positive impact on sales. What I don’t understand is why we have such a reward increase at rank 5 and 15, and nowhere comparable at others. If the goal is to encourage players to be competitive, why do we not have a big increase at legend? If the goal is not to make players feel forced to get to a certain rank, why do we have such a big increase at rank 5? Possible solution? I think Blizzard needs to think about what they wants to do with ranked reward. If the goal is not to make players feel forced to rank up, then the reward increase should be more incremental, we should not have a big jump as we see in rank 5. If the goal is to encourage competitiveness, we should have a bigger reward increase for getting to legend. (More to come, I had to split the post in half, because it exceeded the word limit)ninte11 4h
4h Rank 9 queuing into legend rank??? Title says it all... I just qued into a rank 9914 legend player.. could someone explain this to me? Link: 4h
4h Rushstone? Its not hearthstone it is Rushstone. Almost everyone just rush your face all the time. Paladin, Warlock, Hunter, etc. Pls Blizzard add more rushing deck, its very funny game right now! Btw. Just uninstall this pathetic game, lets try something less stressful.Jarb5 4h
5h Why this path is bad ? Why ? I see now in this new pack every thing is so badly... no more balance and now more fun ( my opinion) ,now everything is money ( buy cards ) . For exemple Paladin is op now and I think are some problems with some card ( resurrect ) .. i distroy a card ( 1 - 1 ) and the game resurect that card with 8-8 really ??? Is badly bug ! I kill 1-1 card not 8-8 ... and are many many things. So no more balance between characters..GlasiuS3 5h
5h Suggestion for deck building option I love the game, and i don't have many complaints about it, but there is one small thing i have been hoping you would change about the game for a long time. When you look through your cards to build a new deck it would be great of you could hide duplicate versions of normal/golden cards so you can see more of your cards on one page. I know you can probably write something in the search field to make that happen, but then you cant use your search field for other things. So i'm basicly asking for buttons to filter out things. Another filter that would be useful now is even/odd filter. And again i know you can write commands or just select greymane or baku, but i want to be able to search for other things while the filter is on. (Another thing is, it would be great if you could make a new setting for ultrawide monitors, so you can see more cards at a time. But i know thats asking a lot sinse 99% are using 16/9 monitors. So its probably a lot of work for the 1% of people with ultrawide monitors :P) Anyway, thanx for a great game, and fun new expansion (exept for shudderwock :P )Scruf2 5h
6h Uninstalling the game after ~20 matches The matchmaking system is beyond broken. At first, I easily won most of the matches because I was being paired with newbies such as myself that had basic decks. Then I got paired with opponents that had a ton of "summon a card when X" and I quickly got overwhelmed. It wasn't fun anymore when anything that I was doing ended up giving my opponent more cards. Did the game believe that I was a smurf account or something? Even if I wasn't a F2P, paid for a few decks or grinded for cards, I still wouldn't play this game because of this aspect. If I were to balance the game, I would limit such cards in a deck.SilentStorm7 6h
6h Shudderwock is broken. It isn't fun to sit there for 20 minutes watching animations while I slowly die from 3 damage, not being able to take my turn because the animation has locked up the screen(if i somehow survive, which is impossible unless rogue evasion). This expansion is already dead for me until they fix this. Half the decks I'm running into are Shudderwock cheese and I'd rather just concede than run into that cycle. Even ignoring the animation taking 20 minutes to finish, the combo itself is also broken given that it takes 6 cards and can be potentially run on turn 8. Its impossible to stop and obnoxious as all hell to play against. This is Razakus priest all over again, only difference is that one didn't take 10 minutes for a turn or longer. Freeze mage got removed, and honestly, that thing kept decks like this AWAY. Now that freeze mage is no longer a thing, gg, might as well concede the second you see the standard shudderwock deck cards being played. No point in wasting 15-20 minutes. That animations need to !@#$ off and be made instant. And the card itself needs a rework. In standard the shudderwock combo is impossible to disrupt, we have no dirty rat and no ice block. If the shaman keeps the board clear enough until turn 10 they are almost guaranteed to win. Against freeze mage and quest mage you had opportunities to race, and they had to deal with hand size issues as well as discounting and proccing the quest enough. This new OTK Shaman is the most consistent and least skill intensive OTK the game has ever had. Shudder plays all battlecries that have been played that game. You get a hand full of fresh Shudderwocks with fresh battlecries each turn after the multiples are spawned due to Chain Gang, and they all get returned to hand discounted because of Grumble. Endless combo, and goes infinite. Incredibly broken.CampingOwl15 6h
8h Cubing a silenced cube ? So I cubed a golem last game and my enemy silenced that cube. I cubed the silenced cube hoping that I would end up with 4 golems, so I wiped the board and ended up with a clear board. How ? What ? and Why?Puroine6 8h
9h Some notes on Hearthstone randomness Honorable Hearthstone community, In a few games of Tavern Brawl 146: Miniature Warfare, I played a Miracle Rogue deck, which relies on getting Gadgetzan Auctioneer to circle the deck. Now while playing, I felt like having really bad luck drawing the Auctioneer, so I started analyzing the data. The conclusion was, that the observed probability of drawing a Gadgetzan Auctioneer in the first 6 cards (having it immediately after mulligan, since you always mulligan everything else) is way lower than the fair probability (approximately 36,55%). Moreover, I was able to create confidence intervals with levels of 99,98% that the real probability in Hearthstone is lower than the fair one. Since this is a relevant confidence level, it is easy to conclude that Hearthstone randomness is rigged. I have a paper laying around that proves everything said above. (You can find it here: If I made any errors in the paper, please let me know so I can correct them. If anyone wants to see the data used for the paper (you can find all games in the appendice as hsreplays) in some better form, I can provide you with an Excel-sheet that contains order of cards drawn and several examinations of all the games. For any dev or mod reading this: If you can't contradict the result, I would like to know why this is done and if it would be possible for you to stop making me lose games intentionally. With kind regards a curious player - IAsmodaiIAsmodai20 9h
9h Control warrior wild Hello, i want control warrior back in business. So a couple of months ago i created this deck and tweaked it on the ladder. So far i managed to obtain rank 5 with difficulty with this deck pre witchwood. After the expansion people got creative again and i encountered more variety of decks in wild. And since the witcwood release i obtained rank 5 rather easy. As for now i wanted to push this deck to legend but in the current wild meta i have only some problems with cubelock and they dominate the ranks 5+. Now this month i am shifting between rank 5 and 2 and i am looking for some advice on what i could change in my current deck. Any advice would be appreciated. ### Tank +++ # Class: Warrior # Format: Wild # # 2x (1) Shield Slam # 1x (2) Armorsmith # 1x (2) Battle Rage # 1x (2) Bring It On! # 2x (2) Dead Man's Hand # 2x (2) Drywhisker Armorer # 1x (3) Acolyte of Pain # 1x (3) Brann Bronzebeard # 1x (3) Coldlight Oracle # 2x (3) Reckless Flurry # 1x (3) Shield Block # 1x (3) Stonehill Defender # 2x (4) Blood Razor # 1x (4) Piloted Shredder # 2x (5) Brawl # 2x (5) Sludge Belcher # 1x (6) Emperor Thaurissan # 1x (6) Justicar Trueheart # 1x (6) Skulking Geist <-- counter for dark pact , and sometimes jade druid. # 1x (6) Sylvanas Windrunner # 1x (8) Primordial Drake # 1x (10) N'Zoth, the Corruptor # 1x (10) Yogg-Saron, Hope's End # AAEBAQcQkAPUBPgH/wf7DLkNkBDWEbAVhRfgrALprAKbwgLJxwKgzgLx0wIHS6IEgQ7MzQKOzgLK5wLP5wIA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneNostalgmus9 9h
10h Predicting Warlock Nerfs After some extensive testing of many different decks and reaching rank 1 on the ladder I've come to the conclusion that this game isn't anywhere near fun right now. I don't think I can muster up the motivation for the final stretch to reach legend, nor do I really care. This isn't necessarily because the meta is stale, but because the meta revolves entirely around the control Warlock decks so prevalent on ladder. Few decks are capable of consistently beating control Warlock decks and most these decks are focused mainly on obtaining a ridiculous amount of late game value, such as Taunt Druid and Quest Rogue. All other decks are packing hate in the form of a silence effect, weapon removal or both. Despite almost every deck packing hate, Warlock's winrate is still near 55% according to most websites, which puts it solidly in tier 1. So I'm here to make nerf prediction about Warlock, as I've done in the past for other decks. So far I've predicted the exact nerf to Buccaneer, Spreading Plague, Patches and UtH and I'm doing it again for Warlock. Primary prediction - Defile mana cost increased from 2 to 3 mana I don't find the combos involving Carnivorous Cube, as powerful as they might be, to be problematic. What is problematic, however, is the fact that Defile puts virtually every other AoE card to shame with how cost-effective it is. The mere fact that Warlocks might not even bother to play a minion before turn 5 or 6 while often packing only 4 AoE cards should be a testament to the power of these AoE cards. There isn't even the apparent need for cards like Doomsayer in Warlock, normally a staple card in most control decks that lack early game plays. The 1 mana increase to Defile puts it more in line with other AoE cards such Volcanic Potion and makes it slightly more commital. Secondairy prediction - Dark Pact mana cost increased from 1 mana to 2 mana This is admittedly a somewhat speculative pick. It's aimed at delaying the infamous Lackey + Dark Pact combination by one turn. This one turn delay will definitely prove impactful, but not necessarily desirable. Dark Pact, in a vacuum, is a rather fair card. One could question whether the card is fair in specifically Warlock, but I believe that it's not an unhealthy card to have per sé. This is simply aimed at making the combinations with the card a little bit harder. This is an unlikely change to be made though.Ancor314 10h
10h Let's Manhandle Those Zoo and Agro Decks EZ Hey Guys, i have encountered some agro decks with my pali last night and it was a blast (for me)!!! I play a more value orientated game - i like when minions beat it out in the middle :3 So, my champions are 1 - Paragon of Light - heals you for days 2 - Consecration - beats down the agro decks like no tomorrow (+equality in a clutch) 3 - The good old Skelemancer + Steed Combo - insane removal protection Here is a vid you can see ALL of this (my youtube chanel) , be cool! leave a like if u want to. VIDEO: CY DECK CODE: AAECAZ8FFiLoAcgE8gX0Bc8G/gebwgKfwgLrwgLYygKbywLKywLjywLCzgLN0wLW5QKy6QKq7ALL7wLy8wL+8wIE3AOvB7PBAojHAgA=Jolo511 10h
11h Legal to have multiple accounts? Lets say someone has 10+ accounts to farm the 80 gold with himself, thats legal?Faloppio6 11h
11h Opponent Left This seems to be happening more often when I have enough to win showing. Is it quicker than conceding? , do they think its not really a loss? or is it just a DC that looks odd?Jorath4 11h
11h quest help can some one please add me so i can view them winning a game. wildrage#280404WildRage3 11h
12h Cards that should be nerfed Mana Worm - goes to a 1 2 Frost Lich Jana - Hero power should not work on own minions Cube - Cannot be targeted by spells Ultimate Infestation - Should not give Armour, does not make sense in terms of the card Divine Favor - Only works if the first card played this turn Spitefull Summoner - Only works if there are 8 spells in the deck. Kirin Tor Mage - 4 Mana Fireball - Can't target face and there are many more. Also these were just some ideas, not saying these should be what they are nerfed to and lets be honest we aren't getting nerfs as they want this game to be as easy as possible to play for the casual market. If this game didn't have so obviously overpowered cards which were brought more in line with everything else then ladder would not be as awful as it currently is.Redeyedsandl6 12h
12h help view friend quest can someone add me please, as when i try to add people in game i only see my battle tag number wildrage#280404WildRage0 12h
12h Paladin op in arena Dinosize -Spikeridged Steed- Vinecleaver-Silversword-Equality ı always losing paladin in arena.I select paladin if it does not meet paladin 7-8 win so easy. Arena need change legendary cards and some cards need deleted.Arena now is unfair.All game paladin vs paladin or lose.Rewards insufficient so low gold(Giving card, 20 dust..)Need some brain hearthstone developers.Oğuz3 12h
13h 80g quest trade So yeah im just trading my 80g quest for other 80g quest im not going first i can show u thath i have the quest my battle tag is Wildrage#213996WildRage0 13h
14h How? I've been playing Hearthstone for...three years (?) now. And my frustration is reaching it's peak. I am currently rank 19 and slowly going towards rank 20. I have reached rank 15 exactly once ever. I have no idea what to play because I have tried so many decks and nothing seems to work. With Spiteful Priest, I draw all four spells before any Spiteful Summoners, with Keleseth rogue, Prince Keleseth is in bottom 10 cards etc etc. I used exact copy of my friends Spiteful Priest, he is rank 5, I still lose more than I win. Is there any decks that are actually consistent or am I stuck to below 15 for the rest of my life? I play HS when I have nothing else to do and don't have that much time but currently hitting my head into the wall seems like it would be more fun.Outso7 14h
14h Lunara Hi i completed druid quest ages ago and now I just getting around to building a druid deck I can not seem to play as her . Can anyone help?sithlord382 14h
15h Control/cube warlock seems waaaay overtuned Playing my Keleseth rogue, I've yet to win ONCE in roughly 50 games against control/cube warlock the last week. No matter how many missplays my opponent makes, he always win by a mile. I've tried running 2 spellbreakers in the deck just for a slight chance of beating this deck, but it seems impossible. Makes the climb really hard when I get a free loss every ~3rd game. I've tried enlightening this topic on various streams without any luck. It just gets bashed away, stating I'm a retard for claiming this is a brainless deck, I don't play it right, etc. No wonder that those who ranked up to high legend with this deck defends it right? The course of the game always goes like this. I play some cheap stuff, fire flies, pirates, etc. Gets cleared with either hellfire or defile(spellpower if needed). Lackey or weapon usually comes down on 5. If I am lucky to have the spellbreaker by then, I can silence the lackey and buy myself a few more turns. Weapon is just instalose. Then comes the endless clears with siphon souls/twisting nether/spellstone/another hellfire/another defile keeping the board clean for his voidlords to come down and ultimately guldan/n'zoth securing the game. The only real decision making the warlock has during the course of the game is deciding whether to defile or hellfire my board. Some real strategy we got here right? If I try to silence the voidlord (if I'm lucky enough to have spellbreaker in my mulligan), the cube comes down and gives him another 2 voidlords. If I by any means manage to nuke down the voidlord and the spawning voildwalkers in a few turns, it will be ressurected by either n'zoth or guldan. If the warlock should be insanely unlucky and draw as badly as possible, he still have a raw 38 healing from 6 cards in addition to guldan giving him 5 armor, allowing him to draw the exact cards he needs every turn without dying, and head for his unbeatable late game with a full board and 6 hp swing for 2 mana every turn. The ammount of bad matchups for the warlock seems really low aswell. Raza priest? Quest mage? Otk paladin? Anything I missed? Even those matchups are close to 50% for the warlock. I'm familiar with the terms of hardcounters, but come on. Every deck should at least have a SLIGHT chance of beating another deck. I can't be playing the matchup so bad that it's my own fault that I run 0-50 against this deck. Vs any other deck, it can go either way but vs this I've just started to instaforfeit unless I mulligan keleseth, shadowstep x2. It's not fun at all. It just seems way overtuned, putting down 6/18 + 2/2 of raw stats for 5 mana and ressurecting a wall of taunts a few turns later. Additionally, I don't understand how someone with such an extreme mid/late game should have access to 2 and 4 mana board clears(defile/hellfire), as well as strong early game minions. (kobold/mistress/vulgar). It just doesn't seem fair. Any thoughts?Velzu55 15h
16h Anyone I can spectate please? Can anyone add bilbo#2120 and let me spectate a win from them? :)Bilbo2 16h
16h 80g Quest Looking for someone to trade 80g quests with. Add me: mysticfred#2479mysticfred0 16h
17h Decent legend streamer this guy coached me to legend and i improved to the point where i get it whenever i have time now, i always said he should start streaming and he has now so might be worth checking him out the game is a bit different now tho with the rng and daft win conditions but hes a class player and always gets legend without copying the no brain cookie cutter net decks!GetSchwifty0 17h
17h is there any way to buy the option to get more gold for completing tasks? I'm a new player, and while I like hearthstone as a game, it feels like progression is just too slow. I've been considering just buying a few packs, but I don't think that would really solve my problem. I might get 5-40 new packs, but as soon as I open them I'm back to the same exact problem I had previously: getting new rewards for playing is slow. And more importantly, earning packs is fun, but entering some credit card details then just opening the packs I bought isn't. Since I'm a new player, I'm not sure of all the options that are available to me. Is there any way to buy something so that I can progress faster? Maybe something that gives me a more reasonable amount of gold every time I win, or some more daily quests per day.Hollowed2 17h
17h Advice For New Players (F2P vs P2W) Hello everyone. I am a HS player since release. I got some free time looking at forums. I notice lots of complaints about this game to be pay to win. I would only say this game is only 3F or FFF. It means Free For Fun. I made a list for new players who wants to play the game for free and still have fun. Here is how to do list. Spare every gold for arena. Arena helps you to learn cards better. Do lots of Arena. Complete "Win 3 times with this class" type of quests in casual mode. Casual saves time. 3 win gold bonuses faster with Casual. You can finish "Use spells 25 times or summon 20 elementals" type of quests in rank mode. You should be able to get Rank 20 fast with a basic common deck in rank mode. Rank 20 and up will be pain, avoid unless you have a quest type I mentioned above. Golden heroes can be unlocked only winning 500 times in rank mode. Do not focus on that as a beginner though. No decent rewards and no meaning to rise on ladder. Waste of time. Arena, open packs, dust, finish dailies, repeat. Explore the game, explore the cards to increase your fun. Try not to netdeck. Make your own decks and give trial runs to learn better. Deck building is give or take. Try to create synergy. Legendaries do not mean you will get a free win. Legendary drop rate from packs is around 1/25 packs. Do not under estimate yourself. Do not be over competitive. Be nice to people. If someone tries to harrass just Squelch. Support developers if you like the game. This game built on a business model. So it takes time to enlarge your collection and be a decent player. It depends on how much time you would spare on it. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.Ranperre12 17h
18h Failing to complete Lunara Quest I have been trying to complete the quest for the past 2 weeks . the quest is stuck at 2/10 and no matter how i build my deck its not completing I have made sure that all the cards are standard but its still not working. I havent tried just building a deck with classic only . But just using classic is so hard to win. my account is sandrock1#2128 please help me check whats wrongSandrock16 18h
18h Opening the same cards again and again Hi, yesterday i opened 26 packs of the new expansion and i quickly noticed that pack after pack i got the same cards with more than three packs having 2 of the same card. I thought that i was just unlucky because this never happened to me before but when i arrived at the office today most of my colleagues had the same issue. I don't know if this is normal but if it is, it's defenitely not fair for players like us who cannot afford to buy packs. If not , could you fix it please?? Kind Regards MaleficentMaleficent8 18h
20h 10 games vs Paladin Seems there is an issue when I have played baku paladin 10 times in a row in ranked...Raptorage11 20h
21h Unfair Matchmaking I returned to play Hearthstone after 1,5 year did a random deck with the cards I have in standard right now...Now it's my 6th standard game where I just can't win because I always play against top tier "meta" decks...How is this even fair? I just want to do my quests...This matchmaking is just broken... It's absolutely not fun and just unfair...I mean I don't even have a chance...Kolibri4 21h
1d Vlad's Wildstone Megathread I've been sharing links new videos on other places but for some reason I seem to be a bit pudic about posting it in this forum. That's weird because it's where it all started. Enough of that, time to share it here too! By all means feel free to give feedback, suggestions, etc. Grinding the Ladder episode 2 is about Playing to WIN! I play a ladder game and do a bit of turn analysis about... well... playing to win! 1d